Vile Democrats Win Ohio Board of Education Seats: Southern Ohio Republicans too stupid to see the obvious

 For education reformers in Ohio disappointment was revealed after the smoke cleared once the Election of 2014 results came in. In Southern Ohio where resistance to Common Core and the influence of teacher unions against children is strongest two socialist leaning Democrats won the state board of education seats for both District 3 and 4. One was an incumbent the other a former teacher union president which guarantees inaction and more progressive policies imposed on government schools providing a further erosion of the minds of young people. This is how The Pulse Journal reported the aftermath:

A.J. Wagner appeared to be winning election Tuesday night to the state board of education’s District 3 seat, which represents Butler, Preble, Montgomery, Miami and southern Darke counties.Wagner, a former judge and Montgomery County auditor, was appointed to the seat in August after Jeff Mims resigned. Both are Democrats who want to keep the Common Core standards and place a priority on urban public schools.

Former teachers union president and art teacher Pat Bruns won the school board seat for District 4 that represents Warren and Hamilton counties, earning 56 percent of the vote, to 44 percent for Zac Haines Bruns, a Democrat, supports Common Core school standards and wants to crack down on charter schools. Haines, a young Republican business owner, opposes Common Core and strongly supports school choice, including charters.

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Putting a teacher union president on the state school board is like putting a snake into a glass cage filled with mice. There is no place for the mice to go, and all will be consumed eventually by the asp. So long as these types of people are setting the state standards in Ohio or anywhere else, government schools will be ineffective and culpable of instructing students all the wrong liberal policies.

For short-sighted gains, area Republicans did not focus any energy into the seats of these board positions which end up being breeding grounds for liberalism. When signs for Mary Pritchard who won (28 percent) nearly on her own without much party support, were displayed at an area Kasich rally, Todd Hall threw out the advocate. Todd runs the Republican Party in Southern Ohio now and is primarily concerned with bending the party around the finger of developer’s business interests instead of solid philosophical policy.   Knowing him the way I do, he probably has a hard time saying that word let alone putting it to practice. The result is more bleeding heart Democrats setting the pace for more union control of government schools who continue to ask for money to support their scam ridden baby-sitting service called “public education.” That means area Republicans who are developers—like Todd is–will end up having to pay more money in taxes to those institutions of mismanagement because of their short-sighted strategy on a race that was locked from the start. There was no challenge to Kasich, or Boehner so Republicans could have helped Pritchard gain just 10 more percent of the vote. But because they chose to play it safe—it will cost down the road quite a bit.

Common Core is one of the vilest attempts at youthful minds in recent history. It is revisionist education steering minds toward collective intentions instead of individual achievement. This does not make Republicans for the future—it makes Democrats. In the dim-witted desire to show solidarity behind party favorites like the liberal union rep Sheriff Jones of Butler County and talk show progressive Bill Cunningham who only pretends to be a Rush Limbaugh type on WLW radio—Republicans have taken a weak approach to the philosophical tenets of conservativism and are patting themselves on the back as if they achieved a victory.

Todd Hall and his area Republicans are proud that they know weak-kneed conservatives who golf with President Obama with tough talk to the media, but gently fondle his genitals under the White House dining table and think nobody sees it. They are proud that Kasich dipped his feat in the water with a fight against public sector workers but decided that it was too much for him—and quickly retreated straight into the arms of Obamacare—to win some women voters and minority compliments—all the while giving up on conservative belief in favor of big government support. They are stupid enough to think they won—meanwhile real conservatives like Mary Pritchard are out of the arena and relegated to a category of “crazy Tea Party types.”

So true the country moved a bit toward conservativism, but only in name—just like most area Republicans in Southern Ohio—the races that could have been won that really mattered still have vile Democrats in them and can still do massive amounts of damage to young minds through Common Core—which is a creation of a current front-runner of the Republican national ticket for president—Jeb Bush. So before thinking that the dark days of liberalism are behind anybody in Ohio—the evidence indicates that the storm is just brewing and these soft-backed Republicans do not have the philosophical wherewithal to withstand the pressure such radical Democrats from the state board of education will try to impose. The real fight of the 2014 was lost in Ohio and Republicans failed to recognize it—in spite of the warnings. They were too busy looking like an inclusive party than focusing on the actual management of Ohio from top to bottom—and that will cost down the road…..a former teacher union president on the state board of education—what a travesty.

Rich Hoffman



  1. It does not get any dumber than in Lebanon Ohio and that’s not to exclude the whole of Warren county. That 51 to 49 vote against the career center was no win. The last thing we need is someone on the radio beefing that crap up. I just wanted to scratch my eyes out. Especially if you don’t live in my county!
    Now people are bitching because my town is about to become “urbanist” by those who rule. In a big way.
    Dumbasses abound, believe me. I’m about to become a pain in several pencil pushers asses. Even moreso than normal. When they call me a cunt (Citizens United Not Timid), I’ll wave that freak flag win or lose.


  2. I forgot to comment on the post. Sorry ’bout that.
    I’m so disenchanted with this community it’s hard to breathe. It’s places like this that keeps humaniods like Brun in charge. That article in the local rag, supposedly the people’s defender, was spot on. Too damn bad they only do their jobs after the fact.
    Simpletons soon will understand…. government has no rights. On any level.
    They belong to the People, and the People own EVERYTHING!


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