Cindy Carpenter’s Resume Issues: What alleged violations against ORC 3517.21 really mean

In a tight race for Butler County Commissioner during the 2014 primaries where the current Commissioner Cindy Carpenter is defending her seat against two strong and highly educated challengers, the temptation to cross the line and break the law is ever-present.  Even though such law breaking is considered fashionable these days because our prosecutors and Justice Department officials are essentially shills for corruption—nobody enforces the 6 months in jail for candidates who mislead the public with campaign literature—to “pad” their credentials.  Carpenter after one term as commissioner has proven to be a Democrat with a Republican name and has sought to cover up the fact with a hostile presentation of herself toward those who disagree with her.  That kind of nonsense is seen on her resume.  Knowing she is being challenged by George Nafziger who is highly educated and loaded with a professional past and Christine Matacic who is essentially a well-connected crony career politician from Liberty Township, Carpenter apparently  felt she needed to beef up her resume to stay relevant—and she appears to have violated the law.  Credentials are supposed to be important, which is why there is a law to prevent such temptations from occurring.  That law is Ohio code 3517.21 specifically section (B) item (2), but who’s being specific.  Politicians work in generalities and prosecutors are terrified to enforce such laws.  If Cindy keeps her seat then retaliation is quite possible against them.  In fact right now there is quite a lot of turmoil between Butler County Republicans.  Do they throw their money behind the current commissioner in Carpenter because if they are caught trying to defect, there will likely be reprisal against their projects—which government is embedded in at every corner.  If they support Matacic, they might as well support another big government liberal as Matacic’s brand of Republican office occupation is essentially the same.  To complicate matters both career politicians are women—and nobody wants to be called a sexist for supporting George Nafziger over two potential women—even if they aren’t really conservatives.  So typically what happens is inaction, which is why it appears that Cindy Carpenter violated ORC 3517.21 knowing nobody would likely call her on it.

A big alarm for any women that one might meet is how many times she’s been married.  Sure, that’s old fashioned, but I’m that kind of guy.  If you go back beyond the four husbands that Cindy Carpenter has had back through the years to her high school year book, searching for the information found on her campaign literature indicating that she is a member of the Fairfield High School National Honor Society; her original name of Cindy Sears is not listed.  If Cindy was in fact a member of such a society, there would be some mention of it—but there’s not.  It is possible that there was a misprint in the yearbook during her senior days at Fairfield, or that she was an Honor Society member in some other period of her life, but typically this isn’t the case.  It is likely that it looked good on paper, so she put it on her resume.  Now if that was the only issue we might call it a mistake, but it’s not.

Carpenter listed also on her current campaign literature for County Commissioner that she “attended Miami University” which is different from her 2000 election literature for Clerk of Courts where such a credential wasn’t mentioned. So a simple investigation into the Miami University records and its branch offices under all her possible names has revealed that she never attended the university.  Checking under her various married names, giving her the benefit of doubt that she may have taken a class in basket weaving or something during the last 14 years still no mention that Cindy attended Miami University.  The Miami University Office of the Registrar has searched under all her names, Cindy Sears, Cindy Vogel, Cindy Ertel, Cindy Carpenter which was her previous husband’s name.  She is now married to a guy named Baker, so Cindy Baker was searched, and still nothing.  This means one of two things, the Miami University Office of the Registrar made a mistake and lost the records of Cindy’s attendance, or Cindy is counting the times she drove through the campus as having attended there.  That wouldn’t surprise me because reading through her resume it is certainly padded.  She lists virtually every time she attended a meeting for something as a credential.  For instance, she lists things like, “collaborated with Lt. Governor Mike Dewine to bring Federal Medicaid Waiver programs to Ohio,” and “presenter of Advocacy Session at the Ohio Department of Health Annual Conference.”  You get the point. At least her more recent resume is a bit more concise.  On her 2000 literature she literally listed every time she stepped into a federal government bathroom.  The only reason its relevant is that it shows the lady is desperate to prove her “social value” and will literally report every time she interacted with a public official as a credential, so going a step further and making things up isn’t beyond belief—especially when the records can’t be dredged up from the past.

