Communism is Alive in America: Matt Clark and Rich Hoffman discuss how on WAAM radio

I talk about communism a lot because its influence has migrated deeply into our modern culture. Many, especially on the political left, hope to deny this issue by proclaiming that communism died in 1989 with the fall of the Berlin Wall. They wish to believe that it was a relic of the Cold War and that the word “communism” is no longer a threat to capitalism or the economic power of the United States. Yet as Matt Clark and I stated during a radio segment for his WAAM broadcast in Ann Arbor, Michigan communism is alive and well in 2014. The communist country of China just surpassed America in economic output. The International Monetary Fund recently released the latest numbers for the world economy, and when you measure national economic output in “real” terms of goods and services, China will this year produce $17.6 trillion — compared to $17.4 trillion for the U.S.A. As recently as 2000, America produced nearly three times as much economic output as the Chinese. China now accounts for 16.5% of the global economy when measured in real purchasing power terms, compared to 16.3% for the U.S. How did this happen? Well, to put it mildly—communism—the kind of communism that Matt and I speak about in the following video recorded radio segments.

It’s not that the United States doesn’t still have economic power—but much of that power has been purposely suppressed by left-leaning political groups dedicated to the original goals of communism. Also this past week as those economic figures were being released, America passed the $18 trillion mark in national debt—much of those holdings owned by the Chinese. Mismanagement largely a passive-aggressive approach to American capitalism by leftist radicals has created this situation and it has occurred because many in opposition to communism failed to see the insurgency due to their various name changes that have occurred to disguise the advancement of communism throughout the world.

Communism is behind many of the Islamic radicals so popular today—especially the Muslim Brotherhood. Communism is widely at work in many minority neighborhoods—such as has been witnessed in the Ferguson riots. Communism is certainly at work in most public schools. It’s involved in labor unions of every kind including the beloved firefighter’s “international brotherhood.” Anywhere where the key terms of “workers” or “labor” are discussed in a way that makes them sound repressed—the philosophy of communism is at work as it was constructed by Karl Marx in The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital. Whenever the term “middle class” is invoked to stir them about in hopes of revolution—the strategies of communism are at work as they have always been. The only difference is that the names have been changed from communism to progressivism, liberalism or more broadly the Democratic Party. There is no other way to slice it—communism is what it is—it is the collective ownership of property such as private parks, education such as the property tax system we see today with public schools where every member of the community pays for all kids and all kids are beholden—at least in theory—to every member of the community. Communism is Social Security, it’s Obamacare, it’s Medicare. In the current state those conditions they might be best referenced as socialism, but the intent of all those services is to collect wealth from individuals to turn over to the “state” for distribution each according to their need. If a lazy, socially reckless, despot has a need to be given food and shelter because they are too ill prepared in life to take care of themselves, someone who is able is supposed to sustain the sustenance of that lazy individual. The by-product is that people stop producing because they get tired of seeing their efforts confiscated and given to those who don’t even put forth the effort. In today’s public schools the children are the “community’s children” and that ownership is best celebrated by popular Friday night football games where communism as articulated by Marx is very much alive in support of team sports designed to mask the real psychological motive behind a political philosophy rooted in social collectivism—collective ownership of all property—including children.

Likely most people reading this are practicing communists—yet they don’t want to believe that they are participating in such a diabolical scheme. But it’s difficult to stand on one’s own as an individual contributor—communism is much more appealing to the weak at heart and mind. So they changed the names and called anybody who referred to the old name of communism as a tin-hat conspiracy theorist hoping that the diffusion of proper terminology might garner them a few hidden years of concealment into the warm blanket of social safety. It is easy to hide in numbers and what we have going on in America today are a lot of people hiding.

Then quite literally, communist insurgents disguised as progressives, Democrats and earth worshipers have lobbied more regulation against American business to strangle the effect that capitalism has on a free society. It’s not that China is out producing America it is that the United States has been held back so to allow communism to appear to flourish. All the while those same liberal sympathizers have placed America at the feet of China with an impossible debt to recover from in many American lifetimes. Even if America could pay back the debt, the regulations provided by the EPA, FCC, IRS, DOL and the DOJ would destroy the kind of economic activity that would allow for a resurgence of American enterprise so that the $18 trillion could be paid back. There is no intention of paying back that money as it has been spent recklessly on purpose to destroy capitalism and point the ignorant masses toward the great success that is modern—communist—China.

Communism was created in Europe so to pull the governments of that continent under one government rule—and that is still very much the intention. But first they must destroy capitalism wherever it resides. America was a difficult problem for them because it would be hard to convince young people to migrate into communism when capitalism gave them so many wonderful toys to play with—so they had to change their names and apply an indirect approach—which they have through the public education system. This is why so many young people these days lean-to the political left—is because they were taught to by their public schools led by teacher unions radicalized by the old communist talking points to behave that way.

There is absolutely no question that communism is as big of a threat now in 2014 as it was in 1960. It is probably more dangerous now than it was because it has been allowed to function without the proper identification. It has been successfully repackaged by the political left with softer names that are more appealing to the unknowing. Yet for the truth all one need to do is read the work of Karl Marx and the truth will be told. It is communism that is destroying America and it is the masses of Americans raised to be ignorant—and complacent who are helping them do it.

There should be some credit given to Matt for even putting that type of information on the air. It is not a popular thing to do, yet he does it because he knows what’s at stake. If America doesn’t figure out what kind of scam is being placed upon it by forces outside of the country—then the economic situation for the freest country on earth will take a downward spin quickly. Many would argue that it’s already too late. And when that happens people like Matt and I aren’t going to feel the guilt of not telling everyone that we told you so—because we did.

Rich Hoffman

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