Panty Waste: Florence Mall evacuates because of a loud noise

There used to be a term that was very common while I was growing up terming properly the type of behavior we are seeing today—whether it is the Sony studios pulling a film lampooning about North Korea or a bunch of Christmas shoppers running out of the Florence Mall because a CO2 tank blew up at the food court. That term was “panty waste.”

Panty waste meant that someone was so useless that they didn’t even deserve to be the waste material created during the construction of panties which we all know is next to worthless. Not only would such a material not make the cut into an actual garment intended for women and all the waste product that emerge from their southern regions, but it wouldn’t even find its way into the plans for such a thing. Once a panty is made, the left over material has no place to go but in the trash, and such panty waste doesn’t even get the benefit of being soaked in minstrel blood, sexual waste, and genital leakage. That is how bad being “panty waste” is.


Panty waste is not even talked about any longer, because it might hurt someone’s feelings. It’s too derogatory and mean spirited—even sexist. It implies that women are not as strong as men—or equal to them by the feminist definitions of our day. So nobody has any proper words to describe who terribly cowardly it is for shoppers to become scared enough to run out of the Florence Mall just because they heard a loud noise—and overreacted to it being a possible gun shot.

I’ve blown up lots of CO2 type containers, and I’ve shot a lot of guns, even had them pointed at me in aggressive ways on several occasions and let me tell you, anyone who ran from the Florence Mall on Saturday December 20, 2014 just because a silly little CO2 tank blew up, are best defined as “panty waste.” Anyone who cowardly transferred their neurosis into the disguise “but my children had to be safe” trying to hide the fact that you are panty waste to begin with, you have now doomed your children to becoming panty waste in the future with your cowardly behavior. Shame on you.

Children should not be taught to be such cowardly specimens. They should be taught that panty waste is not a good thing to be indulged in by some confused man who wishes to wear high heels with fish net stockings. Panty waste is the worst of the worst because it’s not even material fit for the occasional skid mark absorption that panties are technically supposed to utilize.   Most panties are not the Victoria Secret types of G-strings, but those balloons that overweight women often wear not to entice a sexual partner, but to provide comfort after a day of shopping at the grocery store while the bearer picks their ass constantly between the aisles when they think that nobody is looking. Once in the laundry basket, those used panties are likely to turn off anybody from wanting to engage in sex with the regions of the female that produced such a monstrosity leaving the wash as the only next destination. Panty waste is not even fit for such a disgraceful existence.

So for those who ran from the Florence Mall because of a loud noise, they are the modern embodiments of panty waste. To the Sony executives who pulled their Christmas Day comedy satirizing North Korea, they too are panty waste because of their cowardly behavior. And if you generally cry every time something scary happens and run for some authority figure in your life—you are panty waste. Geez, even some liberals knew the difference such as Obama and George Clooney. I mean, they are really wimpy modern men weakened greatly by progressivism and even they know that enough is enough when it comes to North Korea and Sony.

Once again we have our education system to blame for all this useless sensitivity. They have nearly banished the word panty waste out of political correctness calling it “hate speech.” But in many ways, panty waste is the only tactful way of describing such a cowardly society. That society was largely shaped by modern public education backed by government lawyers, lobbyists of sensitivity, and progressive hate baiters. They are responsible for making so many detrimentally neurotic people who ran from a shopping mall as soon as they heard a loud noise.

The proper behavior would be to hear the noise, determine whether or not there is danger by judging the circumstances—then taking action. In this case once the direction of the loud noise was identified and it was seen that a bunch of oriental people were scrambling to contain their accident at a little restaurant then it would be concluded that they had some kind of cooking mistake—and you could quickly return back to your business. If however it did turn out to be a crazed gunman shooting innocents—then the proper thing would be to engage the target directly and disable the aggressor. If in doing so you take a few bullet shots—the moment the target is disabled, you get yourself to the hospital before you lose all your blood. Try to plug up the loss the best you can during transit. But don’t stand around waiting for someone to save you—save yourself and those around you quickly and instinctively—then get on with business. Don’t be a panty waste.

There is no sympathy for those who behave like panty waste. They tend to vote for every school levy that comes their way, every police levy, every fire levy, every tax increase that comes up because they want some authority figure to make them feel safe—because they are essentially panty waste. They empower terrorists to be meaner than their natural courage would normally allow just in providing such an easy target. When panty waste is so easily scared, it makes those who hope to terrorize others so much more embolden that their attempts might be successful giving terrorists that momentary jolt of power which they crave so aggressively. Those terrorists may find themselves in the end arrested and jailed, but not before the momentary power of ruling over others provides a spike to their sappy egos.

Just because the term “panty waste” isn’t used anymore does not mean that it shouldn’t be. There needs to be some way to describe cowardly behavior and that was what evacuating the Florence Mall was. It was cowardly behavior. Thankfully, nobody was hurt and business resumed as normal just moments after the chaos, but for all those would be terrorists out there watching the behavior of the panty waste at Florence Mall—they were empowered to believe that if a simple little CO2 tank could create such havoc than other easy things might work as well—giving their ego starved intellects the jolt of confidence they need to engage in aggression against Americans. Being panty waste makes our society more dangerous, not less. And there simply isn’t any other word to describe these modern events created by our public education system of pacification and over-reaction all in the name of safety.

Rich Hoffman

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