Butler County GOP in the Belly of a Snake: The slow digestion of a split party

As reported previously the Butler County Republican Party is going through some growing pains. The old political machine seems to believe they can continue winning into the future by just sticking the Republican name next to their titles on election ballots. However, the real Republicans, the boots on the ground types who hit the streets and go door to door are many who find the Tea Party name attractive. Unwisely, the Republican leadership has decided to run the Tea Party individuals away so that they could garner the publicity of positive press. CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW. In an open letter from one of the protestors at the Kasich rally recently in Butler County two incidents of harassment from the party toward Tea Party types has been identified. Because of this behavior it should not be a surprise that nobody is showing up for these political events organized by the party except the type of people who gain financially by their party affiliation. The core of the party has been purposely pushed off to the side with the ultimatum of compliance or abandonment. It is the same reckless option that is given to a child from a parent who is clueless as to what to do next—so they resort of sending a child to their room without supper if they don’t put on a nice smile and behave at a social gathering in the manner the parent deems worthy. Little do the parents know is that the children have a stash of food in their bedrooms and could care less about the punishment. It is the parents who need the children to brag about and show others what good people they are. Similarly, the Butler County GOP needs the activists driven by passion to show Democrats that they can compete against them—and as of now, the party of socialists, the progressive Democrats are drooling at the show of weakness coming out of the Butler Country Republican Party.

Open Letter to Leadership of Butler County Republican Party,The current leadershipoftheBCRP is operating on a personal agenda that damages the Republican name and Republican candidates.  The Republican voters of Butler County deserve better.The Tea Parties of Butler County would like to see the following three things happen. 

  1. Follow the Ohio Revised Code
  2. Follow the By-Laws of the Party
  3. Adopt the National Party Platform


Here are two examples of the behavior of the party leadership.


Here is what happened at VOA Rally for Kasich:


“I went to the Governor Kasich rally last night at VOA. About 30 of us were there in protest of Common Core. After I finished and was going into the building for the rally I talked to Todd Hall. He told me that I could not bring the signs into the building. I took my signs and placed them in my car and returned to the building. When I got inside, I noticed almost every candidate had signs to give away. I re-approached Todd and asked him why I could not give away Pritchard signs; he became belligerent and threatened me by saying that he would physically remove me from the premises. He gave no reason why Mary’s signs could not be given away.”


September visit to Republican Headquarters:


“This afternoon I had an interesting encounter at the Butler County GOP Office.  I went in to get a Condit and Sharon Kennedy yard sign. The older blonde lady did not know me nor did she ask. I told her that trying to get volunteers in an off-year election is hard. She immediately started ripping into All Tea Parties saying they won’t help out and they are obstructing road to success.  Wow!


She also said that the Central Committee will not allow Tea Party to get the majority and they will be extinct in 30 months anyway. ”


THIS BEHAVIOR NEEDS TO STOP, strengthen the many not the few.


So let’s first address the Todd Hall issue involving the signs for Mary Pritchard. Mary is an anti-Common Core candidate who wants to put more conservative voices onto the Ohio State Board of Education—which is something that area Republicans should be happy about. Her candidacy should be supported, yet it’s not the direction that party players want to endorse as they are looking to merge the lines with the opposition—the Democrats who want fundamental transformation of America into accepting more socialism and less capitalism. Republicans like John Boehner and John Kasich under the direct influence of Barack Obama have sought to change the Republican Party from the perceived “party of no” into a party of “consideration and compassion.” Part of that compassion is to accept federal standards for education, open border immigration policies that bring in more voters for the Democratic Party and higher taxes to pay for all these utopian plans. Democrats have not moved even a perceived centimeter into accepting American capitalism as the saving grace of any economy—rather it is only Republicans who continue to move toward the center as it is established by radicals from the political left. Once they have arrived at that left established line, the same radicals who called Republicans names and derided them in the media as “rich,” selfish,” “white men,” will then move that line further to the left forcing the same clueless oafs that they are just big mean capitalist if they don’t move more to the left as a “compromise.” Meanwhile, Democrats will stay on their left leaning positions and will always seek to move further in the wrong direction at the first opportunity. So in their desire to appease the radical Democrats, Butler County Republicans are hand-picking their candidates who will be friendly to these strategic aims of “social compromise.” Mary Pritchard is not considered to be one of those Republicans who will fall in line quietly, so her signs were not allowed to be distributed at a GOP event.

Conversely, Democrats do not have such restrictions in their party. To qualify all one needs to be is a social derelict, a cocaine addict, a welfare promoter, a thief, a prostitute or molester of the innocent. Democrats do not care what kind of person their candidates are, they just assimilate them into their collective blob and call anybody names who might attempt to pass judgment on their individual character. And the media plays their role in maintaining these standards. This is the game that Republican Party leadership across America is dealing with—especially in Butler County.

The other issue is the GOP office where the old blonde lady openly derided Tea Partiers by saying they will be extinct in 30 months and that they were obstructing the road to success. The letter writer was in the office to pick up signs for Sharon Kennedy, who is on the Ohio Supreme Court and quite a fine personality from Liberty Township— a general, class-act, and Margie, who is the same as a House member. She is softer on issues than I’d like to see, but she is a generally good person. And in the office was a low-level mouth-piece for the establishment Republicans who likely hasn’t read a book in years, and conducts her life as a marionette to other people’s concepts of reality by stating that Tea Party types will be extinct soon.

In 30 months at the rate its going it won’t be the Tea Party who is extinct, it is the area GOP who will be forced to move further and further to the left until they are unrecognizable as conservatives, which for many, is already the issue. The path of success that the lady was talking about is not a path for area conservatives; it is for those who have a financial stake in politics who use the Party to make money. For those I know in the Tea Party, this is not something they care about—they do not seek party affiliation to profit from, they are passionate about their beliefs and do not easily yield—which is the real gripe. The Republican Party is feeling the social pressure to change and wish to do so—and they are upset that the rest of the party won’t unite behind them. But the evidence of that same Kasich rally in Butler County is that without the Tea Party types, nobody was left to attend the rally leaving only political insiders and profiteers left to cheer on the governor with a crowd that could have filled a living room, but didn’t come close to making the Ronald Reagan Lodge at the VOA look populated.

Compromise is a dirty word because the other side has no desire to perform the task. Those who beat the drums of modern compromise loudest are those who have an objective of social assimilation by conservatives into socialist mind-numb, knuckle dragging oafs so that they can easily conquer them in future elections. They don’t want to “co-exist” with conservatives—they want to destroy them utterly and completely. They are performing a military objective of domination and destruction—not compromise. So anyone who plays their game is doomed to failure. It will be they who are “extinct.” You can’t “compromise” with a lion, tiger or bear. You can’t reason with at Great White Shark. You can’t sign a peace treaty with a snake. If those creatures are hungry and you are available to eat, they will consume you without regret or warning. Democrats like snakes lay dormant and passive until they need food, then they strike ferociously without an ounce of compassion. And the Butler County GOP including the blonde lady passing out signs are functioning from the belly of a snake called the Democratic/(socialists) of Ohio. The last words of a party and its people who do not realize they are being digested so slowly that they can’t even feel the destruction of their very essence.

Rich Hoffman


2 thoughts on “Butler County GOP in the Belly of a Snake: The slow digestion of a split party

  1. Bravo Rich! Thanks for putting my thoughts down on paper. You are spot on… thank you! Eventually, one position at a time… we WILL be heard.


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