What Are The Chances: An IRS cover-up and a 3.3% raise for federal employees

Remy from Reason TV certainly has it right in his new video about the IRS titled, “What are the Chances.”  It is beyond refute that the IRS has not only committed crimes, but is currently committing them and our legal enforcers absolutely have no stomach to address the rampant problem.  I have said that Lois Lerner does not only need to go to jail, and be publicly tarred and feathered—but there are many, many others as well who are equally guilty in need of punishment.  What we are dealing with is a criminal culture at the IRS that looks to extend into virtually every government office cubical in some form or another by the basic practice of evasive responsibility.  The unionized workers at the IRS do not have their service directed toward any form of individual justice—but toward collective preservation of the system they serve—and this is how they can justify the destruction of the multiple hard drives containing Lois Lerner’s guilt.  The workers who are underlings to the fiasco are equally complicit because they have not stepped forward to stop the corruption but instead play along to preserve their order.  Have a look at Remy’s take in this song.


There are better chances that there is life on the Moon right now than there is regarding the innocence of the IRS in evidence destruction for their targeting of conservative groups.  And as for there not being a “smidgen of corruption” as indicated by President Obama—he is also being revealed as a liar.  An operation as large as the IRS does not go unnoticed by even a President who is deliberately operating with a mandate to maintain his deniability.  The evidence is pointing straight into his White House through the union president Colleen Kelly.  The NTEU, (National Treasury Employees Union) was in fact at the White House on March 31st 2010 but of course they deny any direct contact with Obama on the day before the IRS began targeting conservative groups.  “What are the Chances?”

Ironically Colleen in March of 2014 was on Federal News Radio 1500 AM (Yes there is such a thing—and it is dreadfully boring) bragging about a congressional bill introduced by Representative Gerry Connolly and Jim Moran that would provide federal employees with a 3.3. percent across-the-board pay raise in fiscal year 2015.  The mode of operation has been by the NTEU to throw out statements and ignore the implication then operate as normal, which is the same thing the President in the White House is doing, and it’s what has been going on at the IRS with the multiple destruction of hard drives in a direct desire to destroy evidence.  Then Colleen Kelly had the gall to testify that federal workers should get a 3.3% raise for all their good hard work?  It is beyond sickening.

There is no respect for congress to enforce anything upon anybody because like the members of the NTEU they are also part of the fraternity of government workers and when push comes to shove, will not go against their comrades in the Belt Way.  The Justice Department is corrupt and in direct control of the same White House who is connected through Colleen Kelly to all the members of the NTEU who then behave like ants protecting the queen when their nest is under assault.    Ultimately President Obama has the power of pardon so long as he is president and all the guilty parties involved know that they can just deny, deny, and deny protecting the president so that they can have access to his pardon power should they need it later.  This is how the corruption in the federal government is allowed to boil to such a level without being regulated back into reason.

There is no respect for the tax payers, no care for how the bills get paid, and no desire to seek the truth of any corruption—because all the people involved can’t afford to know.  To maintain their illusion of worth for some ridiculous 3.3% raise for their services in fiscal year 2015—they have to destroy evidence and look the other way when the evidence is practically dropped in their lap.  And those media insiders operating as correspondence within the Beltway are more in love with the culture of Washington D.C. than they are of unraveling the truth, so they sit on their hands and do little to no investigating.  Most of the hard-hitting reporting coming out on this IRS story has been from new media journalism—not the traditional types who make their weekend rounds to Beltway parties and rub elbows with those they perceive to be the mighty and powerful of Washington politicians.

The entire culture of Washington D.C. is dreadfully corrupt and the IRS is the embodiment of that characterization.  The belief is that the federal workers in D.C. have one purpose in life and that is to roll out of bed—and get paid for their existence.  In trade they put up, shut up, and look the other way when crimes are committed making each and every one of them guilty of not only this recent IRS crime, but all the others which have been hidden over the years.  Remy’s song, “What are the Chances” is a much-needed satirical look into the ridiculousness of the premise that the IRS is actually functioning from a position of merit but what we are seeing is the degeneration of mankind on an epic level more reminiscent of a fire and brimstone catastrophe when so many people are functioning so improperly and think nothing of the enterprise.  All we can do is laugh because the audaciousness of their social position of innocence is absolutely intolerably insulting—because the chances are that the coincidence is impossible.  Remy’s song hits the issue square on the head, there is no chance that the IRS is not guilty of document destruction and an epic cover-up larger than any scandal in our modern lifetimes—and the expectation is that we should all just walk away and keep quite.  If we do that there is a promise of a 3.3% raise out there just to keep everyone’s mouth shut—and those employees will, because they won’t get money like that anywhere else for doing absolutely nothing—and they know it.

Rich Hoffman