Controversy Over ‘American Sniper’: Why evil hates the new Clint Eastwood film

The best part of the American Sniper film is that it has flushed out the counter insurgents within United States cultures—those who actively work against the ideas established in the Constitution to create an economy based on capitalism, personal freedom, and moral integrity.  The popularity of the film has forced opinions to be mirrored against the radicals of American society and display the contrast.  One of the typical and less profanity ridden examples of hate against the film is the article shown below from–a left leaning publication.  It seamlessly combines an attack on the integrity of Chris Kyle, Clint Eastwood, and the GOP in general into one dribbling hate fest.  Have a look:

Much has been made recently about the inaccurate representation of Chris Kyle in “American Sniper.” We’ve learned that, despite the fact that the film depicts Kyle as a[youtuhero and a martyr, the real American sniper was heartless and cruel. Rather than anguish with moral dilemmas as we see in the film, the actual man had no such hesitation and no such conscience.

But to focus on “American Sniper’s” depiction of Kyle is to miss the larger problems of the film. In addition to sugarcoating Kyle, the film suffers from major myopia– from a complete inability to see the larger picture. And that is why criticism of the film has to look at its director, Clint Eastwood, and the troubling ways he represents a dark, disturbing feature of the GOP mindset.

In order to have the bigger picture we need to remember two key moments in recent Eastwood public appearances. The first took place in 2005 when Eastwood confronted filmmaker Michael Moore at the National Board of Review dinner, where both men were being honored. Moore was there for his documentary on U.S. gun culture, “Bowling for Columbine.  Eastwood had “Million Dollar Baby.” After Eastwood accepted his award, he directed comments at Moore. “Michael Moore and I actually have a lot in common – we both appreciate living in a country where there’s free expression.” Eastwood then added: “But, Michael, if you ever show up at my front door with a camera – I’ll kill you. I mean it.” The tone was I’m sort of joking, but maybe not really joking, provoking nervous laughter from both the audience and Moore himself.

Eastwood said he would kill Moore if he showed up at his door. This was his response to a film that raised much-needed conversation about U.S. gun culture. Eastwood’s reaction tells us a lot about the way that some members of the GOP treat those with whom they disagree. If you don’t agree with me on guns, I’ll just kill you.

For many years these types of leftists have attacked the fundamental conservatism of American culture with accusations that silence opinion so not to be labeled in such a hateful manner.  Socialist radicals just as they are taking over Europe, the Middle East, and every poverty-stricken nation throughout Africa, India, and China have successfully eroded away opinion against their schemes using the same methods and everywhere but America has it worked.  In the United States the leftist strategy is certainly at work, but it has met with considerable resistance particularly from the type of Americans who love their guns, their country and their God.  Chris Kyle is a danger to them because it gives those core Americans the knowledge that they are not alone and isolated in their thoughts and provides clarity to the true insurrection by socialist minority forces.  These insurgents have been at work for many years as change agents against the American republic trying to force a conversion into a mass driven democracy guided by socialists.  American Sniper is the movie of normal Americans, and they have showed up in mass to see it scaring the crap out of those insurgents hoping to remain undetected.

