The Leather Jackets of U.S. Wings: Sgt. Hack’s curious case and exceptional quality

Too often there is very little to talk about but what we don’t like—and when you’re picky, or expect competency when dealing with people, all too often what we get is disappointment.  Every day for over 6 years now I have put on a leather flight jacket from US Wings.  I ride motorcycles all year, and there are maybe a handful of days over that span of time that I don’t have to go somewhere.  And when I do travel it is usually by motorcycle.  So my leather jacket has to be tough, withstand all the elements and be extremely functional.  Even on the hottest days of summer a leather jacket is needed—the mornings are often cool, too cool for naked skin and large bugs pelt you in the torso area while riding.  The leather is an offering of armor and is essential riding equipment.  Even during a motorcycle ride from Key West to the Everglades 50 miles west of Miami where the real temperature was 107 degrees the early dawn sun was pleasant to the naked skin, but once the day hit 10 AM, it was punishing.  The jacket was needed just to stay hydrated and prevent the skin from burning under the sun. Then from Miami to Orlando, afternoon thunderstorms are common, it may be intensely sunny and 15 minutes later a thunderstorm is upon you dropping rain the size of a small fist as hundreds begin hitting you by the minute.  Without the leather the pain would be intense, probably unbearable.  So because I ride a motorcycle every day of the year I wear a leather jacket every day as well.  I have an additional problem, I often meet people where my leather jacket has to go along with a suit and tie.  It would be disrespectful to the people I see to show up in a biker jacket with studs looking like I’m going to Sturgis—so I need my leather jacket to look as good as the cloth underneath it.  So with all that in mind I have only found one company in the entire world that made a jacket fitting for me and that is U.S. Wings outside of Cleveland, Ohio founded by Sgt. David D. Hack, the Purple Heart recipient and Nation’s #1 US Army recruiter from 69 to 73.  He’s been Chief of Police in Sebring, Ohio, and in his spare time founded U.S. Wings in 1986 to the present.  His company knows how to make cloths that fit my very intense lifestyle.  So you can imagine dear reader how disappointed I was when I went to zip up my well-worn flight jacket a few weeks ago and the teeth were so worn out from use that they no longer gripped each other.

I contacted U.S. Wings to price a new zipper and liner and they responded quickly.  The zipper replacement was $60 and the liner replacement was $90, plus shipping the jacket to the New Jersey plant where most of the construction takes place.   It was still winter where the nights are often in the mid 20s so I had to be able to zip up the jacket—it simply couldn’t wait.  But after careful consideration, even though the stitching all over the jacket was still very much intact it was decided that it was time to retire that jacket and buy a new one.  A new jacket from U.S. Wings costs about the same as a good firearm but considering my use, a new one was better than fixing the old one so I placed an order for one of their Signature Series flight jackets with nearly the exact specs.

The order was placed and a few days later the jacket arrived on my doorstep ready for battle.  I literally took it out of the box, tried it on for fitting and left the house on my motorcycle.  When you meet with people they can tell instantly whether the jacket is a cheap rip-off from some shopping mall vender selling “club” clothing or some piece of crap made for the herds at various coat suppliers destined to be sold in the future at a flea market.  It doesn’t matter so much if the jacket is stained from sweet, rain, bugs, or heat streaked, they can tell if it is of quality and if it’s not it won’t look right with a suit and a $500 dollar watch.  But U.S. Wing jackets are just fine for this kind of thing and suit both necessities perfectly.  The jackets are of a quality where their value never comes into question.

When I bought the first jacket six years ago Hack’s company sent with it some bonus items free of charge—a book about Hack’s life which was actually quite good and a free Moko Man hat which I wear often.  As this new jacket arrived I expected him to send something extra, but wasn’t all that shocked when only the jacket was inside.  The economy had been hard for everyone, so I figured that U.S. Wings had given up on those kinds of perks to save money.  Two days after the arrival of the jacket it was a Saturday and one of my nephews was at my house playing Star Wars: X Wing with myself and one of my son-in-laws as we noticed the mail man driving up our driveway.  He dropped off a package and neither my wife nor I expected to receive anything.  We took the usual protocols when examining something unusual which arrives at our home, but my concerns quickly alleviated once I saw the U.S. Wings logo on the box.

