A Strategy Guide For Beating The Political Left: Removing brute force, emotion, and peer-pressure from a debate

The interview Megan Kelly had with Bill Ayers was remarkable because it would have been impossible two years ago.  At that time, it was still considered conspiracy to discuss the relationship Barack Obama had with Ayers—who was a domestic terrorist and still holds very extreme positions.  This isn’t the only wall coming down—because the foundations of deceit are coming apart and mainstream commentators like Kelly, Bill O’Reilly and even Charles Krauthammmer are now starting to say the same kind of things that people like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Doc Thompson, Matt Clark and myself were saying two years ago  The evidence is now obvious and has taken them to the proper conclusions about Obama, Ayers, the silent threat of socialism in virtually every public policy and many other difficult topics.  So I think it’s time to reveal a little secret so that those reading here today can increase their own personal strategic impact against these forces more rapidly over the next couple years.

I’ve told a portion of this story before but now with context provided, it is time to give a proper answer.  When the Enquirer reporter Michael Clark was at my home photographing me for what was surely at some point in time to become a major circus scandal he asked me if I was sure that I wanted my picture taken with my bullwhips while making series claims against one of the largest and wealthiest public schools in Ohio for fear that my message might become lost in the entertaining antics.  I have said that it was part of a plan, but without context the words don’t have much meaning to novice readers—so I simply gave the steps without providing the meaning.  However, since this blog for many has become a sort of silent strategy guide for how to defeat the left—to understand what I was doing was important because it will help those same minds through this next—difficult phase with much ore assuredness.

It was my idea to do the bullwhip story in the same week that I went on WLW to argue teacher wages at Lakota.  Before going on the air I had many friends and family warn me against such a thing.  After all, they had seen labor strikes locally from General Motors, AK Steel, and many other union type organizations and it was well-known that teacher unions destroyed private property of those who stood in their way—and I was asking for trouble by going on WLW to call them out.  The Enquirer article was done to take away one of the weapons of the labor union—which was hard to explain at the time.  People would understand the wage issues I was bringing up, but all too often those stories are suppressed because people are afraid to put their name out there against such a collective force.

So here’s the little secret at beating the political left which can now be obviously confirmed with history—not just my own, but that of others who have also dared push back against the forces trying to reshape us all into something despicable and useless.  No group, especially the political left can win if two things are removed from them, their ability to exert force—and thus fear so to manipulate through silence the facts to their favor.  Whatever methods are used to create fear—threat of labor strikes, vandalism, personal name calling, physical violence you need to match them blow for blow.  When I showed them what I could do with the bullwhip, I was performing a strategy I learned from Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kun Do martial arts school.  Lee never worried about conflict with another human being because he had made himself into something that could not be beaten by another human being. He may not have won every confrontation, but he could decide if he would lose.  If you pick a variation of a martial art and become so skilled at it that you are the best there is—you have made yourself invincible so to speak to defeat in that particular category.  That is a very good thing, it doesn’t matter if it is bullwhips, knife handling, various forms of self-defense—the act at becoming so good at something that nobody can beat you is a sense of assuredness that provides freedom to an individual that is paramount to beating back any aggression committed against you.

After my WLW visit I had every manner of fear creating method thrown at me by the labor unions who had some type of stake in the Lakota levy—every kind.  But, because of my use of the bullwhip, opponents learned quickly that I could easily beat the monkey snot out of them without really breaking a sweat.  It didn’t matter if they came as individuals or groups—the result would be the same unless they decided to cross the line and elevate their terrorism with guns—which of course I also had an answer and they knew it.  Violence and threat of harm is the first desired strategy that labor unions use to get what they want—so I took that away from them.  This forced them into territory they were not comfortable with—a logical argument.

Quickly the liberals involved in public education—which is most everyone—tried to play the other strategy of the left—the theory of emotion where they use fear of speculative outcomes such as fear of death, fear of ignorance, fear of losing in competitive comparisons with the rest of the world as their means of advancing their own plot without ever getting into the details.  This is that Witch Doctor mentality mentioned on this site before—it’s the speculation of things to come based on raw emotion and justified by feelings, not fact.  I forced them—really an entire education industry from the Department of Education in The United States, and Ohio—college professors, tenured teachers, politicians, union presidents to beat the facts I presented to the public and on this site and not a single person could do it—for over four years now.  This is the big secret behind their push for violence and why if that weapon is taken from them—they are left naked as the day they were born—intellectually.  They cannot win an argument if they are on the wrong side of the facts—which they know they are.  They must bring emotion into their arena as an alley because they are seeking to supplant the facts with emotion to win their position.  Even the smartest people in the education industry—and you’d think that there would be a lot of smart people in education—could not refute a single claim I made in the public forums such as the Enquirer, all the television stations and over the radio.  Many of those radio broadcasts went out to over 100,000 to 500,000 people and not a single soul was able to refute the facts I brought up—which in essence was that teachers were overpaid, their instruction was ineffective to children, and that it wasn’t worth the cost of increased taxes.

