Breaking Children Early: Kindergarten sex education in government schools

 This notion of teaching kindergarten students about sex education is one of the most ridiculous—yet revealing utterances of the true intentions of the typical progressive—the destruction of family structure to be replaced by collective ownership of all people by the state. Nothing achieves such a task more expediently but destroying the minds of young people at the summit of their learning ability with the animal instincts of sex before their biological minds are even inclined toward curiosity. Nothing anchors their lofty minds more firmly to the ground than the knowledge of sexual function and the small amounts of pleasure derived from physical interaction. Nothing destroys the imagination more than the pursuit of breasts and penises for the didactic satisfaction of reproductive rituals only put in place to further the biological necessity of the human race. The states under federal control have shown their cards—and they are as I have told you for many years dear reader—intent upon the destruction of individual thought as early as possible in government schools with the goal of facilitation into collective based mentality. For those who don’t believe me, this issue has been brewing for quite some time. Here is a 2013 article about the matter in the Chicago school system:

Some people may think a five-year old is too young for sex education.

Administrators with Chicago Public schools do not.

New to the curriculum this year, mandatory sexual and health education for kindergarten classes.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker took at look at the lesson the little ones will be learning.

Like every other kindergartener, Angelina Yang is learning reading, writing, arithmetic–and now sexual health education.

“I want to know what kind of education she is receiving before she gets that education,” said Angelia’s mom, Stella. ‘As a parent, I have a right to know.”

CPS insists the curriculum will use language children understand and focus on topics like bullying, correct names for external body parts and the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touching.

“As you identify body parts, you talk about should you be touched here or not.,” said Stephanie Whyte, the CPS Chief Health Officer. “And if someone touches you, and it’s uncomfortable, you should tell a trusted adult.”


The psychological intent of this exercise is to capitalize on the clueless parents who are too busy to notice and at that particular stage of their children’s lives—to immature themselves to understand the gravity of this assault—and to rob innocent children of their tendency to think for themselves. The schools hope to get children thinking about others as early as possible. Nothing helps the old communist goals behind progressivism more than all depleted notions of individuality and personal possession than to begin thinking about sex with other people and multiple partners before the notion of personal possession becomes too strong. When other human beings break bread together and share bodies, they lower their barriers to other collective based ideals which was always the intent—and government schools are making their move to begin this process the moment they get their grubby hands on the innocent minds of 5-year-olds.


I warned of this several years ago and many thought that my utterances were rooted in conspiracy. The proof now is that it never was. It is clear to me the strategy. My track record on calling out matters such as this with an immaculate reputation for accuracy gives me liberty to make these pronouncements—as controversial as they may seem. I might as well name the real evil behind the act so that history will confirm it 100% in hindsight. Hopefully it might save one or two children from the clutches of these vile government schools. There is nothing more precious than a young mind because it is uncorrupted with poor human philosophy and social pressure. Young people especially at age 5 have not yet had chains placed upon their minds other than what bad parenting has placed there. They have entered the world free and open to the limits of their imaginations. It is when they begin public school that they are gradually whittled away and shaped into a social organism designed by the state and its government interpretation of value—which is to create a servant to the needs of the collective entity.

When a typical government worker is studied—take for instance Lois Lerner you can look into that face and see the child that was destroyed. Even from pictures you can see the loss removed from her face to the soul connected just within her essence. She’s not alone, but is one of the most high-profile examples. When such people are dealt with in real life they are even worse—they are distant and removed from their humanity because every cell in their bodies has been lured into the trap of collective enterprise judged in value by group consensus. Years of government education has destroyed their very souls starting with their imaginations. The government understands what its doing—a thinking person cannot be a mindless servant to a collective enterprise, so they seek through their education system to destroy thought as early as possible.


