Matt Clark and Rich Hoffman Blast The IRS: What ‘Les Misérables’ and a -2.9 GDP drop really mean

The other day when I told the story of Attila and the Witch Doctor, which has been around for quite a long time now as a metaphorical reference to the corrosive tendency contained in governments—and currently polluting the American government, it was the only way to explain the current IRS situation ( CLICK TO REVIEW).  I realized during one of my visits with Matt Clark on WAAM radio in Ann Arbor, Michigan that the only real way to explain the crimes of the IRS was with that Attila comparison, but before I espoused on live radio about aspects of deep-seated philosophy which many AM radio listeners during the day time hours are not interested in—I had to introduce the concept in a way that modern readers and listeners would understand.  This left Matt and I to recollect the previous week’s events in a gear that radio audiences understand which was pecking around the surface of the IRS controversy.  Those broadcasts can be heard below, we did a full hour for his Saturday show which of course captivated audiences with a truth they get few other places.  We recorded it with a video feed from my end, but Matt was having technical issues but made the whole thing work anyway the best he could.

The IRS is guilty of several crimes and they are stuffing the information behind a veil of social masks designed to conceal their actions.  During our talk it hit me that the only way to explain this IRS situation is through the proper context of the history of Attila which was actually a concept Nathaniel Branden provided to Ayn Rand.  Those two archetypes, Attila and the Witch Doctor were constructed during a period of American history where near pure capitalism was seen being snuffed out by regulation and the events which would create The Great Society were being implemented.  The book discussing Branden’s archetypes was For The New Intellectual published by Ayn Rand in 1961 well before any of the current troubles occurred—but the signs were clearly present.  The temperament of talk radio which requires a lot of back and forth as a fluid discussion would not allow for the introduction of the Attila concept without all the back story—so it wouldn’t fit during our one hour talk radio show.  But as Matt played several clips from the IRS hearings—things I had heard, but not in the condensed order that he played them—it was obvious where America was going wrong and how it had to be fixed.

The IRS clearly has become the modern Attila—an entity which rules by force and is controlled by the Witch Doctors in the White House and Supreme Court.  They were hiding their obvious crimes against the American Constitution which was created specifically to protect citizens from future Attila types so that the protection of the Constitution would be eroded away before America realized a crime had taken place.  All of America had been trained to support either Attila or the Witch Doctor through their education systems—provided of course by the government and their metaphorical Witch Doctor lawyers.   That is a mouthful to say on live radio but it was dashing through my mind as Matt and I spoke.  This leaves Americans defenseless to deal with a corrupt IRS because most citizens have either already submitted to Attila the ultimate dominatrix or a committed alliance to a Witch Doctor following the philosophy of Immanuel Kant essentially declaring that reality is anything that the mass collection of people in a democratic government believe it to be.  So if the masses believe that the IRS is innocent of a crime—then this is to be the projected fact in the news media and legal briefs for all time.  When the IRS commissioner revealed to Trey Gowdy—which Matt and I spoke of—that the commissioner did not believe the IRS did anything wrong he was playing the Witch Doctor role.  His assertion was that the government was spending considerable time and money convincing the masses through public relation tricks that a crime at the IRS had not been committed, that evidence had not been destroyed and that there was nothing to see for the inquisitive eye.   The arrogance found on the face of the commissioner was the knowledge that if the government through the Witch Doctor antics of Obama could sway enough American support to believe in their innocence—that the reality of their innocence would follow—therefore leaving the IRS free of conviction.

