The Pronoun “I”: Communist infiltration of America by Perestroika Deception

This may be the most important document that you’ll ever read and contains some of the most potent videos you’ll ever see.  Give yourself time with this topic and brace yourself.  If you do the research properly and let the evidence take you to the ultimate conclusion eventually the road runs out.  Eventually, you will discover what was always hidden right in front of all our faces—a realization that is so troubling, and sinister, that nobody will want to believe it.  But it’s true, and dear reader, what I’m about to tell you will bring great harm to your mind and make your sleep difficult.   If you care even a little bit about the matters of the world around you, what you will read in the oncoming paragraphs will invite demons into your dreams to haunt you for eternity.  The demons however where always there—but you will now be aware of them.

I was there in the final days of the Reagan Presidency and saw the Berlin Wall coming down.  I watched the Sean Connery interview where he declared that Gorbachev “is the man of the 20th Century,” while the country was coming apart at the seams promoting his film The Russia House. In that same interview he spoke about his first visit to the country during a movie 21 years earlier called The Red Tent that he stared in where he said, the Soviet Union seemed impregnable.  “It was just so potent, with this enormous army, and you felt if they were going to do something they’d do it.  And nobody’d do it better.”  Then suddenly without warning Gorbachaev seemed to be leaning toward peace and “democracy.”  The Soviet Union surprisingly “tapped out” on the mat and begin to embrace western ways letting film crews like Connery’s come to the country to film in Moscow—behind the Iron Curtain.   Something about all that never seemed right to me…………………it was mysteriously odd to be so concerned about the Soviet Union for all of my childhood and suddenly they were our friends welcoming the West into their culture and breaking their nation into small republics all seeking United Nations membership.

The more research I have done into education funding, origins of labor unions, and global socialism all these paths have led to a glaring fact that has now touched the lives of virtually every human being on planet earth.  The intentions of the communists in the Soviet Union—which can be seen in all their glory in the magnificent novel, We The Living by Ayn Rand have come to fruition with a strategy invoked in a method only collectivists could utilize—people not concerned with the pronoun “I” but with collective salvation that would take over a century to fulfill, global world-wide communism. That was always the stated goal of the Soviet Union and they had President Franklin Roosevelt’s ear reaching an agreement with him on November 15, 1933.

Almost immediately upon taking office, President Roosevelt moved to establish formal diplomatic relations between the United States and the Soviet Union. His reasons for doing so were complex, but the decision was based on several primary factors. Roosevelt hoped that recognition of the Soviet Union would serve U.S. strategic interests by limiting Japanese expansionism into Asia, and he believed that full diplomatic recognition would serve American commercial interests in the Soviet Union, a matter of some concern to an Administration grappling with the effects of the Great Depression. Finally, the United States was the only major power that continued to withhold official diplomatic recognition from the Soviet Union.  It also helped that Roosevelt was from the same family as former President Teddy Roosevelt who helped create the Progressive Party in the United States and were trying to do with less violence what the Bolshevik’s had done in Russia overthrowing the Tsarist regime.  Being a Democrat, the Soviet Union was not all that different from progressive stated social progress goals, prompting Roosevelt to introduce Social Security and other government safety net programs into American politics so to take the edge off communist pressure during the Red Decade—the 1930s.  Communists and Democrats were not that dissimilar.  The big difference was that the Soviet Union was participating in major social purges where the United States at that time wouldn’t consider such things.

President Roosevelt decided to approach the Soviets in October 1933 through two personal intermediaries: Henry Morgenthau (then head of the Farm Credit Administration and Acting Secretary of the Treasury) and William C. Bullitt (a former diplomat who, as a Special Assistant to the Secretary of State, was informally serving as one of Roosevelt’s chief foreign policy advisers). The two approached Boris Shvirsky, the Soviet Union’s unofficial representative in Washington, with an unsigned letter from Roosevelt to the Soviet Union’s official head of state, Chairman of the Central Executive Committee, Mikhail Kalinin. The letter intimated that the U.S. Government would be willing to negotiate the terms for recognizing the Soviet Union, and requested that Kalinin dispatch an emissary to Washington. In response, Commissar for Foreign Affairs Litvinov journeyed to Washington in November 1933 in order to begin talks.

