John Boehner and Charlie Brown: The Back Porch Saloon against “The Beltway”

Of coarse John Boehner should not have been re-elected as Speaker of the House. He’s a nice enough guy; he’s even a neighbor in some respects. He puts his pants on like everyone else and he makes sure people know it. He even eats lunch at the Back Porch Saloon when he’s in town just to let everyone know that he’s still the same John Boehner that he always was. He doesn’t believe in earmarks—which is good. And he really does try to keep things simple in regard to politics. But that same old John Boehner is a softy and not a very good manager. He likes too much to be admired and accepted among his peers which makes him weak and vulnerable on Capital Hill leaving him a lap dog to the insurgent President Obama. So Boehner should not have been re-reelected to a third term.   It was encouraging to see a bit of resistance to his leadership, but it wasn’t enough to really challenge him. One of those would-be challengers was Chris Stewart from Utah who ended up voting for Boehner anyway. He called into the Glenn Beck radio program to explain himself—his reasons for supporting the failed Speaker. What Chris uttered says a lot about why politics is so screwed up and why at this point only vigilant castigation will be acceptable. Being a swell guy who eats at the Back Porch Saloon is one thing—being a good and thoughtful legislator is quite another. And with comparison John Boehner has failed. Here’s why:

The Republican plan is to slowly take over the House and Senate with conservatives—united—and to put on President Obama’s desk a stack of bills that the lame duck will of course veto. Boehner then thinks that he’s going to be able to point at the White House and say, “see, we tried, you need to give us a Republican as President so we can really get something done.” Meanwhile, Obama is flying all over the country pretending he is Santa Clause giving away free amnesty, free college, and trying to community organize the black communities against cops so to enrage them to the voting booths out of sheer hate. Obama is going to point at Boehner and say “look, congress is saying no again. I can’t get anything done. Now there is a Republican senate that is making it much worse.” Well, dear reader—who do you think will win that battle? The charismatic communist insurgent or the stiff backed “pro business” guy who likes to eat at the Back Porch?


As the crew on the Glenn Beck Program pointed out, Chris Stewart, the Utah representative got caught playing the game—Boehner’s game so that he can stay in power. Boehner has already lost the respect of the nation with his kisses of Nancy Pelosi and quiet support of Obama so that he can show that he’s willing to compromise. But in the world of Obama—just as it is with any typical lowlife—their goal is to take everything from one side and give nothing from their position—because they have nothing to give in the first place—and therefore nothing to compromise with. This is like the guy who says to his wife—“let’s compromise.” “We’ll go to your parent’s house after we go to my parent’s house for an upcoming holiday event.” So the wife agrees. But when it comes time to make good on the deal, the husband stays at his mom’s house then says there isn’t time to go to the other leaving the wife high and dry. Obama doesn’t have anything for which to barter except his political mandate to raise taxes, spread philosophies of collectivism, and churn up the racial/economic divides between voting demographics to further erode American sovereignty. You can’t negotiate with that. Nobody can, yet Boehner has tried. And each time he has come up short. Like the wife in the example, he ends up compromising, but getting nothing in return but a lot of wasted time.


Remember the tough talk about someone from the IRS going to jail if they were involved in the targeting of conservative groups during that whole scandal? Well, the proof was discovered by the outgoing congress in December of 2014 which actually points straight into the White House—to a meeting with an IRS labor leader talking directly to Barack Obama—and then Lois Lerner executing the directive. The email trail is there. Yet Boehner won’t confront the bully. He instead thinks he and Mitch McConnell will load up the president’s desk with bills to veto and catch the slippery snake at his own game. They don’t see that they are being baited into inaction as we speak by a president who knows of no other game but theft, lying and stealing American wealth and redistributing it to the unearned. After all, Boehner seems to think that Obama is a swell guy too—just like he is. They are some of the most powerful people on planet earth and they have that much in common. We’re just $18 trillion dollars in debt with no prospect of paying that crisis down and all the Republicans want to do is fulfill their lobby requests to pass the Keystone Pipeline, which of course the president will veto until the end of his days. Obama will never vote in favor of Keystone and you have been told before dear reader why. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW. First, it will upset his liberal base who believes in this new religion of “Global Warming” where earth has been replaced by God as the deity of worship. Second, it will mess up the profit formula of Warren Buffett’s train distribution system across the northern United States and southern Canada to the Pacific coast. Obama made a deal with Buffett in exchange for the billionaire’s endorsement on increased taxes—and as long as Obama is president, there will never be a Keystone pipeline to carry North American oil to the gulf coast instead of the Pacific Northwest for foreign markets.

Meanwhile Boehner is thinking small and playing into the hands of Democrats who want mass chaos and debt driven destruction of old “imperial” America so that communist China can hold the former economic powerhouse hostage under massive obligations. All Boehner can think about is his next golf game or what he might eat the next time he goes to the Back Porch Saloon.


With the State of the Union address coming up quickly, it is clear that what the president wants to do is at the expense of John Boehner—yet Boehner will shake hands with the scum bag anyway and talk about all their good times on Capital Hill—about that recent golf game where he was a stroke under par. And they’ll all laugh among themselves as the cameras set up to watch Obama sign Boehner up for all the free stuff he wants to give out so that Democrats can retake the House, Senate and White House in the future. And when Boehner and the house Republicans don’t give him what he wants, Obama won’t hesitate to pull the trigger of opinion against the House Speaker. The biggest difference between Obama and Boehner is that the Speaker is a nice guy and usually talks tougher than he acts. The President on the other hand talks much softer than he acts. He does mean it when he says something, and his intentions for America are not the same as Boehner’s. Obama doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the Back Porch Saloon, or West Chester, Ohio where Boehner lives.   Obama would like to take all those affluent people from Boehner’s district and milk them all dry until there is nothing left and then throw all that money to the communists in minority neighborhoods to be squandered away on lottery tickets and cream soda. Once the money is spent, they’ll be back with accusations of slavery, police brutality, and a congress that just won’t act and give away more free stuff. Meanwhile, the debt clock is continuing to tick in the wrong direction and in another two years it will be pushing $20 trillion dollars.

So Chris Stewart had it coming. He got caught playing the game of Washington politics that does nothing for the people of the nation—but everything for the parasites who work the Beltway. Voting for Boehner was a ringing endorsement of complacency and mediocrity. It was a vote for a swell guy who will continue to play the role of Charlie Brown trying to kick the football by a Lucy who will just pull it away at the last-minute. Obama is holding the football for Boehner to kick, and like always, he will pull it away at the last-minute. Because to these Capital Hill idiots, the whole thing is just a game of wealth redistribution. No, Boehner is not one of them—he’s not trying to take over America, he’s trying to save it. But he’s a naive, gullible, do-gooder in the manner of Charlie Brown—full of good intentions, but unable to outmaneuver the slick Chicago insurgent holding the football. Boehner can’t beat Obama at anything—ever—yet congress just threw their support behind a sure loss of the next two years, and they are trying to sell it as a good strategy? That is what’s wrong with politics. We don’t have two years to play this game. Because the game is already over—there is nothing to barter with from Republicans anymore—but to sanction the victimhood of Obama and his communist insurgents. And that is a job too big for John Boehner’s mild sensibilities and small town ethics.

Rich Hoffman

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