Guns and Public Schools: Another kid suspended over a pretend gun

First of all, once the current hippie generation of gun grabbing statist oriented big government slugs begin to fade away into the sunset, public schools are going to find themselves with a major crisis. They have moved way too far to the political left to properly serve American children and their families. Schools in the very near future will be forced into major overhauls of their thinking. Current public school overreaction to everything related to personal firearms will prove destructive to their future survival. Most of the young people schools are picking on now will become very pro gun in their 20s and 30s, and they will become voters and will lash back against these overly liberal tax funded institutions. The reason is that during all the progressive experimentation that has went on around their lives, the feminist issues that removed their mothers from the home leaving kids to raise themselves, the global peace progressive tripe taught to them in their schools, and their television shows laced with deep left-leaning political arguments–video games have been their only refuge—and guns are a big part of that world.   Most young people love guns because of movies and video games and will grow up to be different adults than the current hippie driven relics from the American 60s and that will spell doom for public schools.

The situation is so out of control in current government schools that in New Jersey recently, Glen Meadow Middle School has added its own bizarre entry in the ever-lengthening list of public school policies not aligned with American society according to an article shown below by Legal Insurrection. According to Ethan Chaplin, he was suspended for twirling a pencil in math class. He says that a student, who had been allegedly bullying him, yelled to the teacher that “He’s making gun motions, send him to juvie.” The school responded by suspending Chaplin and the Vernon Schools Superintendent Charles Maranzano insisted that it is the only appropriate response.

The kid’s father, Michael Chaplin, was so outraged that he took the step of recording a conversation between himself, the school’s principal and a guidance counselor — and then posted it on YouTube. It is not clear from the article if this was done with consent but the absence of any allegation of unlawful recording suggests that it was a legal or consensual taping.

The mention of the word “gun” was evidently enough of a “red flag” to launch an investigation onto Ethan.  He was put through 5 hours of psychiatric testing, where his mental state was evaluated to determine if he was a threat to other students.

When I was in school I carried around chrome cap gun in my pocket every day, and I often shot it off in the cafeteria during lunch period. The explosion was so loud that it reverberated all through the school. Usually, it would only provoke some startled glances for a few moments, and then everyone would go back to what they were doing. Today, if a kid did what I used to do, the school would be put in lockdown as the FBI would be called in to investigate. Today if a kid would be caught doing the things I did as a kid; they would be locked away in a straight jacket and labeled a menace to society.

Every single day in grade school during recess I played war with my friends on the playground. We made gun shapes with our fingers and would shoot at each other. Every day! It was part of growing up as a boy. We were doing far worse than what Ethan Chaplin did. Public schools have used every tragedy to advance their crusade against the Second Amendment, but eventually it will be to their own detriment. Today in 2014 there are sympathetic ears to listen to their panic driven neurosis. But what has happened is that the gun culture is more alive today than ever before. It is likely that most children know more about guns and ammunition because of video games like Call of Duty, and Gears of War than I did because the games they play tell them all they need to know—and that is a good thing. The closest I could ever get to automatic weapons as a kid was seeing them in movies and my own imagination. Kids toady can fire them in a virtual environment—and they do so for countless hours—more hours than they spend in schools. Progressivism has taken away their parents so video games have raised the children of an entire generation. Most video games have some element of violence to them.   But what it always comes down to is kids are playing the same games I did when I was young. But instead of pretending to shoot with their fingers, they do it on video games. The role and human necessity is the same—testing prowess against others, facing down an enemy, and finding ways to win against impossible odds. Most young males have these types of thoughts—they are testosterone driven natural reactions to the role of being a man.

Public schools ran by former hippie generation statists have gambled with human civilization and lost. They assumed that they could socially engineer out of human desire a need to play with guns and test courage and bravery against other people. The results of that experimentation are a huge failure. More than ever, young people are playing games of prowess against each other either online, or in massive gaming tournaments like Warhammer, X-Wing Minatures, or Magic the Gathering. This government school in New Jersey is just the latest in a long list of public schools caught in their failed support of progressive ideology, and social engineering to manifest into the exact opposite reaction. When young people like Ethan Chaplin become voters—how does anybody think he’s going to vote? Is he going to support the statist school that suspended him for no reason at all? Of course not.

Public schools would have served American society far better if they embraced the Second Amendment instead of fighting against it. They should actually teach gun responsibility in schools, because guns will be a part of the lives of American children either directly or indirectly. But the government schools picked ideology over logic and it will be to their own doom. They took a risk and decided to use tax payer money to radically transform society, and all they have achieved is out-of-touch panicky failure.

Young boys in a capitalist society, which is what America is supposed to be, will always seek to improve themselves in competition with other boys. They will pretend to shoot each other in combat, they will play sports against each other, and they will concoct games of every type to develop their skills against an opponent. Some of the best games I have seen today are the community of X-Wing players that is emerging on the tabletop gaming market. The goal is to blow up each other in combat, but always before and after the games the players like and respect each other—because deep down inside everyone knows that the end game is to get better, and that can only happen when the competition is good. The same tendency is seen in business. Competition is good. Not everyone can be the best, but it is fun to play the lottery ticket of life and try to be the best. And it is even better to respect those who do become the best because competition drove that excellence out of the individual.

Public schools have chosen to align themselves with global equality—which is a long desired tenant of socialism. And they have doomed themselves. 10 years from now, the sympathy that parents have toward these panicky school reactions will only increase. There will be more fathers like Michael Chaplin who will stick up for their children. The answer to the Chaplin family is to homeschool their son, instead of waiting for the school to accept the young man back into the collective student body only to be brainwashed by more progressive tripe. It is the school that’s wrong, not the child. It is the schools that are on the wrong side of American teaching, not that kids that make gun shapes with their hands. It is the schools that are instructing the wrong version of history and have been caught doing it. And the failure is their responsibility completely. The inevitable doom is on their shoulders only—and the pain they will experience is a result of their lost gamble.

Do not feel sorry for the public schools when they cry for mercy in the years to come. They did it to themselves.

Rich Hoffman