Initially, the talks made little headway due to several outstanding issues: the unpaid debt owed by the Soviet Union to the United States, the restriction of religious freedoms and legal rights of U.S. citizens living in the Soviet Union, and Soviet involvement in Communist subversion and propaganda within the United States. Following a series of one-on-one negotiations known as the “Roosevelt-Litvinov Conversations,” however, Litvinov and the President worked out a “gentleman’s agreement” on November 15, 1933, that overcame the major obstacles blocking recognition.

According to the terms of the Roosevelt-Litvinov agreements, the Soviets pledged to participate in future talks to settle their outstanding financial debt to the United States. Four days earlier, after another private meeting with Litvinov, Roosevelt also managed to secure guarantees that the Soviet Government would refrain from interfering in American domestic affairs (i.e. aiding the American Communist Party), and would grant certain religious and legal rights for U.S. citizens living in the Soviet Union. Following the conclusion of these agreements, President Roosevelt appointed William C. Bullitt as the first U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union.

Unfortunately, the cooperative spirit embodied in the Roosevelt-Litvinov agreements proved to be short-lived. Shortly after his arrival in Moscow in December 1933, Bullitt became disillusioned with the Soviets as an agreement on the issue of debt repayment failed to materialize. Moreover, evidence emerged that the Soviet Government had violated its pledge not to interfere in American domestic affairs. Finally, the killing of the Leningrad Communist Party boss, Sergey Kirov, launched the first of the “Great Purges” that led to the death or imprisonment of millions of Soviet citizens as the Stalinist regime liquidated any potential critics of the government. The wide scope and public nature of the purges horrified both American diplomatic personnel stationed in the Soviet Union, and the world at large.  The Soviet Union proceeded to pursue an all out infiltration of American politics at virtually every level using KGB agents to set the stage for the counter-culture movements in Europe and The United States by infiltrating the colleges in both areas and slowly breeding communist sympathizers.  Again the details are spelled out explicitly in We The Living.  In 1979 when America created the Department of Education, the internal goal was to usher in communism to every child in America one mind at a time.  Between 1908 and 1975 130 bills were introduced to congress to create The Department of Education. They all failed–every one of them.  So why suddenly did the 1979 bill succeed, it is because, it was created by communist infiltrators into the American government by sympathizers to the communist cause on the heels of the Cuban Missile Crises, and Kennedy assassination.  These infiltrators worked through the labor unions, specifically the National Education Association.  The validity of this claim can be confirmed by Charlotte Iserbyt, who was the Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement, and The U.S. Department of Education.  She reported directly to Ronald Reagan who used his acting skills to help make America feel good about itself while the Cold War tore at the internal workings of government in full knowledge by him.  He fired Iserbyt when she started leaking what she discovered about the communist plot within The Department of Education.  Meanwhile Reagan who had sympathized with communists in the past, had been a leading member of United World Federalists, and a charter member of Americans for Democratic Action and tried to win the Cold War with the Soviet Union with lessons he learned from GE when he was a spokesman for them in the 60s.  Reagan turned to advertising propaganda, and charm.  Reagan outspent Soviet Russia into oblivion forcing the Soviet Union to collapse economically.  But ideologically they had already penetrated all their targets fulfilling many of their 45 planks of communism outlined in the book The Naked Communist outlined extensively here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom.  Communism had infiltrated the colleges, the public schools, the media, the movie industry, the Democratic Party, large parts of the Republican Party and now that the Soviets were pretending to break up and collapse, new members of the United Nations were being admitted so to gain voting power and fulfill another communist plank, infiltration of the United Nations, which was created ironically by Franklin Roosevelt.  This new, less obvious strategy was called The Perestroika Deception.

