Obama’s Illegal Immigrant Executive Order: The violation against a meritocracy

To explain why Obama’s executive order on immigration is so dangerous requires a bit of a deconstruction—then rebuilt education. John Boehner doesn’t understand it, nor does Mitch McConnell or most of Washington D.C. for that matter. Most members of upper management in typical company structures and the typical unionized slug—they don’t get it. Most every member of every college, most members of the various social clubs, most public school administrators—they don’t get it either. The real evil that is the net result of Obama’s executive orders imposed during his particular presidency are lost to most people because they have lost the definition of value and forgotten the importance of merit. Glenn Beck had a wonderful break-down of the post executive order Obama imposition with the following video describing how Obama’s executive order destroys the value of merit among immigrants and why that is so dangerous, and destructive to the American experience.

If you really care about somebody—or some people—the responsible thing is not to rob them of their merit, their ability to earn for themselves knowledge, resources and experience. For instance when raising a child it is better to let them walk than to carry them around, even if there is danger such as crossing a busy street. If you teach the child self-reliance, they will be able to do it without help in the future empowering them to navigate the world safely. Carrying the child might seem compassionate, but ultimately robs them of the ability to function without the assistance of others—and the opinions that come with them. Merit cannot be purchased with a degree from college. A piece of paper on the wall of an office does not make anyone qualified to be one of the “wise ones” as people like Obama believe. The pretense that one can buy a degree with money and time invested into a four to eight year education is a false one. The belief that the pain earned through trials and tribulations could be avoided was the primary reason that post World War II parents sent their children to college only to be corrupted there by left-winged radicals teaching the social safety net of big progressive government—and those kids had kids of their own who are among the laziest and discombobulated yet known to the human race. Too many from that age group have a hard time getting up to go to work let along leading productive lives because they have had merit ripped from their lives by an education process that sought to destroy it with the promise that obedience to organizational charts would solve all the world’s problems.

Obama is addicted to the organizational chart of Washington D.C. politics. His Democratic party was destroyed by Republicans in virtually every corner of the nation and they are blaming him for his bad presidency. Democrats still feel that Obama didn’t do enough to help many senators and congressional members win seats during the 2014 Election. Obama was so toxic that many didn’t want his help, but now with clarity of hindsight and the need to blame someone beside themselves Obama is a good person to charge. Obama being the typical improperly educated oaf that he is spent a lifetime of having everything given to him by a mother who was guilty of placing him in bad male company, grandparents guilty of raising a crappy daughter who became a crappy mother—lovers of his mother who were communist revolutionaries, and college professors who wanted to blow up the federal government but instead invested their efforts into the color of Obama’s skin to place him behind American defense and into the White House to undo the Western Imperial evil imposing its will to the rest of the world. Obama as a kid never had a chance. He had merit robbed from him as a kid and has since stood wherever other people told him to and said what they wrote for him to read from. He has no thoughts of his own, he is not his own man—Obama is an imprisoned soul destroyed from birth and raised to be a terrorist bureaucrat using organizational charts to replace merit to rule over others. So when Democrats lost the election of 2014 the powers that move Obama’s mouth—those “Open Border” advocates, those radicals at Think Progress and other ultra liberal organizations demanded that Obama accomplish something in his last two years beneficial to them so to cut their loses. That’s why Obama signed the executive order for illegal immigrants offering protection at the voting booth for Democrats already losing the philosophical debate across the North American continent.

Obama however is a rather typical person even though he gets to maintain the illusion of being a king from the Oval Office. There are too many people now in America addicted to their offices, to their nameplates, to their titles yet they are ineffective as leaders because they lost the value of merit in their lives believing that papers like executive orders and college degrees could be suitable substitutes.   They were wrong. Most businesses across the world now function with complete idiots at their helm because of this treacherous disease taught in colleges of every kind that a plutocracy, bureaucracy, or even a monarchy has more value than a meritocracy. Yet America was founded by those seeking a meritocracy not a democracy which would simply issue by popular opinion who the ruling class would be over those who were supposed to be subjects based on how many years they attended a university. In the Obama way of thinking college professors because they never really leave the education system should rule the world because they put the most years into an education system that creates the democracy which then issues out power through popular elections. In that type of system, giving millions of illegal immigrants the ability to vote for Democrats out of sheer thankfulness makes sense to a person vacant of values.

But the Republicans aren’t any better—they don’t understand anything that I just said because they are functioning from their own plutocracy and bureaucracy view points. They want to be in power too with a belief that they rule over others just because popular opinion placed them into an office. So they foolishly sued a president that actually controls the legal system—and is a snake oil lawyer to begin with—meaning their silly piece of paper will do nothing and go nowhere. There is no merit in Republican actions, so there will be no respect for their actions. Their lawsuit is just another piece of worthless paper passing from one hand of bureaucrats to another.

There is nothing worse than a worthless person who needs their ego massaged and people who function in life like Obama cost more to the organizations that employ them than anything they attempt to productively do. They are worthless because their beliefs cause them to believe in organizational charts over the value of merit so their focus is always to climb higher on that chart so that they can sign an executive order like Obama did, instead of actually performing tasks that require thought and skill in concert with others operating from the same motivations. Worthless people don’t begin that way—but are taught to be that way through their education systems. Most children are wonderful until their parents screw them up with the assistance of 13 years of government schooling. Meet a child at 7 and the world is open to them—their eyes are bright and wisdom is emitting from them by the handfuls. Meet a child ten years later at 17 and often you have a slug—a confused oaf lost, confused, and primarily concerned with satisfying their animal instincts—eating, disposing of their waste, and reproducing through mating customs. You meet a future Obamanation of young fools ill prepared to live in a meritocracy perfectly willing to surrender their lives to rulers—because they are crippled in their educations of how to think with value instead of social structure.

That is what Obama did with his executive order aimed at amnesty for illegal immigrants. It is also why everyone is missing the point in the aftermath. A nation cannot survive if it does not function from merit—that desire to earn things instead of being given them. Too many kids today expect to just show up for something and be given money, or a piece of paper telling them they are good, or smart. But they lack the merit in actually earning it. Obama has spent his life in this way, so he sees no reason to just make it easy for illegal immigrants to become citizens—after all his party all along wanted to overload the system so to bring down the financial power of Imperial America from the inside anyway—and amnesty helps them do it. Yet, Obama just put another nail in the coffin of merit showing millions of young people that the organizational chart is more important than earning a living the honorable way. Obama has demonstrated that if you can get to the top of the organization chart with lies, deceit, and even corruption that you can literally write laws that control the lives of millions of others. That is where the failure in Obama’s executive order for illegal immigrants is of an utmost travesty in justice—not because it breaks the law in so many ways—but takes aim at merit in America and suppresses it even further than it was before Obama’s demoralizing presidency.

Rich Hoffman


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