The Phantom Kids of Lakota: Losing 100 baby sitters and the desire to hire more

All public schools are the same, so my national readers should find the story regarding my Lakota local palatable—and informative. Lakota is hiring more baby sitters in the disguise of teachers. The superintendent and teacher union president believe “high-quality teachers are in demand, making it critical that we get out in the job market and start recruiting early. We are looking for teachers who are well-trained in their specialty areas, care deeply about each child’s success and are committed members of our schools and our community.” Also according to the official school newspaper, Today’s Pulse “a more diverse staff to match the 26 percent racial diversity among Lakota students is important in future hiring.” No wonder most people leave that free paper at the end of their driveway destined directly for the trash. The cause of this hiring need is that 100 teachers recently retired leaving staffing positions vacated—hence the need to hire more baby sitters because after all the fancy talk by the government employees of the district school—that’s all that’s really required.

I have written about the incompetence of the school superintendent of Lakota before. Karen Mantia is a good politician, but a terrible manager doing what has always been done in public schools to deal with their budget short-falls—ask for more tax money to deal with their lopsided collective bargaining agreements with the teachers union, the Sharon Mays led LEA. My group in the past, No Lakota Levy has shown the district from the inside and out how to manage their money—but they have refused to listen instead relying on political theatrics to extract more money from the community—as all public schools do. However, in Lakota’s situation, they have been given a gift—it’s called declining enrolment.

For the next ten years Lakota will see fewer students than they had in the previous years, and losing 100 teachers is a great way to reduce their internal payroll. If Mantia really wanted to be considered equal to a CEO of a company—she would instantly recognize that the retirements were a blessing to Lakota—a way to drop millions of dollars in payroll without a RIF—but instead she instantly thought of ways to replace those positions so that the school would remain top-heavy with their staffing. She is a former teacher after all and is more concerned about appeasing the school employees than the tax payers of the district.

Mantia recently in the same paper, has been doing a lot of sucking up to the school board to renew her contract—for her it’s an easy gig. She locks herself arm and arm with Sharon and gives the teachers whatever they want and when the money runs out, they just go to the tax payers to extract more money from property owners for their glorified baby sitting service.

The Today’s Pulse reporter Eric Schwartzberg didn’t do much work in his recent article because he sought quotes from the cause of the problem herself, Sharon Mays, president of the teachers’ union at Lakota to provide expert opinion on the matter. That’s like asking a fox why it eats chickens. Of course Sharon wants more members for her teacher union, more lobby power to send letters of extortion to local politicians and more bell-bottomed parasites passing out levy support information during the next election. 100 more employees to Sharon is another 100 foot soldiers of progressive influence. What Eric should have done is put the school board members on the spot and made them give their opinion. Not pawning the article away to the two biggest pro tax people at Lakota who owe their employment to them. Even through Sharon is the president of the union, she is still an employee of the district, and that management of that district should fall on the elected school board.

But that wasn’t the intention; the goal of Lakota is to always grow, even if there aren’t students there to support the hiring. It is a good thing that Lakota’s teaching staff dropped 17.4 percent from 2010 to 2013. The drop in employees almost gave Lakota a surpluses in their budget—but Mantia and the gang wanted to give all their overpaid baby sitters raises on wages that average over $63K per year—so they sought yet another tax increase. They won that increase by spending a lot of tax money on public relations and still only won by just a hair over 1%. In 2010 there were roughly 1,100 employees which dropped down to 923 currently. Further reductions would of course save more money and avoid the need for future tax increases.

However, the goal of Lakota and all public schools are not to save money, or even teach kids. It is to give kids someplace to go while their parents work, that’s why Lakota is supporting pre kindergarten glasses so that children under five can go someplace while their parents save money on day care. That is the one and only function of a public school because lets face it, kids aren’t learning anything meaningful. Parents might argue that they want their child to have an opportunity to get into college with a sports scholarship or some other benefit—but the merit of the enterprise is completely ridiculous and false.