When “they” could not win with threats of force, or feelings they resorted back to force—but instead of making it private they went public—which of course was predicted.  The Enquirer again played its role and put up all the residual impact of the word war that was going on between my opponents and myself showing how ugly things were getting.  But the essence of it was this—the levy supporters attempted to win their side with a combination of force and emotion by making the argument one about sexism—since many of the radicals were women—they hoped to play that old progressive trick, which worked on many of the weaker minded people on my side who actually feared those despots—I’ll get into that with more detail in a bit.  When I showed them that I would take a head for an eye in whatever manner they wished to pursue things it got out of control for a bit as the panic set in leaving Lakota as a large progressive organization with little to do but to retreat and regroup.  They cut a deal with me lasting for two years and spent that time not trying to incorporate what they had learned from me, but in trying to build on their emotional position.  They spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on public relations to suppress the negativity caused by our fights so that they could come across as benevolent once again.  They eventually won their money but in the process had proven everything I claimed against them leaving the process open for all to see stripped away of fear in all its forms.  People were able for the first time to see how all these things worked together to impose social elements against the society at large and they were learning how to counter it.

If fear of violence and mystic facts based on emotion are removed from the left—or from anybody—they can be handedly defeated.  However there is one last element that must be utilized in such a conflict which the political left uses to prevent a challenge to either of their key strategies—it is the plight of the second hander.  The way that the left protects itself from scrutiny is through this mechanism.  A second hander desires the approval of others for internal sustenance—for instance, second hander people enjoy being told they look nice, they buy cars that they know other people will admire; they change their aroma hoping to present themselves attractively to other human beings and generally spend a lot of time seeking the approval of others.  What protects the political left most from challenges to their two primary attacks–physical violence and mystic emotion is the peer pressure of social judgment.  If challenges are presented to their two control mechanisms the default protection is this destruction of public acceptance.

From the time that I was a little kid up until about 15 years ago I used to get a lot of grief about wearing a cowboy hat in public.  For me, the hat was a symbol of traditional values which I hold strongly.  For the rest of society—it also represented that—which was out-of-step with the progressive direction of the country. People let me know about it.  Even as a twenty something young man living campus life at the University of Cincinnati I walked around everywhere with my cowboy hat—and people always looked at me funny for it.  Most of the time I was by myself as well—often I would get up in the morning and walk to Coryville to have breakfast and read my books with my hat on.  I would get the strangest looks, people actually felt anxious—first they couldn’t understand why I was by myself, and two, why I had on the hat.  Who was I trying to impress?  The answer was nobody—and this scared people.  What they never figured out—and which is a fact that remains to this day—is that I don’t care an iota what anybody thinks about anything.  When I do something I do it because I want to.  I wear what I want, when I want to and do it for my own reasons.  Therefore, I also do the same with thinking—I think what I want, say what I want, and in no way feel hampered by third-party judgment and am thusly immune to peer-pressure.

This is a very liberating attribute because it allows you to challenge the two mechanisms of liberal strategy–brute force, and emotional speculation directly without concern of being cast out of any group or the collective opinions that might be controlled by money, social prestige, or God forbid—consensus.  In this way, people have seen slowly what kind of scam has been perpetrated upon them and have taken action on their own to advance the plot.  Now that the first bricks of that intellectual damn have been removed the cracks are now crawling everywhere ahead of the break and what will be free finally are all the things hidden behind that damn by the political left for years—things put there through force and emotion.  Logic breaks the damn, and freedom from peer pressured allows the bricks to be removed one by one until the whole thing comes crashing down.

There are people who read here every day for their sustenance—because they want to see how the world really is and expect me to present it without fear from violence, or handcuffs by emotional debate, or the concern of being blacklisted from the latest charity dinner by socialites and despots hungry for attention and yearning for approval by their peers.  Through that journey they come to the truth and now that they facts are adding up, they are able to act upon those truths.  Luckily, I’m not alone in this journey and the culmination of these efforts is beginning to have a major impact.  The Bill Ayers interview with Megan Kelly is just the start—the left in the wake of a terrible Obama Presidency have to defend themselves really for the first time–and are now coming out to meet the challenge.  They really have no choice; public opinion is beginning to stack against them.  But now that other people know how to beat them at their own game—the frequency of these challenges are tearing away at their façade leaving them deeply exposed for the first time in over 100 years, and they don’t like it.  The way to fight them is now known and it is the task of the individuals reading here to carry these methods into their personal life to fight these corrosive elements in the proven fashion.  The guarantee of success is 100%.  So now that you know dear reader how to beat them………………..what’s stopping you?

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