The Loudness of Silance: Miami University students protest George Will

It should be surprising that the conservative columnist George Will was protested against at Miami University—but it wasn’t when over a 100 people lined the streets to banter against his lecture series. It is understood that virtually every college, especially those who receive public funds, are progressive institutions—meaning they deliberately seek to attack traditional American life and the capitalist success specific to the North American continent. When liberal speakers give lectures on such universities, nobody says anything against them. But if the speaker is a conservative, then most of the time there are hecklers and protestors organized by the university clubs and radicalized functionaries to provide verbal assault against any opponent to progressivism. The Pulse Journal reported the fiasco:

“I’m out here protesting because I think that Miami, as an institution, shouldn’t be supporting the type of sentiments George Will expressed. I’m not trying to restrict anyone’s freedom of speech, but this is our freedom of speech as well,” said Lana Pochiro, a Miami University student from Newton Falls, Ohio. Not all of the protesters were from Miami University. “I think this man is being paid far too much by a university that clearly does not condone the opinions this man advocates … I think it puts a bad light on the university and a bad light on the community,” said Charles Mullenix, a senior at Talawanda High School.

Will didn’t address the controversy during his lecture, called “The Political Argument Today,” which dealt largely with the country becoming over-reliant on government. However, Will did respond to a question about his controversial column, saying that he meant to criticize the idea that those accused of sexual assault would be denied due process.

“Our society has decided rightly that rape ranks close to and not far behind murder as the most serious crime. Therefore, we have rightly said rape should be subject to severe penalties. Therefore, it is particularly important that people accused of this heinous crime have all the protections … (but) lawyers of the office of civil rights in the Department of Education, wielding the hammer of withdrawal of federal funds, which no school, public or private, can withstand, is now forcing colleges to say that all the due process normally associated with criminal investigations must be suspended,” Will said.


The protest against Will is purely driven by the desire for social evasion at Miami University—and not the actual facts of the matter. There are fewer places in the world—including whore houses—where unsolicited sex imposed by males upon females takes place than on a college campus. I have lived on the University of Cincinnati campus for a number of years, and I have spent a lot of time on the Miami University campus—even as a speaker myself. There are more young girls raped under the guise of intoxication on college campuses than anywhere else, because of the large collection of young people concentrated into a single point on a map. To pretend otherwise, is to avoid the grim reality of sex abuse which occurs every single day on college campuses.

The cause of this sexual abuse is not so much the alcohol, which is so frequently blamed; it is the loose and permissive nature of the typical liberal which is nearly the exclusive caretaker of such colleges. They create the atmosphere which makes rape on college campuses a regular occurrence by promoting sexual promiscuity, drunkenness, and social behavior that is not connected to responsibility. When women are raped at college parties, the blame goes to the alcohol instead of the reckless conditions of the youthful gathering. The women blame their drunken state, the young men blame the same, and the college blames the parents for sending them reckless children. The blame goes to the only parties not in the room, so it continues on perpetually. Secretly the college loves the behavior because the sexual antics on college campuses assist their progressive cause of breaking down the individual sanctity of the student so that they can remake such individuals into collective sloths.

George Will wrote his controversial article which was protested by the Miami radicals to address a portion of this sexual culture which dominates college campuses at every level in every city. Because nobody at the campus wishes to address this functional evil propagating under their responsibility, they instead attack anybody who might point it out to them. This is why conservatives are attacked when they speak at universities and why liberals are left nearly unmolested. The institution and its creations—which these student radicals were—see conservatism as something that is intended to end their very existence, so they attack it aggressively in whatever form it presents itself.

Colleges are not bastions of free speech seeking to protect the Constitution with intelligence and an educated electorate. They are cesspools of liberalism designed to manufacture drones of slack-jawed slugs intent to destroy traditional America to pave the way for a progressive European styled revolution of collectivism over capitalism. Not everyone who attends such colleges falls for the scam, but most do and spend the next two decades of their life fighting off the devastating effects of those four to six years of constant exposure to liberalism. To show that they are functioning as an institution of free speech colleges like Miami University do allow speakers like George Will to give their oratory dialogue. But this is only to keep the federal money facet on into their coffers. By practice, they attack any message which appears on a college campus with great aggression in an attempt to advance progressivism deeper into the American consciousness. And they do it with the full support of the upper echelons of college alumni. Collectivism over the individual is their practicing mantra, and to that end, sexual surrender of individual sanctity above the collective desires of mass society. That is the military goal of progressivism and its desire for the next step of the human race.

That is why Miami University silently encouraged the protest of George Will and every progressive at every news outlet, and institutional body who heard the story subtly cheered for those 100 people. Sometimes, in cases such as this, silence is the loudest declaration of endorsement that there is.

Rich Hoffman

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