Labor Unions in Decline: Knuckle-dragging losers, Obama and King Jayavarman II

“To give working families a fair shot, we’ll still need more employers to see beyond next quarter’s earnings and recognize that investing in their workforce is in their company’s long-term interest. We still need laws that strengthen rather than weaken unions, and give American workers a voice.”   That is the advice of a knuckle dragging idiot whose entire world view was shaped by marijuana cigarettes, Marxists college professors and a parade of communists who wanted to screw his promiscuous white mother.  Well, that idiot has been president of the United States now for a few years and even with the hard lessons about how socialism does not work, and managed economies by government infusion of their bureaucratic tendrils stifles creative enterprise instead of feeding it—Barack Obama still says really stupid things like that about labor unions.

Union membership in the United States fell to an all-time low in 2014, according to a government report released just days after President Barack Obama called for new laws to strengthen unions during his State of the Union speech. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the union membership rate was 11.1 percent last year, down 0.2 percent from the rate seen in 2012 and 2013. This trend is part of a growing realization about unions in America and the kind of rhetoric uttered by major left leaning progressives like Obama and his personal friend Richard Trumka—that the concept of a labor union is right out of the pages of Karl Marx. Labor unions are essentially anti-American, anti-capitalism, and immoral toward positive growth toward productive enterprise.

The BLS report reveals that union membership is increasingly a thing of the past for most Americans, and is a status mostly relegated to government workers—which needs to be made illegal. The union membership rate for the public sector was 35.7 percent, and was just 6.6 percent in the private sector. As of last year, there were 14.6 million people working in unions.

Labor Secretary Tom Perez picked up on this point, and noted that the BLS report showed that weekly wages for union workers were significantly higher than wages for non-union workers. Union workers saw a median weekly wage of $970 in 2014, while the median wage for non-union workers was $763.

Well……………….Tom, Barry, and Richard T and all the other slack-jawed old hippies and social parasites who utter such ridiculous nonsense with the wit of a cockroach—the reason labor unions are failing is because that $10,000 dollars per year difference in pay that union workers typically make above non-union workers is sapped directly out of the profit formula that most businesses need to exist. While the communist in people like Barak Obama, and Tom Perez point to the CEOs of various corporations and declare that they should give back their high salaries and bonus checks to “the people” of the “middle class” they forget that it takes leaders to drive companies and the workers toward profitability in the first place. Under the philosophy of Karl Marx the “workers” typically left to their own devices are often uninspired toward productive enterprise and are easily out produced by the rest of the world. Yet they command salaries that are higher for less work. That doesn’t make any sense and is the direct cause of why union membership is down.

If labor unions attached to government positions were made illegal that would go a long way toward solving many budget problems in the United States. The private sector has had to learn the hard way—yet the government sector workers have no reason to change their behavior from their point of view. They can now vote themselves raises as labor unions protect them from reality leaving the only option to eliminating their corrosive influence is to cut the positions all together. As Obama lectures that CEOs should distribute their bonus checks to the “middle class” he runs off to a golf outing on the tax payer funded Air Force One to live as if he were the king Jayavarman II of the Khmer Empire presiding over the majestic Angkor monuments. The drunkenness of power upon Obama’s mind is purely funded by tax payer looting provided to him through an army of union driven thugs at his feet providing support so long as they get that marginal pay increase just for belonging to a federal labor union. Labor unions attached to government work of any kind invites corruption of the highest order and are the root cause of the inflated tax payer funded budgets demanding reforms that never come.

Most of the time workers are not worth that $10,000 difference in pay that Tom Perez is talking about because the laws of a free market economy were ignored. The value is artificial and focused on the worker instead of the net result of the product produced by the endeavor demanded—which is a fatal flaw in thinking. Only government workers who get paid for showing up at a desk without the expectation of doing any real work, like Obama and Perez, could conclude such a ridiculous proposal—that companies function as ignorantly as they, and pay employees for unproductive work at values that are unreasonably high. In government when they need more money, they just raise taxes. So they assume in the private sector that the cost of goods and services can do the same to cover their margins. But it doesn’t work that way. When the world is competing with a global economy where many workers in those far away lands are doing work for $1 to $2 per day, its hard for the worker in the middle of Tennessee to justify their existence toward productivity when they expect to make over 100 times that amount for the same work.

This blind support for labor unions comes from people who have no idea how the world really works. They have been bred in a government backed vacuum to believe that jobs are created with tax payer money and that results are never to be expected. In many ways Obama is very much like the king Jayavarman II who started an empire in the region of Cambodia around 802 AD by declaring himself king of the world sticking a penis shaped rock in a slotted stone and asking the gods to give him immortal power. To prove he and his subsequent rulers were truly divinely led, they built all the monuments popular to the region—such as Angkor Wat. But guess what, they weren’t immortal or divinely influenced. They were just men who rose and fell within a few centuries of their climb to power. And so it will be for all government workers and their inflated wages they demand. Their large houses, boats, and lavish vacations paid for by the tax payers will be consumed and cast back to ruin the moment their lives are snuffed out by fate—and nobody will remember their efforts. Only through productivity does the work of ones enterprise live on in some fashion of immortality. No matter how much people like Obama take and give away—the value of what is looted is what suffers. What is taken is productivity and without it an entity dies one hundred percent of the time. That is why union membership is down. Soon, it will only be government workers who will be in them and the next great crises will be when people not in a union are asked to pay for more taxes to justify those in government still in unproductive unions. But the sympathy won’t be there. It’s already fading fast—especially after the scandals within the IRS over the last few years.

It’s only a matter of time before those union memberships decline as well. Because there is no longer sympathy for the unionized slug who expects to get paid for sitting around all day doing very little. The reason is not so much because of the money—it’s because of the effort. America as a nation was a productive place driven by capitalism. Without that productive edge against the rest of the world, Americans feel “average” and nobody likes that. The only way to be a winner is to out-produce your rivals around the globe, and the only way to do that is to do better. A union slug won’t be motivated to do better because they get paid regardless of the work performed. So it will be that aspect to their complacency which will eventually do them in. More union workers is a guarantee to have less work done at a higher cost—and that is not a recipe for success. People, no matter where they come from expect success—yet the labor unions work against that desire in ways that are happily putting them out of business.

Rich Hoffman

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