Anatoliy Mikhaylovich Golitsyn CBE (Russian: Анатолий Михайлович Голицын; born August 25, 1926) was a Soviet KGB defector and author of two books about the long-term deception strategy of the KGB leadership which was intended to be implemented during this period of the early 1990s.  He was born in PiryatinUkrainian SSR and provided “a wide range of intelligence to the CIA on the operations of most of the ‘Lines’ (departments) at the Helsinki and other residencies, as well as KGB methods of recruiting and running agents.”[1] He is an Honorary Commander of the Order of the British Empire(CBE) and, as late as 1984, was an American citizen.[2]

He has been the repeated target of KGB assassination attempts.  Current President of Russia, Vladimir Putin was a 16 year officer in the KGB holding a rank of Lieutenant Colonel before retiring in 1991, about the same time as The Perestroika Deception was set to take place and go underground.  The movie mentioned regarding Sean Connery, The Russia House was the first film to be allowed into Russia and filmed in Moscow and St. Petersburg.  For those not proficient at geography, St. Petersburg is Petrograd in the Ayn Rand novel referred.   St. Petersburg was renamed to the current which had been changed in 1914 to Petrograd in 1991.  Remember that date.  The novel The Russia House was written by John le Carre, otherwise known as David John Moore Cornwell who was a former intelligence officer for MI5 and MI6 in Great Britain.  The KGB was well aware of what The Russia House could mean to their plot to begin The Perestroika Deception and implementing an overall strategy by a popular actor from Europe in Sean Connery, a beautiful American actress in Michelle Pfeiffer—playing a Russian woman, and a platform to announce to the world how Russia is a good country who suddenly wanted peace.  The project of course was funneled through the SAG union in California from the Communist Party USA advocating the novel on the fast track for film studio production.  No studio in America would pass up the opportunity to be the first American film shot behind the Iron Curtain.  But what many of them didn’t know was that they were all pawns in The Perestroika Deception.

Anatoliy Mikhaylovich Golitsyn  wrote a book called The Perestroika Deception which was published in 1995 and claimed:

  • “The [Soviet] strategists are concealing the secret coordination that exists and will continue between Moscow and the ‘nationalist’ leaders of [the] ‘independent’ republics.”
  • “The power of the KGB remains as great as ever… Talk of cosmetic changes in the KGB and its supervision is deliberately publicized to support the myth of ‘democratization’ of the Soviet political system.”
  • “Scratch these new, instant Soviet ‘democrats,’ ‘anti-Communists,’ and ‘nationalists’ who have sprouted out of nowhere, and underneath will be found secret Party members or KGB agents.”

In his previous book, Perestroika: New Thinking for Our Country and the World, Golitsyn said President Gorbachev stated outright, “Perestroika is closely connected with socialism as a system.”[7]  Answering those asking, “Are we giving up socialism?” Gorbachev replied, “Every part of our program of perestroika…is fully based on the principles of more socialism….”[8]  Gorbachev has even been as blunt as calling perestroika a “continuation of the October Revolution.”

The “perestroika deception” worked like a charm.  American leaders were all too eager to pronounce the end of the Cold War.  Then President George H. W. Bush declared, “We live in a time when we are witnessing the end of an idea — the final chapter of the Communist experiment.”[9]  President Bush went on to spearhead a guns-to-butter policy resulting from this “peace dividend,” culminating in a massive diversion of military spending to social programs.  From 1989-2004, military spending as a percent of GDP dropped from 6.2 percent to a scant 2.9 percent.  Over the same period, entitlement spending went from 28 percent of federal outlays to nearly 40 percent. 

US military cuts have been so drastic that former Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger has said, “The simple reality today is that we cannot fight two MRC’s [Major Regional Contingencies] more or less simultaneously.”

For more on this, please do read this very good article in American Thinker from way back in 2009.

Now fast forward to this current time of 2014 where within one week America and Great Britain announced major cuts to the military and their world-wide occupation of far away countries, the libertarian push to put up walls to the world and live and let die other nations, and the Russians attacking Ukraine for its involvement in attempting to join the European Union by rebelling against the Russian puppet president of Ukraine.  The people desperately want freedom from Russia as one of those false Republics which were supposedly set up to preserve “democracy.”  But they’ve had too much taste of freedom, and now want the real thing—and Russia doesn’t like it.

I received a note the other day from George Soros advising me that now was the time to invest in the Ukraine—as he has all along been involved in planting the seeds of discontent in that country, as he has been doing all over the world on behalf of his progressive sponsored groups, directly connected to Socialist International so that the economy of Ukraine will collapse.  Up until a few days ago when Ukraine reached out for international financial help, their currency slid 18% just in February of 2014.  As all investors know, such devaluations are ripe pickings for quick returns on investments because they are driven by market turbulence.  So people like Soros are often found playing two sides against each other to provoke such devaluations.  The same thing that has happened to Ukraine is currently underway in The United States.  If you will read the letter from Soros below dear reader you will see that George began his involvement in Ukraine in 1990, the same year that The Russia House was released, and one year before Vladimir Putin supposedly retired from the KGB and decided to run for political office eventually making a fool of Barack Obama and the rest of America at every turn as the world does not yet want to admit that they have all been deceived by the “perestroika deception.

