The Insult to Ann Becker: Strategic disadvantages in taking the “high road”

I feel for Ann Becker, not just because she’s a friend of mine, but because of the overwhelming sense of betrayal I know she feels after being thrown out of the John Kasich rally during a campaign visit the Governor made attempting to get out the vote. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.  Kasich in the last half of his first 4 year term has adopted many of President Obama’s big government philosophies like acceptance of Common Core as an education standard and the expansion of Medicaid to facilitate Obamacare. The golf game Kasich and John Boehner had with the President and his Vice President Joe Biden, whose son just this last week was discharged from the military because of cocaine use-had the desired effect. Kasich became a passivist hungry for a second term soon after he got a taste of life as the leader of a state. His Tea Party ideology turned to mush within a year after a few hard battles making him by year four to be almost a copy of the politician Obama himself. Obama didn’t only win the golf game that day long ago against the two staunch Republicans. He also won their soul—which was always the intention.

Three years ago in the Republican Party Ann was one of the organizers of the Kasich event in Liberty Township. She and I held valued statues within the upper echelons of Republican power. I knew then that they were using our ambitions and riding the coat tails of our activism to success which was a good strategy at the time. But what was disappointing for me was how quickly their courage went to mush as they had no heart for any kind of fight. I learned about their betrayal while I was on the air to half a million people with Scott Sloane on WLW radio. I was in the middle of a swirling controversy, all of it part of a larger strategy. It had been talked about prior to and everyone knew what they were getting involved with—but when the media pressure hit and the fists started flying, the core of that group—many of the same people who threw Ann out of the Kasich rally sent a press release to the station trying to distance themselves from the controversy I was bringing to the table. The fight itself didn’t bother me in the least—after all—that’s what I’m good at and was set to perform. It was the betrayal that stung, the lack of will to stand and fight for what they knew was right.

Three years later, Ann went through the same betrayal just the other day. As stated, three years ago she was one of the organizers of all things political in Southern Ohio. Even though she was invited out of respect to the Todd Hall organized event, she started the day as a notable outsider because of her position as a former teacher standing against Common Core. Ann’s firmness to her political beliefs has cost her dearly. She chose a school to teach in that did not require union membership because she loves the profession. However, appearing in the Cincinnati Enquirer every other week and doing a radio segment with Brian Thomas on 55 KRC every Monday morning is “controversial” for any school to accept employment from such a person. So it hasn’t worked out very well for Ann—even though she has tried. She has always put her beliefs before her own security and comfort—which is why people like Kasich need her as foot soldiers.

Cruising to an easy victory in Ohio however, Kasich doesn’t need those foot soldiers to retain office, so he feels he can afford to isolate himself from people like Ann. As Ann and many of the 200 dismal supporters who were at the Kasich rally were mostly Central Committee members, she was allowed to RSVP the event by invitation. Her personal friendship with Patti Alderson secured that much respect from the heads of the Republican Party. Those leaders have seen Ann at Patti’s parties even though they know Ann is a bit of a loose cannon, so they politely invited her. But when she showed up with a t-shirt against Common Core—which Kasich supports because of the federal funding it solicits for Ohio schools the so-called friends turned against Ann quickly actually throwing her out of the event. The Republican Party debacle was chronicled in the Cincinnati Enquirer and Journal News—who are always happy to do anti-Republican stories even if they are supportive to the Tea Party. The progressive Cox and Gannett newspaper companies don’t see the Tea Party as a real significant threat to political order, but any time they can take a jab at the Republican Party—they’ll do it in less than a second. The embarrassment and betrayal that Ann felt after her exodus left her little choice.

“I was invited to the event. I had RSVPed to the event,” Becker said. “When I came to the door, I was turned away with a lie, being told I didn’t RSVP. I was told that if I didn’t leave the premises… I would be arrested.”

Butler County GOP Executive Chairman Todd Hall said security at the governor’s rally made a judgment call regarding “a loud and caustic outside protester who suddenly wanted inside the event.”

“There must have been concern about safety or to disrupting the peaceful nature of the event itself,” Hall said. “While the Republican Party is open to all views and expressions of free speech within or even outside our party, we always stand in strong support of public safety officials and the difficult decisions they often have to make.”

Well, again I have inside knowledge of all these people and can say with certainty that what Todd said was a bullshit, ass-kissing diatribe of irrefutable, insulting nonsense. He knows well the case in West Chester where the police beat to a pulp a drunken fool just because they could—falsely saying that their lives were in “danger.” That is the common statement that most law enforcement makes when they want to justify a “judgment” call especially when it comes to appeasing political power who wants to wash their hands clean of controversy. Click here to review the disgusting West Chester police case which occurred under the flag of the Butler County Police headed by Sheriff Jones—who happened to be a featured speaker at the event. The cop who threw Ann out of the event—an officer who has obviously spent too much time at Dunkin’ Donuts sipping coffee and licking the icing off pastry treats waiting for a call to do something made up a story to justify denied entry into the rally. And Todd backed the cop over a continued alliance with Ann Becker—a foot soldier that would be useful to him at some point down the road. It was an epically stupid move—eclipsing the betrayal those same people conducted toward me. I know exactly how Ann feels.

