Rich Hoffman Told You: Lakota gives over $2 million in raises to their teachers

Don’t say I didn’t tell you so, because I did.  I told the world over the radio, in newspapers, and in countless online articles that Lakota’s levy passage in 2013 was about one thing—giving their teachers raises for unaccountable performance.  Over this last week the Lakota school board kissed the feet of Sharon Mays, the Lakota Education Association president—particularly Julie Shaffer by providing not even a hint of resistance throwing money that was just approved in November for so-called security issues “for the children,” at the union.  The school board unanimously approved a $2,200 dollar salary increase for over 900 teachers which equate out to over $2 million dollars in increases— a huge portion of the money confiscated through the new tax increase.  Now that you dear reader have seen what Lakota did with the money they extracted from the public through a manipulative campaign where they played to the sympathies of the public, spent thousands and thousands of tax dollars on public relations strategies—it all came down to teacher pay increases just like I said it would—exactly.  Here is the video I put up prior to the 2013 election and my prediction for 2017.  Watch closely…………………….

Notice in that video what I said about 2017.  Well, guess what, the contract that Julie and Sharon just ratified together runs out June 30th, 2017.  Guess what happens then—more pay raises are expected just as the chart in my video shows—right on schedule.  Of course Julie, who is the representative of the union on the school board had good negotiations with the LEA.  She was their girl all along—that was evident as far back as when I debated her on 700 WLW before Scott Sloan’s wife put the clamps down on him so she could sell more homes as a realtor.  The sliced elective classes, the busing, the sports fees were all part of the extraction process.  As soon as the union realized they were going to get what they wanted, Lakota voted to give many of those things back to the public.  The game all along was to hold the public hostage until the union got their money.  Now that they have it, things can return to normal—its all part of the extortion racket set up in virtually all public schools.

The next move for the union was to allow the school rating to decrease from Excellent with Distinction.  If the November levy didn’t pass, that was the next step by the school board, superintendent, and their friends in the labor union.  There was already pressure from outside finance to alter the bond rating, which had to be averted because of the failed levies—and many of my friends on the No Lakota side knew that.  The radicals at Lakota contemplated letting the Excellent rating slip—which is mostly politics anyway.  This would drop the bond rating and throw the burden back on the No Voters.  That was too much for many of them to deal with, because that would have an immediate impact on realtor sales.  That is nearly the same type of dilemma that Congress faces when they decide whether or not to raise the debt ceiling.  It might be the morally correct thing to do—to not raise it—but in so doing the economy is wrecked.  The real problem is the debt spending, but the radicals spending the money use that dilemma to their advantage to prevent management action—so nothing happens because nobody wants to take the hit on their watch.  At Lakota if the 2013 levy did not pass, this was the union’s next step, to let the bond rating slip and drop the Excellent with Distinction certification to a level lower.  School board members of course didn’t want this to happen while they were in office, but the LEA union was fully prepared to employ that strategy.  That’s how much they care for the “children.”

I of course stood against the levy, even though I knew what was coming next.  For that I was personally attacked in many different ways and told that I should move from the district.  Even Scott Sloan who originally supported the No Lakota Levy position on the radio advocated that those against the Lakota tax should just move to another community if they didn’t want to see levy passage.  This was just an asinine position.   I have lived in Liberty Township since before a lot of the levy supporters in Lakota were even born, and I was told that I should surrender my home to all these panicky parents and radicalized left-leaning teachers just because they wanted more money.  That is how stupid the whole argument was—and continues to be.  Fairfield failed their levy in November and guess what—six months later it is back on the ballot and will continue to be until the unions get their money from the public.  Every time a levy is failed, the crazy union policy is to take more and more away from the public until they give in and pass a levy. The newspapers, television news, all mainstream outlets are all in on the heist because ultimately, property has been connected to these public schools which is the last line of defense for the union, an arrangement concocted through politics.

This problem will continue on until people no longer care about having their property values attached to a public school.  Lakota is near that saturation point, but is not quite there.  Liberty Township has a lot of out-of-state investment pouring into it from people moving into the area from other places—typically more progressive places like the East Coast and they bring with them these high tax trends which will last for about 15 years and taper off once a new hot spot is designated.  Currently these types of people outnumber homeowners like me who have been in the area for much longer than they have.  Through democracy they have the ability to pillage the land and its resources, and then leave it like an empty carcass.  They treat Liberty Township like the tail of a shrimp at a fine restaurant.  They dip the tail in a sauce and suck out all the meat leaving the remnants of a shell on a plate to be thrown away.  That is what Pro Levy voters and the labor union at Lakota are doing—and the school board lets them do it.

So what’s next?  Well, there will be another levy in 2017—as I predicted.   There will be another in 2023 as well and taxes will then become unsustainable for residents and businesses.  There will be a short-term influx of wealth created through this new labor contract as even No Lakota Levy people were happy to see the levy pass so not to affect the developments of Carriage Hill and Liberty Center.  But that will diminish as well over a fairly short period of time.  The battle plan of the radicals is fully set, and there just aren’t enough people with the stomach to stand against them—which they know.  As for me, I’ll continue to stand against the tax increases.  As it has been noticed, my focus lately has been on larger issues—the origin problems of how this whole system was constructed.  I have no desire to deal with the effects.  Doc Thompson and I are planning a documentary which was originally scheduled to shoot this past winter, but has been moved to the summer.  In it we plan to interview former Lakota school board members to tell a national story of how and why public education is a travesty and parasitic failure.  The documentary is set to be released through Doc’s affiliation with The Blaze—Glenn Beck’s vast Dallas-based enterprise.  I presented this material to everyone prior to the vote—what the teacher’s union planned to do with the money, but voters chose to preserve their level of comfort over the long-term sustainability of the district.   They picked short-term thinking over long-term management—and the levy narrowly passed.  Celebrations among progressive groups attached to public education erupted, because they knew the money tree had been turned back on and the scam known as public education was once again yielding fruit.  So for me, the next step is to attack the foundation of this debacle—and not the effect.

Lakota certainly mislead the public.  Sheriff Jones participated—he said during the levy campaign that the money was going to go toward security at the schools.  Well—guess what?  Now Liberty Township is seeking a levy to pay for police—for the schools. The two public employee unions, the FOP in Butler County and the LEA at Lakota are trying to double tax the residents of Liberty Township and they hope people are too asleep to notice.  That’s why the press release was put out for Lakota during the spring break period just ahead of Good Friday—while most people are otherwise distracted before the May 8th vote for the police levy, where residents can actually put some tax money back in their pocket.  Most levy supporters are too busy to pay attention to all these issues between soccer practices, career obligations, and the television shows stacking up on their DVR machines.  All these technical details are just too much to pay attention to—so they continue to vote foolishly to tax themselves—and Lakota knew all along that even though I was publishing their plans so people could vote accordingly, that in the end people either didn’t care enough to act, or were afraid of the results.  And thus—the teachers got what they wanted—more money.  Now they can go back to sexting students and enjoying one of the few professions in the world where they can make so much money doing virtually nothing but spreading left-winged political ideology and babysitting for parents who lack personal management.

Rich Hoffman


One thought on “Rich Hoffman Told You: Lakota gives over $2 million in raises to their teachers

  1. I won’t tell you anything new, but it’s the same with everything in life.
    You would think past showes us anything, but alas.
    Hate all you want but the world changes rapidly, and we have no control over it.
    E.g., If only Barack had any balls to put Russian bear to his place, but it seems like it’s not happening, welcome WW3.
    A profound post, thanks!


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