Trey Gowdy’s Symposium: Establishing proper managment systems

 We always hear from radical left-winged protestors that “this is what democracy looks like” as they chant in mass over a particular issue—whether it is police shootings in Ferguson, union pensions, or that Breaking Bad is moving to a new night. But seldom do we get to see what proper government management looks like. So it was quite enjoyable to watch congressman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina apply proper management methods to the Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber. Gruber had been caught talking about how Obamacare was passed by a Democrat controlled congress and senate through deceitful means, so Gowdy had an obligation to apply some force to the matter in articulating the crime and mismanagement of taxpayer resources.

Every city council meeting should look like the way Trey Gowdy conducted his interrogation of Gruber. Every school board meeting, every trustee meeting, every gathering of government managing of tax payer resources should look like Growdy in congress. It is not the job of politicians to be liked, it is not their job to pander and get along with a consensus—it is their job to manage—and that’s it.

Of course unpopular politicians tend not to get re-elected, so that is part of the problem for the typical attention seekers who desire public office. But they should at a bare minimum attempt to behave as Gowdy did in the hearings over Obamacare. Of course the current congress has no stomach for actual management—just tough talk—but it’s a start. The congress has an obligation to not fund Obamacare especially after the Gruber testimony. But such a position in modern Washington is considered radical and Republicans won’t walk into the touchy-feely trap that Democrats have set to snare them in the court of public opinion—so they won’t do anything “tough” with Obamacare except talk.

Without management of resources you get run away budgets—just like what is found at virtually every public school dominated by radical labor unions were overwhelmed school board members lay down to be run over by left-leaning radicals who advocated collective bargaining agreements without any management opposition to keep them in check. But on each one of those school boards should be people like Trey Gowdy to provide an equal opposition to the radical nut cases who declare large sums of money with no oversight but only tax increases every five years.

The goal of every government body should be to create surpluses with the same voracity that corporations seek profits. Money saved is money made so no government should look at a budget surplus and think of new ways to pass out money to potential voters. And any government that hires consultants, like public schools often do to find ways to deceive voters into higher taxes deserve to be grilled the way Jonathan Gruber was by Trey Gowdy. Gruber was paid millions of tax payer dollars for discovering a means to deceive them with Obamacare—and the people who made those decisions mismanaged the money under Gruber’s charge. The only way to prevent such abuse is with management of resources in the manner the Gowdy provided.

The sad condition of our modern times is that Gowdy is looked at as an exceptional case—and not the norm. By those who wish to perpetrate a con against the taxpayer, of course Gowdy is hated. He is paid as a congressman to be hated—not loved. If a manager of any kind is loved by everyone, they are not doing their jobs. So it is a compliment for a manager to be called names and to have quibbles said about them behind their backs or by organized masses seeking collective efforts. If such a thing occurs, the politician is doing their jobs.

Many felt pride at Trey Gowdy’s grilling of Gruber because they instinctively understand the value of the exchange. Gruber a once arrogant government despot was reduced to admitting that he had been an ostentatious fool seeking to take advantage of the system for his own ideological and financial gain. Gruber’s strategy was to throw himself on the sword, take his millions of looted tax payer dollars and go into hiding with his loot. He was willing to sacrifice the self-respect he had gained within progressive academic circles for the stolen wealth he had acquired during the Obamacare fraud. So he declared foolishness and took the beating.

But imagine that there wasn’t a beating for Gruber—where would there have been any justice? Gruber without Gowdy would have disappeared into the sunset a progressive hero wealthy and wise. At least now, because of Gowdy, Gruber is only wealthy off stolen money—at least he had to endure some punishment—even if it’s just verbal.

Not everyone is capable of management—but for those who are—management provides a hedge against the despots of looting inclination. Without management there is no protection from the forces seeking to attack value—that is why communism and socialism seeks to make management the villain in their philosophy. That is also why labor unions make management into villains—because they want open access to the wealth of a corporation so that they can exploit it for all the worth—just as Gruber did. So we cheer on Trey Gowdy for his management chastisement of Gruber because we wish it was more commonplace. Not to mention that the mass conspiracy conducted right out in the open as Democrats released the controversial CIA report against the Bush administration on the same day that Gruber was dissected by Gowdy—hoping to take the edge off the government deceit that is Obamacare—there is much more management that needs to be done on behalf of tax payer resources.

Government is filled with many more people like Jonathan Gruber. In fact, most of the Washington D.C. wealthy suburbs are filled with government looters just like him. Without people like Trey Gowdy there is no resistance to their bottomless needs of tax payer funded lifestyles. There is no management of revenue taken in by the federal government under force and the distribution of that vast wealth—but to surrender it to the diabolical menaces who make careers out of politics for the purpose of creating personal wealth in ways they could never do under any other means. Without management, there is nothing that stands in the way of crime and justice. At least when it comes to the words spoken by Gowdy—at least we know Gruber will lose something due to his corruption and arrogance. Not enough—but at least it’s something.

Rich Hoffman

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