I knew a couple recently who took their daughter from the years of 9 to 14 years old to gymnastic classes everyday hoping that she would become good enough to become an Olympic gymnast. The little girl was good but the parents weren’t doing all this work for her—even though that’s what they said to everyone—they were doing it to save their marriage and the failed expectations of their miserable adult lives. They were using the little girl as a meal ticket and they ruined the kid. The girl now is a drug abuser just shy of her 18th birthday and is a mess. The parents ruined the kid by processing her into a system looking for glory through her success so they could ride her coat tails. Most children in public school sports are in a similar situation—their parents are trying to live through them—rather than teaching them anything meaningful. So even the cited positives of the public education experience, the dances, the sports, the community involvement with friends is an illusion. The public school is only there to do for children what their parents are too lazy to do for themselves, and parasites living off the community like Karen Mantia and Sharon Mays are happy to provide the service of relieving those parents of their guilt. But at a cost.

In this case, the 100 employees that Karen and Sharon want to replace at Lakota are for phantom kids that don’t even exist. The only purpose of those employees would be to keep their employment numbers up over 900 so that they could remain statistically one of the largest employers in Butler County. For Sharon it means more union fees. For Karen it means more employee hires under her watch. But for the tax payers it’s just another useless cost to be applied to kids that aren’t even in need. Over the coming years there will be even fewer children attending Lakota and a greater need to reduce the employees at Lakota through a RIF. But don’t expect Karen, Sharon or the Lakota newspaper The Pulse to recognize that, because the parents have a need for the baby sitting service of Lakota to alleviate their stress, and their personal failures.

If Butler County is concerned about job creation the 100 jobs lost at Lakota will be filled down the road at the new Culvers restaurant in Monroe opening near Cincinnati Premium Outlets. They are opening in August and are hiring 60 positions. That almost covers the situation job for job. By the time Liberty Way opens there will be a surplus of jobs in Butler County so there will be growth. The big difference is that the government jobs are shrinking and the private sector jobs are increasing—and that is the real issue. To me the advanced college degrees mean nothing to the Lakota baby sitters—it just makes them overpaid labor to watch kids while their parents build careers. A waitress or cashier job at Culvers is equal to the typical Lakota teacher. Anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves.

Rich Hoffman


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The Habitual Liar: Many examples of Obama’s falsehoods

On August 9th 2012 I wrote an article here titled “A Criminal, a Liar, a Communist, and a Terrorist: Barack Obama Insults America.” CLICK HERE TO REVIEW. At the time it seemed to others to be just more Republican attacks against a sitting president from the opposite party. To others it was “white male anger” that a person of color was in the White House. But time has proven the validity of my claims and the future from then to now has revealed that my title was more than correct. Obama is an habitual liar. He lies so well and often that he doesn’t even think consciously of it. He can literally look a person in the eye and lie without an increase in heart rate or a shred of guilt. He is a fatherless menace perpetually in search for identity and meaning which is impossible for him because he was raised by extreme leftist radicals. So he lies to himself to cover the pain of his dotted past and to justify to himself why he never quite measured up to the expectations placed upon him as a youth. He is the worst kind of liar and that makes him extremely dangerous. Glenn Beck more than anybody has done a great job of tracking Obama’s lies, most recently just the other day. But in the videos below he has done voluminous amounts of television and broadcasting trying to warn people by presenting the vast amount of evidence.

The danger is that Obama will likely be more dangerous as a person after his presidency. He is a socialist without question, and once he no longer has the trappings of the White House to limit his mouth, he’ll be a radical paid spokesman receiving $200,000 to $1 million speaking fees for the next 40 years traveling the world and doing massive amounts of damage against capitalism. He will do what his terrorist insurgent mentors always wanted out of him—to destroy that “God damn Imperialist America” as Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers might have said to him as a young community organizer smoking cigarettes and quoting Saul Alinsky for fun within the Chicago social scene.

I knew he was a liar as far back as 2007 when he first started talking on a daily basis. Of course there wasn’t much of a track record back then to go on—it was just a feeling. I gave him a slight chance—as I was skeptical. I certainly didn’t vote for him but I wasn’t ready to turn the American flag upside down either. I was hoping that Obama might actually open up the regulations on stem cell research as he indicated—but that campaign utterance went away quickly during the opening months of his presidency and so did my hope that I was wrong.

