The Religion of Public Education: Turning away from the truth

As many know I have a standard policy of posting the letters rivals send me to share with my readers here. I have put many of them up over the years, especially in the beginning which is evident to anyone who wishes to use the calendar feature to go back into time and read them.   Because of that policy I get a lot less detailed letters than I used to. Instead most of the comments now are short and less revealing like, “you’re mean,” “arrogant” or “hateful.” But recently William Schmidt has remained a consistent critic who has shown so wonderfully how the other side thinks with his continued parade of detailed letters. After I published the one he sent me last week, he decided he’d had enough and sent me the following:

On Saturday, November 1, 2014, Bill Schmidt wrote:


After you again posted another of my e-mails to you on your blog, I told some people that I had been sending e-mails to this anti-school’s guy named Hoffman and that you had been posting and then commenting on them in your blog.  They read some of the entries and then said that you seemed pretty kooky and creepy.  They asked me why I kept sending you e-mails and I told them about your appearances on the radio, etc.  They asked if I thought I could change your narrow mind at all and I said “definitely not”.  So they questioned what was being accomplished by continuing the discourse.

I thought back to Nov of 2011 to when I sent you my first e-mail.  Lakota had just voted down another school levy and it was clear more cuts needed to be made.  I had been made very uncomfortable about how Doc Thompson had made you a spokesman about school finance and how he coddled you by agreeing with everything you would say and how he wasn’t being much of a journalist.  So I wrote you an e-mail which you posted on your blog.  Since then, various things have happened.  You no longer are requested on the radio.  You were kicked out of No Lakota Levy.  A school levy passed in your district.  And, judging that my e-mails are the only ones you seem to put out there, it appears your readership must consist of only a handful of kooks and creeps.

I had to admit that sending you e-mails seems to have no purpose anymore.  We are just rehashing the same old stuff.  I feel you dragging me into the abyss.  I need to let you continue to sink on your own.  Since I only read your school blog diatribes anyway, because the other stuff you write is such nonsense (as illustrated by your recent Virgin Galactic tout), I really doubt if I will be calling up your blog very much anymore. 

Don’t hurt yourself out there trying to find Communists hiding behind the monkey bars but maybe you should take one of your Brown Shirts along with you as you search. I’d say mattjutras might be available. And I’ll be careful trying to find a Kroger survey to participate in.



Years down the road the strategy I am currently conducting will be quite evident. I have worked with others but consistent with my experience, there are severe weaknesses in doing so—so a strategy unique to the times is mandated to implement the needed objectives. I have been building that network now for several years and in doing so certain patterns emerge.

Schmidt’s current position is not that unlike the Laura Sanders episodes, or school board member Julie Schafer—when faced with facts that defy their worldly views, they chose mental evasion to logical observation. They always come around to saying that “you’re not worth the time or investment so I’m leaving.” What they really mean is that “I cannot make you accept my reality so I’m discouraged and will not look in your direction with the same candid flare a child hides under their covers hoping that monsters will not get them.” They often rationalize this position by calling me names like kooky or creepy and think they are smart with connections to debunked communist conspiracies or otherwise scandalous activity leading to public rebuke as if that public had a mind toward intelligence where their collective sum outweighed an individual thought.

Once these people reach the end of their tolerance—of their attempts to reform elements of society into their harmony they retreat to the warm arms of their like-minded despots—such as what William did in a moment of crises. Arrogantly his advisors spoke as if they were Christian missionaries on location in some primitive wilderness and their advice to William the failed missionary was to cut ties with the failed attempt and focus their efforts somewhere that brings success. In this way the government education culture has taken on a type of religious zeal not unlike the Crusades or the current Jihad movement of Islam—that anybody not brainwashed to the religion of their viewpoint should be cast aside as disreputable, or destroyed so that their challenging viewpoints do not threaten the sanctity of their religion—in this case the religion of public education.

There is a long list of such characters that have tried and failed to do what William has. Of them I will say that Schmidt often refrained from going too far which is why I will miss him a bit. He did provide a window into their thinking that I have been using extensively in studies for the referred to upcoming strategies. But as for demeaning my efforts here in attempting to portray them as ineffective and isolated from the mainstream—I can see who reads each day and how many of them there are. I see the many links to Lakota school computers, to the movers and shakers of politics, to the government offices of Columbus, Ohio and Washington D.C. I wouldn’t spend my time if it was wasted—which its not.

But I’m doing things, and planning things that are highly unconventional and certainly not a part of any current political playbook. And it’s all carefully considered and calculated. But as to Schmidt’s wishes of reputation smashing quandary—the meter on the sidebar tells the story better than words. Most newspapers would love to have those numbers, and I don’t sell any advertising aside from links to my own extended works which is about to get a major update. It’s all in the name of authenticity and in these types of political fights; there just aren’t enough characters in the arena who have a heart for that fight—or a proper strategy. And the ones who do are treated as a threat because they are upsetting the apple cart that people like Schmidt depends on. Like a last-minute football play in the closing seconds where a spectator might look away not able to take the drama of the moment—Schmidt’s type always retreats to this effort because the moment is just too much for them. The impact on the world at large is too great and they worry about the changes to their lives if it continues—which I can assure all—it will.

But you can’t do the same old thing over and over. I had a friend at 700 WLW, actually two friends, Darryl Parks and Doc Thompson. They were both fired largely due to people like William Schmidt who complained to the station and its advertisers hoping to quell the message against their social scam. 700 WLW is much friendlier now toward the William Schmidt types—the pro-pot, gay-marriage supporting advocates. They are a sports talk station that does not currently get involved in messy politics. They probably will return to that at some point in the future, but as for now, they are playing it safe. That was their decision. They have invited me on their programs which I have declined. Their criteria wished me to take on the role of the villain instead of the role I formally had—and that wasn’t going to happen. So we have moved on to other things separately. But those other things will likely have more power than the former things and that is the concern that Schmidt and his advisors see on the horizon.

So as things continue on, I will miss Schmidt and his window into oblivion—where his kind considers anything with a three syllable word—“kooky,” or “scary.” There is value in studying the problem, but as often is the case the problem when it knows that eyes are on their tail retreats into a hiding place trying to buy additional moments for its sustenance. But the time is running out—and they know it—even if they turn their eyes away hoping to maintain an illusion for just a moment longer.

Rich Hoffman

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