The Sheer Stupidity of High Taxes at Lakota: What causes urban sprawl

For anyone who has read the Allan Eckert novels about the Miami Valley region from the period of 1750 to around 1800 you will understand why the following message brings great sadness to me.  Progressives have attempted to claim the position of the Native American viewpoint, where shortsighted, pretentious, European settlers running from one tyranny to another brought with them to the New World a Victorian audaciousness that still persists among those who currently reside along the coast from Virginia to Maine.  Those people pushed the Native American from one treaty to another across the settled continent of a wild frontier without a thought as to the long-term implications.  Native Americans like Tecumseh fought to keep their land, but were pushed off for the proposed greater good—the European version of it—the same one that now desires socialism over capitalism.  In those novels I personally identified with the Simon Kenton character most, Daniel Boone—George Washington and Andrew Jackson as close seconds.   I understand those people, and their relationship with Native Americans was not so contentious.  If left to Kenton, he would have been able to live alongside the Native Americans—he’d also own most of the Ohio River Valley—but that land was taken from him by snot nosed courts again in the European tradition of shortsighted consumption.

At the end of the road that I live on, thousands of Native American hunters traversed by canoe from their settlements near Xenia, Ohio down to the hunting lands of Kentucky exploring the edge of the world between the river that divided modern-day Ohio and Kentucky from one another.  Without question they often camped where my home is currently built as it provides a high vantage point overlooking the valley where Trenton currently resides.  It was good hunting ground with topography suitable for feeding a small army, which the Native Americans often had.  My ancestors during this period were given land by the King of England right in the heart of Liberty Township and was part of the frontiersmen that settled the area as the French were partnering up with the Native Americans from the Eastern Lake Erie region—specifically Pontiac and his people the Ottawa who went on a bloody crusade against the English settlements which lead to the French and Indian War.  The Treaty of Greenville took place right up the road from my house, and the Battle of Fallen Timbers right up the road from there.  Few people have any idea what kind of massacre occurred at the current town of Piqua, Ohio.  Even fewer these days know why Fairfield, Ohio was called what it was, or that Hamilton, Ohio was named after the Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, or that Monroe, Ohio was named after a sitting president.  Fewer know that Liberty Township, Ohio was a direct tribute to the American Revolution and that it was the wild frontier that defined America, which is why Trenton, Ohio was so aptly named after the decisive victory of Washington after crossing the Delaware with his troops to deal a stinging blow to the English forces entrenched in New Jersey.

I grew up knowing long time residents who owned vast swaths of land, much the way the modern Niedermans do.  And over the years I have watched them forced off that land because of high taxation.  During the last levy campaign from Lakota, the public school that infests the region with government style education that is too expensive, too liberal, and severely inefficient, the most vocal supporters—the real-estate agents who want to sell houses declared that if people didn’t like the way the world was changing, under their guidance—that they should just move.   Those same idiots claimed to love Liberty Township and West Chester for the large plots of farmland and green space—yet they brought with them a temperament that wanted to see a home placed on every acre—and those same real-estate agents who most fervently supported the Lakota Tax Increase of 2013 had the attention span of a flee—not considering what the long-term implications of their hostile behavior might lead to.

I know many of the developers who built the houses in Liberty Township and they have in common among them a lack of scope.  Their primary concern, much like the levy supporters at Lakota was in protecting their investments without an understanding of the long-term implications of their decisions.  They worked with real-estate agents to use Lakota to sell away most of the Liberty Township land to small-minded East Coast progressives transferring to the region because of the solid job growth of the Tri-State area.  Most of those people move to the area not because of the deep history but because of the green space.  But with each tax passed, the farms have packed up and moved away leaving the land to be divided up and sold away to more progressive minded newcomers who love taxes, government, and someone else being in charge of their life because they are simply too lazy—or unsophisticated to do it themselves.  I have seen more letters than I care too like the one below spawned from the latest Lakota levy.

Hi Rich, just wanted to write and let you know we’re leaving West Chester. I fought with you to help defeat the levy each time, but this last time I said if it passed we were leaving. So, we are moving. Don’t get me wrong, I know the levy system will follow us, but we are moving to a place where we can spread out in our own forest land, but our taxes on over 10 acres will be lower than our small lot here in West Chester. The schools have continued to increase teacher salaries as you said and I continue to be disgusted by the indoctrination of our school children and the parents who refuse to believe what is being done to their children. I will continue to follow your blog and will stand with you on the conservative issues we face, but will no longer do it from West Chester. Gods speed.

