Second-hander Jay Carney Leaving Obama: Why the administration promoted another “white guy”

In a world of careful calculation where nothing happens by accident, Jay Carney’s decision to resign within hours of Eric Shinseki’s resignation as Veterans Affairs Secretary says more in what it doesn’t say, than what it does.  The Press Secretary and close advisor to Obama, suddenly decided to leave his post on a Friday at the end of May hoping that by the first Monday of June, the nation would have forgotten why—and forgiven the administration for not standing in front of the press to take barrages of questions that can never be answered especially now that the mismanagement of the VA scandal is just beginning.  Obama and his team at the White House have proven themselves to be everything people like me have said about them—they may be functioning communists, diabolical progressives, even religious radicals—but at the heart of them is serious incompetency that can no longer hide behind slick words carefully constructed by public relations tricks.  For Carney to leave at this point in time points to just how bad it is behind the scenes at the White House attempting to put five major scandals climaxed by the VA situation under a rock that no longer exists.  Carney’s exit is about leaving an administration that will soon collapse in front of the world under the full weight of sheer stupidity—and the now former press secretary is savvy enough to see it.

Carney said that he wanted to leave his post as far back as April indicating that he wanted to spend more time with his children whom he shares with ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman.  Yet such people as Carney and Shipman do not put their children before their careers under any circumstances—ever.  They plot and scheme their social-climbing every minute of every day always on the lookout for a rising star for which they can clip on a tow hook to ride.  As typical second-handers, they live through other people’s achievements.  They don’t raise children—unless they wish to hide behind them—as most progressives do when they desire something whether it is a school levy, or a new law through congress.  For Carney who has already lived in Russia for four years as a correspondent for Time Magazine and later served as bureau chief—what would it cost his children to wait two more years for the Obama administration to leave office?  The answer is nothing.  Carney and his wife have already put career over their kids, and it is unfathomable to think they would have a change of heart now when the most powerful man in the world considers them a friend needing an allay at the hardest point in his life.   Carney’s exit is a strategy in second-handed self-preservation ahead of the growing implication of serious scandals that won’t go away and are picking up momentum.

The blood is now in the water and the sharks smell it.  Obama is in trouble.  The VA debacle for most Americans is the promise of what Obamacare will give them and the world knows it.  Everything that is wrong with the VA—the waiting 115 days for treatment dying in line, the systemic misconduct from every level of that government office and the incompetency of 1700 vets not even put on the list being forgotten by a bureaucracy that has no value for their individuality.  The correct impression is that Obamacare will be handled in the same way.  The VA scandal is the future of America’s health care system—and finally people see it.

How do I know—well, my son-in-law is from England where his family already has this socialized medicine that Obamacare is molded from, and most of his family has moved to The United States chasing the benefits of American life.  Listening to their stories about how difficult it is to get medical care in England sounds exactly like the VA Department under president Obama.  There is no indication that Obamacare could be managed any better—and Americans know it.

Carney is leaving because as a second-hander he knows when there is nothing left to suck off of from the current White House, and also is savvy enough to think that passing duties off to Josh Earnest will buy time for Obama—as Earnest can claim ignorance for a month or two.  About Earnest, isn’t it interesting that such a “progressive” administration as Obama’s didn’t ask an African-American to be his press secretary instead of another “white male,” or even a woman.  Why do you think that is dear reader?  They certainly could have, yet Obama has picked his third white male as press secretary in six years.  Why not give an African-American a chance at the job if the White House is truly progressive.  I’ll tell you that answer too—it is because The White House truly fears that America is a racist nation based on their radical beliefs and will not listen to the lies of anybody but one of their own.  The White House fears these things because they are guilty—not because they are innocent.  The evidence of real behavior and motivations is always in what is not said, not what is.  If Obama really wanted to promote African-American advancement, he’d put someone like Morgan Freeman up as press secretary and let the chips fall where they may the way he has with his corrupt Attorney General Eric Holder.  But where Holder has failed, Obama cannot risk his personal shield—the press secretary to be of a type that will further anger the American public—so they put up a safe—clean cut white guy for the third time in a row.