If the local media had any testicular fortitude, they would do these investigations themselves—but they dare not because if Carpenter retains her seat, they don’t want to be “blackballed,” by her.  So they stick to the powder puff stuff.  There are also a lot of  respected Republicans—like her good buddy Sheriff Jones who are well aware of what ORC 3517.21 means because his jail is supposed to house its violators.  But his rational will likely be that this is just politics and there isn’t any harm in these things.  Everybody is doing it—so what’s the big deal.  But the same could be said for traffic violations, or drug sales—or even immigration issues—everybody is hiring illegal immigrants who are funneling drug money up and down the I-75 corridor destroying children’s lives right in our own back yard—but hey—everybody is doing it—so it’s all good.  See no evil—no foul no jail, no problem.  What are rules anyway, especially if nobody follows them?

Cindy’s many husbands, her altruistic tendencies, and willingness to push legal boundaries as she has had a recent tiff with the Butler County Prosecutor and was even caught lying on 700 WLW radio with Bill Cunningham demonstrate a pattern of behavior that is dangerous to any elected office.  CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW.  Her behavior paints a picture that is not favorable to Cindy Carpenter who is using her previous husband’s last name because of the name recognition.  (THE AUDIO THERE PROVIDES THE EVIDENCE).  Even if she doesn’t go to jail for her apparent ORC 3517.21 violations she certainly shouldn’t be re-elected so that Butler County has four more years of her chaotic management style.  Better people are available for her commissioner seat, and they should get a crack at the job without her infusion of manipulation seeking to preserve some deep rot in her mind running from three decades of misplaced priorities.  The list of husbands behind her is a record that no padded resume can hide—and is a more important indicator of her priorities as a person than the time in 1999 when she attended a Fred Pryor Seminar on conflict resolution and confrontational skills, or the time in 1998 that she attended a class at Solar Comp to learn how to use Windows 95, or the time in 1994 where she attended the Ohio Republican Party – Nuts and Bolts Seminar.  All that and more is on her past resumes explaining her work history and value for the seat of County Commissioner.  All that and apparently even things that didn’t happen.  Cindy Carpenter is the kind of politician that nobody wants once they see beyond the glitter and the charm to the person who is really sitting in that seat.  Worse is the reason that she’s there—to provide meaning to a life that has loads of personal issues hidden behind altruistic intentions at the expense of tax payers.  And that is the real crime behind her actions.  It’s not so much that Carpenter should go to jail for violating ORC 3517.21 as much as she should be punished for using a government office to mask her own deficiencies.  And if the padded resumes and conflicting presence is looked at beyond the thin veil of social courtesy, a person who should not hold public office is revealed.  A person who uses the office to bring meaning to a life that is otherwise void of it, and a person who seeks such a seat to fill themselves at the expense of everyone else.

Rich Hoffman


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13 thoughts on “Cindy Carpenter’s Resume Issues: What alleged violations against ORC 3517.21 really mean”

  1. Reminds me of a running joke here at work I have with an older master machinist who is near retirement…..sometimes I run into a snag with a part I’m programming or running, and I’ll ask him for advice…after explaining the answer (and chiding me for asking) he always says “see….I only know because I once drove by a billboard for machining school”…

    Sounds like the gas-bag you’re talking about “drove by a lot of billboards”, too…except she doesn’t actually have any knowledge or skill and is only interested in furthering her “career”. Good luck in booting her out, may the door flatten her fat ass on the way out.


  2. She is only in office because she knows the “right” people. I doubt that she is capable of performing any meaningful position. Many of the elected people in in the country are incompetent and depend on the real people that run the various departments. She’s there for the salary and benefit (as are most of them) that she couldn’t receive in the private sector. As my pappy used to say, “Liars figure and figures lie.”


  3. ACK! This is the whoreish daisy chain of local politics! I’ll fuck everyone up and use homosexuality. You enter as a reproductive organ hoping for the best as a collective, only to come out of the waste shute you never should have been in to begin with. In the end…you’re a pile of steaming crap no one identifies with unless it’s rocky mountain high and just want to puff up something you know nothing about.

    I’d have Cindy’s tail in minutes in a public square off. A quick search would give me the advatage. That and 30 years of street smarts and what this republic needs to survive. And 1 husband for 30 years. Her alegience is to herself is pathetic and raw…..and I’ll retort to Gatekeepers papps.
    Don’t sell me about rah rah local politics. It’s the antithesis of the federal family.

    Liars figure and figures lie!

    Yeah, that aughta piss a few screamers off.

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    1. Wow, man can I rant or what??? It’s the itch no one scratches.
      I just finished a read that educated me in a way that would tear even my best opponents apart.
      I have to be gentile about such things. Ripping people that you assume are on your level never turns out well. It leaves me lonely.