A frequent Reader,

What is the cause of urban sprawl for those conservation minded idiots of the green movement?   Taxes.  If one wished to drive north, west, or east of Liberty Township just 30 miles, they will discover many people like that letter writer who is willing to move away from neighborhoods, public schools, and high taxes in favor of more land, more space, and less nosy progressives.   It is the same tendency that caused Simon Kenton to settle the area in the first place; he wanted to be away from the nosy politics of the East.  The Native Americans already living somewhat of a free existence, certainly didn’t want to deal with the newcomers either.  And today, I feel the same way.

If there are lessons to be learned from history it’s that the idiots never stop coming.  You can pack up and move away from them, but within a decade or two they will be back on your doorstep looking for money, and trying to find ways to get you to care for them and their children because they are too stupid and lazy to perform the task on their own.  They’ll arrive with great pretension and speak often about the “greater good” but what they really want is for you to carry them through life.  They want you to care for their kids; they want you to start a tractor so they can see it driving around while they go to Panera Bread, and they’ll cry about green space when you leave because of high taxes, and they’ll call the developers who built homes in the wake of the surrendered property greedy.  Local politicians lick their lips with each home sale like insects caught in the web of a spider.  For every lot of land divided up from what once was a large field of corn, or a former Native American campground, is now a quarter acre money-maker that pays $2000 to $6000 in taxes per year divided 50 to a 100 ways as opposed to the former plot of land of 10 acres that paid only a fraction of that, until the surrounding neighborhoods changed the taxation structure giving politicians money to spend and ways to name things after themselves.

It is truly a loss when someone of quality leaves a community like Liberty Township and 50 fools move in to replace them—and that is what is happening.  Some call it progress—those would be progressives.  Some call it the wave of the future.  Some call it inevitable.  Some call it the legal way of providing a future for the next generation through education funding.  But I call it stupid and unsustainable.  For every person of quality who leaves Liberty Township and West Chester because the Lakota school taxes are too high, thoughtless migrants replace them as much lower quality people who will inevitably destroy the property values of everyone involved, not just a few.  There is no way to run from stupidity. Because stupid has no choice but to suck the life out of everyone they come in contact with and expect others to pay for their deficiencies with high taxes and parasitic indulgence.

Rich Hoffman


15 thoughts on “The Sheer Stupidity of High Taxes at Lakota: What causes urban sprawl

  1. Many of the farmers have always supported the schools, the administration and the taxes without question. Some of the others knew where and what were planned for the area and invested in more land. “If you build it – they will come.” Much of the problems became overwhelming because too many people “trusted” those in charge. The untended consequences were never thought through. Too many elected officials were in bed with the developers. They also knew where to invest in land because they knew way in advance where interstate ramps would be constructed. They also built roads, sewers and water lines for the builders. The reasons for the expenditures was always as it is today; for “development of new taxes.”
    It is so sad that the so called leaders were never thinking beyond their wallets.


    1. They trusted and paid their taxes like they were church donations. But the money didn’t go to kids, or God. But dirty politicians, labor unions, and progressive politics.


      1. You are right about that. The almighty dollar is more important to some than truth, justice, God and country.


  2. This comment requires actual thinking. Do not bother to read it if that activity is unknown to you or painful, move along nothing fir you to see.

    First there is no difference between “capitalism” and “socialism”.
    Both are the same “ism” given different names to confuse the marks of the “ism” and move their focus away from the real problem. (marks are the intended prey in a fraud or con)
    This is like putting the color red on one piece of cloth and the color blue on another piece of cloth and training people to fight and hate anyone who has the other colored cloth!
    They call those “Nations” or “States”. They are in fact gang colors, nothing more.
    So where is the real conflict?
    What is the difference between the red and blue cloth gangs???
    There is no difference between a red colored cloth and a blue colored cloth.
    If you believe there is, then you have been deluded by gangsters, you are delusional, you are insane.
    The purpose in putting colors on the cloths and getting the people to kill each other over the colors is to generate a false conflict that divides and distracts the people from the real issue.

    The real issue is black or white? Good or evil. God or Lucifer.
    Getting color hypersensitive primates known as Hue-Mans to argue, hate and even kill each other over color differences has been super easy for those plotting evil.
    The gang leaders know you have color preferences, they know you are primates. They know this con doesn’t work on other animals like dogs that only see in black and white.
    Also Hue-Man means Hue= Color plus Man, colored men.
    So the gang leaders refer to themselves as Men and as you as Hue-man.
    It says so right in the “laws” governing hue-mans and other animals that you don’t have the rights of Men.
    Hue-mans are property.
    Better check your legal status, eh?

    So back to the red-blue false question used to cover up the black-white question.

    This false paradigm is also used in the fake left-right political distraction to divide people and distract from the black-white question regarding what is really going on. The left-right distraction only asks the question “do you want your right foot or your left foot smashed with a sledge hammer?”