My first job out of high school was as a car salesman. It allowed me to make adult money right out of high school and I was good at it. But it has a reputation of drawing unsavory characters to the profession for a reason. I came to know several. One car salesman had the same compulsive tendency to lie as Obama does, and he was successful—he made a lot of money off the job. I once watched him sell a car to a couple and actually had sex with the wife of the man buying the car while they were waiting to go through finance. The couple was desperate for money and were paying nearly sticker for the car and the slick liar of a salesman offered to take a thousand dollars off the price if the woman would perform oral sex on him. The young wife and cash strapped husband agreed—it made them feel the wife was worth a lot of money and actually injected them with a feeling of pride that she would be worth so much. I went to the lobby to buy a Coke while all this was going on and actually asked the guy how he felt about it. I was curious after all; I couldn’t fathom doing such a thing. But the husband justified it believing that the thousand dollars knocked off the price would be good for his family. The salesman had presented such a strong case through lies and deceit that the couple didn’t even question that they could have gotten a thousand dollars knocked off the price just by asking—because the markup on the car in 1986 was about $3,500. The dealership could have knocked $2000 dollars off the sticker and still made $1,500, which was routine. But the salesman thought the woman was attractive and told me ahead of time what he was going to do without even speaking to the couple. I watched him take the reluctant couple from “just looking” to the backseat of his car in the back lot within three hours. The couple did everything the salesman told them to do—he had complete control over their minds until they left the dealership parking lot. In the car business that type of behavior was known as being “strong.” A good salesman would do the same to his own mother—and that’s how we judged one another. The salesman was a complete caricature of reality—there wasn’t anything truthful about his life and I never believed anything he told me—other than when he knew he could manipulate someone with his immense ability to lie. He dressed like a million bucks, wore lots of gold, always had a slick suit—but he had a serious cocaine habit and lived in a dump. I actually took him home once and was shocked that his apartment was a dive. I would have expected an expensive condominium with the amount of money he made. But he couldn’t hide his true self from reality. He lied, and lied, and lied until it eventually caught up with him.

Obama won’t reach such a fate as he has now been shielded from reality. He has been given celebrity status by the political elites—so he will always have money thrown at him to further falsify his value. He’ll never have to deal with his habitual lying. He’ll be paid more for it. Just this past week he bought the Magnum P.I. house in Hawaii which is just the beginning for him. As a communist he will be given a microphone and a stage to utter his lies and nonsense for decades to a public just as naive as that wife mentioned. But when you peel away all the gold and tailored suits, there is just a pathetic little boy in there raised by scum bags and rudderless—careless adults lacking a strong father figure.

In these clips Glenn Beck has presented a compelling case over the last four years. The evidence is so clear that nobody can dispute it. And I put them here for preservation so that when history asks, it will be known that some people tried to warn the world. There is nothing that can be believed from Obama. He is a caricature of reality—a puppet for insurgency against a capitalist enemy. He is a made up person who is nothing but an actor, an empty vessel when there isn’t a speech writer or teleprompter around. He is a person who will say and do anything to fulfill the strategies of his creators. And those creators are domestic terrorists—and have been from the beginning. The Obama lies are meant to hide that reality. But not everyone has bought it—unfortunately most of America is in the back seat of a car hoping to get $1000 knocked off the sticker price—when they could have had it all along just by asking—and not being seduced by a soothsayer who is only an image of what comes out of his mouth.

Rich Hoffman


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The Global Failure of Public Education: Participation trophies reveal their menace

Do you remember dear reader, about twenty years ago when talk radio was alive with the sound of insult—where school kids were being made fun of for expecting participation trophies just for showing up? Well, now you know what was going on, what the purpose of their public education was all along. I always suspected it, but didn’t have hard facts because it was difficult to tell if what was happening was localized to a few radicalized school districts, or whether the behavior was truly global, like many suspected. It turned out to be the later, it was a global menace that has literally destroyed the minds of youth towards the always aim of softer versions of communism the world over. I was able to confirm such vile teaching methods during my levy fights at my home district of Lakota. Many at the time thought that was a far-reaching sentiment, but time has confirmed the accusations into what is clearly an assault against capitalism by the entire public education system. If a government sponsors the education of its people, then they are likely guilty of promoting communism over capitalism resulting in the disgusting melt down which took place in Frankfurt, Germany by a group of socialist minded youth called Blockupy.

