The Idiots of France: Why Goodyear validates the new Atlas III movie poster

I have been watching the French labor unions behavior toward the Goodyear tire company for over a year now with excessive fascination.  Anybody who thinks that Atlas Shrugged written by Ayn Rand in 1957 is a farfetched fiction novel is out of their mind, because most everything stated in that dystopian novel has taken place in that openly socialist European country.  Most labor unions believe the same type of things that the crazy French union believes, only they attempt to dress it up a bit.  Now with a socialist French president, the unions no longer feel they must dress up their behavior and are revealing what they have always been—economic terrorists inspired by Karl Marx desiring the end game of communism.  Maurice Taylor – chief executive of Titan International told rightly the France’s industry minister that his country had “beautiful women and fantastic wine” but “no idea how to run a business”. Mr. Taylor added: “Goodyear tried for over four years to save part of the Amiens jobs that are some of the highest paid, but the French unions and the French government did nothing but talk.”  The production at the French Goodyear plant has been stagnant as the striking workers regressed into some type of tribal ritual of belief thinking that the jobs at the plant existed in nature and that it was Maurice Taylor who was keeping those jobs from the people.  In reality it was people like Taylor who made the jobs and that isn’t appreciated by anybody—which was the basic plot of Atlas Shrugged.

Last winter Maurice Taylor frustrated with the French government and idiotic workers at the Amiens plant sent a letter to Arnaud Montebourg, the French Industrial Minister saying “I have visited that factory a couple of times. The French workforce gets paid high wages but only works three hours.  They get one hour for breaks and lunch, talk for three and work for three. I told this to the French union workers to their faces. They told me that’s the French way!”  This set off a firestorm of political theater that extended all over Europe.  Most of the opinions sided with the French workers and were against Maurice Taylor which I found appalling.  It has become grossly apparent during this whole French Goodyear issue why Europe is failing economically, and why America even under a socialist president like Obama is far superior in terms of economic development and innovative surplus.  France is the second largest economy of Europe and they really don’t function well at anything.  Taylor stated a fact, the French workers don’t believe in hard work—long productive hours—or capitalism, which is the creator of jobs.  Some French workers may, but a majority of the people elected a socialist president, and they are getting what they deserve, a terrible economy with a dismal ten-year market forecast.  The situation is so extreme that just a few weeks ago the labor union actually kidnapped two Goodyear executives to force negotiations.Non_Fiction_thumbnail_2__54597.1393006797.120.120

After a court rejected their most recent appeal against the plant’s closure, members of the hard-left CGT union locked up production and human resources directors Michel Dheilly and Bernard Glesser.  France 2 TV showed the Goodyear executives seated at a table staring straight ahead as workers shouted in their ears. One director had a bed pan thrust in his face.  This happened after these same union people were insulted at Maurice Taylor’s portrayal of them as being “lazy.”  And this isn’t the first time.  They did it previously at a 3M plant in Pithiviers when a dispute over severance pay couldn’t be resolved.—la-lettre-de-titan-a-montebourg.htm

The kidnappings in France appear to be a normal type of behavior for them as most of the French people were not outraged at all by the incident.  Even after the kidnappings the news slant out of Paris focused on the CEO of Titan Maurice Taylor, and his comments from the previous year.  Here are just a few:

France’s Communist Party expressed outrage at Taylor’s letter to the French government, calling it “an appalling provocation coupled with xenophobia against French workers.”  In France the communist party actually gets quoted in the paper which doesn’t happen at all in The United States–openly—even though many reporters lean toward communism as opposed to capitalism.  Another statement pontificated–“this is an insulting letter,” said Mickael Wamen, the CGT union’s representative at the Goodyear plant, saying it showed Taylor “belongs more in an insane asylum than at the head of a multinational corporation.”  But that same guy supported taking Goodyear executives hostage.

