ISIS Deliberate Destruction of Archaeology: Hiding the past to preserve power


As predicted the thugs, losers, and knuckle-dragging misfits of ignorance have repeated history. Nearly four years prior to the day I predicted this would happen and would be the worst impact of the Muslim Brotherhood radicalism in Egypt. Glenn Beck was being ridiculed for his predictions of a caliphate, and many were wondering why I was more concerned about the museum in Cairo during the siege than the supposed wonderful flowering of “democracy” that was emerging under the full support of the Obama White House. READ WHAT I SAID THEN BY CLICKING HERE, then continue with this article. I knew this would happen, and now it has. New videos released on Thursday apparently show ISIS militants destroying Assyrian and Akkadian artifacts in Mosul—smashing statues and scraping through a winged bull from the 7th century B.C.

This is only the latest episode in a spree of iconoclasm ISIS has unleashed across the areas under its control in Iraq and Syria. In May 2014, there were reports of separate Assyrian artifacts being excavated and destroyed. In July 2014, fighters destroyed the Tomb of the Prophet Jonah in Nineveh. Earlier this week, reports said the group had burned 100,000 books and manuscripts from the Mosul library.

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History is being erased right before our eyes in a deliberate attempt to re-write it into a theocracy as predicted by Vico. The scale of destruction occurring in modern-day Iraq and Syria all up and down the Tigres Euphrates Valley is on par with the tragic killing of Hypatia by the barbarian Cyril who skinned her alive in the streets of Alexandria ripping her into pieces limb for limb eventually being burnt until nothing remained of her. The destruction of the Library at Alexandria is one of the greatest crimes ever committed and it was done by Christian extremists who wanted no knowledge of the world that existed before their religion in an open attempt to cast the world into ignorance, which launched the Dark Ages from that moment in 415 AD. To this day much of this prehistory has been lost. CLICK HERE TO READ MY ARTICLE ON THAT ISSUE AS WELL.

Archaeology in Iraq had been impossible because of the various wars conducted there for the last several decades. Of a particular interest the original Garden of Eden is thought to be in Iraq and much of the history of Sumerian religion originated there. Research in the war-torn area has been contentious at best and what has been found over the last 100 years of archaeology ended up in the museums, which have now largely been destroyed by ISIS terrorists. The intent is the same as it has always been, to erase the past so that the new regime of religious thought can pronounce themselves rulers of the world and throw everyone under their domination. It’s an archaic mentality that mankind is meant to evolve from, but due to the lack of vision, or rather the support of the political underpinnings of our current civilization, it’s being encouraged.

Even in the United States there have been several instances of revisionist history conducted. The giants who lived in North America – people over 7 feet tall in a large society that extended from the Great Lakes all the way to the Gulf of Mexico had an advanced mathematical culture and large cities that are now buried beneath our feet. The bones have been hidden away or destroyed all together to maintain the illusion that the Indians of Columbus were always in place and that no greater culture prior to the European arrival was ever in place before Christian conquest. I have written much on the deliberate destruction of many archaeological sites in just my home state of Ohio, including the one up the road from my house at the The Mound nuclear complex. CLICK HERE TO READ ALL ABOUT THAT.

It is because of all this deliberate destruction of history that I don’t trust much of anything reported by any institutional claim any longer preferring to make my own judgments from puzzled together pieces of text, such as the late Zachariah Stichen conducted. He was one of the few people who could read Sumerian text and he was convinced that the Tigres Euphrates Valley was settled by the Anunnaki who were extraterrestrials from a planet beyond Neptune called Nibiru—at least according to the mythology he was able to decipher. It’s possible that some of these stories were early versions of fiction the way that Star Wars is to us today—but from what origin did the stories spring from their imaginations? Because the sudden rise in culture in that region is extremely mysterious. It defies logic. Some of the relics that were destroyed recently by ISIS where painting a picture toward this contemplation of extraterrestrial seeding. How convenient.   Just recently scientists finally concluded what many in science fiction have been saying for years, Mars had vast oceans and land masses complete with rivers and streams. Apparently a fifth of the planet’s surface had oceans at least the size of the Atlantic here on earth. The planet lost their atmosphere and also the water molecules that existed there which were eventually sucked out into space except for at the poles where the water was frozen. If one logically put all these elements together it would seem that Earth was seeded from someplace else—likely from Mars as the planet died and a race of larger, taller people came here from there. Sure it sounds like science fiction, but how can anybody ever prove otherwise—because ISIS just destroyed much of that past displayed in the museums of Iraq?