This obviously was not the case; The IRS is guilty of using its power to harass citizens into a particularly desired political direction—good for the Attila regime represented by the IRS.  The IRS is not serving the needs of the people, and government certainly isn’t serving the tax payers of The United States—they were falsely believing that they were part of an exclusive culture of aristocrats and that the IRS were their personal minions to force compliance protecting that aristocracy.  I blame much of this trouble on the philosophers of the past, people such as Kant, Marx, Descartes, Hume, Hegel—basically the Rationalists, and the Empiricists—or put more simply those who abandoned reality and those who clung to it by abandoning their mind.  Those philosophers shaped the modern world to fit the mold of old world Europe.  Marx was so backward he had no answer for capitalism which he sought to destroy after watching the two primary revolutions in France, particularly the Revolution of 1848.  The workers of the world unite slogan was built up against the Attila aristocracy so affiliated with Europe at the time.  Capitalism freed the minds of man—especially in America.  But for anyone who has seen the play Les Misérables it is clear that it was the Attila of aristocracy that was suppressing the people of France.  Capitalism would have freed them, but Marx had arrived first to their radical minds in the form of the Witch Doctor who wanted to rule over Attila—so the young communists used Attila tactics to overthrow the aristocracy thus catapulting them all not toward freedom, but to continued oppression because they didn’t understand what they were doing—philosophically.  That is why there is a red flag in the play—and the movie—it represents the blank red flag of socialism as proposed by Karl Marx—a fellow Witch Doctor from the philosophic school of Kant.

In America roughly 50 year later the IRS formalized itself in 1918 after first being created during the Civil War in 1862 to raise funds for the effort.  Once the government received a taste of the revenue collection system they became addicted and continued to collect taxes long after the war was over passing law after law not because they needed to—but because they could—the Witch Doctors had the power of Attila and they intended to use it—and did.  As that same European socialism came to America through its universities by way of Marx and Kant the IRS gained more and more Attila like tendencies becoming essentially Javert from Les Misérables the mindless functioning Attila with a terminator like persistence to recapture Valjean at any cost—in spite of him becoming a successful factory owner and caretaker of Cosette.  This was a classic case of cutting off one’s nose to spite its face—but being a non thinking servant of the Witch Doctor aristocracy Javert mindlessly served that order and in the end when he had failed could only commit suicide in self sacrificial obedience to the Witch Doctor oriented “law” which he enforced with brute force and conviction.  The IRS as a government organization became this “Valjean”—the Attila by default and would spend the next hundred years destroying capitalism in America until as Matt and I pointed out during the broadcast America only had a -2.9% GDP in the first quarter of 2014—which apparently shocked everyone—except me.  I’ve only been saying it for four years now.  That drop is a direct result of too many Attila types in American government imposing force upon job makers instead of freeing them up to create jobs and products.  (Why is this so damn hard for people to understand, the hero in Les Misérables was a factory owner.  Fantine suffered because she lost her job at the factory–had to sell her hair, teeth and her body to care for her child—but why—because not enough people built factories for god’s sake.  She was poor because there weren’t enough jobs.  There needed to be more people like Valjean, not less and only capitalism provides such things)  The IRS has spent a century destroying capitalism and now they have been caught as law breakers—and the government instead entrenched itself to protect its Witch Doctors.  Obama got on a plane and flew to the Midwest to rally support seeking protection from a congress that wants to sue him over Executive Order malpractice.  Again, the philosophy Obama exhibits is the one of Immanuel Kant—that if enough people believe something—the reality is subjugated toward that majority belief.  So the facts of the IRS case are ignored in preservation of Attila and the Witch Doctors in Washington.

Matt Clark and I had a great talk as usual—and it was very productive.  Many people who avoid reading, thinking, or taking responsibility for the state of the world were not aware of the Branden/Rand metaphor developed in 1961 because universities are teaching Kant and Marx, not the new philosophies born in America by minds defending capitalism. Instead, the goal has been to return America back into the European fold of Attila and the Witch Doctor through art, like Les Misérables and the persistence of the IRS who is the metaphorical Javert protecting the aristocratic system of government with mindless commitment.  Too much to discuss on AM radio, but it was the essence of the problems covered on Matt’s show.  It is because of Attila and the Witch Doctor that the IRS has been committing so many crimes in the light of day and getting away with it—and why the government itself is powerless to do anything about it—even though justice is crying out for attention—and revenge.

Rich Hoffman