What is Waterboarding: The cost of John McCain’s pacifism


An MMA fighter who is kind of typical young kid who leans in the direction of progressive education gave a demonstration shown below of what waterboarding looks like and described the feeling it invoked in him. With all the protests of torture from the CIA that has been released lately from the political left, the example by this young guy was interesting as his point was to prove how terrible the torture technique was. What it actually did was show how silly it was and made me wonder how hardened criminal terrorists broke so easily—even after two or three days of such torture. It looked pretty soft to me—compared to the kind of torture that actual terrorists conduct against Americans and others in the free world. Just as the CIA report came out which cost $40 million dollars produced by senate Democrats the terrorists of ISIS put out an offer for the body of James Foley in exchange for a million dollars. Of course, without the head they cut off as an act of terrorism broadcast to the world. Compared to the terrorists of ISIS, the waterboarding torture techniques looked pretty soft. Just hold your breath during the soakings and force them to bring harm to you which would allow a law suit for violation of the Geneva Convention later—and a hardened terrorist could last days if they really had the resolution. Foley didn’t have the option—and many like him. Yet liberals continue to empower evil with their cries for inaction in the face of maniacal villains.


That is assuming that a terrorist actually has rights to be considered. American torture for aims protecting the interests of capitalism and freedom throughout the world are nowhere near as severe as those of global terrorists—yet the political left, mainly those of mainstream Democrats believe that pacifism is the means to dealing with aggression. They are wrong.

To many cultures throughout the world good and bad, right and wrong are relative to perspective. To the terrorists of the Middle East, they have a legitimate beef regarding the Sykes–Picot agreement; however they do not have a right to impose that frustration on individual liberty. When they use confiscated individual suffering to invoke collective sympathy, they cross the line and become evil—just as Europe was evil in screwing the Arabs out of their land after World War I. But the continued anxiety about such things become no different from the Ferguson riots who use race tensions as an excuse to bust windows and create havoc. The Middle East terrorists today just use Sykes-Picot as an excuse to cut off heads, rape women, and steal property—under the disguise of a freedom fighter. The political left, unable to determine values, simply look at the wrongs of Sykes-Picot and declares that America should be punished for supporting Europe after World War I and that any suffering inflicted against the imperialist nation should be taken without question. It is the same logic when dealing with race relations, or the behavior of the government against the American Indian—the United States is always assumed to be wrong regardless because the left sees the country as an imperialist power that should be brought down by any means possible. So America can never do anything right in their eyes because it was built on capitalist enterprise.

Young people like that MMA fighter have been raised in public schools to believe in left leaning political theory and it takes a while for them to mature away from it into their late 30s and 40s until life finally tells them that waterboarding is too good for most terrorists—especially ones who helped cause the creation of the TSA. Air travel in America has been a pain in the ass since—so waterboarding doesn’t create enough pain to justify the enormous inconvenience that terrorists have brought to American lives. Waterboarding is a form of torture, but so is dealing with the TSA. Terrorists wanted to take away American freedoms with their acts of aggression, and they were successful. Yet the political left believes that nobody should pay for those crimes because they were done against America—and to their minds—America has to pay for the crimes of its creation.

The political left uses the same logic that the Palestinians have against Israel when they argue that the Gaza strip was always their land and they will never stop trying to destroy Israel until they regain it. Yet the value that Israel brings to the region through its capitalist endeavors is quite a benefit to the region. Their irrigation systems are technical and quite enterprising compared to the communist driven hatred behind the politics of the Palestinians. Just across the border from Israel is an armpit of poverty because the region has failed to embrace capitalism and is force feeding their people collectivism and are angry at the result. So they take that anger out toward nations that show them how backward their cultures really are—and use that frustration and hatred to justify their foolishness. They brew that hatred until there is no longer any rational discussion and terrorists seek to impose collective will against individuals.

To defend individual liberty the CIA took to a soft means of torture in waterboarding to keep the terrorist cells of radicals on their heels and out of the lives of Americans. And for that the political left is offended—so much so that they’d waste $40 million dollars on a one-sided report on the same day that Jonathan Gruber was grilled before congress for his role in the Obamacare debacle. The pattern is obvious—and the terrorists are always crazed lunatics from the Middle East.

The worst terrorists of all are those pacifists who declare that America should be punished just for existing, and that any attempt to fight back against terrorism is futile—and unjust. To keep people from inflicting pain against the United States in the mind of the liberal left is to prevent the punishment that America deserves to receive as a capitalist country who dares to spread freedom across the world as a beacon of light to individual achievement. The torture method used by America could be making terrorists play video games—and the left would still call it unjust. There is no way to appease their temperament because they are in league with the enemies of the United States.

Waterboarding has been made out to be so severely unjust and those who live in a bubble of intellectual curiosity might believe it vacant of perspective. But the reality of the matter is that those who are declaring such injustice are rooting for the other team—and do not like America. In the case of Senator John McCain, he has come out against waterboarding and the CIA report as a Republican who was a former POW who was tortured himself—so he has a soft spot for the behavior. I feel sorry for his experience, and his opinion. As a pacifist, he lost his presidential election attempt in 2008 to Barack Obama because he was a pacifist and refused to attack his opponent in the manner that might have prevented the epic dept of over $18 trillion dollars that we currently have. His pacifism cost America dearly—just as those who cry out against the CIA for their waterboarding methods do the same in empowering terrorists throughout the world to shoot bullets while we are supposed to throw wadded up paper in return. It’s a preposterous proposal, yet it remains an escalating mantra that becomes louder with each Republican who flees to their offices and shuts their door to controversy. The left has sided with America’s enemies, and they require a system of no value judgment to continue their insurrection—and for that to happen fully, they have to disarm the CIA so that their radical loons can further penetrate American governance so that finally without struggle the imperial power of capitalism will topple forever leaving the world with socialism as the new guiding light.

Rich Hoffman

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  1. Krauthhammer thought his speech Friday was 5 stars. I have minimal media these days but I do read him. Charles is a real conundrum in my book.
    McCain is serial two-faced. It’s a miracle for anyone to stay the course these days. Say what you mean and mean it.
    I’m ashamed I voted for him. I respect his courage but would like nothing more than for him to retire. His constituants think otherwise.
    My father talked about what they used to do to the enemy back when the USA had a spine. Waterboarding is childs play. They didn’t talk about it and we became the greatest nation in the world. We left our doors unlocked, trusted strangers on the street and respected others. Obviously, treating enemies with kid gloves is working much, much better. What’s coming will be hard to handle.


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