Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker: Paris terrorism and the guilt that gives them strength

Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker was running for public office in Dublin, Ireland and was a prominent pub owner who carried a reputation as a great man. A husband and father of three–two boys and a girl he was a man on the rise.   That is until he was walking through Phoenix Park and noticed two young girls urinating with their pants down to their ankles and their sexual mechanisms exposed. Three soldiers spied Earwicker and would later provide testimony as to what they saw as a cod with a pipe approached the distracted celebrity with an inquiry as to the time. Earwicker feeling guilt for noticing the young girls quickly stumbled through an answer indicating guilt that was not justified.

Later the cod’s wife hearing her husband retell of the incident with a bit of flurry to his remembrance carried the story to the local priest. After all, her ear for the spittoon was a seduction that she had great notoriety for, and thus began the downfall of Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker. Soon after the priest uttered a slightly varied version of the story to Philly Thurnston who thus did the same to the next person, who did again to the next person, and so forth until all of Dublin soon knew of the encounter. A pub ballad was soon constructed at Earwicker’s expense called “as The Ballad of the Persse O’Reilly.” Earwicker was so shamed that he soon was locked up in jail—for his own protection, lost his public office, his reputation as a good man, and was put on trial. Eventually the men of the court having sympathy for Earwicker’s shortcomings—because they themselves were thus prone—found him not guilty and the family man and pub owner was somewhat restored once again to his life and daily maintenance.

Thus is the basic story of the main protagonist from the great novel Finnegan’s Wake written by James Joyce for reasons that have provoked the most astute minds of literature.   The purpose of the tale was not to just tell another sultry story of a middle-aged mind caught into the perversions of sexual indulgence by women at the prime of their seductive powers. It was to show a cycle that all societies go through as represented by Earwicker who is often just termed in the novel as HCE—or otherwise—Here Comes Everyone. Finnegan’s Wake is a heavily inspired metaphor of Giambattisto Vico’s cyclical theory of history which states that civilization always passes through four basic phases, a theocratic phase. An aristocratic phase. Right on cue it enters a democratic phase. Then once that cycle has run its course society drops back into chaos and anarchy. We presently throughout the world as seen most dramatically in the opening weeks of 2015 are witnessing the attempt of a theocratic order attempting to use chaos and anarchy to gain control of the world population through radical Islam to start the cycle again for mankind.

In a lot of ways Western Civilization has been undergoing this elusive menace for many years starting with the communist attempts for attention and world-wide expansion during the 1950s and 60s. Behind that mask was the Civil Rights movement who like the priest from Finnegan’s Wake took some of the collectivist uttering’s of the communist insurgents and added their own sprinkling of truth to the story under the guise of righteousness to further deteriorate into a quandary. Now society is so disarmed with guilt not completely justified, that it can do nothing but shut itself away from the world and hope that the courts will find them innocent—which of course they will. But, the damage to all reputations will have already have taken place and HCE—(all of us) will have to be born again and start from scratch under a theocratic order. In this case it is the Muslim who desires to set the new rules and have everyone bowing toward Mecca—or be decapitated as a surrender of individual sanctity in favor of collective identification.

The recent Paris attacks by young Islamic radicals are nothing more than the spreading of a new modern age “Ballad of the Persse O’Reilly.” Their military intention is to destroy the previous cycle of history and gain power for their order under the Vico cycle of an emerging theocracy. They are the girls in the park with their pants down urinating after a long night at the pub singing and dancing. The mechanism used to move society from one phase to another is guilt. Once a group of assailants can get portions of society to admit to “guilt” they can then control that person infinitely. This is what has happened in regard to racism and the progressive platforms. It was Republicans in the United States who put an end to slavery and started the Civil War to free men’s minds. But, using the same social tactics progressive radicals have demonized Republicans into inaction and thrown them in a metaphorical jail for being angry white guys old and outdated while the only people qualified to manage their “people” are boyz from the “hood” with crack sales on their resumes and baby-daddys from here to infinity as their family lineage. Like HCE, Republicans put themselves in jail to protect their reputations from the swarms of gossip and turned toward the law for help. But the insurgents have gained control of the law as well leaving no recourse but to stand on the sidelines and complain about the gross unfairness.

Finnegan’s Wake is a warning of this cyclical procession that has embedded itself in the human consciousness like a sickness destined to always destroy the grounds made among human kind. Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker couldn’t help but notice the young girls with their pants down showing their private parts to the world. Being a man of great reputation he was quick to catch his primal thoughts and get them under control.   But, the cod who asked the time assumed that Earwicker stuttered not out of self-regulation, but out of guilty yearnings, such as the cod likely struggled with. He needed to feel reconciled and momentarily superior so he passed on the story making himself the hero at Earwicker’s expense. The result of the book is to show that Earwicker was destroyed but rose again to return to the beginning of the story.

Yet my proposal and the purpose of this site is to step off that Vico cycle all together. It might be remembered that I had a bit of controversy once, which I considered to be equivalent to the court trial in the novel Finnegan’s Wake. When Scott Sloan asked me on 700 WLW in front of many hundreds of thousands of people to admit guilt and say I was sorry to all the fat-assed despots and levy supporters that I had properly identified, what he wanted was for me to play the role of HCE and put myself in jail awaiting judgment and forgiveness by my peers. Of course I refused because my opinions were my own and I felt no guilt for them. Just as HCE should have never felt guilt for walking through a park and noticing a couple of girls with their pants down. He didn’t pull down their garments and ask them to conduct themselves in such a way, so he should have never stuttered when the cod asked him the time. He had done nothing wrong. Yet, because HCE knew that there would be judgment cast upon him, he knew he had to be careful how he answered, so he made a mistake which then perpetuated itself into chaos—which is the aim of all these endeavors against logic. And so it is that no Christian, Muslim, or Buddhist should feel guilt for the plight of the modern communists behind ISIS, or the Sykes-Picot agreement after World War I, or for slavery in America that was ended by the American Constitution, not sustained and justified.

The enemies of our age are using guilt to destroy us dear reader. You would be advised to stop feeling guilt and allowing it to control your actions. You must first have convictions about things, and be willing to stand by them. If you do not, you will end up like poor Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker from Finnegan’s Wake. Society uses guilt to advance the Giambattista Vico cycles which ultimately always erase whatever progress we truly make as a society in the fields of philosophy, history, religion—even mathematics and science. America is a step off the Vico cycle, and its high time that those lucky to be born under its protections stop feeling guilty about their fortune and protect the philosophic advancements passed down to us for sanctuary. The human race is in our hands, and it cannot be surrendered to chaos and theocratic despots by simple unfounded accusations designed to invoke guilt—and thus surrender of the emotional high ground for which America sits. Be warned, and listen to the quandary of Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker for what it is—a warning to us all. Do not make the mistake he did and carry willingly the guilt of mankind just because a cod asked for the time. Give him the time if he asks for it, but don’t feel any guilt for what you see. All the girls of Phoenix Parks everywhere will do what they do. But those of us who are like HCE have a right and obligation to walk where    they do and not be steered away just because society has its own agenda and a desire to regress back into a theocratic rebirth—and loss of all human advancement thus gained.

Rich Hoffman

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