      Remember this…The government has no rights.
      They belong to the People, and the People own everything.

      Stand in the face of totalitarianism.


  4. If you are still following the corruption of Cindy Carpenter, I have someone to put you in touch with. Someone who is DYING to speak to anyone who will listen: Cindy Carpenter’s daughter. Simply put, the corruption runs deep…

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      1. Straight From The Horses Mouth

        I just sent this to the Ohio Ethics Commission. I’ve been screaming for help for years to fight local political corruption and not once have I been heard. I want to scream louder.

        Retaliation from Cindy Carpenter, after her husband was accused and later “indicated ” by Montgomery County Childrens Services Forensic Investigation of Sexual Abuse of my daughter…7 years after I first reported the abuse and started fighting the system, for my child. I’m going to fight to my death, if that’s what it takes.

        1) Last year, Butler County Commissioner Carpenter filed an unsubstantiated petition for legal guardianship of my children, based on documentation from an off duty Butler County Sheriff Deputy (Nutt), who assisted in entering my home illegally and seizing evidence without a search warrant. I was conveniently in jail, on a bogus contempt of court case that was dismissed because my lawyer in fact had filed a continuance, before the hearing, due to his own personal illness. Ms. Carpenter was responsible for “pulling strings”, to have a warrant issued. During my stay in complete isolation, in the booking department, for 8 days… I was told that she had contacted Sergeant Mike Craft and he, not the court was in charge of setting my arraignment date.
        Also during my incarceration, my son, in the custody of his biological father was illegally taken by the same deputy that aided in the illegal search and seizure. Deputy Nutt, threatened to have my sons father thrown in jail if he did not relinquish my son. Scared and threatened, he turned my son over to the deputy, who did not have any authority or court documents to take him. He was then given to Cindy.
        Cindy approves the Sheriffs office budget.
        2)Cindy, provided the false documentation that was seized illegally to the Butler County Juvenile Court and was granted temporary custody of both of my children. Cindy approves the hiring and salary of the magistrate and court staff.
        3) Cindy placed my daughter, against my protest, in Childrens Hospital Psychiatrc Unit. My daughter does not have and was not diagnosed with a psychiatric condition. Upon her eventual release, she was put in the custody of my brother. My son remained in the home with Cindy and her husband, the indicated “sexual abuser “. Cindy then approved a $300,000 contract with Childrens Psych. to provide services for Butler County and conveniently, documentation of my daughters stay has not been available to myself or childrens services.
        4)Judge Lipps, apppointed “sit in ” judge for Butler County Juvenile Court, by the Commissioners office has not only not returned my children but has kept them from me based on evidence seized illegally by Deputy Nutt.
        Cindy approves Judge Lipps salary.
        5) Cindy is currently manipulating the Sheriff Drug Task Force and Butler County Probate Court in attempt to force me into drug treatment and or a psychiatric hospital, so that I stay quiet. Butler County Sheriffs office has aided her, for obvious reasons. She has violated Ohio Administrative Code and has provided false information regarding my mental health, to my physicians, court systems and law enforcement. I am willing to take a hair follicle test. I do not do drugs. I am currently homeless due to her witch hunt.
        6) I have reported this to the FBI and Attorney Generals Office. …nothing. I have two more nights in a hotel and then I keep fighting, alone, without a roof over my head.

        Shannon Jackson
        “The Daughter “


      2. I truly feel sorry with anyone that does not have “connections” in any court in Butler County. There is a history of the Domestic Relations court that goes way back. Every case was manipulated by the judge in that court. Mike Fox had boxes of cases that showed the way cases were handled by Leslie Spillane etc. In Butler County it is all based on “who” you know and not by the facts of the case. Innocent fathers pay outrageous fines and child support payments; although I do know of cases where the father didn’t pay a penny and did not suffer the consequences for the total neglect of his child. I believe Shannon. These are common actions in Butler County. As they say, “it is not what you know, but who you know.”


  5. Because of my post here, Cindy filed a Menacing warrant against me and had me arrested. I spent the last ten days in Butler County Jail.
    We have a hearing next week, regarding the custody of my son and because of my lack of residence, her false accusations of drug abuse, my inability to fend off her constant attacks and focus on anything other than how to survive her next “move”…. I will ultimately lose custody of my son.
    Four years ago, I was the Executive Director of a mental health agency. Today, I am homeless and fight debilitating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
    The system that was intended to protect victims, has instead created them. It’s disturbing.


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