The Habitual Liar: Many examples of Obama’s falsehoods

On August 9th 2012 I wrote an article here titled “A Criminal, a Liar, a Communist, and a Terrorist: Barack Obama Insults America.” CLICK HERE TO REVIEW. At the time it seemed to others to be just more Republican attacks against a sitting president from the opposite party. To others it was “white male anger” that a person of color was in the White House. But time has proven the validity of my claims and the future from then to now has revealed that my title was more than correct. Obama is an habitual liar. He lies so well and often that he doesn’t even think consciously of it. He can literally look a person in the eye and lie without an increase in heart rate or a shred of guilt. He is a fatherless menace perpetually in search for identity and meaning which is impossible for him because he was raised by extreme leftist radicals. So he lies to himself to cover the pain of his dotted past and to justify to himself why he never quite measured up to the expectations placed upon him as a youth. He is the worst kind of liar and that makes him extremely dangerous. Glenn Beck more than anybody has done a great job of tracking Obama’s lies, most recently just the other day. But in the videos below he has done voluminous amounts of television and broadcasting trying to warn people by presenting the vast amount of evidence.

The danger is that Obama will likely be more dangerous as a person after his presidency. He is a socialist without question, and once he no longer has the trappings of the White House to limit his mouth, he’ll be a radical paid spokesman receiving $200,000 to $1 million speaking fees for the next 40 years traveling the world and doing massive amounts of damage against capitalism. He will do what his terrorist insurgent mentors always wanted out of him—to destroy that “God damn Imperialist America” as Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers might have said to him as a young community organizer smoking cigarettes and quoting Saul Alinsky for fun within the Chicago social scene.

I knew he was a liar as far back as 2007 when he first started talking on a daily basis. Of course there wasn’t much of a track record back then to go on—it was just a feeling. I gave him a slight chance—as I was skeptical. I certainly didn’t vote for him but I wasn’t ready to turn the American flag upside down either. I was hoping that Obama might actually open up the regulations on stem cell research as he indicated—but that campaign utterance went away quickly during the opening months of his presidency and so did my hope that I was wrong.

My first job out of high school was as a car salesman. It allowed me to make adult money right out of high school and I was good at it. But it has a reputation of drawing unsavory characters to the profession for a reason. I came to know several. One car salesman had the same compulsive tendency to lie as Obama does, and he was successful—he made a lot of money off the job. I once watched him sell a car to a couple and actually had sex with the wife of the man buying the car while they were waiting to go through finance. The couple was desperate for money and were paying nearly sticker for the car and the slick liar of a salesman offered to take a thousand dollars off the price if the woman would perform oral sex on him. The young wife and cash strapped husband agreed—it made them feel the wife was worth a lot of money and actually injected them with a feeling of pride that she would be worth so much. I went to the lobby to buy a Coke while all this was going on and actually asked the guy how he felt about it. I was curious after all; I couldn’t fathom doing such a thing. But the husband justified it believing that the thousand dollars knocked off the price would be good for his family. The salesman had presented such a strong case through lies and deceit that the couple didn’t even question that they could have gotten a thousand dollars knocked off the price just by asking—because the markup on the car in 1986 was about $3,500. The dealership could have knocked $2000 dollars off the sticker and still made $1,500, which was routine. But the salesman thought the woman was attractive and told me ahead of time what he was going to do without even speaking to the couple. I watched him take the reluctant couple from “just looking” to the backseat of his car in the back lot within three hours. The couple did everything the salesman told them to do—he had complete control over their minds until they left the dealership parking lot. In the car business that type of behavior was known as being “strong.” A good salesman would do the same to his own mother—and that’s how we judged one another. The salesman was a complete caricature of reality—there wasn’t anything truthful about his life and I never believed anything he told me—other than when he knew he could manipulate someone with his immense ability to lie. He dressed like a million bucks, wore lots of gold, always had a slick suit—but he had a serious cocaine habit and lived in a dump. I actually took him home once and was shocked that his apartment was a dive. I would have expected an expensive condominium with the amount of money he made. But he couldn’t hide his true self from reality. He lied, and lied, and lied until it eventually caught up with him.

Obama won’t reach such a fate as he has now been shielded from reality. He has been given celebrity status by the political elites—so he will always have money thrown at him to further falsify his value. He’ll never have to deal with his habitual lying. He’ll be paid more for it. Just this past week he bought the Magnum P.I. house in Hawaii which is just the beginning for him. As a communist he will be given a microphone and a stage to utter his lies and nonsense for decades to a public just as naive as that wife mentioned. But when you peel away all the gold and tailored suits, there is just a pathetic little boy in there raised by scum bags and rudderless—careless adults lacking a strong father figure.

In these clips Glenn Beck has presented a compelling case over the last four years. The evidence is so clear that nobody can dispute it. And I put them here for preservation so that when history asks, it will be known that some people tried to warn the world. There is nothing that can be believed from Obama. He is a caricature of reality—a puppet for insurgency against a capitalist enemy. He is a made up person who is nothing but an actor, an empty vessel when there isn’t a speech writer or teleprompter around. He is a person who will say and do anything to fulfill the strategies of his creators. And those creators are domestic terrorists—and have been from the beginning. The Obama lies are meant to hide that reality. But not everyone has bought it—unfortunately most of America is in the back seat of a car hoping to get $1000 knocked off the sticker price—when they could have had it all along just by asking—and not being seduced by a soothsayer who is only an image of what comes out of his mouth.

Rich Hoffman


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