Lakota Told Lies To Everybody: Charts that prove teachers make WAY too much money

Of course now that there has been an election where Lakota schools by the narrowest of margins won the ability to steal money from property owners in the form of a higher taxation, the impact is manifesting and it is time to analyze the situation.  Now that we are all into the 2014 year, those taxpayers are paying the higher rate all in the name of the “children.”  Thousands and thousands of dollars were spent by Lakota to diffuse the argument that I had been making—that the employees at Lakota expected too much money which was the direct cause of the tax increase—but the media, and the pro tax addicts with their East Coast mentality of tax and spend economics cried foul and pandered to the sentiments of a parade of feminist despots writhing with guilt over their life decisions primarily constituting in putting career over family.  Since most in the professional world could relate and needed to feel good about their own situations—particularly news anchors on the main networks, and the radio people who live in fear of their spouses anti-sexual sentiment desired with their very heart and souls to believe the charade that Lakota was promoting.  Well, the facts are the facts, and I am about to present them to you.

Below is a ten-year trend compiled by the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Department of Taxation—along with other sources.  These trend charts show how teacher salary grew compared to resident incomes who pay the taxes over the period of 2000 to 2010, when No Lakota Levy put aside some of our personal problems with each other and joined to fight Lakota’s out-of-control spending.  This information has been presented previously in different forms, but not quite so concisely now that hindsight is 20/20.  These charts show a devastating application of greedy Lakota employees pillaging the community for which they are employed.  The salary increases at Lakota are just erroneous—and are quite clear by the evidence below.TenYearTrend461104

TenYearTrend461101TenYearTrend461102TenYearTrend461103Everyone behind the scenes knew this information—yet pro tax supporters purposely lied to the tax payers to conceal it.  Lakota lied to the tax payers.  The public relations professionals employed by Lakota lied to the tax payers.  The media lied to the tax payers, and the politicians lied to the tax payers.  They all lied because they attempted to connect out-dated arguments about real estate value, and the importance of centralized education to America’s youth to their innate—and unchecked desire to stuff their pockets with money they are clearly not worth.  I said it back then and I’ll say it again–$62,000 dollars a year is too much money to pay a glorified baby sitter—which is what most of the teachers are at Lakota.  The charts below show how bad the situation really is, as they also compare State of Ohio teacher pay averages—which are already high in my opinion—to Lakota teachers.  Lakota compared to them are off the charts high.  Have a look carefully at the data.  And if you don’t believe these charts, pull Jenni Logan aside who is the treasurer at Lakota and have her confirm them.  It’s not difficult.  If not her………..ask Roger Reynolds.  He won’t lie to you…………so ask him………go ahead media…………ask the f**king question.  I dare anyone to poke holes in this data.  Because nobody can.

During the election of 2013 most of the Cincinnati media had decided to ignore the cause of the problem which was teacher salaries and declare that it had been a long time since Lakota had been granted a tax increase and that the teachers had taken a “pay freeze” which expires during the summer of 2014.  The district at that time wanted to throw money at those teachers to keep them happy but anyone with half a mind could look at these charts and wonder why they weren’t already happy.  Lakota teachers were making quite a bit more money than even average teachers in Ohio.  Some of these teachers were the same ones who were sexting their students in class, or sexually molesting elementary kids which the media also glazed over with minimum coverage so that the illusion of teacher quality could be maintained.  Lakota teachers were making more money than the state average, and they should have been very happy about it.  But the Pulse Journal, the Cincinnati Enquirer and even my old allies at WLW radio had decided that the “poor teachers” had taken a sacrifice for the good of the community by accepting a three-year pay freeze—which only occurred because No Lakota Levy had applied illumination to these very statistics.  Now with these ODE reports, context to just how bad the situation was can be seen clearly.

If you are a tax payer in Lakota who voted for the 2013 school levy—you are clearly an idiot.  Do you see now what you signed up for?  You were scammed and are just plain stupid.  If you voted against the levy—you have been validated.  You were right and history will be on your side.  If you are upset about the money you are now paying, and are against the levy, but did not vote—now you see that you should have gotten off your ass and cast a ballot.  Because you didn’t these same teachers are about to get an even larger pay increase when the new LEA contract is negotiated in a few months.  None of the newspapers will cover this issue—the “West Chester Buzz” won’t touch it with a 100’ pole, and the nightly television news will avoid it completely because they are as complicit as the teachers in the scam.  Bill Cunningham from 700 WLW will continue to exploit the dregs of our society on his television show and hope for redemption by supporting school levies because he can’t admit to himself that he is as responsible as a typical theft who provides watch for that thief when he assists in the open looting of massive amounts of tax payer wealth into the pockets of Lakota teachers.  The charts work against every one of their collective arguments and illuminate how terribly bad they have all behaved.

