What’s Behind the Cheap Gas: A big secret meant to be hidden through appeasment

I’ve always reported that the oil industry and the price of oil per barrel was a scam. It was always artificially inflated to fulfill the strategic aims of foreign aggressors. And while the price of oil has plummeted during the 4th quarter of 2014 dropping gas to under $1.99 per gallon at the pump just days before Christmas giving consumers thousands of extra dollars for that needed shopping spike in economic data returns, there is much, much more going on that is not all that good. First and most obvious is the OPEC desire with the United Nations to push Russia out of the Ukraine and punish Putin for his expansionist aggression. After all, the United Nations was created to take away the edge of war through mutual economic destruction instead of with military action, and this is what the UN working with OPEC is doing to Russia to crush their economy without any troop movement.

For those worried about World War III and Russian aggression—do not fear that inept pimple on the world’s ass–they are not the real worry. Just as Putin threatened to cut off natural gas into Europe if they raised a hand against his Ukraine aggression, the UN in conjunction with OPEC has lowered the price of oil to cut down the Ruble and prevent Russia from having the ability to act aggressively. With the Russian economy collapsing due to the low oil prices, Putin cannot afford to act aggressively and will have to return to the table of diplomacy—just as the United Nations wanted. That is what is called passive aggressive terrorism on both sides—both powers have defanged each other so that publicly no hostilities will percolate and they will return to back-slapping in Geneva soon enough without war. China may buy up Russian assets to “help” them, but that will be the extent of the aggression.


Yet, there is something more to the matter which has suddenly filled American pockets with an instant raise to their weekly salaries. Hmm, what might that be? Hmm, what could it be…….Keystone? Hmmmmmm.

Fracking in America has been wondrously successful as it has uncovered natural gas reserves that are so abundant that most of the companies who invested in the fracking infrastructure have come to realize that they can’t make much money just because the new discoveries of cheap and clean energy is nearly limitless. Politicians have tried to regulate fracking out of contention through legislation and EPA activism—but in spite of those efforts, boundless quantities of cheap energy have been discovered. Largely due to high oil prices, America turned inward to solve the problems of crippling energy prices and discovered a major boon to the energy business. Hollywood has attempted to help politicians maintain the status quo which empowers OPEC dramatically with movies like Matt Damon’s anti-fracking work, but it hasn’t taken and Americans have embraced fracking anyway.


The traditional oil industry doesn’t want the hydraulic fracking revelation of cheap energy that is as close to free as it could possibly be. So the prices of oil are being dropped through market manipulation at this particular time to put money in pockets of the American market ahead of some very difficult decisions that must be made regarding the pension systems in many cities. Also during amnesty illegal immigrants have been given Social Security rights along with other citizen assistance programs sponsored by the government. To pay for all this the government needs higher tax acceptance, and they hope to get that by putting more money in the pockets of American consumers so that once again they will give freely of themselves as they did at the voting booths during the 80s and 90s. It is that short-sighted and silly. In the process of that objective the U.S. government removes the appeal of fracking away protecting the energy industry structure that currently exists, global bankers get to leverage their investments behind a temporarily strengthened dollar, the United Nations gets to flex a little muscle to keep Putin in check and Iran losses some of its ability to develop nuclear weapons by reducing the size of their economy by simply cutting their global allowance. And Americans will hopefully go back to sleep once they can put gas in their cars at under $2 per gallon.

But energy prices could be cheaper yet, and that is what the industry is really terrified of—and these global bankers that come up so often in conspiracy theorist dialogues and communist banter—like that of Elizabeth Warren—are in trouble. Hydraulic fracking puts the power of the global economy back into the hands of Americans and makes it so that the wealthiest capitalist country in the world no longer has to play with the toys of the rest of the world making them once again self reliant. So gas prices have been reduced to take American eyes off the obvious before they notice.


So while its nice to see gas prices drop so low that we can once again fill up an SUV for under $40 per tank, it is ultimately a trick designed to take American eyes off hydraulic fracking and the self-reliance that will ultimately follow. Once Americans realize that they can have energy for next to nothing all the problems talked about above—especially the pension system crises that is no longer coming—its here—will exacerbate without resolution collapsing the system that the government mismanaged. There won’t be additional funds to bail the government out of short-term trouble. They have really screwed up and they hope that low oil prices will take the edge off the American temper.

But it’s all fake, the increasing value of the American dollar, the low gas prices, the global intentions—its all about covering up the really bad economic data coming out of the fourth quarter GDP in North America, the mismanaged government programs and their need for tax payer bailouts with valueless money cheapened by quantitative easing—because if America goes the way of the Ruble the whole world will collapse economically. Even China will collapse because they need Americans to buy what they make. Without that market, even though China holds much of the 18 trillion dollars of current American debt, they will never get their value back if capitalism doesn’t drive market influence in some respect. China cannot live on their own with exports to Russia and Europe—so they need America more than the United States needs them. The real issue is the one that nobody wants to talk about—American innovation without government assistance—but in spite of it—has developed a technique in hydrolic fracking that makes America self-reliant and if Americans learn just how much—they will throw their support behind the cheap energy and become isolationists once again as they were before the creation of the United Nations. Because after all, who wants to be forced to associate with such reckless global personalities as those currently manipulating these oil prices. They stay in power as long as the fish bite on their hooks thrown into the water with lucrative bait. But if Americans stop, they find themselves all out of a job—including the global banks who really want the ultimate power of 21st century kingship. Fracking is a threat to them—and is the premier reason we should all support it.

Rich Hoffman

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