In many ways this is why I think the current caliphate in the Middle East has been allowed to spread-actually encouraged by the politics of Europe and America into fruition. I doubt that the many deaths that are occurring were part of the plan, but certainly the hope that science couldn’t do any real research in the Middle East to confirm some of these wild theories about human civilization coming from places like Mars to settle the city of Ur and the hanging gardens of Nebuchadnezzar could be supported by emerging evidence. There is an intense desire to protect the secrets of many current religions driven by a fear that new evidence will destroy the power structure given to them by public ignorance. Iraq was ground zero for much of this research and once the world began to notice the archaeology of the region and were trying to correspond it to Biblical text, some questions were naturally asked leading to the Sitchin theories which drives much of the New Age science contemplation to this day, that an undiscovered planet called Nibiru collided with a planet between Mars and Jupiter called Tiamat. The planet Nibiru is according to mythology in a long elliptical orbit which comes into the inner solar system only every 3,600 years. The people called the Anunnaki (Nephillim in Genesis) arrived on earth 450,000 years ago. Their descendents were likely the giants who settled North America and started the mound building cultures–at least according to the scattered archaeological evidence that have been pieced together. When Nibiru hit Tiamat leaving behind the vast asteroid belt that is currently between Jupiter and Mars it looks to have created a need for some sort of evacuation that put the Anunnaki onto earth to settle the Sumerian culture. Maybe they were on the doomed planet Tiamat, or perhaps they were on Mars—or both—but the catastrophe sent them fleeing to earth as their planets failed to sustain them. Highly likely, when we finally travel to Mars much of the archaeology that we are talking about here will be discovered—which is why our cultures are drag-assing to return to space. I am convinced that the reason we haven’t returned to the moon is because the governments of the world don’t think they can maintain their control of the population once such things are realized. Again, its only conspiracy at this point that is hard to prove when the evidence is destroyed—the way ISIS just did. In this case I think of the ISIS terrorists as the useful idiots in erasing information that the civilized orthodox isn’t comfortable with revealing to our educated tapestry.

The ISIS destruction of archaeology in Iraq and Syria—let alone Iran which is impossible to excavate in, points to a massive cover-up of the evidence emerging from scientists with a keen mind toward the puzzle pieces emerging of humanity’s actual origins—which extend well back before the Bible or the Koran. Knowledge is ultimately power and the ISIS thugs have had the winds of rebellion blown into their ears by the powers of Europe who want to maintain their “perspective” centered on religious doctrine. It is easy to hide such evidence if the Christian based west is insulted into defending their religion from the religious fanatics of Islam. Everyone eventually forgets to ask the question of what came before both of them were even considered. That is the million dollar question, one that was destroyed by ISIS for all the reasons that barbarians, cut-throats and terrorist through the centuries have done—to hide history so that they can declare themselves to an ignorant population the new rulers.

Just remember this dear reader, if a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it—it still fell. History happens whether or not anybody consciously records it–or whether or not the evidence of such occurrences are destroyed. Whatever the truth is, it is still the truth even if ISIS destroys all the chronology of that truth. The big difference is that ISIS and all who look at the destruction left in their wake—which has been deliberately set off by those seeking to guard the truth from prying eyes—has been created to throw people off the trail and keep secrets that way for as long as possible. And that is the real crime being committed which is something every human being should take as an insult.

Rich Hoffman


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