It’s not the fault of the kids participating in the riots—it’s the fault of their parents and education systems which instructed them. Most parents no matter where they live in the world has accepted the government tag lines, that parenting is a co-partnership with the greater village—namely public education professionals, and that each home should be a dual income tax generating entity serving the needs of the state. This has left the mentoring of children to public education and thus the anti-capitalist rants of a majority of educators who are direct employees of the state. It was always a bad idea, but now we have facts to back the accusations. The poor fools of Frankfurt have been cheated, and taught to be stupid—unthinking despots—tools for the global desire by governments to be in charge through socialism and communism. Today’s youth are yesterday’s children who were given participation trophies and taught that fairness and equality matter more than performance and effort. The results are some of the massive stupidity uttered by the Blockupy protestors which is the latest spin by socialist organizations to consolidate young people into protest such as was attempted by the Occupy Wall Street losers in America a few years ago.

The Blockupy protesters don’t understand money or how it’s made. They have been deliberately taught by their years of public education to believe that wealth is created by government-funded by taxes and now they believe that all methods of money-making are evil. They have also been taught that all organizations that make money, or move money such as banks, corporations, and entrepreneurs are members of a global elite who wish to push austerity measures to protect their profits. In truth the basic premise of Blockupy beliefs is that only government is capable of fairness which is why that push is being enacted in the United States from liberals with the hope of creating a kind of product recognition in the minds of the public that fairness and equality come from government so that gradual acceptance of the belief that government can do the same with income equality as well. The premise of income fairness and equality has its roots in that participation trophy taught to kids in their single digit years—and now as young adults they want their trophy, they want their free health care, they want their housing, they want their job, they want the life that was promised to them by radical teacher union members uttering the speeches of extreme progressive organizations committed to Karl Marx.

In the United States most people over 35 years of age understand that the country is a capitalist oasis and that is why it is wealthy. America is not a wealthy nation because of a few global elites; it is wealthy because it’s a capitalist country. Germany is wealthy compared to other European countries—they have a strong auto manufacturing sector and they are still pretty good engineers—but compared to the United States their GDP is rather small. Germany produces roughly 5.8 percent of the world economy, whereas the UK is 2.6 trillion per year and France is just a bit below that. Germany is the strongest economic power in the European Union at roughly 3.9 trillion dollars per year in GDP. For comparison the United States produces $17.7—roughly, and is just ahead of China. However China as a communist country is largely dependent on the United States for much of its economy. Without that interdependence, China would fail as an economy as much of what is made in China is for Western markets. To put things really into perspective, the entire land mass of Russia which makes up most of the entire continent of Asia only produces $2.1 trillion dollars. Comparatively, just the company of Apple in the United States is worth nearly $1 trillion all by itself nearly a half of the entire Russian economy. So understanding these players and their commitment to socialism for most of the 20th century is important. They are all broke whereas America continued to grow in spite of government attempts at socialism. When the rubber hits the road in America, people learn to become capitalists, for the most part, or they stick out their hand seeking government checks and get made fun of for their lack of effort. Sure the youth thinks it’s unfair, but what do they know? Their public educations taught them to think incorrectly—so by the time they grow up in their mid-thirties, they may learn by then to think correctly about things. But understanding all that is a predicate for understanding why the Blockupy people were in Frankfurt protesting the new headquarters of the European Central Bank.

What they are protesting is the proposed austerity cuts to the types of things they were taught were “natural rights” such as any method of public spending that will have a direct impact on unemployment rates. But the reason for that is due to the fact that only government is making jobs off tax payer funded activities as entrepreneurs have largely pulled out of Europe and have moved to America or someplace where capitalism allows them to create wealth leaving behind all these losers protesting austerity cuts. But there is no choice; there isn’t enough money in the entire European Union to pay for all those promises that have been made to people through the socialism which has spread to every corner of the entire European and Asian continent.

America is struggling over the issue of socialism. We too have a youth trained to believe in the participation trophy, but largely adults accept that capitalism is the method of money-making in the United States and they stop fighting against it once they reach adulthood and begin to participate. Obama is a classic European style socialist which is why he spends and spends and spends—because like the idiots of the Blockupy movement his plan for America is to protest against the future need for austerity just like they have been in Greece and now in Frankfurt—never intending to pay the money back and protesting against the banks to relieve the debt obligation. To right thinking people such a policy is reckless—even stupid. To the socialist minded—it’s a right they have after being born to just be given things without earning them.

