The Greek Economic Collapse: Coming to America with EPA control droughts and refused mining permits to save fish

This is what happens when you attach yourself to the weakest links, whether its business or global markets—what is happening in Greece right now is the result.  Now don’t say you haven’t heard it before dear reader.  Don’t tell me you didn’t hear the show on WLW years ago with Darryl Parks that I put on this very site showing that the financial game was crumbling—that we are all effectively broke even if the bills haven’t quite caught up to us in the United States yet.  Because I’ve been giving the warnings for some time—socialism does not work, strong leadership is absolutely necessary for capitalist endeavors to succeed, and group consensus in either business or politics is worthless—because it weakens leadership instead of strengthening it.  But when all those warnings are ignored and an insistence on socialist/collectivist behavior is promoted—you get Greece.  The United States is not far behind.  Already most of the money paid in taxes goes exclusively to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid leaving money for nearly nothing else.  The United States is the only country on earth with opportunities for economic growth so lenders are still willing to provide low-interest loans, which are consumed daily.  But at some time very soon, that will dry up, interest rates will raise, and at that point billions become trillions and there will be no way out—just like what Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is facing now in Greece, either complete relief of the austerity measures—or Greece will have to leave the European Union.  In essence, Greece must be relieved of its financial burdens otherwise a major block of the Eurozone will be lost with Great Britain soon to follow.  The European Union like all unions is rooted in socialism and allows the bad to hide behind the good and the more bricks that fall out of that union—the fewer places there are for the bad to hide.  Bad in this case is economies too rooted in socialism to make themselves buoyant.

These are the types of people we were told in the United States we needed to be more like.  Obama lectured Americans about the moral veracity of Europe early in his presidency even as Cyprus was the first to visibly fail economically.  Behind that small island in the Mediterranean was of course Greece, which few wanted to acknowledge around the world as a real crisis.  They even had an election where the socialist Alexis Tsipras won power promising no austerity to the Greek people, so they could continue to live under the safety of socialism—the protection of other people’s money.  Now they have capital controls of 60 Euros per day.   There are lines at Greek banks for people to get small amounts of cash that is supposed to belong to them. But because there is no money, everyone has to sacrifice their monetary levity and take what is available.  Tsipras proposed that Greece have a July 5th referendum on how to deal with the financial crises making many very happy at the prospect of Greece defaulting on its debts.  Since 2009 higher taxes and steep government cuts in exchange for bailouts have caused austerity measures that have unemployment at more than 25% on average and 60% among its youth—guess how they vote in elections…………………socialism because they have no opportunity otherwise which was always part of the plan.

Meanwhile in the United States as the nation continues to borrow around $100,000 every second leaving a current public debt of over $18 trillion Obama’s EPA is standing in the way of any further capitalists endeavors—most alarmingly the Pebble Mine in southwestern Alaska.  The EPA with Obama has done everything it can to deny a mining permit because of the largest sockeye salmon run in the world which traverses the area.  The mine is thought to potentially produce $120 billion dollars in new gold, but in just the time it takes the average person to pay their house payment from month to month, all the potential wealth that mine could have created would have been spent on the national debt.  So it’s just a drop in the buckets, yet when even a drop would help, the Obama administration is more committed to the religion of global environmentalism. The dreadful cost of socialism has far-reaching impacts.  For instance the cause of the current California water shortage as explained by Shannon Grove, Republican assemblywoman in Kern County is the EPA that created regulations that is literally dumping water into the sea to save a three-inch fish which resides in the area.  The crisis is completely artificial because the environmentalists have used the EPA as a kind of inquisition where nonbelievers are tortured if they do not believe in the deity of Mother Earth.  But behind the green hate for capitalism are roots that extend into various communist groups that have infiltrated our government for the purpose of halting capitalist activity—all the while increasing spending so that the economy will topple.

