India is Mad at Me: Homosexuality and Lord Hanuman

Yes, India is mad at me. One of my older articles continues to be one of the most popular as it gets passed around India from computer to computer due to my comments about the ridiculousness of Obama and his worship of the monkey-god Lord Hanuman. Occasionally the comment section on that old article is lively with opinions from the people of India defending their worship of Lord Hanuman. I am usually pretty fair about things unless they get profane. However of late, there has been an interesting resurgence that has been entertaining. For my readers here I am putting a small teaser below along with the link for review. One of the obvious conclusions when reading these comments is that obvious sexual repression comes out in the dialogue, which I brought up with very entertaining results.

I generally feel sorry for the people of India. It’s a dirty place full of ancient reverence from a people generally working an economy dependent on American call centers for their modern jobs. Their social collectivism in India, and passivity have guided them down a path toward economic destruction leaving millions of people desperately poor and turning toward mystics for some sign of hope. For them, Lord Hanuman is something they hope will give them some kind of redemption from their misery. The comment below comes from a guy who was very upset with me—and he wasn’t alone. The anger is that my article called into question the foolishness of any blind dedication to a monkey-god. The comment was full of broken English and profanity and was quite hilarious. You can see it below, when reading this comment think of Apu from the popular cartoon The Simpsons to articulate the voice.

Submitted on 2015/01/24 at 5:27 pm

If you don’t consider religious beliefs for to be a good President then why are you writing this stuff against Hindu deity. You fuking morons are the people who fund terrorism. You like to do what you want then write against Christianity right and watch people fuck your ass. Write about ISIS and watch how your penis gets beheaded. You are the people who make Hitler, Osama. ruine world peace. Every bit of Osama’s life was America written and portrayed. You control over every aspect in the world. You erase History and write your own way.You people steal others bread , take innocent lives, and then make movies like Taken to show other countries as third class, fuking mess with religious beliefs except C I really want to fuckin slap u.

Fuking moron Shut up. Nobody here likes ur Omama You Mortar Fucker Shell licker. Through ur Ascaries infested Brain out and write peace. Your comment show how you took a turn when the guy said something about Christianity but rather you like bashing a demon God. You really don’t have privilege to write any religion Hindu, Islam Buddhism. I’m saying this because I’m an Indian . A Hindustani probably Hindu Muslim Buddhist Christian. I believe and practice all religion. White people always play divide and rule . That’s what britishers did in India.

Please you do die Miss One man warrior (A Chudal).Jesus save this world from this Chudal warrior. Look at your fuckin current status and then talk which is nothing except Hate.

January 24, 2015 at 8:45 pm

Sounds like you need a girlfriend to relieve some of that pent up stress.


  1. History Stinks

January 25, 2015 at 6:44 am

Miss one warrior Why would you care about my pent up dick? If you really care put that in your mouth ?


January 25, 2015 at 1:40 pm

See, I knew you must have been some kind of homosexual type. I didn’t want to hurt your feelings, but that explains your comments. Only an ass pounder would think in the fashion as you. Sorry, dude I don’t swing that way. You might try the banks of your Ganges River. Since most of your women are trying to marry American men who actually have money, I can see why you might give up on that type of activity. But if you’re looking for a date–I can’t help you.

When I made the comment about the girlfriend it is a fact that the population ratio of males to females in India is 940 females for every 1000 males. That means that per every thousand men, 60 of them don’t have a female to mate with as a full-time spouse or girlfriend. So they will only have a few options—they can solicit a dirty prostitute, or become gay which involves more dirty options. Girls are so poorly treated in India that they have a low mortality rate to begin with, and for those who survive, they have an eye for American men just so they can escape from the poverty conditions of India—if they are lucky. So my comment to the frustrated commenter above is not out of context. For instance, in America there are more females from the age of 15 to 64 than there are males. Couple that to all the Russian, Indian, and Chinese women who are willing to trade their nationality for a chance to wed an American man—so to gain access to the freedoms and economic mobility of the United States—the ratio is actually higher for American men in selecting a female to mate with. So while I am sympathetic to people without those sexual options, it must be considered that it is the depravity of their economies which are the root cause of their belief in mysticism to begin with—they simply have no other option. For the poor in India dependent on a call center job stationed in America so that they can buy bread for the day—and the hottest women in their country prefers to be married to an 80-year-old American guy than to be exchanged for a goat within their village to marry some dirty, skinny, monkey-god worshiper—the resulting males have little choice than to become ass pounders or religious celibates.