I have seen the new movie poster from the film Atlas Shrugged Part III: Who Is John Galt and it is controversial.  The filmmakers don’t wish me to reveal it at this time, so I won’t, but I’ll say this much.  It features John Galt standing up in front of the labor union at 20th Century Motors and telling them that he (Galt) will not go along with their socialist plans—and that he refuses to join them.  This happens against the backdrop of an American flag, and to me it is very exciting.  I actually love it—because when you pay attention to things like this whole issue in France, it becomes obvious very quickly why the entire continent of Africa is poor, why India is overcrowded and destitute, why China has the living conditions of an insect, why Russia is deceitful and broke, and why all of Europe is a cesspool of jealously toward The United States.  It is because they have behaved with collectivist, socialist corrosion which John Galt wisely divorces himself from in the upcoming movie.  The movie poster may not be exciting in the way a new superhero picture would be, but it is exciting in a way that people who understand capitalism need to see and hear.  Maurice Taylor will like the poster.  The French labor unions will hate it—but who cares what they think.  That French plant has sat idle during their entire strike.  They didn’t create a job to rival Goodyear, they just stood around like a bunch of idiots waiting for Taylor to “give” them a job they were somehow entitled to.

The new Atlas film based on the great American novel Atlas Shrugged looks like it will be fantastic.  Socialists, communists, labor unions, and scum bags won’t like the film.  They won’t like the new movie poster because John Galt is rejecting their premise in the movie–so who could blame them.  The French cannot understand American capitalism.  They have ruined their minds and as much as people like Maurice Taylor have tried to help them, they don’t get it.  In Atlas Shrugged, John Galt tried to help everyone, and they rejected him, so he packed up his efforts and left leaving the world to them—and the “workers” were unable to do anything with it.  The 20th Century Motor Company in the movie went out of business just as the Goodyear plant in France is doomed to failure.  The jobs and the wealth it created doesn’t rain from the sky the way the primitive labor union workers seem to believe based on their national philosophy shaped by Karl Marx, but is provided by people like Maurice Taylor and nobody else.  That is why the new movie poster to Atlas Shrugged Part III is so appropriate and for every reviewer who proclaims that the film is hateful, vitriolic and unrealistic—those same idiots are the people who have sided with the doomed French at the Goodyear plant in Amiens.  At the end of the book, the same thing that happened to the Goodyear executives was attempted against John Galt and the results were not pretty for those involved.  The French have proven Ayn Rand wise beyond belief and Atlas Shrugged more fact than fiction.Rand1

Rich Hoffman


9 thoughts on “The Idiots of France: Why Goodyear validates the new Atlas III movie poster

  1. Yes, like I said before, any American company that sets up shop in Europe gets what they deserve.

    But then, we can do our part here to make America attractive to business.

    First by outlawing all unions…sending militarized SWAT teams and cleaning them out if need be.

    Next, eliminate the minimum wage and let the market determine wages…if the scum riot in the streets, then second amendment remedies can solve that problem.

    Finally, eliminate ALL taxes and the IRS and replace with a 5% national sales tax.

    This would scratch the surface and get things going again before we REALLY get to the nitty gritty and improve things for good.


      1. I’m under 40, white, and listen to punk rock, so I’m not qualified but thanks!

        If I believed in voting and Democracy, I’d vote for you, though!


  2. The French are far wiser than Americans. Americans give away 78% of their purchsing power to a private corporation in total “taxes”.
    Medieval Serfs only gave 30% to their feudal lord.
    The American Revolution was fought over a 2% tax and yet you quietly hand over 78% of your entire life’s labor (to a private corporation/lord) without much more than a whimper.
    What does that make you?
    The French at least KNOW they are slaves and have the self respect to give their owners a headache.
    Yes, you have an owner too.
    So be a good little slave and get back to work on the Plantation so your owner can collect his “shares” of you, 78%.
    Love your slavery and don’t do anything silly like burn Masters Plantation tires.


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