U.S. Wings had sent a special delivery of free items, a DVD music video titled “The Ballad of Sergeant Hack” by Erica Lane and a special single song CD by the same musical artist called “Believe in America.”  Inside also was a special bag designed to protect expensive garments while traveling, such as U.S. Wing jackets and tailored suits.  It was a cost that U.S. Wings did not have to incur, they could have just sent the jacket, but as usual they went above and beyond.

The song, “The Ballad of Sergeant Hack” can be heard on the first video on this article along with other videos which give an ideal who David Hack is, and why he is one of those unique people whose personality inevitably comes out in his company U.S. Wings.  Hack is a guy who personally wrote President Johnson complaining that he wanted to go to Ranger school.  He volunteered for Vietnam during a time when many people were dodging the draft and was a recruiter on the active front designated to reenlist soldiers who were set to rotate out of the combat zones.  Needless to say, Sergeant Hack is the real deal and that personality certainly comes out in the clothing line of U.S. Wings.

Hack’s patriotism is genuine.  He’s obviously not happy with the direction of the country currently—and his sentiments are much older than the Tea Party.  He’s not a “come lately” to the ideal of patriotism and is truly one of the unique people of American culture.  I purchase my leather jackets from U.S. Wings because there simply are not better jackets made by any other manufacturer in the world when it comes to military clothing and rugged apparel.  I would not trust my jackets to be made by a roving communist from the East or a socialist from Europe or a conquered soul in Russia.  U.S. Wing jackets are purely American and made for American lifestyles, and they are the only kind of jacket that I’ll wear.

As is often the case, the company U.S. Wings is the embodiment of its creator, Sergeant Hack and the quality he has directly infused into a great American company.  In a day where most things are imports from other countries done cheaply out of necessity, U.S. Wings jackets have an emblem inside all their garments which actually sends a chill up my spine every time I see it—which is every day because I put those jackets on every day.  U.S. Wings is a company that I trust because I trust Sergeant Hack and know that he puts a lot of extra effort into the reputation of his company.  Most companies that make coats, shoes, boots, or even farm equipment have fallen from grace because the personalities of their creators, the Chief Executive Officers who utilize capitalism to bring joy to the world lose touch with their initial passions.  When it comes to U.S. Wings, even after many years of existence, over a long-span of time, their quality and effort are matched by their past performance and it is one of the rare honors that I have had to open a package from them and see what’s inside.  Often it is the little things that matter, and when it comes to U.S. Wings a lot of little things add up to greatness, from the quality of their stitching to the measurements of their segments—to the quality of the actual leather.  And even when they don’t have to—because the product speaks for itself, David Hack wants his customers to know more about him, so that they know what they are getting is the real deal that won’t falter when they need it most.  And when it comes to leather jackets there aren’t any better made.

For me there are two essential ingredients to my daily life, my leather U.S. Wings jackets and Gargoyle Sunglasses.  Everything else is a variable.

Here is the U.S. Wings website:

And now that you’ve read all this, watch all the videos completely and know that what you are seeing is a deep tap-root into American exceptionalism and be damn proud of it.

Rich Hoffman


14 thoughts on “The Leather Jackets of U.S. Wings: Sgt. Hack’s curious case and exceptional quality

  1. Rich
    Thank you for your wonderful comments regarding Sgt. Hack and US Wings. Sarge has vision problems resulting from his combat wounds in Vietnam and has difficulty tying.
    We appreciate your understanding of him and our company and our desire to be the best quality leather jacket manufacturer in America.
    Bob Kruty
    Vice President
    US Wings


    1. Well, you guys are the best. I wore my new jacket from you guys today in an early morning thunderstorm burst on my motorcycle. No problem, and it dried out in time to take some important people to lunch and look like a million bucks. No body does it better than your company. People like him make me hopeful for America.


  2. Rich
    One favor. Could you please change ” Sergeant” to “Sgt” in the headline? Sgt is the nomenclature that most people use when searching for Sgt. Hack. The military in fact uses “Sgt” when referring to the rank.
    Thanks so much.


    1. Thanks Rich
      As a result or your implementation, your blog is now #5 on Google for searches for “Sgt. Hack”. Your viewership just went up exponentially.
      Again thanks.


  3. Rich
    We are starting production on our new KANGAROO A2, G1 and INDY Style jackets. KANGAROO is the lightest and strongest leather available. Pass the word, limited availability.


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