Notice that the Mumbai skyline is just now starting to develop skyscrapers that have existed in America for years. Skyscrapers like profit in corporations are a direct measurement of economic success. India has done nothing to create a flourishing economy because they have mismanaged their resources for years and instead invested themselves heavily into the afterlife through mystical religions. The recent influx of economic investment is not from anything that India had done, but is because of corporations running from the high taxes of America and Europe for areas that still have good workers who will perform tasks cheaply. And in India, there are some great workers and wonderful attitudes toward enterprise. But their culture is one built on failure. I can understand the frustration that the males there have toward America-especially American men. After all it’s not their fault they were born in such a dusty armpit where women want to leave faster than rain falling during a monsoon. My problem with Lord Hanuman is that we have a current president from that part of the world who deep down inside thinks in the same way as the commenter above.

India is a third-world country stuck in ancient religions from a time when the Indus Valley was actually one of the world’s innovators. But that time has passed by and has left a very crowded country full of desperate people with little hope but to pray to a monkey-god for their redemption. When it comes down to fisticuffs sexuality always rises to the surface from a culture that has little option but to turn toward the dude next to them and ask, “hey mon—after we pray to Lord Hanuman and open up a convenient store—do you want to hook up?” Because the options are so limited in India—there really isn’t a better one. And for that, I feel sorry for them—but they made the situation for themselves by placing values in the wrong attributes socially. Their anger toward capitalism isn’t rooted in logic—but in a damaged ego that not even the Hindu gods of old can wipe away. They made the wrong decisions for their country and now they have little but dirt, foreign investment, and the sludgy Ganges River to direct their pride. That is so very sad, I almost feel bad enough not to point it out to them. But—not bad enough. India would be happier if they adopted more of the values of America—but since they haven’t, their circumstances are a direct result of their poor decisions. They might have spiritual “nirvana” but they typically only have bad things to look forward to on a daily basis, so it’s no wonder they can’t wait to die into a spiritual realm. Their life sucks.

Rich Hoffman

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11 thoughts on “India is Mad at Me: Homosexuality and Lord Hanuman

  1. Sir Rich Hoffman I’m extremely sorry for what I have done. And I really want to apologise this time, so please don’t delete it. See, I have been so rude and wrote the stuff I shouldn’t have written. I don’t use or speak English, even Hindi, Haven’t seen my own India so far,I’m 18 year old. And I would really say that whatever you said about sex ratio is really a shame for us 940/1000 but still I think there are plenty of people, I think 5 times more than US who aren’t that cruel. I think people do such cowardly act because of so many reasons such as Dowary system, Male children etc. People abort girl child. They kill born babies cruelly. Cuz much people are under poverty, farmers don’t have lands, many farmers suicide every day, Much people are under poverty and are labourers, they work here for least worth of their labour. India is a challenge who don’t accept it, die.

    I do want to mention about Governments. People follow the constituency representatives above their rules principles and everything. All politicians are crook and aren’t concerned about people and are looting India since Independence. So the state of India I do belong is Jammu

    And also know some people here who so desperate about having girl child, the religious people call their own home as Evil’s until they don’t get a girl child. Some people who don’t have girl child, during their life time do such rituals so that God forgive them for their sins 😀 . Many people adopt Girl child. As you know India is a place of very vast and different cultures, so one should be careful,especially those who just want to think if it is place slums (I know people can’t go far or think beyond SlumdogMillionaire in India and they completely miss India by a huge margin ) That they also kinda suck. So I would like to tell you about mine.
    I am again ashamed of words about because just about 20 km away from my home Pakistan is dropping Mortar shells and about 25-30 people have been killed so far near border. And who is homosexual ? let’s talk about it.