Yet nobody has heard much about this California drought, other than they need rain.  It was a completely manufactured crises created by an intrusive EPA without proper priorities dedicated to human innovation.  Capitalism likes the little three-inch fish from California, and the salmon in Alaska—and if left to their own devices will find solutions to have both, the wealth and the food supply, but there is more at work, a hatred of capitalism driven by rooted communism that is using sympathy for earth’s creatures to sabotage the American economy.  The strategy will run dry sooner or later and when that happens America will be faced with the same options as Greece is now, regulated resources, lines to get gas, food, water and most of all—money.  Confiscated assets will be the new word of tomorrow as tax increases and high interest rates will soon follow.  All this will have been caused by excessively reckless spending and intentional sabotage of American assets and potential productive enterprise—all in the name of saving a few fish.

Look hard at Greece—I told you it was coming, and it’s on its way to America.  It will have been caused by progressives for reasons that extend well behind a veil of conservation—directly into the foundations of communism which this country has fought many wars to prevent.  Yet it’s in the United States in our schools, our government, and especially in our EPA.  And it’s crippling our economy one regulation at a time.  Greece didn’t have a choice; their economy was basically some ancient ruins and the sales of gyros to cruise ship tourists.  America’s economic collapse is self-imposed, but intended by the same strategy as the radical Alexis Tsipras—to default on the debt and force social changes under a reset clock.  Those behind the communist push want America at the same level as Greece and the other countries in the Eurozone who will also eventually fall under economic collapse as well.  The restrictions on the economy are strategic to advance progressive political objectives.  In the mean time, Americans will have to do something they are not used to, which they are just beginning to feel in California—restrictions to services to train them how to comply with central authority.  The economic collapses are self-imposed both in the European Union and in the United States and those with their foot on the brakes are those who want global power for the sake of control.  And that is something that nobody on the nightly news is willing to admit to anybody—especially since they have played their part in the debacle.  But I can tell you this—people like me will remember how all his happened and I will be there to remind people what occurred and who was really  at fault.  That I will promise.

Rich Hoffman


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Gay Sex is Gross: Why traditional Americans are on a tactically selected vacation

I actually feel bad for many out there who have been reading here, and have listened to talk radio for some time and understood the warnings, yet didn’t fully understand what was coming.  Progressives have a desire to “progress” from what we have traditionally been—which is the most economically powerful nation in the world that provides the most opportunity to the most diverse population anywhere—and to take the country to some centrally managed disaster they consider a utopia. Watching what’s happening to America presently is painful especially for those who love it.  But progressives were always about performing this kind of military attack against traditionalists.  They took advantage of our kindness, and the naiveté typical of American traditionalists.  They have sought openly to not only progress the country beyond them—but to destroy traditional America in the process.  It is now quite clear what Barack Obama meant when he said he planned to fundamentally transform America.  After the Supreme Court rulings during the last week of June 2015 it is obvious what that means to progressives—and traditional Americans don’t like it.
  Matt Clark was back from his honeymoon and spoke very clearly about the tragic Supreme Court decisions involving the sustaining of Obamacare and of gay marriage.  From WAAM radio in Ann Arbor, Michigan Matt had one of the better summations to date during his radio show and had a parade of very intelligent callers on to articulate their frustrations.

Speaking of vacations, if you are the type who is an innovator and a strong presence in whatever company you work for, you likely notice that whenever you take a vacation there is this vast parade of people who hide in your wake and try to assert their dominance while you’re gone.  The stronger you are, the more of these second-handers there are to fight over the power vacuum you leave behind.  It charges their ego like children to believe that they can steer the world as well as you have—even though they really can’t.  They can hold the steering wheel and guide things along opposed to doing everything from the leading edge—but it’s their fantasy and it lasts until you get back from wherever you’ve been.  It gets further infuriating when they declare themselves equal to the world, because what you do takes courage, insight, imagination, and a 24-hour, 7 days a week mental maintenance that they don’t commit themselves to, yet they want to be considered equal in the scheme of things—even though they don’t put nearly as much into success as you do.  I have often deliberately baited these types over the years into revealing their intentions at times I determine to minimize the damage they can do—knowing full what their behavior patterns will entail to use their destructive behavior in a way that is positive toward a strategic assessment.  In a lot of ways that is what’s happening on the national stage.  I know I’ve warned about it for years, Matt certainly has along with a handful of others—but at some point you have to make the decision to let the progressives choke on their own skanky bi-product.  They want to drive, they want the credit, but they don’t have the ability to sustain things so they progress themselves right over the side of a cliff threatening to take the rest of the nation with them.  But, guess what—I’m not following and neither will most of normal America.  To show the world what progressives are really about, we have to sometimes let them show their cards to a skeptical audience—which is what they are doing.  Meanwhile we clean our guns in our garages and wait to return from a brief recess.  Much of the damage currently witnessed can be repaired with good management.  But these progressive scumbags need to be exposed, which is what we are seeing.  Left alone they are painting the White House in colors of rainbows and unicorns while the rest of the world laughs, and it’s painful to watch, but it’s the only way to expose them of their true intentions.

