Why Tracie Hunter is an Agent of Evil: Using racism to mask criminal behavior

It was quite revealing to watch the real Tracie Hunter speak in front of a church and hear her justification for breaking the law and abusing her power as a juvenile court judge in Cincinnati. Her crimes involved using her position of power as an activist toward the black community without addressing what the cause of the problems were—which were on full display by Tracie Hunter herself at a Cincinnati church shortly after charges were brought against her as a sitting judge. Her antics and sudden revelation of her public persona as an activist was on full display in a shocking way. It wasn’t just in how she said it, but in what she said—which can be seen in the video below around the halfway mark. In short, she indicated that the crimes she committed were because God had healed her from a serious car accident, so has dedicated her life to God and his service. Among that service was her activism in abusing her power as a Hamilton County judge.


Seeing who she really was only confirmed the suspicions that many public officials like Barack Obama, and radicals like Eric Holder use their power to perform similar acts against the law purely out of an ideology of victimization that is common in such religious congregations as the one Tracie Hunter spoke to—and in the same radical manner. Her speech was a window into the mind of such nut cases—who actually believe in the merit of social collectivism and use God to hide their inner corruption behind a mask of virtue. Even more shocking were that many people around her during the speech were proclaiming, “YES,” and “I HEAR THAT,” as if what she was saying were things they all believed.

It is not racism, as there was a white guy on the stage with her—it was purely an ideological failure and a lack of understanding of how life really works, and what constitutes merit. People like Tracie Hunter, and her followers have surrendered thought to God and claim to be guided by his invisible hand. But with such an abandonment of logic, how can they ever be certain that the invisible hand guiding their lives toward corruption, perpetuation of violence in the black community through activism, and intellectual foolishness, isn’t the work of a vile devil? The real force at work is laziness at not even wanting to commit thought to the condition of their lives—but to follow emotional tides of sentiment based on village mentality collectivism propagated by ignorance. And they justify that ignorance, and their natural laziness propping up their lack of intellectual curiosity by claiming they have dedicated their lives to God—letting some invisible being residing in the folds of the universe as their guiding light to break the law and spread evil across the earth. This is essentially the defense of Tracie Hunter as justification for her crimes.

Rather than bring justice to the young juveniles of her court, Tracie Hunter only threw them back out into the rat race of government driven slums created by the welfare state. Not wanting to point out the social failures of the poverty programs of the LBJ administration during the mid-60s, they simply tossed the responsibility back toward God and pretended to be working on his behalf yielding young black kids back into violence against one another—then proclaiming that all her crimes were “for the children.” Such statements were then followed by a congregation of mind numb fools saying “AMEN.”

The church listening to Tracie Hunter are the same type of drones who believe that Eric Holder is not a criminal, and that Barack Obama is not a functioning communist. They are the same types in fact who are still falling for communist rhetoric all over Africa, which is keeping their countries in a state of decrypt economic conditions. When Tracie Hunter exclaimed the name of Nelson Mandela there was a roar of approval from the congregation—apparently those same enthusiasts were aware that the South African leader was a radical communist, which is why he was put in jail in the first place. It wasn’t for the color of his skin, but for the radical political beliefs he held to incite a communist takeover of South Africa.

The unspoken definitions for things often cannot distinguish the aims of 20th century communism from churches like the one that Tracie Hunter enunciated so voraciously from the podium. They often have the same goals and aims filled with good intentions. But their implementation often carries them into the realm of law breaking and counter-capitalist objectives.   Tracie Hunter made the decision to break the law as a judge interpreting the conditions of the black youth dangling by her fingers for the fate of their lives through a lens of unspoken communist thought which runs rampant through many communities of color hidden behind the Sherman tank of racism. Nobody dares call out that communism for fear of being called a racist, but the definitions between communism and Tracie Hunter’s justice—just as it was Nelson Mandela’s, or Barrack Obama’s is indistinguishable. The kind of social activism reliant on communism to advance the cause as though inspired by God is what Tracie Hunter was speaking in her speech backed by several pastors.

It is the rejection of capitalism that causes the people under the spell of Tracie Hunter to suffer under other groups of people who are driven not by racist desires, but those of free markets and competition. It is the cause of the youth that appeared before her inciting her to use her power of position to manipulate as if to fight back against the vile evils of capitalism—as if she were marching to the very trumpets played by God himself from a cloud floating above the welfare office. But to clearer minds, it is not a God, but something of a vile evil which maintains shackles upon the legs of many youth tricking them into believing that it is freedom that they are chained to, instead of perpetual enslavement. Radical devotees to social change—from a capitalist society to a communist one is the hidden rhetoric of Tracie Hunter and her church followers. And they are not shy about their desire to penetrate public office to execute their aims—and when they are caught—to point toward God and toss the blame for their actions at that invisible ruler shirking all responsibility for their actions. It should then be of no surprise that their communities continue to fail as does everything they put their hands on. The reason Tracie Hunter failed is the same reason that Barack Obama continues to fail—and the reason that South Africa has floundered economically under Nelson Mandela for decades—it is because they are worshiping behind the mask of God a deity of collectivism. And when they are caught advancing evil as they do, they use God as their shield. And if that doesn’t work, they cry racism. Then they break the law and do anything they can to advance the intentions of evil for aims designed outside of the scope of the Holy Bible driven by words never printed upon a written page.

Rich Hoffman