    Thus people who only have a right foot continue to struggle against those people who only have have a left foot.

    Instead of banding together to investigate who is the maniac running around smashing people’s feet and stopping him the people continue to hold “campaigns” and “votes” to choose the other footed people as the ones whose feet get smashed by a sledge hammer wielding maniac for the next two years.

    This is in fact perfectly logical if you think about it. What rational Hueman Animal would campaign and vote to have his own foot smashed for the next two years if he could choose that the other footed people get their feet smashed for the next two years.

    Of course logic and insanity often go hand in hand!
    If you have no sense of right and wrong and place no value on the lives and property of others then this is the Hell on Earth you will allow.

    It is called “Democracy” and it is in direct violation of Gods Law.

    To participate in “Democracy” is to hold a vote to condem someoneto be fed to the wolf at the door.
    This is evil.
    You vote in Democracy? You are a murderer. Simple fact, you are voting to have someone else sacrificed to the wolf, or foot smasher for the next two years. You belong to a human sacrifice cult and you engage in the ritualistic sacrifice (campaigning and electing) of your fellow humans.

    You chose to do this shirtsighted selfish evil to your neighbor instead of facing your fear of the lone wolf at the door.

    If you had soul you would face your fear of the lone wolf at your door and band together with your neighbor to kill the predator instead of holding a ritualistic choosing of who to sacrifice to the wolf this year.

    So those who participate in the “better my neighbor than me” “democracy” every two years are soulless, cowardly evil-doers.

    Now the argument between “capitalism” and “socialism” is equally false.

    The question we are asking ourselves should not be “should bankers steal and give to only their few friends”
    “Or should bankers steal, give 90% to their few friends, and the leftover scraps to whoever can get the most votes”.
    This is the exact same question as “should wolves steal our children and give the flesh only to coyotes”
    “Or should wolves steal our children and give 90% our children’s flesh to coyotes, and the scraps to the majority of us”.

    You might want to stop participating in the ritualistic sacrifice of your children to the bankers whether you get a slice (socialism) or not (capitalism).

    In both cases you have failed to turn and face your fear, the predator stealing your children’s lives and carving up their flesh into dollar shares.

    Socialism where you get a taste of your own children’s flesh was invented because of your bloodlust.

    The banker predators saw how jealous you became of the feast the coyotes (capitalists) were having on your children’s flesh.

    They offered you some dollar size shares of your children’s flesh and you took the bloody morsels and only quipped “I want some more”.

    Shouldn’t you be hue-mans be Manning up, turning and taking a stand against the predator which has followed you for thousands of years?
    The bankers, they bank on human flesh.

    Why would you argue over who can be robbed (whose foot gets smashed) and who can get the proceeds of the robbery (capitalism or socialism)?

    Why would you sell your children to the bankers to be shared out into dollar shares and distributed to the coyotes?

    We’re those dollar shares you got as a kickback from the sale/sacrifice of your children worth it?

    Call me crazy, call me a Man, call me inflexible, stubborn, limited in my thinking….
    only knowing the difference between black and white, unable to see the shades (hues) of the human race.

    The only hue I see is the peoples’ and childrens’ blood on your hands and pouring from your mouth,
    The mouths of hue-man-sacrifice cult members.

    An ism is a form of delusion.

    Some popular uphamisms used to hide the true nature of all isms.


    In all of these forms of delusion the central problem is your refusal to face your fear of the predator (banker) band together and remove the predator from your herd.

    Instead you pray, protest, ignore, worship, or simply give in and share in the feast of your own, others, and even your own children’s flesh.

    Call me color blind.
    All I see is right and wrong, black and white, I suffer from no delusions (isms).
    I see the predators (bankers, priests, politicians, sledge hammer wielding thugs) that you either ignore and condone or join in the raping, stealing, murdering, killing flesh feasts of Capitalism, Socialism, Fascism, Catholiscism, Progressivism, Liberalism.

    I am a Liberatarian, I am a follower of Gods Laws. I do not aggress against anyone nor do I cowardly “elect” anyone else to do the aggressing, stealing, and flesh sharing out for me.

    Those of you who refuse to face the priests, politicians, and bankers who have pursued our people out of Egypt and Babylon to the far corners of the Earth are cowards, Hue-Mans, not Men and Women.

    Those of you who participate in or condone “democracy” are cult members who chose the unlucky loser of the election who will be ritualistically sacrificed by the priests, politicians, and whose flesh will be shared out in dollar shares to you to satiate your bloodlust for taking other peoples property.

    All these “isms” are euphemisms for the same ancient sickness canabalism.
    That’s what you are, canibals.
    And you continue to sign over your children with birth certificates and social insurance applications to beg the priests to give you back dollar shares so that you may revel in their flesh.