My wife and I have been doing a lot of traveling lately and have been on the road extensively visiting family in remote locations.  At rest stops along the way I would joke to my wife in the wake of all this progressive treachery that soon there won’t even be men and women’s restrooms—that someday soon we will be able to go to the same restroom at the same time.  After all, with so many men who think they are women and women who think they’re men—complete with transvestites, gays, lesbians, pedophiles, child abusers, and other sexual deviants running around—what’s the point of even spending the extra money keeping the sexes separated with two bathrooms?  Everyone might as well assimilate into some slime of humanity since progressives want to remove all barriers of judgment. But we all know that won’t work, it’s just a facetious statement.  Normal Americans aren’t wired like that, and they won’t accept it.  You know how I know that dear reader—because of the box office from the progressive machine itself in Hollywood, which I watch very closely to take the temperature of the country.  When Disney puts out a romantic animation film like Frozen featuring two gay guys kissing and it makes a billion dollars at the box office, that’s when you can start worrying.  But I think we’re all safe from that kind of thing.  Not because Disney or some other studio wouldn’t want to try, but because movie goers would reject the premise—because they can’t identify.

The public schools are trying to wire our children into accepting gay behavior, as is every venue that government touches, particularly the entertainment industry.  But what they can’t do is make it appealing to want to stick a part of your body into someone’s butt.  That just doesn’t work and doesn’t have very positive biological implication in the realm of sex.  It doesn’t make for a very good romantic comedy when people are forced to watch it on their movie screens—because human beings aren’t wired that way by nature. Progressives desire to progressive beyond such limits—but they are really just making fools of themselves.  They are moving the needle a few percentage points today in the direction of their desire, but it won’t last.  Gay sex is gross to most people and that won’t change through the aggressive progressive marketing that we are seeing.  The harder they push their agenda, the more that Americans will cry out for traditionalists to come back from their vacations and resume control, which is why it’s important to let all this nonsense play out.  If we always fix things for the progressives then they can pretend they are equal to the rest of us.  Sometimes it’s good to take a vacation and just let things play out so their behavior can be exposed for what it really is.  I know I’ve been warning people what would happen if progressives were not properly identified as the communists they truly are.  But nobody wanted to listen because they were fat, dumb and happy.  The money was rolling in, the jobs were plentiful, and our sports teams were keeping us entertained.  It was at that point that people like me just dropped everything and went on vacation.  You have to let the progressives show what they want to give the world so the world can finally dismiss them as irrelevant.

But that doesn’t take away the pain of seeing something you care about being dismantled and abused which is what is happening in America right now.  It does hurt to watch, but people need to see this now so they can vote properly for the next president in 2016.  They need to want the traditionalists to come back from their vacations of gun cleaning and Bible thumping and return America to normal.  But before that can happen the progressives need to have complete ownership of the failure—which is what we are seeing at this very moment.  Progressives might consider it a victory lap, but that won’t last very long because failure is a lonely road and so long as the traditionalist refuse to share that failure with them, there’s nowhere else to go but to say—“I told you so.”  We all did.  Traditionalists aren’t conquered or on the run, they are just on a tactically selected vacation—and they will return.

Rich Hoffman


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Gun Grabbing Obama: Attacking America from within by first disarming them

The communist oriented Democrats have been “community organizing” vigorously on the heels of the infamous June 2015 Supreme Court rulings going for what they think is the conservative jugular in the final year of Obama’s flamboyant rule as a socialist dictator.  Over the weekend I received several emails from them advocating fundraising and liberal activism.  Below is one such example from the Obama camp specifically targeting guns.  Here’s what it said.

