The Cliven Bundy Standoff: Pacifism versus resistance in response to an aggressive federal government

Before Doc Thompson or Rusty Humphries was on the radio with Matt Clark I was his first interview while doing a live podcast from the Cincinnati Tea Party Tax Day Rally.  As I was speaking with Matt on his WAAM broadcast out of Ann Arbor, Michigan I felt him cringe next to me as I indicated that I was actually looking forward to the time when the federal government came to my home to attempt to take me away on a train during some future purge.  Saying such things, especially in today’s overly sensitive climate of hyper sensitivity can quickly label you as an extremist—and is the kind of thing that mainstream talk show hosts like Matt Clark, Doc Thompson and Glenn Beck avoid.  But I was being truthful.  As I was giving my interview I had Cliven Bundy on my mind as the federal government and he were involved in standoff over a cattle grazing incident on claimed federal land.  Bundy refused to pay the proper fees for using that land.  The situation came very close to escalating into an armed engagement—and was what I believe to be a sign of things to come.  When that time comes to me, I know how I’ll deal with it—and it won’t be with protest signs and strongly worded letters.  I wasn’t kidding when I said I was looking forward to such a time.  I am tired of having the pretense of civility when it is so grossly obvious that the federal government is using law as a club to impose wealth grabs and redistribution of resources they deem worthy by force—then not expecting anybody to resist them.  Just off the top of my head are the lies of Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, the treachery of Common Core directly attempting to reprogram our youth into progressive soldiers, the school levies that are defeated in November only to be put back on the ballot in May—because they are  socialist attacks on American private property.  There are serious impositions on American life that are simply inexcusable and eventual confrontation is inevitable between the forces of good, and the progressive parasites intent to social engineer all life on earth to their philosophy.

I am sympathetic to Cliven Bundy, his issue which is explained properly by Glenn Beck below in an interview with him is really about the old Nevada rancher refusing to acknowledge the acquisition of land which has been in his family for a century.  Bundy is refusing to acknowledge the legal power the government has given itself to force him to pay grazing fees for land that it has no real technical right to claim a fee for him to pay.  Bundy is simply not recognizing the power of the federal government in a legal issue which it controls from a legal perspective.

My observations of the federal government, and I’m saying this for future reference, is that it is incompetent and not able to properly manage basic finance, let alone wealth creation strategies or a proper interpretation of justice.  The government as it is today is filled with poorly constructed minds deeply prone to error and cover-up, and they cannot be trusted.  The only way to deal with them on their terms is to surrender logic, and thought to the ease of their appeasement—and I’m not willing to do that.

When I was in the fifth grade a number of bullies surrounded me on the school bus.  The bullies were taking hits of speed in the form of a pill.  They wanted me to participate in that activity with them because they decided to do it in front of my eyes and wanted to make sure that I would not tell on them for their activity.  If they convinced me to also take hits of speed then I would be complicit in their crime—and would not have the moral ground to say anything against them.  So they tried at first to attract me to the drug by telling me how good it would feel.  But little did they know that I had then—and I still do—a very strict anti drug position.  I despise drugs—especially marijuana, speed, meth, and cocaine.  I don’t even like alcohol where intoxication is the goal.   There was nothing that those bullies could do to me to get me to take those hits of speed.  When I refused them, they then turned to violence hoping to convince me to take the path of least resistance and just swallow the speed.

The bullies encompassed the entire rear end of the school bus.  There were at least 8 kids directly involved and about 15 others who were passively supporting the activity.  The school bus driver was not equipped to handle the situation so refused to look at the activity in the mirror because she was also afraid of the boys.  Those same boys had been in trouble with the school principal many times, and had lost their respect for authority a long time ago.  They were unmanageable, and knew it.  So they were taking hits of speed on the school bus right in front of everyone just to prove that they could.  And the more who participated in the activity with them the stronger they became.  So when I refused their attempts to convince me to participate with them in the drug taking, they turned to violence.  They cornered me and tried to force me to take the speed with the threat of violence.  They put the pills in my hand and told me to swallow them otherwise they’d beat me up.  I threw the pills out the window behind me and a massive fight erupted.  I went to personal war with those boys for the next 8 years.  By the time those eight years concluded every one of the boys was in trouble for something and either moved away, or were not able to attend school any longer.  The violence really escalated in junior high school with some of the stories I have told here previously.  But a long story short, I was the last one standing as they collapsed on themselves.  If I had done what they wanted me to, my life would have been much different.  So would the lives of my children, and wife.  Because I fought through that situation, my family legacy is so much stronger—which became very important just ten years after the conclusion of the drug battle which started on the school bus.