Austerity is the only path forward in Europe and a full acceptance of capitalism is the only real way to put money in the pockets of families. Those same families will have to learn to take care of their own children in the future whether or not mom or dad stays home to care for the growing minds of the youth using education systems to only expand on a foundation created under the family roof. We’re not talking about the benefits of conservatives over liberalism-we’re talking about what makes people successful as opposed to parasites. There is no other option as history clearly shows. If you want a trophy, you have to actually try at something and win at it. You don’t get an award just for showing up—you have to strive to achieve something before you can get something. Most of planet earth currently doesn’t believe such a thing and the fault resides squarely on the shoulders of global public education. It has failed humanity, and now its time to pay. Europe is just the first of a long line of dominos that will soon fall because of the failures of public education and the government sponsorship of socialism as a way for them to stay in control over a population that would otherwise know better.

Rich Hoffman


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The Blaze Coverage of Tesla: Zero to 60 in 3.2 seconds and a smiling Preston Tucker

I was listening to Pat and Stu on The Blaze Radio Network when Glenn Beck rushed into the studio to interrupt their show declaring with great excitement that he had just driven one of the new Model S Tesla dual motor cars that accelerated from zero to 60 in 3.2 seconds. Beck offered anybody who wanted to test drive one of the new cars by Elon Musk a free ride which immediately sent the radio crew into tapes so they could take Beck up on his offer. Musk has been proving himself to be leaps beyond the current automobile offerings. I have been complexly turned off to electric cars viewing them as environmental wacko projects—because electricity is still largely generated by fossil fuels. However, the magic of the Model S and the rest of the Tesla product line is the dual engine concept which removes all the mechanical linkages which inefficiently drop power dispersal in conventional cars. The Tesla delivers power exactly where it’s needed achieving supercar acceleration in a car that is priced like a regular luxury car.   Watch Stu’s test drive in the following video.

One of my favorite and deeply personal movies is the George Lucas production Tucker: A Man and his Dreams. In that classic film Preston Tucker invented a car that was far superior to the products being put out by the Big Three–Ford , GM, and Chrysler in 1948. Tucker is certainly one of the people I most admire and he was about the age I am now when he was trying to get his Tucker car off the ground. Otto Kerner was a US attorney who on behalf of the Big Three attacked Tucker for making his revolutionary car “too good.” Kerner was later jailed for three years and fined $50,000 for 17 counts of bribery, conspiracy, perjury and other charges for stock fraud. The result was that Tucker’s cars featuring a 5.4 liter Franklin 0-335 aircraft engine with hydraulic vales, fuel injection, torque converters on each of the rear wheel—disk brakes, a padded dashboard, self-sealing tubeless tires, and an independent springless suspension—was stopped before it even got started. At the time it was an incredible car about thirty years ahead of its time. The Big Three rather than compete with Tucker looked to bury him, literally suppressing automotive development for nearly a half century thereafter. Only now are they finally starting to climb out of the stalemate technologically that they have been under for so long. Tucker never went to jail, but he never got his car to production either.

Elon Musk unlike Tucker was much wealthier going into the project and was able to achieve market domination in the electric car market while the Big Three were reeling from years of mismanagement and stagnate technological development. At the same time foreign offerings were starting to finally bore Americans. Musk using American ingenuity and the benefits of capitalism launched a new car company that has put on the road a car far in excess of the current offerings. It is technically well ahead of its time and is setting a new standard.

Even as I write this roller coaster season is coming to Southern Ohio where I live. I love the technology of roller coasters and have watched them evolve from wooden roller coasters to the sleek new metal coasters. The electric current launches common now in the best of them make it seem like the logical next step for personal transportation. But it took Elon Musk to actually use the technology in a way that should have been applied decades ago. Tesla’s technology is only state-of-the art because the technology involved was purposely underdeveloped to protect the industry of old. Yet the direction of General Motors didn’t save them from going bankrupt before 2010. The direction of the old cars just doesn’t meet the future, and they failed as a company. In amusement parks new technology comes out all the time to unleash new sensations to thrill parks. The same enthusiasm should have been carried over into personal transportation—but it wasn’t—leaving the door wide open for someone like Musk.