The guilt of The White House is spilling over to such an extent that Jay Carney hopes to throw himself on the sword for Obama one last time in behalf of the VA scandal, but as a second-hander knows that Obama has nothing left to offer and does not want to be the guy answering questions that will come in the months that follow. So he left, not to be near his children, or hang out with his wife, but to hide from the storm that is coming where a new star will be sought out—or he will hide in obscurity defeated forever as being so intimately attached to an Executive Branch that is riddled with corruption and incompetence to such an extent it might as well be a third world dictatorship.

Rich Hoffman



  1. People generally have the governments they deserve.

    If you are not one of the People who deserve this government and feel you deserve better then chose self government.
    I did, I rescinded the U.S. jurisdiction over my property. Yes, it is possible.
    So if you do not separate yourself from this intolerable evil government then you not only agree to it by your silence but you are also supporting it by paying for it.

    If you worked for an evil corporation, would you quit?
    You do.
    So why don’t you quit?
    I’m right here, ready to walk you out the exit, no excuses.


  2. Josh Earnest. What an unfortunate name for someone whose job it is to get people to believe them. He is destined to be earnestly joshing us. It’s providence. Same with the names Carney and Fluke. I think it is hilarious that Fluke shares the name of a parasite.

    Great post. I hadn’t thought about why they would put in another white male. Interesting, and I think you’re spot on.

    Isn’t it a coincidence that that Sgt. was freed during this VA scandal. O went to Afghanistan for Memorial Day, & spoke at West Point. All smoke & mirrors.


  3. I’m trying to figure out how to influence our culture. I’ve been very discouraged by what I see around me. Your previous post touched on it. Funny, I had a conversation with friends just the night before about the pervasive ignorance and dumbing down of our people. My question I posed to them was what is the outcome of a culture that only reads headlines, reviews and tiny tweet nuggets of info to form opinions? We went to see a commedian who I normally really like but his new material relied heavily on bashing & making fun of all who aren’t of the Progressive mindsight so much so that all who lean Right he labeled fascist. The audience ate it up. He was simply regurgitating all the lazy stereotypes from the media – Bush, Teaparty & anti-Christianity jokes. The audience will walk away believing all of it to be true and not researching any of it. It was very disheartening.

    I’m around. Just spending a lot of time pondering how to slay the dragon. Maybe I’m looking at it to lterally and the dragon needs to be attacked from the least obvious way. Kind of like the story of David & Goliath – the boy defeated the giant with a slingshot. Or the undoing of Al Capone. He was charged with tax evasion not murder or extortion. What is the Progressive Achilles heel?


    1. “funding”
      No funding, no “progress”.
      You are personally responsible for whatever the progressives “do” to you.
      The reason is simple. You are legally dead. All of your property is in probate, your body, your house, your car, the children.
      U.S. Government is a private contractor for the Catholic Church. It manages the Estates of the dead and dying for the benefit of the Widows, Orphans, Old and Incompetent Imbeciles.
      If you are not an Imbecile, Orphan, Child, Incompetent, Widow, or unmarried mother then why did you leave your Estate in Prbate when you reached majority (18)?
      U.S. government was set up originally to govern the slaves which the United States took as War Booty and also for the occasional incompetent, Orphan, Fatherless Child, etc.
      So expatriation from “that State” a State of Incompetency puts you back in control over your body and other property which the Estate management company U.S. government currently administers.

      You are legally dead, your property is in Probate and the Prigressives are feasting on your dead flesh and trying to get your boots off.

      Are you going to just lie there and let them eat you alive?
      Or will you DO something about getting the vultures beaks out of your chest?
      Are you still drinking the flouride?


      1. Keep in mind the Progressive “Dragon” is in reality a flock of vultures that shapes itself like a Dragon because individually the vultures are terrified of ever single living thing.

        Is a bird brained little bird pecking at your flesh?
        Then Wake up! Get rid of it.
        Otherwise stop complaining and enjoy being eaten alive.

        By the way, I’m an experienced (and available) Dragon Slayer. I Used to to slay the real big ones, now I focus on getting rid of the little Progressive paper Dragon. Need a Paper Dragon Slayer?


    2. “What is the Progressive Achilles heel?”

      That would be Democracy in general and voting in particular.

      Read the book “Democracy:the god that failed” for a more academic grounding in the subject.

      Until voting is restricted and then ultimately eliminated, we will continue to swirl down the toilet bowl.


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