    Worse than canibals you eat your young, alive.

    I support No isms, no stealing, no violence, no taxes, no government, no cannibalism.

    Call me crazy if you like, but I think all of you might be sick.

    Become a Libertarian now, do not support or tolerate or condone any theft, killing, or sacrifice of any living soul or their property.
    END the Unholy Church-State-Bank that has pursued our ancestors, us and our offspring to the edge of the world.
    Turn and face your fear.
    Stand up and become Men.


    1. Very good. Although a lot of people aren’t ready to let go of their names for things. Its like teaching 1st grade children about the zoo. People have to learn what cats, dogs, and mice are before they can understand complex organisms that may organize under a variety of circumstances and conditions.


      1. Leaving the United States is easier than you might think.
        You can expatriate and you don’t have to “GO” anywhere.

        Leaving the United States means simply reversing the social security and birth certificate applications that got you fraudulently sucked into the District of Columbia’s “internal” tax code and oppressive rule.

        There is no requirement to have a birth certificate or social security number if you live in one of the 50 states, but do not reside in Washington D.C.

        “The United States” is actually a very small country also know as the District of Columbia, Washington D.C., or “The State of The United States”.

        The Territory of the United States consists of Washington D.C., Guam, the Mariannes Islands, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

        If you think you can live your life without any need for the above named U.S. territories and instead live in one of the States of the Union (United States of America) then why not spend $1,000.00, mail in your expatriation paperwork, and say good riddance to their taxes, oppressive rules, TSA, and take your name off the list of supporters for their global killing spree?

        So leaving Lakota School District does not require selling the house and moving “elsewhere”.
        Membership (U.S. citizenship) in a federal school district is voluntary.
        Lakota is a Federal School District. (Federal means contract, so you can end the U.S. citizenship)

        Anyone can leave the Lakota School District by giving up their citizenship in that tiny country called the District of Columbia, AKA “the” United States.

        If you live in any of “these” United States (Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Texas, etc) then there is no requirement you sign up for a citizenship offered by “the” tiny United States.

        That thing in Washington D.C. has a separate Constitution for “home rule over the District of Columbia” and it’s residents/citizens.

        Called Constitution OF the United States it is strictly internal to rule over the District of Columbia.
        Congress has absolute power over the residents of the District of Columbia called U.S. citizens, the power of life and death. They can kill their residents/citizens or simply tax them to death and it IS Constitutional to do so!

        Congress has limited power over the States of the Union and no power over State Citizens.

        Get walked around both customs and TSA the first time and your eyes will be opened!
        Look up State Citizen vs, U.S. citizen.

        Congress and Obama have unlimited Power to tax and even dispose of (kill) U.S. citizens.
        So if you want to be free of oppressive Lakota, STATE OF OHIO, and THE STATE OF UNITED STATES taxes, rules, and tyranny simply turn in your Socialism card to the appropriate officials.

        If you would like help separating yourself from the Communist United States (Washington D.C. Internal Rule) let me know.

        I’m available to help with your expatriation.

        Getting rid of your District of Columbia Residency means:
        (U.S. citi zen ship means residency in the citi of Washington D.C.)

        No Federal Income Tax
        No Social Security Tax
        No Medicare Tax
        No State income Tax
        No “Local” “Resident” Tax
        No Lakota School District Tax
        No Police harassment for statutory crimes, traffic tickets, etc. (you still can’t steal or kill anyone)
        No going through TSA or Customs ever again

        Of course you will also be giving up the benefits of communism like:

        If you can live without these card carrying member of the communist party benefits then why not?

        $1000.00 and in two months you are no longer Obama’s or the School Board’s tax slave!


  3. I also meant to say good luck to this woman. She is me 10 years later. They’ll be far happier once out of the Little Nati. It’s surprising how much happiness is restored once you get out from under that burden…and no you can’t outrun it but life is too short to live that way. (especially at this time.) I should know. We were stuck in a flat line for 16 years. It sucked. Add to that the stacking and packing of more people and traffic nightmares and it was over. Would I move again under the same situation? You bet. Bigger picture? We would leave this country when it gets to the point of no return. You have to know when to stop banging your head.

    Congrats on your new adventure! It’s a good thing!


  4. BRK, That’s really interesting. In one of my circles, there’s an ex immigration counselor. He’s fascinating to talk to. He teaches my tactical defence class and always, always has useful information. Stuff that makes my skin crawl.
    Thanks for taking the time to comment on my comment. I’d love to meet and talk to you sometime if you’re somewhat local. I like to know all my options rounded out and top down.


    1. I’m long gone from Ohio!
      Got run out by the Local Pirates.
      However Rich has my email if you want and are serious about getting rid of the U.S. citizenship liability and need a hired guide.


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