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

George writes persuasively about the need for Europe to reach out to assist Ukraine and at the same time not alienate Russia. See his Op-Ed in The Guardian and in German in Süddeutsche.

All best,

Michael Vachon

Sustaining Ukraine’s Breakthrough

By George Soros

Following a crescendo of terrifying violence, the Ukrainian uprising has had a surprisingly positive outcome. Contrary to all rational expectations, a group of citizens armed with not much more than sticks and shields made of cardboard boxes and metal garbage-can lids overwhelmed a police force firing live ammunition. There were many casualties, but the citizens prevailed. This was one of those historic moments that leave a lasting imprint on a society’s collective memory.

How could such a thing happen? Werner Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle in quantum mechanics offers a fitting metaphor. According to Heisenberg, subatomic phenomena can manifest themselves as particles or waves; similarly, human beings may alternate between behaving as individual particles or as components of a larger wave. In other words, the unpredictability of historical events like those in Ukraine has to do with an element of uncertainty in human identity.

People’s identity is made up of individual elements and elements of larger units to which they belong, and peoples’ impact on reality depends on which elements dominate their behavior. When civilians launched a suicidal attack on an armed force in Kyiv on February 20, their sense of representing “the nation” far outweighed their concern with their individual mortality. The result was to swing a deeply divided society from the verge of civil war to an unprecedented sense of unity.

Whether that unity endures will depend on how Europe responds. Ukrainians have demonstrated their allegiance to a European Union that is itself hopelessly divided, with the euro crisis pitting creditor and debtor countries against one another. That is why the EU was hopelessly outmaneuvered by Russia in the negotiations with Ukraine over an Association Agreement.

True to form, the EU under German leadership offered far too little and demanded far too much from Ukraine. Now, after the Ukrainian people’s commitment to closer ties with Europe fueled a successful popular insurrection, the EU, along with the International Monetary Fund, is putting together a multibillion-dollar rescue package to save the country from financial collapse. But that will not be sufficient to sustain the national unity that Ukraine will need in the coming years.

I established the Renaissance Foundation in Ukraine in 1990 – before the country achieved independence. The foundation did not participate in the recent uprising, but it did serve as a defender of those targeted by official repression. The foundation is now ready to support Ukrainians’ strongly felt desire to establish resilient democratic institutions (above all, an independent and professional judiciary). But Ukraine will need outside assistance that only the EU can provide: management expertise and access to markets.

In the remarkable transformation of Central Europe’s economies in the 1990’s, management expertise and market access resulted from massive investments by German and other EU-based companies, which integrated local producers into their global value chains. Ukraine, with its high-quality human capital and diversified economy, is a potentially attractive investment destination. But realizing this potential requires improving the business climate across the economy as a whole and within individual sectors – particularly by addressing the endemic corruption and weak rule of law that are deterring foreign and domestic investors alike.

In addition to encouraging foreign direct investment, the EU could provide support to train local companies’ managers and help them develop their business strategies, with service providers remunerated by equity stakes or profit-sharing. An effective way to roll out such support to a large number of companies would be to combine it with credit lines provided by commercial banks. To encourage participation, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) could invest in companies alongside foreign and local investors, as it did in Central Europe.

Ukraine would thus open its domestic market to goods manufactured or assembled by European companies’ wholly- or partly-owned subsidiaries, while the EU would increase market access for Ukrainian companies and help them integrate into global markets.

I hope and trust that Europe under German leadership will rise to the occasion. I have been arguing for several years that Germany should accept the responsibilities and liabilities of its dominant position in Europe. Today, Ukraine needs a modern-day equivalent of the Marshall Plan, by which the United States helped to reconstruct Europe after World War II. Germany ought to play the same role today as the US did then.

I must, however, end with a word of caution. The Marshall Plan did not include the Soviet bloc, thereby reinforcing the Cold War division of Europe. A replay of the Cold War would cause immense damage to both Russia and Europe, and most of all to Ukraine, which is situated between them. Ukraine depends on Russian gas, and it needs access to European markets for its products; it must have good relations with both sides.