  2. If Indian girl like western men and hate Indian then why don’t you yourself tell me why is divorce rate high in us while only 5%in India. And yes western girls marry decent Indian boys and look for stats about indo-us marriages.

    And here are lots of beautiful and wealthy people, I think you might’ve not seen whole India while your or someone eyes were open.

    As for (I think in fasion of homosexual) then I should tell you that I just tried answering you in your homosexual way of talking that is almost prevalent in all western movies.


  3. Hey who told you that Bhartians are praying, yoga nirvana type of people. Only about 10% people lead religious life and pray.They can believe in every religion but follow none. And who told you they prey to lord Hanuman to hook up. Consider their multi-billion gods and their ultra multi-billion tales of those god. Their way of life and what time they mediate or pray to which god, you are definitely never going to know. They also follow their local gods and also include their mother and father as one of them.

    And you are talking American way, kids don’t even know who are the parents. Westerns are mostly retarded .Almost 75% of teens aged 15 years are indulged in sexual relationships in America and rate is probably very low in India. They say they don’t even know or understand marriage and it’s just a joke for them as they have invented every possible selfish way of leading human life by so called contractual marriage, etc. And why do such a great nation has stains of porn on it’s economy.Indians always follow morality but after Words like erotic, lust, selfish, being introduced from west to India ,it’s greatness vanished, that’s why Indians can never be as great as once they were.

    India and China in history had 70% economy of the world and west just grazed sheeps for wools. And lot of money in world war ,Britain/allies wasted was actually was actually India’s. That amount of money = could have been India’s way to superpower though it could never have existed. Damaged China by opium war. Genocide of Native Americans. You always have wrong intentions and ethics. Please place a word for someone who is not even faithful to his own people = or what. I don’t know what does this mean but it’s so provocative, just keep people going . Ball so hard. Wipe your ass with a crack of whip.


    1. Good points. Fairly well thought out. You have some things wrong with your English interpretation, such as the crack of a whip has nothing to do with an ass crack. But that’s OK. In your culture nobody even knows how to drive down the road, so that’s pretty good. And your opinions have largely been shaped obviously by progressive influences common in modern academia. But I won’t hold that against you either. You have a lot to learn, but it looks like you are on a trajectory to think right about things when you hit about 140 years of age. So keep trying, you’ll get there sooner or later.


  4. “I write, and write, and write.” – Without much thinking?
    “And when I’m not writing, I’m thinking about writing.” – Certainly doesn’t seem to be the case here.
    “I have too many hobbies.” – Apart from writing and thinking about writing?
    “I read too many books” – Seriously?
    “and I don’t sleep.” – After reading this article there seems to be no doubt about that.
    “There’s just too much life to be lived to waste it for even a second.” – You sure this applies to you?



    Book VI : Yuddha Kanda – Book Of War
    Chapter [Sarga] 125


    “O the gentle one! Are you a divine being or a human being, who have come here out of compassion? To you, who have given this agreeable news to me, I shall give in return, for the pleasant tidings, a hundred thousand cows, a hundred best villages, and for wives, sixteen golden complexioned virgin girls of a good conduct, decked with ear-rings, having beautiful noses and thighs, adorned with all kinds of jewels, with charming countenances as delightful as the moon and born in a noble family.”







    Book V : Sundara Kanda – Book Of Beauty
    Chapter [Sarga] 35

    18.”He has three folds in the skin of his neck and belly. He is depressed at three places (viz. the middle of his soles, the lines on his soles and the nipples). He is undersized at four places (viz. the neck, membran virile, the back and the shanks). He is endowed with three spirals in the hair of his head.

    COGITO !


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