The New Jeep Renegade: A vehicle marketed to high school girls and repressed Europeans

High school girls, gay guys, and European men with way too much cologne appear to be the target of Fiat’s newest Jeep, Renegade.  Fiat’s acquisition strategy of the Jeep brand from Chrysler was on full display at the 2014 Geneva auto show.  They revealed what they intend to do with the automotive line nurtured in America and recognized throughout the world as a symbol of rugged individuality and toughness—they turned it into a mini.   Fiat is quite boastful of their skyrocketing sales after their Jeep acquisition.  The new Renegade will be built in some of the former factories crushed by socialism in Italy, and targeted for sale in Europe.  From their stand point, this is a brilliant move, Europe’s roads are too small, the people too tightly packed, and their governments are corrupted by the ghosts of communism.  Because of their mystical beliefs in global warming, Europe’s fuel costs are too high, and their expectations for personal freedom are very low.  For them, Jeep, as it has been marketed out of America under the Chrysler Corporation was representative of American independence, so Fiat has taken that image and smashed it down into something that the rest of the world can enjoy in order to boost sales.  For tightly packed Europe, the dirt roads of India, the washed out trails of China, the forever college students of Germany sung to social sleep by radical professors, the drifting yuppies of Brazil, and the up and coming drug dealers in Mexico, the Fiat version of the Jeep is perfect for them.  But for the American, the new Jeep will be one of those throwaway cars that dads buy for their daughters, or men lacking masculinity will purchase because it’s so “cute.”  The new Jeep Renegade by American standards looks like it might be capsized during a head-on collision with a bicycle.

One of the best vehicles my family ever had was a Jeep Grand Cherokee that we drove all over The United States.  Its powerful inline 6 cylinder engine could pull boats with no problem; it could handle the Appalachian Mountains with ease, and perform well on the highway for long trips.  One specific year my wife purchased a bike rack for the back of our Jeep and we took a family vacation down to Hilton Head Island.  Once we arrived we biked all over the island.  It was my wife, and two daughters with me on that trip and the Jeep had no trouble carrying a bike rack that could haul so many bicycles and still have the girth to plow through the wind, rain, and inclement weather from Ohio to South Carolina.  Inside that Jeep there was plenty of room for all of us to comfortably travel and still pack more than enough supplies for a week of vacationing.  Shortly after that trip, my wife was in a car accident that the insurance company totaled meaning we would lose the Jeep.  She had been hit by another vehicle taking my kids to school as another car slid on the wet pavement during the heavy traffic mornings.  Because the Jeep sat so high off the ground, and was so large, the vehicle took all the impact leaving my family safe inside.   The airbags all deployed and they walked away without any harm.  Initially, looking at the Jeep, I thought the damage was pretty minor.  The bumpers had held up, the fenders where hardly wrinkled, and the lights remained completely intact.  But, since the airbags deployed, the cost of repair was up over $10,000.  It was a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee and the accident was in the mid 2000s, so the vehicle was getting up in years exceeding the technical value of the vehicle.  However, if not for that wreck, we would still be driving that Jeep to this very day.  If my wife had been driving a Jeep Renegade instead of a Grand Cherokee, my family would have been seriously hurt.

The Jeep brand was fostered by American car companies and spoke to the world of a lifestyle forged from capitalism that they simply couldn’t enjoy.  When Fiat bought the brand from the financially strapped Chrysler Corporation it was clear that the Italian company had plans to use that image to saturate a starving world with a mirage of American freedom represented by the Jeep brand.  Chrysler and General Motors specifically have major labor problems in America largely due to socialism driven by their unions, and could not live up to their own image, leaving them vulnerable in the global marketplace to Fiat.  Fiat has so far sought to shrink down the Jeep vehicles catering to the European market but dressing them up to look like the old Jeeps.  The Fiat Jeep is a kind of Angry Birds version of a Chrysler Jeep; it’s purely gimmicky but has compromised itself to fulfill a larger global strategy of wealth redistribution copying off Americans without the commitment to freedom that comes from such places.  Common in the discussion of economics these days is the “global marketplace” and behind that discussion there is always socialism driving the dialogue. Deep in the hearts of the rest of the world is the belief that America’s wealth should be redistributed to them, and in the case of brands like Fiat’s Jeep, the image is used and repackaged as a version more compatible with countries wrecked with socialism.  The subtle goal is proclaiming that another American brand is now in control of that global marketplace—known as “the public.”  No doubt that President Obama celebrated when Fiat bought up the majority of shares of Jeep stock showing a “partnership” with Italy and America that would resonate with the long-term plan academia has always fostered—a large federation of countries working together instead of being at war with one another.  It is similar to the reasons why men often want to sleep with the attractive wives of men they consider their intellectual and physical superiors—so that they can take something from their rivals that they don’t have in the first place.  Fiat, from Italy is taking from Jeep the American ruggedness and putting their stamp of softness to it so to reap the short-term profits while destroying the brand right in front of America’s bankrupt face—while The United States continues to pour billions of dollars in aid to such European nations through financing The United Nations, military support and intellectual property.  How many global film blockbusters have been produced in France, Italy, or Germany?  What was the latest billion dollar film made in Spain?  ………………………Anyone……………………………………………………………………………….anyone at all……………………………………………………………………………………….I’m still waiting………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………there isn’t one and never will be.  Because books, movies, music that achieve such status are created by free people—Americans—and that isn’t an accident.

The Fiat Jeep is wealth redistribution, not just in jobs that might otherwise have been created in America, but of the essence of American creation, the Jeep as it was conceived by Chrysler.  The Jeep I spoke so highly of, the Jeep Grand Cherokee from 1996 was conceived by Detroit automakers during the Reagan era before Detroit collapsed under the weight of their labor unions.  The Fiat Jeep Renegade is a vehicle conceived by a Detroit that just filed bankruptcy and had to sell off assets to an Italian company who traditionally makes small cars, for small people and their philosophic grip on history.  Surely the new Jeep Renegade will sell well in all the armpits of the world, the minds of Europe still recovering from the Dark Ages, the tribal hunters fresh off the Serengeti who have just spent the day hunting Gazelles because the grocery store had its food shipment confiscated by socialist radicals in charge of the country, or some hut dweller in Cambodia who is working 5 full-time jobs trying to pay for the broken leg his wife incurred during a traffic accident between two bicycles.  The Jeep Renegade will be a treasured vehicle in places like that.  But here in America, they will be driven by 16-year-old girls who think they are cute little “mini” cars, and will fill the parking lots of San Francisco gay nightclubs with air fresheners hanging from the mirrors to cover the odor of their clubbing activities.  But on the road across America these little Fiat Jeep’s will be road bumps equivalent to pot holes for the larger vehicles which are part of a culture which embraces freedom and individual liberty with size, space, and horsepower.  And all those things are missing from the new Fiat Jeep which is an insult to a brand that was built with rugged American history and a yearning for freedom that is unmatched anywhere  in the world—and under assault by yet another foreign company driven by socialism to consume anything and everything that has value.

Rich Hoffman


5 thoughts on “The New Jeep Renegade: A vehicle marketed to high school girls and repressed Europeans

  1. quite pathetic.. almost racial article, demonstrates an obsession with socialism and a lot of frustration. the Renegade is a shit box, but jeep is still making the big Cherokee so chill out.
    a small Italian.


    1. Having an opinion about something does not equate to racism. That term is used when the perpetrator has no other words in their vocabulary to voice a concerned observation opposite of their world view which is likely tilted too far to the political left.


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