And Musk isn’t alone, just a few days ago I wrote an article about the new self driving Mercedes, and of course Richard Branson is emerging into the market. Both Branson and Musk are also building companies that are punching the reaches of space—so it is natural that their automotive companies are going to push the limits of previous mediocrity. The race for the best between Musk, Branson and the rest coming into the field of play will change the way we all transport ourselves around and I’m excited to see how it transpires.

With the electric car power is not so easily lost to where the tires hit the road. I can easily see a day where the very power that makes them run could be cheaply produced through Thorium energy leaving cars that never ran out of power—no matter where on earth they are. Power creation is another field of endeavor that has been deliberately suppressed by the previous generation. For the same reason that traditional coal power was kept over the emerging technology of Thorium Tucker was destroyed so to protect the Big Three—but to what result? The big companies failed anyway, just as the current energy creation companies will—its only a matter of time before someone breaks through the deliberate suppression of better methods using competition to drive human beings toward advancement.

It was exciting listening to Pat and Stu during the Tesla portion of their show. It was unscripted and their enthusiasm was noticeable, and contagious. In just a few weeks, I have been largely won over by The Blaze and their coverage of this emerging technology. If I could have a car that goes from zero to 60 so quickly without the noise and violent expulsion of energy—I’d take it. If it’s truly better, it should replace the old, and there is nothing wrong with that. It is something we should all embrace and thank because it is yet another example of the wonderful attributes of capitalism and the excitement that comes from minds un-tethered from the rules of engagement established by criminals like Otto Kerner. When people like Elon Musk have success, like he is with his Tesla Company—I smile a bit to myself at a victory Tucker predicted would happen. Musk is doing what Tucker couldn’t—and that makes me very happy to see someone—ANYONE—doing it.

Rich Hoffman


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Why America is Split Down the Middle: What the election of Bibi means world wide

I have learned more about Israeli politics over the last couple of weeks than I had learned in the years prior combined. It started with the Netanyahu speech in front of the United States Congress and ended with the historic elections of this week. The great mystery for me was why Obama was so concerned about the Israeli elections, and why he was so insulted that Bibi was coming to America just a few weeks prior to the election. The revelation was that Obama was working against Netanyahu all along trying to remove him from power with the support of a leftist labor party influence. Now that Netanyahu is back in power, the two state solution in Israel is off the table. Obama and his supporters openly support the Arab Palestinians whereas Netanyahu and his conservative Likud Party are refusing to be divided up as a country. This explains a lot about Obama’s actions. Here is how Fox News reported the situation:

(Josh) Earnest acknowledged Wednesday that the U.S. would have to “re-evaluate” its position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in light of those comments. But he stressed that Obama believes a two-state solution is best. And State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki clarified that the administration “absolutely” will continue to push for this.

Further, Earnest chided Netanyahu’s Likud Party on Wednesday, saying the White House was “deeply concerned” about divisive language emanating from Likud. He said the party had sought to marginalize Israel’s minority Arabs, an apparent reference to social media posts the Likud distributed that warned Israelis about the danger of high turnout by Arab voters.

“These are views the administration intends to convey directly to the Israelis,” Earnest said.

Even worse, like a little baby, Obama refused to call Netanyahu and congratulate him on his election victory. His behavior is really unprecedented and reveals to what extent Obama and his army of progressives wish to change the world into something else. Netanyahu certainly didn’t refuse Obama because of the rhetoric the President uttered in his previous elections—the divisiveness and anger incited by the former community advocate and Saul Alinsky student. Much of the divisiveness in America currently is a direct fault of Obama—yet Netanyahu spoke well of the American president in public when he clearly didn’t need to.

The actions of Obama and the media in the wake of the Netanyahu election point directly to the greater strategy of modern progressives throwing their influence behind the two state solution of a perceived peace in the Middle East. They wish to carry the Middle East into the world before the Sykes-Picot agreement where their president of Woodrow failed epically in the region through the Treaty of Versailles. Now they wish to erase that error as if it never happened—and that means in this case the destruction of a Jewish nation bit by bit.