Friend —

We’ve had to come together as a nation too many times to mourn after horrific acts of gun violence. And right now, it’s not good enough simply to show sympathy.

We need to acknowledge that there’s more work to do — that these tragedies have become far too commonplace. This is a conversation that folks need to have, and organizers like you are the ones who will move it forward.

People across the country are stepping up, and OFA supporters and volunteers are working to prevent gun violence state by state and city by city — join their fight today.

As we take the time to heal in the shadow of this most recent tragedy, we have to ask ourselves what more we can do as individuals and communities to prevent guns from getting into the hands of dangerous individuals.

The lack of movement in Congress on this issue is incredibly frustrating. But their refusal to act won’t stop progress. Because of organizers like you, states like Washington and Oregon have introduced successful restrictions on gun purchases, like common-sense background checks.

No single reform will eliminate violence. But we can’t give up, or act like this is some kind of new normal. We have to make progress where we can, and OFA and other groups have a real path forward.

There’s much more to do — so join OFA in working for it:

I’m not giving up, and I hope you won’t either. Every voice is important.

Thank you,

Barack Obama


Remember, progress to a progressive is elimination one by one of the Bill of Rights, and the gun is highest on their priority list.  So defend the gun by sending a nice message to OFA and let them know how you feel.  Communists want a disarmed America for obvious reasons.  It’s your job dear reader to make sure they don’t get their way.  Send this article to everyone you know and make sure to take action and defend your rights—or you will lose them.

Rich Hoffman


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A Rainbow Colored White House: Once a nation of leaders–now overrun by second-handers

The White House putting rainbow-colored lights on it during the June 26th Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage, or the previous day’s debacle of further sustaining Obamacare by that same court is evidence that the management of the nation is focused on all the wrong things in order to make the world “equal.”  The world will never be equal—because there will always be one thing that will be ignored in that pursuit of equality—and it’s not black or white, rich or poor, or gay and straight issues—it is that the hard-working will always be plucked by the parasites of laziness.  The unimaginative will always wait for those who think to provide direction.  Leaders will always have followers, and those followers will always flock behind the brave.  We call these followers’ second-handers and in the collectivist culture of the present White House they perform in all the classic ways of a typical follower, but they are allowed to believe that they can take equal credit for any successes that might occur.  For the multitudes of second-handers this is good news for them—it makes them feel good, like they are part of problem solving the world.  But they’re not.  As always, and as it will always be, only a few do most of the work and take the responsibility of leadership as the others follow behind.  Those who work hardest in our society will always be discriminated against by the second-handers.  Second-handers are those who live through others—thus their designation.  A leader will survive and flourish with or without a second-hander, but a second-hander cannot survive without a leader.  That is the biggest difference and is the specific reason that capitalist cultures thrive whereas socialist cultures fail.

One of the great challenges of capitalism is in the nature of their corporations, which by their very design are socialist entities, or even raw dictatorships.   The bigger they are, the more they resemble socialist enterprises.  In these companies a ruling elite create a kind of flowchart leadership culture that have a mixture of second-handers and leaders who are all told that they are equal or in subservience to those above them, and they are forced to behave within that framework in order to get a pay check.  This greatly limits the potential of the company because it allows second-handers to rise to the top by default through protection of an organizational chart.  Washington D.C. is filled with these types of second-handers—people who think they are valuable assets to some government enterprise they have worked within for years.  Their merit is not judged by their performances, but by their years of service.  Leaders often become discouraged and either sit on their talents in frustration, or they leave not able or willing to take orders from a second-hander.

Of course second-handers are in the majority throughout the world, and these socialist systems were designed by them to hide their natural timidity.  The primary reason all government departments and most large companies fail to innovate properly or remain competitive in global marketplaces is because the leaders within their organizations stop producing because they do not desire to share their efforts with the second-hander.  Once the leaders stop leading, the second-handers flounder about directionless leaving as their only defense stacks of bureaucracy to buy time until some leader comes along to save them from their own lack of action.  That is in essence what is behind most bureaucratic efforts—a lack of courage trying to hide the nature of the second-hander that designed it for their own protection.