Clint Eastwood has had a battle with these insurgents for many years starting with his Dirty Harry films.  Those cop drama movies were all about the changes happening in America through those change agents as Clint Eastwood’s character represented the last vestiges of John Wayne’s patriotism.  Critics pushed on Eastwood throughout that series and in each film Dirty Harry addressed those issues.  For instance in Magnum Force, the second Dirty Harry film Clint Eastwood dealt with the thin line between his character and the vigilantes who were cops who created a secret squad of assassins killing bad guys without any court process.  It was essentially an argument between raw conservatism and fascism.  In the Enforcer the story dealt with underground communist terrorists similar to the real life Weather Underground.  Dirty Harry had a female partner which created conflict in the face to the severe danger being created by radical groups pressured by a political system to hire women to the force just for social satisfaction.  In Sudden Impact everyone was against Dirty Harry as the character was forced to step away from the politics surrounding him.  At the end of that movie when the killer was found, Eastwood’s character let her go—because there was no justice possible to rectify the situation.  By the time the Dead Pool came out—which launched the career of Jim Carry—Dirty Harry was a celebrity just trying to live his life—but circumstances would not allow him to do so.  Even with all the feel good publicity expected by Dirty Harry—in the end he had to turn toward raw vigilantism to solve the crime.  Eastwood has always answered the leftist critics with his arguments in his most controversial films.  He as done plenty of soft, non political films, but Eastwood has always expressed a lot about himself and his views in his movies.  His best films are the ones where he is most controversial because the passion of his convictions comes out clearly which is why after all these years—he is still a beloved actor/director.  Like a time capsule Eastwood has been there from the beginning and has chronicled the present insurgency in the topics of his films as they happened to our social tapestry.

So it is again with American Sniper which essentially returns to the topic of the very first Dirty Harry film.  The fight between Chris Kyle and Mustafa in the film is the same as the one between Dirty Harry and Scorpio.  American Sniper is an exploration of evil and what to do with it when you find it.  What is the responsibility of America when evil is at their doorstep?  That is the question that Eastwood answers in the film.  And American audiences like his opinion and have voted with their wallets.

Evil is among us.  It is at work and it forces us to look within ourselves to decide what to do with it.  It’s not complicated—it’s rather simple.  For Chris Kyle, because his upbringing and state heritage gave him the ability to detect evil as viewed by Christian orthodox—he had an advantage over those less fortunate throughout the world.   After all, we are lucky to be born in America.  It would stink to be born and raised someplace else—but we need not feel guilt about that to the point where we give the value of that benefit away just to make the rest of the world feel better about themselves.  The insurgents among us feed off that tendency and make it into a reckless enterprise.  Chris Kyle, like many of us are products of our environment—and those of us born on the winning team are lucky to be there.  But we have a right to protect that value by projecting it elsewhere so that other little children not born under capitalism and freedom can taste what we love and cherish.  If left alone—those other countries become cesspools of evil by default.

So the question remains, is it a higher morality to leave a country like Iraq alone as the terrorist evil there hell-bent on revenge for their arguments with Europe and a conflict that extends back to the Crusades—or should America sweep in to free people from the evil at work behind the broken ideologies of collectivism that is ever-present among the communist driven ISIS currently reeking havoc once again in Iraq upon our departure?   Would Iraq be better off or worse off without all the CIA involvement, or the alliances formed due to oil companies in Saudi Arabia?   If left alone, the entire Middle East, Israel included, would be a pit of communism and that is the real issue that leftists hate about American Sniper.  If the traditional definition of communism is defined as evil because it robes individuals of their ownership and value and surrenders to the collectivism of the mob then it is easy to designate all terrorist activity as evil.  They aren’t freedom fighters fighting against institutionalism.  They are fighting in favor of institutional religion, politics and economic viability. And that makes them evil.

Evil likes to hide in the masses.  Within collectivist systems where the value of the good is robbed to hide the degradation of the bad, evil can flourish—so it prefers collectivism over individualism because it can operate in a concealed fashion.  Clint Eastwood made a movie in American Sniper that stares that evil in the face—and the leftists advocating that vile evil don’t like it.  So they criticize the film, Chris Kyle, Clint Eastwood and anybody who expresses appreciation for the film hoping to push everyone back into the hole that they have been living in for years allowing evil to flourish.  But this time it’s not working.  And they are scared—as they should be.

Rich Hoffman

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3 thoughts on “Controversy Over ‘American Sniper’: Why evil hates the new Clint Eastwood film

  1. Wow. I could not agree with you more….This movie really left a mark on me made me rethink a lot of my attitudes about things…for people to even utter the words”snipers are cowards”. Anyone who has the nerve to be an armchair quarterback and sit in the comfort of their own home while these men and woman risk their lives for us–those are the real cowards.


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