Ideologically driven, Obama can think of nothing but the aims of progressive influence. Using the same storm the border tactics happening right now in America where foreign influence and money shape American politics for the worse—the same has been going on in Israel with a quiet insurrection by progressives against conservatives like Netanyahu. Obama placed his bets against the Prime Minister. And he lost—and he’s upset about it—enough to make a national incident out of protest. That’s how radical and the media that supports Obama—truly are. They are radical to the point of meanness, and then they wonder why America is a divided nation.

The difference between us in America now are that some of us refuse to be lied to, and others go to the Obama lies like moths to a flame—hell-bent on their own destruction. So the nation is split down the middle between the lazy and stupid and the righteous and wise. Obama likes the stupid and hates the intelligent—because the later sees through his schemes. And it appears that the very same divisions are happening right now in Israel over an election that most Americans thought was inconsequential—but it wasn’t—was it?

Rich Hoffman


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Hillary Clinton’s Love of Titles: Why she’s unqualified for President

I want to see the presidency of Hillary Clinton explode right out of the gate. I can’t stand her, I am certain she is a crook and a criminal—and she is an embarrassment. I want nothing to do with her or her sex addict husband. I don’t like her life choices, I don’t like or respect her family, and I don’t want her sitting in my White House embarrassing the United States more than it already has been under President Obama. Hillary is a liar and a hypocrite and shouldn’t be elected to a pooper scooper position because she would screw that up. She is an idiot.

However, many hearing my utterings would accuse me of being a sexist. After all, they have accused me of things like that before when progressive types found they couldn’t win an argument laced with facts against me, which is the usual playbook for liberals. When they can’t win, they just call names that have no reflection in reality. Because in actuality, I have no problem voting for minorities or women into the presidency—as long as they are smart. And such an example of one such person is Carly Fiorina. I’d vote for her in a New York second. Why you might ask dear reader—well because of positions like this one:

 Hillary Clinton is a hypocrite on women’s rights,” says Carly Fiorina, a possible candidate for the Republican nomination for president. “I must say as a woman, I find it offensive that Hillary Clinton travels the Silicon Valley, a place where I worked for a long time, and lectures Silicon Valley companies on women’s rights in technology, and yet sees nothing wrong with taking money from the Algerian government, which really denies women the most basic human rights,” Fiorina said Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity.” 

“What counts is, what have you done? What have you accomplished?” she said. “And in particular, what have you, Mrs. Clinton, accomplished on behalf of the American people? Have you kept us safer? No. What have you accomplished, honestly, on behalf of women and girls — which she talks a lot about.”

I am glad that Fiorina said what she did about Hillary because if a man had said something to that effect in today’s progressively politically correct world, it wouldn’t have had the same impact. I’m not a big guy on titles. Even when I hold important titles, I often deliberately downplay them—because I honestly hate them. If I were president, I’d be much more like Jefferson than any other—I’d have a tendency to wear a robe and slippers to the front door of the White House just to show that I don’t care about the “power of the position.” That holds true for every situation unless I’m dealing with a culture that expects titles as a means for communicating with them. Personally I hate titles, and I hate people who think they’re important.

At the core of the problems with Hillary Clinton is her love of titles—thus the reason I hate her. It’s also why I truly admire Carly Fiorina. People like Fiorina should be president. People like Clinton should be condemned. Hillary Clinton has done nothing in her life but brown nose and hook herself to the stars of others as a second-hander  collecting titles along the way that she could pad a resume with. Yet all along, she never learned anything except to deceive and fluff her own pillow with perception instead of substance.

The very reason I hate Hillary Clinton is because she wishes to inject herself into my life, into my politics, and into my country’s reputation without offering anything substantive as far as a qualification than a parade of titles in her wake. And that doesn’t impress me. It’s good to hear smart women like Fiorina calling out stupid for a change. Just for that—I’d happily vote for Fiorina if she finds herself as one of the leading candidates for the Republican nomination. I wouldn’t do so because she’s a woman either—I’d do it because she’s more qualified—and that’s the only criteria that matters.

Rich Hoffman


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Jeb Bush and Common Core: Why public education is the wrong way to instruct children

Jeb Bush has doubled down on his position regarding Common Core obviously because he’s been with the program from the beginning and truly believes that government is capable of educating the population. However, the results have proven the opposite—government education has been devastating to the American public and is something that needs to be completely overhauled. To understand a bit of the conflict the following videos one by Jeb Bush being interviewed by Sean Hannity at CPAC shows how deeply Bush believes in government education. Then the second video of Michelle Malkin shows the reality of government education and how far left of the correct position Jeb Bush really is.