Here, too, Germany should take the lead. Chancellor Angela Merkel must reach out to President Vladimir Putin to ensure that Russia is a partner, not an opponent, in the Ukrainian renaissance.

Source: Project Syndicate

Do you see the source of the trouble here dear reader?  Do you see what’s happened?  Ukraine is representative of all of us the world over.  They are caught between Russia and its dedicated allegiance to worldwide communism declared to President Roosevelt in 1933 when he sought peace with them before war broke out.  The European Union is built on socialism.  The Soviet Union, the European Union, the Screen Actors Guild Union, the National Education Association Union, the National Auto Workers Union, EVERY UNION is involved in this god damn communist plot, and if you support a labor union you have been helping the “perestroika deception” a KGB strategy to spread communism to every corner of the world and rule as a one world government.  Out of all the countries in the world that George Soros could have involved himself with, why did he establish the Renaissance Foundation in Ukraine in 1990?  Because Soros knew about the perestroika deception.  That’s why he funds the Open Society Foundations.  Ukraine does not have a choice between American capitalism, or Ayn Rand’s Objectivism.  They are not being offered anything close to an American Constitution—they are offered an alliance between one communist union and one socialist union and freedom isn’t even in the cards.  That same fate is intended for us, made more complicated because of the free nature of America, and the amount of money and invention which has been generated on a relatively small land mass, compared to the communist work of a massive Russian nation and the still very communist China.  China has kept Hong Kong a capitalist sector so not to disturb the markets that have been generated there, which communist China now enjoys instead of Great Britain, but that is simply a hook in the water to snag up Western investment while these communist forces disguised as progressives seek to destroy the American currency—forcing America into a North American Union which will ultimately be controlled by communists already in place, especially in Mexico, Central America, and South America—specifically Venezuela and Brazil.

The situation is actually far worse than even the most controversial radio talk show host has sputtered about.  The “perestroika deception” is more sinister than Glenn Beck or even Alex Jones has suggested.  The attack has been more flagrant than anything Ted Nugent has uttered, or Rush Limbaugh has espoused.  All those characters have talked around the problem to the results without really getting to the bottom line of what the root cause is for all these things.  I have made a good living identifying problems well before anybody knew there was a problem and fixing things that other people have struggled with.  When I asked years ago what is wrong with American schools, and I sought an answer, this is where it has taken me.  The answer is that communism is alive and well, and still a major threat to the world.  America did not win the Cold War.  The surrender by Russia was a ruse designed to get America to lay down its defenses, and it worked.  Actually, it’s far worse than anybody thought, because America allowed itself to be sung to sleep by the KGB quite on purpose.  Once we let down our defenses, they entered our children’s minds through various labor unions and went to work turning them against the hard-working generations of the past—so that in the future, those children would be easy to conquer as adults.  Once the generations who built America died off, the new generation of complacent union trained idiots would be easy to dispose of, which was always the plan—from the very beginning of the “perestroika deception.”

People in the west, which is both their strength and weakness, have a firm reliance on the pronoun “I.”  The word “I” indicates responsibility and self-worth, and is the primary reason that Americans invent so many things and are so industrious leaving the rest of the world to only copy off us.  Collectivist societies in every single fashion lack the ability to generate anything new.  It is the pronoun “I” that allows for innovation, technological revolution, and advances in free will, increased human capacity and improved lifestyles.  But it is also a weakness, because those functioning under the pronoun “I” cannot understand a group of people who would happily sacrifice their life for the greater good of some stupid ideal—like the spread of communism over the entire planet.  They cannot understand living one’s entire life for the good of the collective whole—where once they perish, the work they pursued can be picked up and continued for another generation.  The communist because they do not function from the pronoun “I” can happily not see their objectives met within their lifetime.  They can wait for 100 years, or 200 years—whatever it takes to get where they want to go—because they lack the value of the word, “I.”  Americans because the pronoun “I” is so pronounced have been exposed by the KGB and manipulated by a scam that takes place outside of the lifetimes of the participants.  Americans have not been able to see the perestroika deception because the plan takes place over several generations and the career changes of many America media personalities, union officials, politicians, and celebrities.  The average influential years of most Americans is about 15 years.  Most people functioning from the pronoun “I” spend a number of years climbing the ladders of success, and once they arrive, they have a seat at the table for about 15 years before they retire and move on to a peaceful life enjoying the fruits of their labor.  The KGB knew this and exploited it in grand fashion hatching a destruction upon America that would unite the world under communism for all known eternity—at least for the human race—and they did it with the “perestroika deception.”

