West Chester Police Attack Trustee George Lang: The fight for power between labor unions and their boss


With all the violent voracity that West Chester police officers Gary Gabbard, Randall Farris and Paul Lovell applied to a drunk Jeremy Lewis at a local sports bar, those same officers are now attacking Trustee George Lang for explaining why West Chester was forced to pay $265,000 in damages due to their extremely bad judgment.  As the ultimate boss of the West Chester police, Lang as a Trustee was not happy that officers employed by the community acted so poorly to cost the district so much money based on their reckless actions.  The three officers were cleared of any wrongdoing after an “internal” investigation of a May 2012 altercation with Jeremy Lewis, 29, of Blanchester, who was struck repeatedly with police batons and sprayed with chemical irritants at Win, Place or Show Sports Grill & Tavern.  I covered this story before, CLICK HERE to review.  The video of the incident can be seen on that previous article and it is quite clear that the officers were very hasty in their violence.  What is even more alarming is that the West Chester Police and their FOP union backed the police beating leaving Lang and the other Trustees to settle the case Lewis clearly had against the Township. 





The same thuggish intentions which those officers displayed against Lewis are now being applied to their boss, George Lang, only this time without the police batons and “chemical irritants.”  Instead, the cops are using the legal system to attempt to beat Lang into submission.  The situation is just as ridiculous as a French labor union suing Goodyear for wanting to leave France over their unproductive workers—who only work 3 hours a day, the West Chester Police expect financial compensation, promotions, and community merit even when they exhibited errors in judgment.  The West Chester Officers actually expected to be promoted, compensated financially and treated with respect after their disastrous mistake—which is laughably out-of-touch with reality.


Lang presented the reasons for the $265,000 settlement publicly.  The lawsuit against him contends that Lang slandered the officers when he let it be known that the officers were “bragging about the beating back at the patrol room,” that the victim was taken to the hospital with severe injuries and that his face was very puffy and bloody—as if that fact could not be verified by the doctor who attended Lewis.  The suit maintains all those statements were false and caused the officers to lose an opportunity for promotion. The township has not yet filed a response to the lawsuit alleging defamation, slander, “tortious” interference with a business relationship, intentional infliction of emotional distress and civil conspiracy.  (Tortious interference, also known as intentional interference with contractual relations, in the common law of torts, occurs when a person intentionally damages the plaintiff‘s contractual or other business relationships. This tort is broadly divided into two categories, one specific to contractual relationships irrespective of whether they involve business), and the other specific to business relationships or activities (irrespective of whether they involve a contract).




In other words, the West Chester Police want to teach Lang a lesson for breaking ranks with them and are seeking to punish him with any means available.  It wouldn’t look good to attack Lang with batons, as they did Jeremy Lewis so they are using the legal system instead.  This is a long time tactic by labor unions to teach governing officials such as their bosses to shut their mouth.  In this case, the West Chester Police conducted an internal investigation which essentially states that the training the officers received were in accordance with policy and that the beating was justified leaving the officers innocent.  That is just as ridiculous as the many times Lakota teachers have been caught trying to have sex with students, or flirting with students only to be protected by the union with virtually no punishment—because the school board doesn’t want to get sued by the union—so they let the actions go without discipline.  The same situation applies in this police case against Lang.  The reason these crimes by public employees happen is because these unionized government employees believe they are above the law and exempt from ramifications for their bad decisions.  In the case of Lang, he is the first public person in a long time to actually stand up to them—and the police are acting violently toward him as a result.

Nobody can ever know what really gets said behind closed doors, and when gangs of thugs get together and whisper off the record about things, they expect that those things cannot be used against them in court—because unless there is a recording, or it is written down—then it cannot be presented as evidence in court.  Police unions because they control the legal process—at least the public interpretation of it–believe they have all their loose ends tied up in this case against Lang and that they have a right to attempt to ruin his life for standing up against them. 


But there is always more to the story which will not come out in court—most likely.  Lang as a trustee has voted against the mindless pay increases the FOP union wants out of West Chester, where the officers are already some of the most highly paid cops in this part of the country.  If a bet had to be made in what the real motivation behind this lawsuit was, it would be that Lang would be discouraged to stand against future labor negotiations with the FOP union.  The cops are using this law suit as a way to soften him up—to remove his opposition toward their upcoming contract negotiations.  Most likely, this lawsuit has nothing to do with what the cops are saying it is—but rather its all about their contract.  CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW MUCH THESE OFFICERS MAKE.  The police are simply acting like a band of thugs who are above the law.  Their behavior against Jeremy Lewis is obvious.  But their behavior against their boss, George Lang is even more so—when the totality of the story is known.  Whether the weapon is a police baton or the legal system the goal is suppression of the truth and the desire to inflict the desires of the Fraternal Order of Police upon a society of victims living in fear underneath their tyranny.  If such desires are left unchecked, the situation will spiral out of control. This is why we must all stand with George Lang.  If he goes down, we will all go down and the police will turn on private citizens like they did Jeremy Lewis in less than a moment.  This lawsuit is about power and control and who really has it—and by the evidence presented by the West Chester Police against Lewis and now against Lang their lust for power is undeniable. 

Rich Hoffman



12 thoughts on “West Chester Police Attack Trustee George Lang: The fight for power between labor unions and their boss

  1. Well yes, that would be “government employee syndrome”, which covers the gamut of presidents who thumb their nose at the constitution, to the lowly D.O.T. worker who slowly digs a hole while ten “supervisors” with clipboards stand and watch him, and the whole gamut in between.

    If they were capable of being held responsible for their performance, or lack thereof, then they’d be working in the private sector…but because they’re children in adult bodies, they “work” for the government, where everything that goes wrong is always someone else’s fault.

    Dissolving unions will have to come first, before we can dissolve government, but that day is coming, and when it comes, judgememt against these fools will be harsh and swift.


  2. Corrupt. Top down. Having withHolder as your overlord breeds bad behavior.
    George knows who has his back. What he doesn’t know is that there are many more who will after this post. I’ve met more ex cops in the last 6 months than I ever cared to know. They ended that career because of this kind of nonsense. They’re good men who walked away from a passion. Listening to them lay down how bad it is, pisses my ulcer off further. But they didn’t just walk away. They are the resistance.

    Capish Comrades?


  3. I just watched the video again. Lang does not even mention the officers by name. Lang is a fighter, he has a track record of taking on corrupt government in court and winning. I doubt he will back down.


    1. The cops did it through their own arrogance. They are like a carnaval game rigged to win. They think they hava a monopoly on the legal system and that anything they say is the law………and its not. They enforce the law, they don’t make it. Lang makes the law, and they should yield to him and his opinion. They should allow him to place dash cams in their cars for these kinds of issues in the future, and that is what they are really afraid of. They want to attack Lang before they try a new contract with the Township and he succeeds in the dash cams.


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