Spengler’s Decline of the West: Stepping out of a cycle that promises social destruction

So, what is the task for the overmanwarrior, those who look at the world and think that a cycle of stupidity and irreverence is long overdue for a severed divorce from the human race? Well, the effort of these many writings, my books and general approach to the meaning of life is to rebel and achieve through that escape velocity the perilous grip of Oswald Spengler’s great book, The Decline of the West—published in 1932. in that monumental work Spengler illustrates properly, and with the blow of a hammer upon the head, the fourfold cycle of history which forever repeats itself over and over again with a birth, death and resurrection that is holding mankind to an infantile state of development perpetually. Spengler’s four part cycle is derived from Goethe which is a developed idea from the Greek mythological sequence of the Four Ages–Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Iron, which in turn is a counterpart of the Hindu Round of the Four Yugas, Krista, Treta, Duapara, Kali. For western civilization specifically through global attempts at kingdom building—the fourfold cycle of phases of society is theocratic, aristocratic, democratic, and chaotic.

An example of a theocratic society would be that of modern Islam. After the Sykes-Picot agreement in the waning days of World War I the societies of Arabia moved from a democratic society united under the Lawrence of Arabia and fell after the betrayal into a chaotic society that is currently seeking to reinvent itself. There is now a mild obsession with Allah and the concepts of a theocratic society—which is to say that the leaders and official policy is divinely guided. The Middle East is attempting to give rebirth to itself as Europe, which is still in an attempt at democracy, is trying to reverse the cycle and drag that part of the world backward on their psychological path of self-destruction and resurrection. Europe itself is slanting quickly toward chaos as the psychosis of the typical resident is hell-bent like moths to a flame to renew their society in the same manner.

In the United States the chaotic period in a mild way accelerated in the 20th century jumping through the cycles at lightening speed with the help of technology, radio and television as new inventions. The typical progressive and New England Victorian was much in love with the aristocratic notions of a small privileged few who ruled over all others. But quickly as the enchantment for the masses of socialism and communism spread across America during the “Red Decade” of the 1930s a strong sense of democracy blasted its way onto the scene for the second time in America’s young history. The first time was after the War of 1812 as the settlers from aristocratic Europe brought a mentality with them that quickly quelled the fires of revolution sending adventurers and those of religious persecution westward to flee from the oncoming social parasites. After several failed presidents and a basic philosophical battle with the notion of freedom, the Civil War was fought which plunged America into chaos. It was reborn as a mild theocracy at the turn of the 20th century then moved quickly through Spengler’s four cycles once again. After the labor unions had their destructive result with democracy, the nation was once again plunged into chaos only to now seek to become a theocracy–again. This is the fundamental desire of the Tea Party message—to be a nation divinely guided, and why the Glenn Beck message resonated so strongly as the national debt under presidents Bush and Obama spiraled out of control.

The IRS in targeting the Tea Party is simply the same as the modern European at the United Nations hoping to drag the Middle Eastern to the bargaining table—their societies are in different phases of the four-cycle process and human inclination resists greatly going backwards on that scale instead of always forward. The Washington D.C. culture in modern America wishes to think of itself as aristocratic where the labor unions want a democracy. But the Tea Party seeing the chaos of all those failures is seeking to restart as a theocracy—divinely led. However, the secularists still profiting off the previous periods of chaos do not want to move into a theocratic phase since it will mean an end to their particular rule of man’s mind. So the national consciousness of Americans is moving toward a theocracy with the rest of the empowered being drug along kicking and screaming for chaos—which has already occurred—but they wish it sustained.

So where dose all this put us as a society of human beings? Always in a state of birth, death and resurrection leaving most of the world’s problems impossible to solve since all nations of the world are not going through the same periods together. It is important to understand that these phases are not mandated, they represent a deep psychological neurosis that is part of the human evolution process that it has never graduated from. This mentality goes back to the first Neanderthal with their large craniums attempting to construct an organized society from their nomadic existence. They did, and those four cycles emerged and it is within those cycles that much death and loss of progress can be blamed. Spengler’s cycle is like a treadmill to nowhere which takes us always back to the same spot no matter how hard we work—and its rather ignorant.

The only way to stop that train to nowhere, that cycle of stupidity is to emerge philosophically beyond it without going through the death of one type of society and being reborn again like a child destined to always perpetually make the same mistakes as a parent—just because they taught you to make those mistakes. True independence for the human mind insists that this concept be entertained, that human beings step off the treadmill and into a fate of their own making. Otherwise, the cycle of death, destruction and perpetual resurrection will continue on into infinity always bringing with it lost gains re-found as if they were brand new only to discover much later that they were never lost, only covered up by social ignorance and political structures that prevented nurturing.

The overmanwarrior fights to step off that treadmill and emerges as an independent human mind facing destiny for the first time without knowing how the story ends. It takes courage, a lack of desire for power over others, and it takes a love of adventure for uncharted territory. The term overman is intended to take man’s mind away from its anchoring to this childish behavior of Spengler’s and to fight for the right to free will away from the cycle of Goethe.

There is no way to ever advance as a civilization until that cycle of personal destruction is broken. So that is the purpose of all this writing, and the term of the overman. It is truly time to graduate away from the ignorance of our past—to learn from it—but to leave it behind to build something truly new, and not the same old garbage that has plagued us for infinity. It appears even the stories of giants in America that I occasionally write about who clearly had an advanced understanding of mathematics during the Archaic Period in the Ohio Valley built for themselves an elite social hierarchy that resembled the typical European aristocratic society. They failed, died as a culture through their incestuous ways, then were plunged into chaos after democratic attempts only to be born again as the Adena and Hopewell Indian tribes moving back into a theocratic society until they were supplanted eventually by new groups of Indians—also theocratic in their social hierarchy who were then replaced by the building of a new country in America who were leaving behind the aristocracy of Europe to begin a new theocracy under the hand of God to start all over again like a rebellious teenager who eventually grew up to become a fat middle-aged—defeated soul who dies and seeks their resurrection anew in the afterlife.

My argument against all this is that it’s pointless, and its time to view the world in a new way—and our role within it. To comprehend that view, it takes an overman—a mind that overtakes man’s addiction to that cycle of destruction. Only then will the decline of human civilization stop and advancements truly take root.

Rich Hoffman

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