Watch all the videos included in this article to learn more.  If you want to read the book The Perestroika Deception, it is out of print and very hard to get.  But you can download it online by CLICKING HERE.

Rich Hoffman


10 thoughts on “The Pronoun “I”: Communist infiltration of America by Perestroika Deception

  1. Jesus Rich.
    Nevermind my earlier post asking you about Russia. I just finished this one.
    You outdid yourself and I’m swallowing hard not to lose it. You nailed everything and now GB is on reiterating why Ukraine is so important.
    I’ve watched the Mccullhany report before. Each one of these videos is so important.
    Now whos banging their shoe?
    As I was going for more Joe, I looked at my bookshelves before returning to read more and 90% are on communism. I try to keep them in chronological order of past to future and the only book in between the Communist Manifesto and Give Us Liberty, the Tea Party Manifesto by Dick Armey and Matt Kibbe is Rules for Radicals.
    I read them because of my geneology and because they are the keys to the future. Scratch that….PRESENT!
    Because I have that nasty German streak, the only solice that allows sleep is that I’m on the right side of right.
    I know those that read here will get it all, but are they still as affected as I am?

    I suppose if I can ever walk away thinking….”yep sounds about right,” and go about my business after this post, the desensitization that Cloward, Piven, Marx, Lenin, Hitler, Alinsky, Sunstein, Adler, Hoffmann (yep, sorry TKR) and the rest, would be sucsessful.

    Neva, Neva, Neva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Note: My name with 2 N’s on the end is the difference with my grandfather and the Nazi’s. We only have 1. Yours most likely is as well.


    1. Your questions provoked me into putting a fine point on it. All this stuff has been floating around for a while and I just managed to find some of the pieces that brought it all together. This is very important stuff. We have been suckered.


  2. The importance of “I” can never be underestimated. It is not surprising that references to greatness are personal in nature – whether for good or evil. Billy Graham, Steve Jobs, Adolph Hitler all generate images the best and the worst of greatness. The collectivists despise the individual because the individual can chose to be what they aspire to be while the collectivists are given aspirations regardless of their humanity.


      1. No doubt. Thanks Warmac. Someone asked me today why the left stays the course and the tea party, conservatives and gop are designed to break.
        Principles. The left have zero and the rest can’t seem to come together. It’s the Bible. It’s the Constitution, the Declaration and The Bill of Rights. I love those words but ……Blah, blah, blah.
        One thing I know to be true about my side is that we gather united only to push instead of pull when it comes to brass tax. Power lays with whomever has the best to give. It’s an ancient problem.
        It is posts like this that expand what would come that needs to marry all skills. Not just those presented by some.
        Until then, nothing will ever change and the Audacity of Hope will reign.


  3. Hi, It’s been awhile since I’ve stopped by your blog. Glad I did. Back in 2007 when I was researching the Presidential race and completely naive & plugged into the matrix I stumbled across interviews with Anatoly Golitsyn. It seemed so outrageous that I wanted to dismiss it. However, for that very reason (of it seeming outrageous) made me know it really must be true. The knowledge of it made me research more and I discovered the connection between Soros, the Tide Foundation and their infiltration into the church where I worked. The night I learned about the Perestroika Deception was the turning point in my life. Suddenly, the blinders were off. It changed everything for me. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very wise about sharing my new revelation. Like a new born-again Christian I wanted to scream from the rooftops to wake people up. I posted the interview on my blog and was ridiculed. I learned quickly that most people don’t want to be uncomfortable and will fight hard to defend their minds against cognitive dissonance. I left that church and community. We were shunned. Shunned! For asking questions.

    I share this with you & your readers so that they don’t feel alone if they experience the same. It should be expected I suppose.

    To confirm your post there is this:
    The snipers were shooting at both sides during the protests in Kiev.

    Thanks for letting me vent. Great work, Rich.


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