The Apple Company Versus the Entire Russian Economy: Russia loses–a strong case supporting laissez-faire economies

Many of my political thoughts have been shaped by my early experiences in starting an R&D company during the 90s. Witnessing firsthand how intrusive and incestuous government is toward business it is my opinion that the greatest artists in the world are no longer painters, musicians or even authors—but in the type of creative people who can break down barriers of thought by giving tools to free minds stepping around government altogether. In many ways nobody in a modern sense has done such a fantastic job of that very attribute than the Apple Company. I am personally a Microsoft fan—I live by Microsoft Office and am epically loyal to that software package. I use it extensively every day. But I use a lot of Apple products every day as well, particularly my iPad and iPod—they are nearly as much of my life as the blood that flows in my body. They are extensions of my very consciousness and I use their power extensively in both business and creative applications.

There were three events that were marked on my iPad calendar that were important to November 17th all occurring in three different time zones—and all connected. My calendar feature sent me an email late on November 16th reminding me of those important events using Google Calendar to alert me—which was very useful as I was checking topographic inclinations of terrain at the time and saw the alert instantly—which I needed. Upon that reminder to maintain small talk halfway around the world through email I needed to know exactly what time it was and what the temperature was in Asia which was easy to pull up under the World Clock app on the same device. All this was going on while I was listening to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers post game report from Florida on iHeart Radio 620 WDAE. It is for those types of life management extensions that proclaim Apple as such a terrific influence on the human race.

In so many ways human consciousness has not found a way to deal with tools Apple has given to them—because philosophy feeding politics has failed to catch up to those technical innovations. Public schools are incredibly behind the curb and haven’t begun to fathom the impact that Apple has brought to everyday life making human beings not just more quickly entertained, but personally much more powerful. So the nightly news and political classes still focus on ancient threats from countries like Russia and China who are communist in their beliefs—or were communists trying to crawl out from under the psychological rock that social collectivism has provided to their people. There is much focus on the saber-rattling going on in the Ukraine by Russia and how the Chinese mocked President Obama during a recent visit. But when it comes to GDP in the United States the case in favor of capitalism is most explosively evident by the Apple Company which has extended its reach to every corner of the world and is largely made in China giving that economy jobs it wouldn’t otherwise have under its communist regime.

For perspective it is important to understand how much money Apple has made in America and what effect that money has in bettering the world and breaking down intellectual barriers among different people in a way government could never achieve under the best of circumstances. Apple didn’t take money away from a finite resource the way most progressives believe, they made it from scratch—from nothing. In many ways with all the talk I have been providing about the upcoming civilian space race the kind of wealth Apple has created will pale in compression. As massive as Apple’s profits might seem in 2014, they will look very small when looked at again in 2054. This is just the tip of the iceberg. So with that calibration statement behold the information reported on Sunday November 16, 2014 from the Business Insider about how profitable Apple is in relation to the Russian economy:

With Apple at record highs, its market capitalization is now bigger than Russia’s entire stock market (the 20th largest market in the world). What’s more, as Bloomberg notes, there would be enough money left over after selling Apple and buying Russia to purchase over 190 million contract-free 64Gb iPhone6 Pluses (enough for every Russian).

Russia, the 20th largest among the world’s major markets, is not the only one Apple has surpassed. The company, which forecasts a record holiday-sales quarter and has $155 billion in cash, is also bigger than 17th-ranked Singapore and 18th-ranked Italy. Read more:

When advocates for political and social collectivism promote wealth redistribution methods through regulation and other forms of government intrusion—they are essentially attempting to destroy the creative efforts that companies like Apple must embark on to create wealth in the first place. When companies like Apple are created by independent minds who are the ultimate artists painting their ideas across the canvas of society wealth spreads in ways that cannot be measured by any previous government means of data collection. There are many companies like Apple that will emerge in the next decade and whatever country those companies emerge in will greatly benefit from those creations.

Just this week I was speaking to a rep from Leia Display Systems stationed in Poland, which I have featured at this site before. I needed some further technical clarifications so I was looking for a point of contact in the United States. Well, there wasn’t one; instead they were all over Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. They were everywhere in the world except in North America which to me seemed ridiculous—but America lately because of government has not been as friendly to emerging businesses—and are missing out. Apple and Microsoft were beneficial accidents that happened because of the capitalism of the West. Luckily for Steve Jobs and Bill Gates the barriers to entry into the tech market in the 80s and 90s was low, so they were able to create the products of their genius. But bigger and better inventions have been created, specifically the M400 Skycar invented in California of all places, and because of regulation and high barriers into the aviation industry, countries like China have been looking at manufacture of a revolution that will eventually replace the automobile in the world just as those vehicle replaced the horse and buggy. The United States has been carelessly negligent on that emerging technology.

The wealth created by Apple was not taken from any government or any individual anywhere in the world. It simply didn’t exist prior to those wonderful Apple inventions, like the iPod, iPad, and the iPhone. Apple created that wealth through innovation and product development. For all the fanfare that politicians in China, Russia, the Middle East and Europe in general—they create nothing. They do nothing to help their country’s GDP, they simply get in the way of the creative process of staring a new business that could be tomorrow’s next Apple Company.

My opinions about government were shaped by watching this restrictive process one too many times and realizing that companies like Apple and Microsoft are not exceptional—they could be the status quo in a laissez-faire capitalistic economy. As wonderful and powerful as Apple products are, there are innovations that are right in front of us that could be much more important and influential to the human race. It is stupid to fight one political faction over another for the right to loot the productive—which is what has been happening for entirely too long now. It is ridiculous to leech off the few who are the modern artists of entrepreneurial leadership while pandering to the lazy and ineffective—expecting to have a constructive society that will actually last. By getting out-of-the-way of those in society with the best ideas, the lazy and inept will naturally benefit off the products they create and jobs which make those products creating wealth. But without that process everyone just sits around and demands to wage war in the Ukraine like the Russians are doing—because they don’t have anything in their economy that the world really wants. And the Chinese are rattling the sabers of war with Japan for much the same reason, they killed many of their women leaving a society of mostly men hungry for war in a communist country that has micromanaged itself into the precipice of destruction. Much of what China makes as a productive export are Apple products and items destined for Wal-Mart. Take away Apple, and Wal-Mart and China would have some serious unemployment problems. But that type of restriction isn’t necessary. And thankfully, Apple has put tremendous power into the hands of individuals and with that power, individuals for the first time in history can create wealth without all the usual nonsense that has always been present from the dawn of time when it comes to human beings. For those who want peace in the world the best way to get it is to support laissez-faire capitalism so that more companies like Apple can emerge and wealth can be brought to people’s doorsteps no matter where they live—avoiding the desire for the lazy and treacherous to steal it through means of war and manipulation.

Rich Hoffman


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