Russian Economy GDP is only $2 Trillion: The tragedy of following Karl Marx

There seems to be much surprise that Russia is acting so aggressively toward the outside world. The illusion of global unity has been officially shattered and it frightens people who otherwise were unaware of any potential threats. Russia is not acting aggressively just out of lust for power, it is out of necessity as their former commitment to communism, and current statism has destroyed their economy. The only way out for such parasitic and inept economies like Russia’s is to steal the wealth of other nations so to save themselves and is the primary reason for the Russian aggression of retaking the nations which were formally part of the Soviet Union. Having the largest landmass of any other country—including all of Europe put together, the GDP of Russia is only a pathetic $2 trillion dollars. The United States GDP is by comparison $17.4 trillion as of January of 2014. Below are the GDP data points of particular interest comparing the two nations. Pay particular attention to the productivity per capita. Russian productivity is dismal in this category. In the United States this even accounts for the 100 million plus who are part of the welfare culture and are negative GDP contributors. The per capita value among the truly productive is just staggering by comparison.


GDP $ 2.022 trillion (2012, IMF) (nominal; 8th) [1] $ 2.015 trillion (2012 WB[2]) (nominal; 8th) $ 2.053 trillion (2012 CIA[3] and RIA[4] ) (nominal; 8th)$ 2,513 trillion (2012, IMF) (PPP; 6th) [5] $ 3.380 trillion (2012 WB [6]) (PPP; 5th)
GDP growth 3.4% (2012) [7] (1.33% Jan-Sep. 2013) [8]
GDP per capita $ 14,247 (2012) (nominal; 47th) $ 17,698 (PPP; 55th) (2012 IMF)$ 23,549 (2012 WB) PPP; 43rd [9][10]
GDP by sector agriculture: 4.4% industry: 37.6% services: 58% (2012 est.) [11]
Population below poverty line 11.2% (Rosstat March 2013 on 2012) [12]

The United States

Rank 1st (nominal) / 1st (PPP)
Currency US$ (USD)
Fiscal year October 1, 2012 – September 30, 2013
GDP $17.4 trillion (Jan. 2014)[1][2]
GDP growth 2.5% (Jan. 2014)[1]
GDP per capita $54,609 (Jan. 2014)[2] (8th, nominal; 7th, PPP)
GDP by sector agriculture: 1.2%, industry: 19%, services: 80% (2011 est.)
Inflation (CPI) 1.5% (2013)[3]
Population below poverty line 14.8% (2013)[4]
Gini coefficient 0.48 (2011) (List of countries)[5]
Labor force 155.6 million (11.26 mil. unemployed) [6]
Labor force by occupation farming, forestry, and fishing: 0.7% manufacturing, extraction, transportation, and crafts: 20% managerial, professional, and technical[disambiguation needed]: 37% sales and office: 24% other services: 18% (2009)[note: figures exclude the unemployed]
Unemployment 6.6% (Jan. 2014)[6]   (0.1%)
Average gross salary $48,872 (December 2013)[7]
Main industries Highly diversified, world-leading, high-technology innovator, largest industrial output in world; petroleum, steel, motor vehicles, aerospace, telecommunications, chemicals, electronics, food processing, consumer goods, lumber, mining
Ease of doing business rank 4th[8]

This data is the real issue between America, the rest of the world, and Russia. The evidence that capitalism is vastly superior to statism, communism, and socialism is due to the ability of the comparatively small United States to so drastically out produce such a large country as Russia. Really, Russia has everything physically going for it, they have vast natural resources, tremendous fishing in the North Atlantic and Arctic regions, and vast sums of unused land for production, manufacturing, and innovation. They are unable to use those tools properly because of their commitment to collative salvation. Russia has had two decades to dig out from under the communist failures of the past and they have failed to do so—because they are still quietly committed to Soviet era communism—now in the form of conservative statism. The Japanese did recover after World War II. They adopted forms of capitalism to become one of the largest economies in the world contained to a small island. This is the number one reason that the current communist Chinese are eying domination of Japan and Taiwan, not out of revenge for past atrocities during war, but for Japanese economic power. Russia is an empty vessel looking to be filled. The trouble is, as quickly as they can steal the wealth of others, they consume it because the nature of their entire country, raised under repressive communism, does not understand how to be productive.

There is no peace process through The United Nations which can prevent Russian aggression into Europe. They need money and Russia does not have it, or possesses the ability to make it. If Russia were a capitalist country, it is likely they could out produce The United States by three to four times—but they aren’t capitalist. They are essentially still a communist country that has not fully let go of their past restrictions. They are still committed to that ridiculous Karl Marx pamphlet called The Communist Manifesto. That book has destroyed so many millions upon millions of lives and has forced trillions of people into poverty. It is the dumbest and most idiotic book ever to hit the human race because of its detrimental impact to low quality life. Communism is the cause of the measly $2 trillion dollar Russian economy. The Russian people were bred under communism and are now lifeless shells of their true potential.

Like drowning victims in the cold icy waters around a sinking ship, the Russian people are trying to grab on to anything and everything to keep them floating just a minute longer. This is why they want to attack Ukraine and any other nation with access to ports, and productivity. Unable to generate that productivity on their own, they have to steal it from those who can.

It is that simple. It’s no mystery, but to the minds who don’t understand how these types of things impact the big picture of the global economy and why free people out produce conquered people suppressed under the foot of statism, the only option for a country like Russia is to steal the productivity of others.

The cause of much world misery is not having enough money, yet for most, they have complete control over this issue. Being productive means making money, a productive person is seldom poor unless they are experiencing a debilitating illness. Lazy people who are seeking the productivity of others will look for political and economic systems centering around collectivism to sustain their lives. Russia has so many troops because they have a lot of people without real jobs. So they are in the Russian military. The greatness of the American military is not how large it is, but how it has been built and maintained as a surplus of American capitalism instead of a deficit driving detriment. At over $17 trillion dollars in GDP America can afford a military as a luxury. In Russia, at only $2 Trillion, it is a way of life—because there isn’t anything else to do. Russia in no capacity is equal to America. The people may breath the same, they may eat the same, they may enjoy the same types of recreational activities, but they do not think the same. One has a collectivist mentality based on their communist roots, and the other is a capitalist nation built on productivity. Russia’s aggression is purely out of self-preservation for their economy and nothing else, but the unspoken reason is that their economy is so terrible because they have a society of people who were molded with socialism and communism living under current statism—and that does not infuse wealth into a country’s GDP. It’s not a mystery, or a failure in talking between nations, it is from what people believe or don’t believe which makes all the difference in the world. And when it comes to Russia, it is why they are failing to provide their people with a robust economy. They simply think the wrong things for all the philosophic reasons that led them down a bitter, and broken path—the teachings of Karl Marx.

Rich Hoffman