Jeb’s mistake is in his belief in government solutions to what should be free market competition. Education needs an infusion of competition instead of a standard for everyone. The belief that Bush has that a high standard set by government will provoke quality in education is a false one—it only plays into the mundane complacency of the labor unions behind education and their desire for a comfortable standard that the weakest links of their collective bargaining agreements can sustain. The government model allows the weak to rule the strong and that will never create an environment where the best of anything is brought forth.

It is time to have that hard discussion about education. It has been for a while, but the evidence is just so obvious, even more so than when I so adamantly pointed out this inconvenient truth a decade ago. The more I learned about public education the more convinced I was that it was the wrong thing to do, and was completely wrong for children as a learning tool. Public schools are no different from public housing projects—the intention was good, but they quickly become a cease pool of bad behavior and crime. Test scores and the general wherewithal of today’s youth shows the devastation. Public education with years of Common Core like practices have destroyed the minds of the youth—it has left them ill prepared for even basic tasks in life and certainly isn’t worth all the tax money stolen from property owners to pay for.

Education can only work if there is investment of some respectable level by the students and their parents. Parents can’t just drop off a child to a government professional and expect magic, and in today’s public education environment—that is precisely the expectation. Public education is a baby sitting service at best followed closely by a social experiment.

When my wife and I home schooled our children for a period of time there was serious blow-back from family and friends. Some of those people we no longer speak to as a result of the things that were said back then. The great fear was that my children would not be “socially adjusted” and would become social malcontents. The trouble is that social malcontents was a definition that was created and defined by government schools over the last 100 years, and has largely become a topic of falsehood over the last decade due to the instant rise of social media and technology which connects people in ways they never could before. The rules of conduct established by public education were created during a time when the AM radio was a new invention and telephones were beginning to show up in personal residences. It really hasn’t changed since—due to the labor union resistance to change and their desire to lobby political waves to maintain a status quo. But kids have changed and their needs are different from they were a century ago.

Jeb Bush is caught in that old century long belief that government schools can teach children to be great innovators and there just isn’t any evidence which produces such a conclusion after all this time. The opposite is true. Public schools are more concerned with integrating individuals into a collective mass than in nurturing the thoughts of gifted minds into unleashing new thoughts and concepts. If government schools were removed from children’s lives it is a safe assumption that creativity and individual happiness would increase greatly throughout society. Home schooled children are obvious examples—they statistically out perform government taught children in most categories—so the evidence should be easy to contemplate. But it is scary for old politicians to admit to themselves that government schools are utterly incompetent to the task of their intentions. A brand new means of instruction is needed.

This requires a complete deregulation of public education into a system that is owned and is individually profit driven both at the student level, and the level of the institution itself. They cannot be tied to state and federal money, or grants—but must rely on individual contributions from a student population that values what they offer. Then and only then can bad ideas be tossed out, and good ideas expanded upon. There is no motivation otherwise. Politicians need to get out of the education business—completely. They have trouble building roads—let alone teaching generations of youth. It’s just a stupid outdated model that is in serious need of an overhaul.

Public schools will become more and more irrelevant year by year until eventually people arrive at the same conclusions I have just expressed. It is doomed and over—which I declared nearly 5 years ago. It’s a thing of the past even now in the present. It only exists to keep government employees in a job, and politicians to say they did something positive. But those efforts are destroying minds, and that just can’t be allowed to happen without contemplation. And upon that contemplation, Jeb Bush is entirely wrong whereas Michelle Malkin represents the mode of behavior that will gradually pick up steam until public education is abandoned in favor of something that works.   The periods between now and then is something that will be painful, but will quickly sort out the righteous from the malcontent. On the issue of public education Jeb Bush falls on the side of the malcontent. He only knows to throw more federal money at something that is destroying our nation believing that it’s crucial to success.   And that just makes him out-of-touch, and unqualified to be a president for the age that is coming. The curb of politics is ahead of him, and he is incapable of catching up to it.

Rich Hoffman


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