Dr. Duke Pesta’s Speech on Common Core: Public education is dangerous and detrimental to children

I recently wrote an article about a popular band teacher at my school district of Lakota who is in trouble, and many of his supporters came to his defense, angry at me.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW. Read the comments there to see what I’m talking about.  The teachers and the parents who supported the band teacher are simply malfunctioning humans who have been programmed incorrectly through progressive educations, and the more I hear from them, the angrier I get at modern public education.  I am 100% convinced that public schools are DETRIMENTAL to the American way of life, and it is clearly on purpose.  The proof is all around us, it’s not even hidden.  I hate public education because it is run by the state—the federal government should not be involved in a capitalist society’s education, and it is purposely dumbing down the students so to attack the premise of capitalism in America.  For proof I submit the following video which is a two-hour lecture about the dangers of Common Core by Dr. Duke Pesta.  Why am I angry at public education…………………watch the video at the 1 hour 10 minute mark.  You will see it clearly.

Teacher unions are radical organizations committed deeply to the progressive transformation of society.  Even good teachers who know this keep their mouths shut because the unions give these employees high rates of pay that they wouldn’t get at Wal-Mart—which most of them are only qualified to do as far as productive equivalency standards are concerned.    The money teachers make is hush money while they accept progressive transformation methods driven by communism to destroy American capitalism.  I would not hate public education if they taught young people how to make money, create a good work ethic and expand the influence of capitalism throughout the world. Instead, public schools sponsored by the federal government is at war with capitalism and are fully open in their support of socialism and that makes government schools enemies of the state.

The commenters on my article referred above do not wish to accept this—just as you dear reader are having difficulty with what I am saying right now.  Yet I have never been surer of something than I am that public education institutions are hell-bent as a unified organization on destroying the minds of children and their families into a collective whole where group consensus rules over logic.  For anybody who has tried to hire an American worker, the results of three decades of idiotic teaching methods are in.  Where farms used to produce good hard-working young men and women who could be relied upon and an occasional loafer would sometimes be seen, the trend now is that such hard workers built within public schools is rare—almost nonexistent and the loafers are everywhere.  The work ethic of the modern American is terrible and they are not motivated to improve because their minds have been ground into mush during their public school days by progressive institutional instruction.

The situation is so bad that I didn’t even want my daughters to date American boys when they were teenagers.  So many young men, not necessarily of their fault—are just douchebags, scummy, smelly, drunkards proud of their lack of sophistication.  The young men learned this behavior in their public school culture which promotes stupidity.  I was so serious about this problem that my oldest daughter actually married a young man from England who grew up with socialism but came from a good family that still believed a little in traditional value.  There are good young men still out there, but they are hard to find and women are struggling to locate them.  The situation is technically the biggest contemporary crises of our time yet it is also one of the most ignored because most people exploring these topics are guilty of being the douchebags.

The point of Common Core as exhibited in the video by Dr. Pesta is to perpetuate the false belief, the Kantian philosophic theme that belief by the many can shape the reality of the whole.  God forbid when these young Common Core students try to build a bridge with the mathematics that doesn’t allow stacking numerical values but symbols and belief.  If a consensus of the majority believes that 4 + 4 = 40062, then who are we as individuals to question the reality of that proposition.  That is the public school way—the instruction is not to learn that the value of two groups of four add together to give eight, but that value is a relative term.  Under that belief system, good is relative and so is bad.  Is it any wonder that so many people have lost their way these days?  Is it a mystery that Ohio government cannot build a bridge into Kentucky any longer along the I-75 corridor through Cincinnati—because public schools have taught that no action can be made until there is a group consensus—and government is awaiting action until that consensus is reached.  Until then all parties will be mired in stagnation.

American business is plagued presently with this very debacle.  It is extraordinarily difficult to find any member of a business transaction willing to make a decision—even easy ones.  Fear of overregulation, lawyers, and just general responsibility have created in America a trend where the spineless run everything and they are as numerous as the stars in a desert night sky.  The occasional bold, decisive, decision maker on the other hand is as rare as a four leafed clover in the middle of a Pentagon parking lot.  That fault is the education system which taught everyone involved–public education which is teaching the kind of crap seen in the video by Dr. Pesta.

 Stupid people don’t often look in the mirror and declare that they are faulty products of bad mental programming which started when they were 5 years old when they entered a public school.  It is only over age 55 when their bodies are in rapid decline, their marriages are in a shambles, their children are idiots and their own parents are dead when the realization hits them hard.  At that point they take up golf to find some peace on the vast greens of Americana, or maybe take up a young mistress, gamble their life away in a casino, or join a Tea Party and try to correct a lifetime of errors.  They do this because they reason that they only have thirty years of their life left to them—but its often too late.  Public schools made them into idiots and 50 years or more of such behavior cannot be erased with a few good deeds.  Just like the Common Core math, a few good things done does not cancel out thousands of stupid decisions, like getting drunk at frat parties in college, or being a loser in their careers and being happy with it, or dropping their children off at a public school and surrendering them to the progressive teachers who want to radically change society into a communist utopia.

I hate public education because of what it has done to over 300 million people who would otherwise be better off without the creation of the Department of Education.  It’s not hatred of learning, but because of a love of it that I hate government-run education which is insisting on Common Core and the nightmare shown in Dr. Duke Pesta’s video.  No civilization including America will survive long taught the methods currently popular in public education.  And wishing for a different outcome by the group consensus of over 300 million people does not make my opinion about it wrong.  In the end anybody who wants success in their life and their children will have to come to the same realization that I have, and Common Core math will not make the medicine go down any easier once that realization hits.  People may get mad, but the reality won’t change because they have achieved “consensus” and determined that they are correct.  The actuality of their circumstances will say otherwise and they will not like the results.

Rich Hoffman