A Christopher Cornell False Flag: The possiblities of entrapment for political objectives

There is something very fishy about the Christopher Cornell case in Harrison, Ohio where a twenty year old kid supposedly was planning to attack government officials in Washington D.C. Cornell wearing a very ISIS terrorist looking beard was arrested at a popular gun store in the suburb of Cincinnati by “government employees” and sent to a facility run by more government employees to be tried by more government employees. So it will be very interesting to see how much evidence comes out of the trial and of the relationship the kid had with the FBI between the weapon purchases recently made and the date where Cornell showed up at a 9/11 rally as a “truther” revealing his beliefs that the New York terrorist attack was an inside job. The mode of operation of this terrorist attack seems awfully close to motivations of the IRS in attacking conservative groups. After all, here is an angry white male—an anti government type who is converting to radical Islam and wants to kill government workers buying weapons at a gun store in the heart of America. And the kid’s father is another small government type who immediately stated that the government set up his kid. So it is obvious where young Cornell got his distrust of government. The whole story is wrapped up a little too neatly for the government case against the certain demographic types that are currently putting pressure on them to reform themselves. So the FBI—and the government for that matter—suddenly had a story that made them look proactive against homegrown terrorists, and at the same time shuts up the sector of society known as the “hard right” from fear of themselves being targeted as terrorists.

It is very easy to manipulate young people, especially between the age of 15 to 21. Kids are still kids at that age—especially these days, and not very wise to the ways of the world. If a kid in that age group starts hanging around with “wigger” kids, he’s likely to start walking about with his pants down and listening to Eminem. If a kid hangs with a gang of “narco” types, they’ll likely spend a lot of time listening to gangsta rap and planning petty crimes. If a kid hangs around nice kids who spend their weekends learning to milk cows, they will likely attend church on Sunday and praise the Lord at the dinner table. Behavior for most young people is largely governed by environmental conditions. And environmental conditions are established by peer review and pressure.

For a kid like Cornell, who it appears didn’t have many close friends, it would be very easy for a FBI agent to indirectly contact the boy after the 9/11 truther protest and provoke him into a direction of choosing since it was clear that there was an origin of discontent. It might begin with a simple positive comment on a Twitter post of something that Cornell had said, then over the course of a few months, the agent could plant ideas in the mind of the target and begin to steer his thoughts in the direction of choosing. To put it another way, think of the relationship to a first date where a man wants to have sex with a woman. The woman may be interested in sex otherwise she likely wouldn’t be on the date, but she doesn’t want to come across as cheap, so she plays hard to get. Maybe she plans to wait a date or two before she allows for the possibility of sex. But, the man needs to tell his friends about the date so that he can look like a big man with great sexual prowess.   Men need to report to their peers about how they bag and tag the women with their powers of persuasion. So the man leads the girl along with a nice dinner, perhaps a gift at a store to make her feel obligated later, then when it comes time to close out the evening, he pulls out the guilt to get the sex. The woman gives him what he wants because internally she’s insecure that she might lose such a sugar daddy, so she accelerates the process along hoping to get a date number two, and three—and perhaps even marry the guy. So she gives up her sex hoping to hook the guy to her loins.

Fast forward to Christopher Cornell playing video games in his room all day long doing very little productive in the world who is still very close to his mother. The boy never really broke away from his mother’s breast to become a man of his own—so he’s still very prone to the peer pressure of society as a direct result. This is always a typical trait of such males who are too close to their mothers. They are very socially conscious as their foundation thinking still comes from the women’s circles within family structure. Yet to assimilate with the father and behold atonement which is another major concern among most young males, Cornell adopted the notion that 9/11 was an inside job. (Of course this is all hypothetical at this time, and could be confirmed by court documents during the trial if allowed to be seen by the public) So Christopher goes to a rally with his famous sign and catches the attention of the FBI who decide to make an example of him. An agent contacts the lonely kid looking for his way in the world and tells him he agrees with him on 9/11 and earns the trust of Cornell. Then the agent starts planting seeds, just as the man who wants to have sex with a woman does—to provoke reaction and stimulate an outcome. A person craving acceptance—any acceptance will do extraordinary things to get it—and perhaps Cornell wanted to impress his FBI friend so much that he was willing to kill and maim targets of the friend’s definition so to earn that respect. In the end there was only one man who walked into the Harrison gun store to buy weapons for a planned terrorist attack. So Cornell is guilty of that. But would the kid have grown the beard, and changed his name to the ISIS wanna’ be—Raheel Mahnus Ubaydah just a few years out of high school where he was a wrestler and planned a terrorist attack against government workers and the U.S. capital? Likely not. If the FBI had not befriended the kid, it is likely Cornell would still be in his room playing Assassin’s Creed and texting his mother about his needs.