However, on the political left, they embrace their foot soldiers. They have their Van Jones radicals, their Al Sharpton types who go on MSNBC and derail everything that Republicans do, and you never see politicians like Obama distancing themselves from their foot soldiers—because they at least understand how important trench fighters are and they treat them well. They may not hug and kiss them in public, but they do support them any way they can “off the record.”

What Todd Hall and the rest of the Republican leadership in Butler County fail to understand is that people like Ann and I are not affiliated with the party to protect our financial interests—like they are. We are in it to win it because our core philosophy is on the line. Common Core and Medicaid expansion are not just bumps in the road for us to navigate around so that we can get government contract work for our projects or ease of processing during the zoning permit portion of a development project. We really care about the direction of Ohio and our country. The Republicans who threw Ann out of the Kasich rally only care to live for tomorrow to protect their financial interests and they don’t want any controversy to come their way politically which might rock the boat. There value is not superior to our value within the party—as it is often portrayed.


Unlike the Democrats who often don’t have any money except what they steal from others through taxation—Republicans are always too careful about their financial stability. They know that if they hang around with radicals like Rich Hoffman and Ann Becker too closely that they may be drug into court for some bogus hearing that could cost them millions of dollars in legal fees. Or they may lose work opportunities all together like what happened to many of my No Lakota Levy friends—many who were at that same rally. What makes them weak is that the enemy knows those Republicans have something to lose. And they are even more vulnerable when foot soldiers like Ann Becker are removed from the process.   Anybody with any memory will recall when John McCain chastised Bill Cunningham on 700 WLW for his radical remarks during the 2008 campaign while in Cincinnati. MaCain thought that the best bet in winning the election was in taking the high road and showing the pubic that Republicans aren’t such mean guys after all. Well, guess what—he lost the election. And when Mitt Romney was pulled into the same defensive position during the debates of 2012—which he had been winning up until the second and third debates because of his aggression—he lost the election. Even locally when the same area Republicans wanted to take the high road with the Lakota school system—guess what—the government school won the next election. Playing nice doesn’t win elections. The reason the political enemies want Republicans to take the high road is so that it makes it easier for them to pick off because it is easy to take out political opponents when they are visible and positioned where they have no place to hide—like the high road. The high road is not a place of safety and ensured continuity—it is a strategic position that favors the enemy.


The pattern should be obvious, instead Todd Hall allowed a nobody rent-a-cop to fashion the public relations in a negative way against his Republican Party by throwing Ann out of a rally so she could do the good honest work of challenging Kasich on Common Core. The Governor is trying to have it both ways—he wants to pretend to be a conservative—but he wants to appeal to moderates and the poor to pave the way for a 2016 presidential run—so he is clearly putting his own political ambitions ahead of the governing of the state—or a commitment of conservative value to the foundations of that state. He simply wanted to avoid controversy so that nothing negative would come up two years from now when he attempts to run for President. His nightmare is in giving the radical teacher unions ammunition against him—more than they have now because of SB5 by taking a controversial position against federal funding. But he received the bad PR anyway because he falsely expected Ann Becker to go away quietly and pout like a child sent away from the dinner table. He is used to having that kind of control over people like Todd Hall and Patti Alderson who stand to lose a lot of money if someone other than Kasich is in the governor seat in Ohio—due to rules and regulatory policy.   Ann doesn’t come to those political events to protect her assets—she does so to fix the future for her children and that is a concept that continues to elude Butler County Republicans who are in charge of the party. The fault that Todd and his Republican leaders performed yet again is that they ran from controversial people instead of falling in behind them for the real fight that exists in politics which they continue to lose against time and time again.

I appreciate that I still get invites to these kinds of events, but it should be noticed that I don’t attend. I haven’t for a few years now because I’m not the type to break bread with people who betray me. I can make my own money—I don’t need to do it through “connections,” so there isn’t much to obtain in such events without strategic objectives being conducted. Like Ann, I care about the deeper problems and don’t have the time or patience for back-slapping. It continues to be my hope that someday Todd and his Republicans will learn the importance of maintaining alliances with people like Ann Becker—because they need her a lot more than she needs them. A dangerous place for Ann is on the political outside—she will still get her ink, her radio coverage, and her leverage within the community because she does it for the heart of the matter. Because of her motivations, she will always be inspired to be on the front lines—a place where the Republican Party desperately needs soldiers to fill the vacancies. Without those positions filled, the losses will continue to escalate. Sure, Republicans will win a few battles here and there—they may take back the Senate at the federal level and hold the House, but they will continue to lose the war against progressivism one concession at a time. They will continue to look at each other and wonder why taxes keep going up, and why police officers continue to twist their arms for more pay—because they as Republicans failed to stand strong against them when it mattered most. Ann Becker is just the latest in a long line of such failed resolutions.

Rich Hoffman


  1. Im amazed at how cowardly they are, and what a shame that they can turn away someone in their party. Arent our leaders supposed to be fair and democratic, and willing to speak and listen to challenges from their constituents? very very sad and disappointing.


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