International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Lobby: Progressive groups making themselves extinct

You know the rule, its been covered here before—typically if an organization of any kind has the word, “international” in front of it, it’s a progressive front group desiring to regress the world of capitalism into a world of socialist utopia. It doesn’t matter if it’s your local fire house, or the slack-jawed thugs passing out pamphlets on a street corner advertising membership into their International Association of Machinists and Aerospace workers. They are all progressive organizations hell-bent on changing America from a capitalist country into a socialist one. Their record is clear, and there are no exceptions—if it’s a labor union with an international designation—their strategic objectives are the destruction of capitalism. To drive the point home, they recently met with the extreme progressive Senator Elizabeth Warren lobbying the Trans-Pacific Partnership because they are afraid that it will cause American jobs to leave for distant shores due to actions of their own making. Have a look at a report from their own website with the link included to see for yourself the unbelievably ignorant position in politics they take for themselves.

IAM members meet with U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on Stop Fast Track Lobby Day in Washington, DC. Warren has been outspoken in her opposition to the administration’s plan to rush through the Trans-Pacific Partnership with only an up-or-down vote.

IAM members joined a blitz of union activists in Washington, DC to lobby against a dangerous proposal to “Fast Track” the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a massive free trade deal that will allow more of the same trade policies that have hurt working families for the last 20 years.

Fast Track authority would limit Congress to an up-or-down vote on the TPP with no opportunity to offer amendments.

“The President won’t even tell your Senator or your Congressman what the details are, but he wants Fast Track Authority to present this and rush it through,” IAM International President told members before they fanned out around the Capitol.

Over one hundred IAM members were out in full force with members of other AFL-CIO-affiliated unions, hustling from office to office to tell members of Congress that the TPP is shaping up to be a disaster for working families.

“I’m here to say that we’re here to make a difference,” said Kirby Boyce, Vice President of IAM Local 1746 in Connecticut. “We have to keep the jobs in America and we do not want them to go, they went in NAFTA already and we don’t want them to go again.”

Hawaii IAM Local 1998 member Roxan Bradley-Taylor said her mother’s job at General Electric Vacuum Cleaner in East Cleveland, OH was offshored to Mexico in the 1970s. Her mother suffered a stroke after she was laid off and died at the age of 43.

She scheduled a meeting with Rep. Mark Takai (D-HI), who has signed a letter opposing Fast Track.

“I hope he can convince his colleagues to vote no too,” said Bradley-Taylor.

The TPP is being negotiated behind closed doors between the U.S. and 11 Pacific-Rim countries, including notorious human and labor rights violators Vietnam, Brunei and Mexico. It dramatically expands corporate control over the U.S. economy and reduces the ability of the U.S. to promote health, safety and environmental regulations with our trading partners.

So the IAM union went to Washington to lobby for job safety by essentially trapping employers into dealing exclusively with their monopoly on the labor pool—or their desire to have such a monopoly. Labor unions are dying state by state with Wisconsin being the latest to do the correct thing and bring right-to-work to their bastion of progressive history. Yet the IAM refuses to see the writing on the wall and instead of dealing with reality, they are pretending that it’s 1930—the height of the Red Decade in America where communism was trying to squeeze itself under the doors of capitalism. And their solution to jobs leaving America is to trap those jobs in place with more laws from their lobby efforts.

Labor unions are a really stupid idea and they should be against the law in the United States. They are the ultimate snake oil salesmen selling job security and seniority rights, but their efforts at collective bargaining destroy the jobs they propose to protect. You can have a haphazard slob as a protected employee gaining the same rights as the hardest worker in the company. The hard worker will resent the slob and will back off their efforts out of anger—since there is no profit for them over anyone else. Everyone isn’t equal, and all wages are not meant to be the same no matter what their effort. When union employees get paid whether or not they work hard or take it easy, there is no motivation to be productive—and unions destroy that productivity. They have never worked and they never will.

When an employer has to deal with constantly high wage expectations from average employees, and work stoppages every few years that there is a contract negotiation, companies have little choice but to pick up and leave for someplace friendlier to their efforts at making money. Imagine dear reader if you spent the entire afternoon picking apples so that you could make apple pie to sell at a profit. Consider that you had a good day and had picked three baskets of nice green apples ripe for a pie. Then consider that a labor union came along and took two of those baskets demanding collective bargaining compensation for a perceived value they have about who owns the apples. The labor union might assume incorrectly that the apples belong to nature, so are available to everyone who wants to eat them. However, if left to them, the apples would never be plucked from a tree, but left to rot until the tree drops them to the ground for the worms to consume. The union only wants the apples because someone else picked them. If they had to pick them on their own, the apples would stay on the tree and the slugs would pick up what they could off the ground as they needed them, worms and all. That’s what it feels like to business to have a union demand their profit as though excess belonged to everyone—the progressive “worker.” But it’s the effort of job creation that takes the initiative to pick the apples that counts, and the employer is more important than the employee, because without the job creator, there is no job. If someone doesn’t pick the apples, nobody enjoys apple pie.

Society is inherently lazy—at least the masses are. The hardest workers are likely to be the wealthiest and unions favor the lazy at the expense of the most productive. There’s no job security in laziness. That is the reason jobs are leaving America, not because of the greed of American corporations, but because too many workers are lazy and expect too much money for doing entirely too little. Unions spend a lot of time lobbying Washington as they did over this TPP issue—and if they expended that effort on actual productive work, they may actually keep their jobs instead of losing them to a country with a workforce hungry for effort and the benefits of enterprise. But they don’t, because inherently they are a self-destructive organization much like their progressive influences. Their real aim is to regress backwards, not to progress toward anything better. And in the case of the ignorant IAM, they would rather twist arms and break backs with extortion and laws, than to actually work—and that is why they are a dying species of collectivists destined to their own extinction.

Rich Hoffman


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