The target likely wasn’t Christopher Cornell himself, but the father because of his political beliefs. The FBI needed to make some kind of arrest somewhere to show that they were getting out ahead of these potential home grown terrorists before something happened—especially after the Paris attacks. America needs to know that its safe and the Cornells as a family were easy targets. By pushing their buttons to send them over the edge the government gets the sniffing dogs off their backs with the IRS corruption, the Benghazi murders, Fast and Furious, the communist insurgency coming out of Cuba, Russia—and China. The push toward socialism in Europe, carbon credits, oil prices to destroy American fracking, and the desire to see Islam and other religions besides Christianity spread through public education to young people with a new civil rights movement–a modern crusade. The message behind the Cornell arrest is two-fold, that the FBI was doing their job of protecting America and that even angry white tea party types are prone to the teachings of Islam—so there is no place to hide.

This could of course all be fiction on behalf of my prose. The court documents would of course provide the context of the story in greater detail. But if I had to bet money—I’d say what I stated is closer to the truth than what is being told to us on the news. There are very good reasons not to trust the government. Just yesterday John Kasich, the governor of Ohio stated people against Common Core were suffering from an inaccurate “hysteria” when the reality is that local school boards still have the final say. What he didn’t say was that his support of Common Core, and why local school boards will go along to get along is because there is federal money attached to it, and like a common prostitute he wants the money for his budget balancing, just as a crack whore wants to fund her habit. So they will justify the means to satisfy the evil. Then of course there is the local politician John Boehner who stated that someone needed to go to jail over the IRS scandal. Yet now the targeting of conservative groups is known, and even people close to Boehner suffered yet he isn’t motivated to do anything about it now that he knows it’s connected to the White House because of the 2014 congressional hearings. At every turn federal workers at most levels are showing that they are more prone to corruption and vile acts because they are protected by labor unions—such as the IRS workers were, police are, and just about every public service. So what we get is bad work from employees who take their jobs for granted. And they are only motivated to act when public pressure is applied.

When it comes to the Christopher Cornell case it solves two problems for the federal worker—it shows that there is extremism within the small government types of demographic population, and it shows that Islam is spreading to the lonely recesses of Harrison Avenue in Ohio. The hope is that people like the Cornell family will just shut up and do what they’re told to do. At least that’s’ how it looks. The trial, if it’s open and well covered by the media will either confirm or deny these accusations. But what will likely happen is the trial will be put off until the case cools, then it will happen lightening fast and without much fanfare. Christopher will be tucked away for a while to be further broken down and his parents will have to shut their mouths if they ever want to see their kid again. And once it is realized that the FBI actually entrapped the kid into saying everything he did, the public opinion will already be set and they’ll be on to the next crises.

Meanwhile the government will pardon themselves from any guilt in the debacle and will be looking for a tax increase to pay for their pension plans and summer vacations. Angry white guys and small government types especially in Ohio will watch their tongues so that they are not accused of guilt by association. And the Cornells will grieve each night knowing that their son is beyond their help. Fear makes monsters out of even sane minds, and it does much more neurotic destruction to societies in general. And the FBI was well aware of that when they contacted Christopher Cornell needing an arrest of a certain demographic type to satisfy their bosses in the Capital. After all, the budgets are being made by a new congress, and there is nothing like a high-profile arrest at a key time to ensure that budget cuts don’t strike the FBI as it has the now unpopular IRS. In the end, it always comes down to money by the looters who don’t make it—but spend it like drunken sailers in a whore house. And in my opinion that’s the way government employees treat the money we send them.

Let’s see how much info comes out in the trial. But to confirm my thoughts does anybody remember the James Holmes case? He was supposed to go to trial on December 6th. It will likely be with the Cornell case as well. Oh, they’ll cover it locally, but it won’t go very far. The Holmes case is still in jury selection just as a reference. These cases deliberately go on forever because the public losses interest even when deaths occur as it was with Holmes. With Cornell where it was just potential threats showing intent, the public will be even less motivated—and therefore no matter how guilty the FBI is, they know the public will never catch them on their imposition. So it will continue to the next victim.

Rich Hoffman

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