Of course Lakota will grumble to each other within their palatial halls of sinister left-winged intention that Rich Hoffman is cherry picking data again—because they can’t face the notion that they are looters, scum bags and deceitful, maniacal, tax payer funded dregs upon society who contribute nearly nothing to the theater of the human race but expelling carbon dioxide into the air for trees to consume for sustenance.  My feelings about these people were molded by their continued insistence that reality is not what I am looking at—which is an insult—because I know better.  Whenever it is advocated that things are not as they appear—when I know otherwise—that person—or people, are insulting me in a way that is not forgivable.  If Lakota wanted to have a fight about the value of a teacher—that would have been a valid debate—but what they chose is to hide the information and behave in a deceitful manner—then waste even more tax money to hide the crime.  That is not forgivable, and is properly listed as a crime because the deception has led directly to the theft of personal wealth—mine and yours.  And that is not something to take lightly over tea and cookies.

Check the reference links mentioned to validate the information on the charts.

The reason they told so many lies, Lakota, the media, the public relations people, the unions, and the pundits is because they said that the tax increase was “for the children.”  What they neglected to declare was that the real reason was to pad their pockets with voluminous amounts of money–and they USED the children to do it.   The proof is above.

Rich Hoffman


7 thoughts on “Lakota Told Lies To Everybody: Charts that prove teachers make WAY too much money

  1. I guess I understand now what Joan Powell was referring to in saying that a little internet can go a long way in the wrong direction – especially if the information sheds light on the truth, and it sours the pabulum they were trying to feed the community.

    The following is from a Cincinnati Enquirer on October 21,2013, right before the levy vote. She was trying to discredit the opponents of the levy.

    After 16 years on the board helping guide the district from a rural to the largest suburban district in Southwest Ohio, Powell says new board members must also keep a modern day axiom in mind: A little internet can go a long way – in the wrong direction.

    “People now have more access to information, but that does not make them truly informed,” she says. “Data will be used out of context, your words will be taken out of context. You will be misquoted and misunderstood. You cannot let this reality paralyze you. Do the right thing anyway.”


  2. Liars, thieves, extortionists, thugs, and overpaid useful idiots that are trained to indoctrinate. Yes, they do manage to use our tax dollars that are supposed to be used for educating our children. They don’t care about the children. They use them as useful tools for their own purposes. There are other charts that show the amount that is spent on salaries and benefits, “purchased services” and all other spending. In some districts salaries, benefits and purchased services total over 95% of the entire budget. That certainly doesn’t leave much for routine maintenance of the buildings, books, soap, paper towels etc.

    I don’t believe there was a “freeze” in salaries. I believe they received the “step raises” per their union contract and their extra duty pay supplements. I believe they took the same trips with tax dollars and paid for hotels, restaurants, rental cars and air, just like they always do. I believe that they attended the National School Boards Assoc. in whatever vacation destination that they always do. They are bilkers and spenders and they think they are “entitled” to your money.

    I would support a bill that would prevent districts from paying for P.R. people. That is a union activity. Tracy Carson, P.R. for Mason and former levy head for Lakota even writes a column for the Pulse. That should tell you how biased the local rag really is. As D. Parks says, “if you vote for a school levy, you ARE STUPID.”


    1. “I don’t believe there was a “freeze” in salaries.”
      – Just because you don’t believe it, doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Lakota teachers have not received their step raises for the past 3 years and they will probably continue to be suspended through the next contract if not indefinitely.

      Be a teacher for a year before you say ” They don’t care about the children.”

      Teachers spend evening and weekends creating lessons, grading, and calling parents. 72% of Lakota teachers have Master’s degrees and many have graduate credits beyond that. Yet teachers do not get paid comparably to what professionals with Master’s degrees get paid in other fields.

      ” I believe they took the same trips with tax dollars and paid for hotels, restaurants, rental cars and air, just like they always do.”
      – You believe a lot of things that have no factual basis. The one teacher that was caught for fraud was let go this past month.


      1. Keep believing that there is no factual basis. Because it’s everywhere if you want to look at it. As to the other comments, I have addressed them all extensively on these pages. Start reading now and you’ll get through all I’ve covered by the fall.


      2. Your comment is 140 days too late. The levy was passed and the raises were announced in the local rag (Cincy eng) shortly thereafter. Step raises are auto in the union contracts. Look into it. You are not meant to notice my friend. Add on a levy and your board, admins, and all you hold dear are laughing all the way to YOUR bank.
        Wise up.


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