I have told the story of how much trouble my wife and I found ourselves in when we refused to allow our children to receive sex education classes in the fourth grade during the 90s. But perhaps it is time to go into a bit more detail as a relevant experience in relation to this latest proposal. We of course did not sign the permission slip when it was sent home from a Mason school teacher and that refusal was met with harsh violence. My wife was no longer permitted into the school as a room mom and assistant to the teachers. She was chastised by the administrators and the local police catching wind of our rebellion began to harass us. Drugs were openly encouraged by the police to be sold in front of our home so to assault our “puritan” interests. How do I know it was intentional—well a cop from Hamilton who of course associated with the Mason cops lived two houses down from us and his children told me what his father talked about regarding us from behind his closed up home. The children of that Hamilton cop enjoyed my bullwhip work and used to come to our house to play. Of course I met the drug dealing with a force nobody was prepared to deal with. When the kids egged my house with a few warning shots in revenge, I plastered their home with dozens and dozens of eggs the very next evening daring the police to arrive—and hoping that they would call for help which they never did. The cop next door knew what was going on, but was powerless to do anything about it because they were all involved in the drug trade and if they arrested me, they knew what I’d say to the media—so they just took the plastering of their home with eggs and let the rain wash away the evidence a few nights later. Even years after the egg shells ruptured were still seen on that front yard after several grass cuts and summers to bury the evidence. It was quite extensive. I didn’t get egged again.

Things declined to such a level that my wife and I eventually sold our home and moved. The firefighters having nothing to do during the day followed my wife around at the grocery and caused havoc on her privacy. So we bought a home that was more remote and not connected to other people the way neighborhoods are—where it would be easer to figure out who was where and what they were doing. My experiences with that one event has inspired a lot of written material from me and I will never forget the level of betrayal that I felt upon learning how everything was connected in our small community of Mason, Ohio through labor unions and the presumption that a collective body of school administrators knew what was best for my kids and sought to punish my wife and I with complete castigation and harassment because we refused to submit to their authority. My wife began homeschooling our children at that point and I attribute that effort to this very day to why my children grew up to become such exceptional people of immense value. They were not broken in the public schools because my wife and I did our jobs as parents and put a stop to it.


So I know a thing or two about the forces at work and what their intentions are—probably better than they know about their own actions. The cop who was our neighbor, he was too stupid to think for himself. He didn’t know why he didn’t like us, he only knew that in the union halls we were being called prunes and religious fanatics who wanted to raise our children like the Amish and we needed to be taught a lesson so to save our children from our overly conservative fetish. I know that because one very guilty Mason cop later told me so after I left the mayor’s office with evidence of the drug trafficking that the police were involved in. He felt guilty and spilled the beans. But of course the case went nowhere because the judges were in on the scam too—even if they privately sympathized; they publicly wouldn’t say so—because they had been disseminated as individuals into the collective whole of a corrupt society. How did all that start, just because my wife and I refused to sign a permission slip for the fourth grade sex education class. We felt our children were too young at the time and we were right.

Our home became an oasis over the years for dozens of little girls who tried desperately to hold on to their innocence. In our home they were free of any sexual thoughts and contemporary music because we didn’t participate in that type of thing. They were free to unload their imaginations in any boundless way they contemplated and they were happy. But over the years only my kids really survived because their friends parents encouraged those friends to assimilate with the rest of society. Soon thereafter they began to experiment with intoxication in college and sex with great abundance.   Now many of them in their mid-twenties are sadly used up husks of flesh abused and pillaged by valueless men—taught from their innocent childhoods to pursue boobies and butts so to get approval from their peers—and it all started in government schools with poorly timed sex education training.

My viewpoints might sound extreme to the contemporary mind, but I don’t really give a rat’s ass. Obviously my wife and I have never yielded to social pressure of any kind and we never will. We only get more resolute with our old age not less. I can’t imagine the intolerance we will have ten years from now—but it for sure will be much more severe than what I’ve written here because we have a history to confirm our suspicions—we have lived it and seen it first hand. The intentions of sex education in kindergarten is to destroy children’s minds, not to help them in any way. It is only proposed to break them down as individuals so they can be rebuilt into unquestioning adults who take without question the government line of dialogue shoved down their throats with the lure of sex to appease their appetites. Even the proposal of such a thing by any school administrator deserves the sharpest ridicule from those of us who still have a mind to question the presented reality. The best thing to do for any parent who really cares for their children and want to bring them success as adults is to immediately take them away from those public schools—those palaces of mental destruction and ignite their imaginations with thoughts that will last a life time and provide them freedom from the dire thoughts of a limited perspective taught by progressive institutions and diabolical social menaces.


Obviously this topic is one that I feel great passion for. It’s been twenty years since my experiences and if I had not run out of eggs that night I’d probably still be throwing them at that drug dealer’s house backed by the local police department.   Not everyone would understand why there is so much anger at this topic, because they don’t understand what it means to be an unbroken human being. Kindergarten sex education means that children are broken by their state masters earlier than later robbing them of even a few precious years of intellectual freedom—and that is a serious contemporary tragedy.

Rich Hoffman

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