The federal government is really no different from those drugged out bullies.  They want complicity in their crimes and use fear of violence to impose people to comply and become part of their zombie cult of mindless tax payers.  Cliven Bundy said no.  Many others are saying no, more and more people every day.  I have certainly said no.  I said no to the ridiculous brainwashing of the public schools, the failed economic policies, the paralyzing federal regulations, the EPA wackos using environmental terrorism to advance socialist politics, the many crimes and lies of the federal government corrupted by the two-party system—both controlled by radical political elements intent on social decay—and I refuse to be complicit in their activity.

I do have a lot of friends and associates who are in well placed positions—who are concerned about the perception of statements in relation to the Overton Window which has pulled the logic of America into a progressive direction. They are not progressives, but are concerned about feeding into a line of dialogue that progressives can twist around to their advantage.  However, the real intent of this strategy is no different from the school bus bullies trying to force innocent spectators into taking drugs.  They wanted to know that some “holier-than-thou” kid wouldn’t rat them out—and the best way to do that was to get the kid to participate in a crime with them.  The federal government has done the same with land grabs, taxation, social policy, and corrupt election procedures so to stay in power and collect the voluminous benefits of public office.  Federal officials like the school bus bullies simply put on suits and obtained law degrees.  They are still scum bags seeking complicity.

When those scum bags try to move me in some way or another against my will, trouble is insured for them.  I have lived my life in a way where I haven’t even allowed myself to be forced to take drugs under coercion.  So a federal government using force or manipulation against me will do no better.  Right now I do occasional radio shows talking about these things, and I write about them here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, but at a certain point, those will no longer be effective outlets.  And I’m looking forward to it.  Because there is honesty in what Cliven Bundy did in Nevada.  It might seem radical or crazy from the perspective of legal analysts, Supreme Court professionals, and sell-out politicians—but it’s the right thing to do.   At a certain point, we all have to come to terms with the fact that most of American case-law has been formulated by corrupt minds who are simply bullies looking for drug consumption complicity.  Drugs aren’t always the kind taken and consumed through the human body—but the kind of thoughts injected into a mind.

Most of my media friends do not have the same kind of background that I do.  They are still trying to play the game of fitting in to the rules of the FCC.  Fortunately for them, they do not have backgrounds in violence..  When Glenn Beck states that Jesus, Martin Luther King, Gandhi and other peaceful pacifists achieved great things in the context of history—he’s right—but they are also all dead, or were unnecessarily jailed with their freedoms removed from them ultimately.  I would prefer that the world work with law, and respect, but it is obvious that the federal government has no interest in either—unless either allows them to confiscate wealth from those who produce it.  My life is more valuable than the greater good of a bunch of parasites, and they don’t have the right to remove me from my family, or my future in their quest for complicity.  I disagree with the pacifist approach, the approach that many who have FCC licenses hanging over their heads, or religions around their necks are imprisoned to.  I seek freedom from those restrictions also, and this is why I look forward to the day where the standoff off with destiny finally arrives.  In many ways I have been preparing for it my entire life.  It won’t be I who provokes it, but it will be my decision to ignore the case-law of thieves who have written laws to enrich themselves at the cost of value in a mindless—collective quest for complicity as they consume the drug of power that rots the human mind worse than any disease, any cancer, or mental ailment of treachery.  The future fight that I yearn for is not the lust of violence, but the defense of a mind, and its ability to think free of tyranny—a trait that cannot be preserved with pacification.

America would have never won its independence with peaceful protests and soft talk.  American independence had to be taken—with force.  And now that it has been seen how corrupt the United States federal government has been, I don’t see peace in the future if independence is to remain.  Elections do not work, and the laws are stacked against common men and women.  Generations of children have been brainwashed into statism and do not have the intellectual capacity to deal with these complicated matters—which is quite on purpose.  American society is surrounded by complicit individuals who may deep in their hearts be good, but are like the kids on that bus long ago afraid to stand up to the bullies, so they took the speed to keep from being beaten up.  But what was taken from them was their minds and moral standing which is forever tarnished by actions which were forced upon them.  That is why Cliven Bundy is right and the federal government is wrong.  It is also why I am looking forward to the future instead of being weary of it—because I enjoy such things.  The Bundy Ranch standoff is only the beginning.

Rich Hoffman


2 thoughts on “The Cliven Bundy Standoff: Pacifism versus resistance in response to an aggressive federal government

    1. Yes it does. Think of the voter turnout in some cities during the last election–they were the same as what happened in the last North Korean election. Without something to fear, government drifts quickly from reliability.


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