MSNBC Blaming Capitalism: More communism for black communities

What was that dear reader, you just heard that MSNBC was blaming capitalism for economic poverty? That rock you have been living under must have really been heavy, because it blotted out all sound and sight. Anyone who has read here knows I have warned of this issue for a long time. Even most recently Matt Clark and I on WAAM radio broadcast the truth all over southern Michigan and the world over during his well-received show informing the unknowing masses that communism was behind much of the trouble in Ferguson and poor back communities in general. Click here to review our radio broadcast. So you thought it was a conspiracy theory from some tin foiled, right-winged, “haters” who populated radio broadcasts lately properly identifying the attempt of communist factions to use the emotional turmoil of black communities to incite revolution against “white—capitalist—America?”   No, sorry, as usual, history has proven Matt and I right more than enough times now—you should have known better. The proof was cited recently on MSNBC, as follows:

“The problem extends beyond police departments. What is the next institution that needs to be isolated and challenged?” guest host Eric Dyson asked Clemente.

“The economy. Capitalism,” Clemente responded. ”I think that’s the institution all over this country, it is really what is the oppressive force.”

Clemente went on to say that law enforcement officers keep working-class people from achieving “economic justice.”

“Economic justice is not devoid from racial justice, just like it’s not devoid of gender justice,” Clemente added.

The guest MSNBC host seemed to agree: “Absolutely,” Dyson said.

Of course they didn’t use the “communist” word by direct name, but instead used all the key words around its meaning—such as “economic justice,” “working-class,” and most specifically—the oppressive nature of capitalism as an evil institution. To understand how those meanings apply directly to Karl Marx—read the work of the old German philosopher and it will quickly become clear. Matt and I as recently as last week discussed this very issue on the radio for all to hear yet many thought we were making too much of the issue—as communism supposedly died with the walls of the Cold War. Well, it didn’t and once again, you heard it here before the mainstream accepted that grim reality.


I’m not very sympathetic to the come-lately types who think that their faulty viewpoints warrant respect just because of their existence. I have a track record that is robust—even if controversial—time has validated the things I have said too many times that I no longer feel it necessary to sugar feed the facts to people any longer. When it comes to communist influence directly and indirectly influencing black neighborhoods with the sole purpose of keeping them poor and ready for revolution at any minute just to take advantage of their collective based cultures to exploit for political upheaval—I don’t have any tolerance for practitioners of deceit who still point at McCarthyism and racism as reasons to disguise the military objective against capitalism.


The left was so successful in labeling anybody who called them communists with the derogatory title—McCarthyism that the term actually is in the dictionary. According to official definitions, McCarthyism is the practice of publicly accusing somebody, especially somebody in government or the media, of subversive or Communist activities or sympathies, especially without real evidence to substantiate the claim. Only the evidence is abundant—it’s not without proof, and even for all the hoopla against the McCarthy hearings—he turned out to be right after all—as history proved also. In the 1960s when the hippies emerged to overturn college campuses with a counter-culture movement the culture that they attacked was the one built by capitalism. Through music and liberal institutions communist insurgents straight from the KGB fanned the flames of rebellion on behalf of the Soviet Union. If anyone named the evil thus—and pointed to the communists behind the movement, they were called MacCarthy conspiracy advocates and categorized as kooks—even though what they said was true.


Years later those same influences went to work again measuring the ground they had made in the 60s. The “make love not war” mantra didn’t hold as Charlie Manson scared America away from the hippie cult. So communists turned toward civil rights to hide their insurrection attempts this time attacking youth with the “wigger culture” largely led by rap artists intent to tear down American culture to be rebuilt into a socialist utopia. The anger behind rap music is to destroy the institutions of capitalism and give rise to something else. When youth began pulling down their pants and walking around like penguins it was in rebellion toward the traditional young male built under capitalism. The deliberate defacing of that youth was to declare to the world that they didn’t care if they worked for white America and its “corporate” structure of pin-heads. They’d rebel against them to bring down the evil institutions which fuel capitalism, and greed. So they pulled down their pants in protest to proper—American conduct—to be rebuilt into the same old communist radicals of old—to tear down capitalism to create room for socialism and communism in the future of America.

But this story has been told before—especially by me. History will confirm each and every word of my statements—it is not my burden to prove myself to anybody. MSNBC has already provided the evidence—along with a long list of other revolutionary communist driven radicals who have only hid their intentions loosely behind the mask of McCarthyism anxiety. If the intent of a movement is to destroy capitalism, it is communism at the root of that attempt—because the beginnings started with Karl Marx.


Only fools and willing idiots would take anything that is happening now with a spoonful of sugar and a lot of good will—because it is insurrection that MSNBC and other progressive organizations are after. They want the destruction of capitalism to make way for more socialism and they are using poor black communities—which they created—to provide troops for their aggression. When you see a kid with his pants pulled down walking around in public—you are seeing a created insurgent desired to use sympathy toward black poverty to attack institutional capitalism with defaced young people ill prepared toward productive lives—only left to be rotting husks of future welfare—the ultimate socialism controlled by the state. The fantasy of the music industry is that capitalism will fall if there are no youth to fill its corporate boardrooms and its factories of unfairness. Of course they’d be wrong—because in capitalism it is not the masses who make wealth—it is individuals—and individuals don’t find themselves pawns in a global game of communist insurrection. They make money through productivity.

Rich Hoffman

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