James Holmes and ‘The Suffocator of Sins’: The fuel of conspiracy theory

Checking on the Holmes case in Aurora, Colorado, especially after the recent terrorist escapades in Cincinnati during the opening weeks of 2015, a status was needed as to when the so-called “Joker” theater gunman would actually go to trial. I said initially that the James Holmes case had all the signs of a false flag incident. That’s more than the typical Alex Jones conspiracy theory; it’s rooted in the behavior of the federal government in their prosecution process. The reason that there are all these conspiracies about the Illuminati, alien abductions, and government cover-ups extending from JFK to the present is because of the behavior of the authorities when pressed for answers is not satisfactory. That same sloppy manner was seen during the recent Cincinnati arrests and it is what isn’t mentioned that provokes the imagination to fill in the blanks leading to conspiracy. With the Holmes case it was obvious from the start—yet there wasn’t any real desire to do any hard reporting by the mainstream media. Likely, they feared that the attention span of the typical American wouldn’t want to pull back the 7, 8, or 9 layers of the story that held the actual truth. The rest is that they didn’t want retaliation against them either—as for the forces capable of making a Manchurian Candidate type assassin might turn their anger in the direction of any proper investigation. So that has left proper research to be left to the amateurs and proprietors of new media—such as in the video below. The following documentary by Mark Howitt is good—it’s a bit rough and it bounces around to seemingly disconnected theories—but the collection of news reports and information is worth its weight in gold. Howitt is certainly on to something important. I think there is several more layers to the story—but this documentary presents the essence for critical analysis. To understand the James Holmes shooter and the forces really at work against us, this video needs to be watched, so do yourself a favor and do that now.

In that video it was stunning to see clips of James Holmes as the honor student that he was, very connected to other people and well on his way into the fast track of success. It has a very stunning parallel to the Christopher Cornell case in Ohio where the supposed attacker was planning to join ISIS and turn his anger toward the government into violence and mayhem. The strangest problem regarding Cornell is that the typical ISIS sympathizer isn’t angry at the collectivism of government employment; it is toward the degradation of the West as seen from the perspective of the Middle East and the Sykes-Picot agreement after World War I. Cornell’s motivations seem—contrived—forced into an all too easy package complete with a ribbon on top. It is possible, as anything is in the realm of physical reality, but highly unlikely. Likely, Cornell has more in common with James Holmes than with the lunatics in Syria who are executing homosexuals, westerners, women, and anybody else who stands in their way without any fear of reprisal.

Holmes was a very intelligent, and integrated young man. Real interviews paint a picture of a very different kind of young person than the lone gunman obsessed with Batman movies. Specifically the infatuation Holmes had with the MTV personality Diggity Dave’s movie The Suffocator of Sins. That was a rather interesting tidbit to the story of a struggling future assassin trying to work things out in his head prior to becoming one of the biggest mass murderers in history. In The Suffocator of Sins a would-be hero finds Batman killed so he takes his mask and identity to become a resurrected Dark Knight. This is a very important attribute to the trial of James Holmes because it points directly to the kind of behavioral conditions that took place prior to the murders. However, since Holmes has not within two years even made it to trial yet—these psychological profiles have not been professionally examined for public consumption leaving only conjecture at this point. But it clearly shows the kid was struggling with something intense—which likely has a direct connection to the advanced neural studies he was involved in at college.

The point of the matter is that there are other elements to the story which have not been properly explored, and likely ever will. The source of the conspiracy is the question, why? For instance why hasn’t more been discussed about these conversations that Holmes had with Diggity Dave other than blowing them off as a publicity stunt for a poorly made, cheap movie by a Batman enthusiast, because the motives are highly relevant? Yet very few media outlets covered that story with any real seriousness. They were all too quick to wrap up the story with the booby-trapped apartment and the easy arrest of an incoherent James Holmes sitting in his car.

Then there is all this trouble about a second shooter. The Kennedy assassination has been mired in conspiracy for over five decades over essentially the same kind of thing. Do these gunmen act alone, or did they get help? There is still compelling speculation that there were others involved in the Kennedy shooting and until the report which has been sealed away since that time is revealed finally, that speculation will continue. In that regard the CIA is still insisting that a majority of the sealed documents about the Kennedy case remained sealed—which is odd behavior unless there is something there that they are embarrassed about? The speculation is that deceased agent George Joannides is a large reason for the continued sealing—as there are embarrassing aspects to the CIA involvement that will be revealed. All the people alive at the time will have to die off, and the CIA will have to change hands and be named something else before those records are unsealed—because the agency is protecting itself. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do that dear reader if you were caught in some illegal action? When you control the law, you can control the punishment for poor decisions. So we don’t know if there was a second shooter, or if Lee Harvey Oswald was a Kremlin controlled assassin, or an agent of Cuba, or a false flag to cover up other issues where Kennedy wasn’t getting along all that well with the powers that wanted his seat. It’s all very murky to say the least. And here again, at the Holmes murder scene many years later are witnesses who talk about two gunman—one of them with a goatee. Well, Holmes didn’t have a goatee. The revelation of a second gunman was uttered on the spot quickly, but not mentioned much in the following days and law enforcement was very quick to mop up any reference. They found their guy in his car calmly, and it helped them wrap up the story quickly. Yet for nearly ten minutes there was plenty of time to escape, but Holmes didn’t even try. He then warned officers of the booby traps in his apartment. So why did he set them up if he didn’t have the heart to set them off—after all, he did just walk into a movie theater and shoot everyone he could dead. So why the sudden change of heart?

There are so many things that don’t add up, and the case is still lingering as if the state is dragging its feet on purpose—because they also know that there are things that just don’t add up, and the media does still ask questions they can’t answer. Because of where the case is now, the prosecution needs a nice clean case where Holmes admits to the killing but under mental ailments so that the evidence can be presented against that aspect only. But if the trial goes in another direction and all these open windows get explored, and testimony by Diggity Dave gets added to the mess, and the people at the scene who stated that there was a second shooter—well, then the case against Holmes isn’t so clean and the prosecution has some serious trouble in proving guilt—which is why it’s still in limbo.

These conspiracy problems seem to be increasing, not decreasing. The old tricks used by authorities to cap a case just aren’t working anymore because citizen journalism is doing all the work that the media should be doing and is uncovering the deep layers instead of just the surface stuff. That journalism may not be the most accurate, but at least the questions are being asked—which then require evidence that likely doesn’t exist because of the cover-up aspects of the case. Really smart people just don’t fold up and become mass murders without some kind of provocation—so the question remains—where did that provocation come from? Was it culturally, or was it because of something Holmes got into during his research? Was there a second gunman—who booby trapped the Holmes apartment not with the mind to maim officers—but to destroy evidence in the explosions set off by authorities—computer hard drives, paper reference to known accomplices, and other truths which needed concealment, because the same illusive behavior is being shown in regard to Christopher Cornell in Ohio? I smell a rat—don’t you too?

All this could be cleared up with just simple transparency on behalf of agencies like the CIA, the FBI even the ATF. But we have witnessed what happens in those government agencies when they are caught. The IRS recently destroyed their hard drive evidence implying their guilt during the Lois Lerner debacle, and the ATF actually had an informant that testified against the agency—who suffered much ridicule over the “Fast and Furious” scandal. The CIA is still covering up the Kennedy assassination—God only knows what else they are covering up that is much more recent—and relevant. Because they are hiding something—they are all guilty by association. The court of law may not be able to prosecute them for their crimes, but the public has and will continue. And the conspiracy theories will perpetually boil until the real facts of these matters is revealed without the cloak and dagger escapades of empire building federal employees up to no good for reasons unknown to convention.

Rich Hoffman

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  1. Excellent stuff. Not too many people see things the way we do. They see it as it’s presented. Period. Even with the mistrust of the media, people are inherantly good and believe everything their told. Critical thinking on some of the most basic concepts of deception would be a major task. Too hard and who would you tell? What good is a conspirocy without validation? It’s the handbook of the left. Lie long enough it becomes truth…blah, blah, blah. Damn shame it’s brilliant and works on the mild.
    I think of all the so called conspirosy theories that have come to pass. There’s still people who are so linear like 9 am radio hosts. Just the utterance of false flag would have you laughed off the air. Hard left turn. I’d rather chew glass chased down with battery acid than listen to his ramblings of normalcy bias.
    Yes, I smelled a rat from the get go. So did everyone I know.


  2. Ahhh yesss. Speaking of liars, cowards and conspirocy theories. Talk about any means to an end. The height of hypocracy.
    This picture (if true), should tell even the most willfull ignorant everything they need to know. Everything you think you know to be true when it comes to overloards…is a lie.



  3. No chance Holmes lost his marbles
    Under pressure of school, started dabbling in research chemicals that are easily available on the Internet? Some of these chemicals are serious disassociatives.
    And Just a random thought. What if Diggity Dave the attention whore was the man with the goatee, Lol.


  4. …Dave planned the whole thing as a promo for his crap job movie. There are some reports online of a guy named Diggity Dave being a molester. I realize I’m grasping at straws there.


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