Companies that thrive most are built by leaders.  Those who survive longest find the leaders among their ranks and put them in charge—clearly forcing the second-handers to be driven toward objectives—and success is to be found in such a fashion.  But when leaders are told to provide their benefits to others without merit, and that those others are equal to them, the leaders will just do something else and leave the second-handers to their own devices.  It’s an unnatural relationship that is most exemplified by the current White House.  With their display of the rainbow colors, they have shown the world that they have no idea what makes a country great and the lights are embarrassing.  In this case they are putting an emphasis on gay rights but ignoring the rights of those who work the hardest—and that is a big mistake.

 For instance, Tim Cook is a gay man and is the current CEO of Apple.  Apple as a company is trading at a rate equivalent to a market capitalization of about $1.26 trillion.  When Steve Jobs died, Apple took the best of their leaders and promoted him into the CEO of Apple which was a position personally mentored to Cook by Jobs even as he died.  Cook’s success has nothing to do with him being gay, but that he was competent.  However, without Steve Jobs, Cook would undoubtedly fail, just as it is presently on its decline as a company.  Jobs built the foundation for Apple leaving a CEO like Cook to follow the formula of success, which is why the company continues to have value.  But the innovation that made Apple great today was created yesterday by Jobs, not Cook.  Without another Steve Jobs, Tim Cook will eventually fail and Apple will slide into the depths of mediocrity.  Therefore Tim Cook is a second-hander to Steve Jobs.  Tim Cook could not have created Apple from scratch the way Steve Jobs did.  And without Steve Jobs, the company will collapse on itself as more and more executives take on the tendencies of a second-hander because that’s who is currently in charge.   A failure to understand those relationships leads to eventual destruction 100% of the time.

Colleges are in the business of producing second-handers, not leaders.  That is the reason the leaders of two of the most prominent companies in the world had their leaders both as college drop-outs—Bill Gates from Microsoft, and Steve Jobs from Apple.  Microsoft after Gates retirement as head of the company has held their ground, but their continuous innovation that was seen under their former leader has ground to a stop and their decline is evident.  Apple is not far behind—again because when second-handers are in charge they fail to uphold the ethics of a strong, imaginative leader.  Whether the leader is Lee Iacocca from Chrysler, or Jack Welsh from GE, second-handers study, and study, and attempt to mimic the actions of great leaders, but they always fail.  At best they prevent the decline of an organization with a slow slide into oblivion, but they can never advance it.  For instance, there were many great minds in Europe during World War II.  However, if not for General Patton, would Hitler have been defeated?  No.  It took one unusual general to lead millions of second-handers to victory over a tyrant.  Without that leader Hitler would have won World War II.  A failure to identify the leaders is one of the most detrimental aspects of any culture, and it is terribly embarrassing that the White House in Washington D.C. has displayed their vast ignorance to such a level.

America used to be looked at as a global leader, but with the proclamation that equal rights for second-handers is the primary motivation, instinctively the world knows that America is no longer a Patton of global trade, a Steve Jobs of innovation, or a George Lucas of imagination.  It is a country waiting for somebody else to do something, and while everyone waits they pass silly laws about equality without paying homage to those most important to success—their leaders.  When second-handers are promoted over great leaders the decline of the culture is dreadfully present.  Therefore, equality is never possible.  The vast majority of second-handers might be allowed to feel good about themselves at the expense of their cultural leaders, but when those leaders throw up their arms in frustration and walk away—the second handers have nothing to do but put rainbow lights on the White House and somehow declare it a victory.  Meanwhile the world is laughing at the grotesque priorities of a nation that used to create leaders—who is now more concerned with appeasement as all second-handers do.

Rich Hoffman


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Clipping the Wings of Children: Public re-education centers open for business in your neighborhood


Even to this very day there has been great fear among conspiracy circles about the re-education camps that would spring up around the United States under United Nations control. Even Glenn Beck fell under the spell of that fear with his novels, Agenda 21. Essentially the strategy would be that local bureaucrats trained directly through local seminars into United Nations priorities passed down through Chamber of Commerce networks would gradually shut down private property taxing it beyond the reach of average homeowners.  People would then be relocated onto government property using Sweden style public house to implement communities managed by the state.  Those who resist would be put into a train and shipped off to re-education centers, similar to the concentration camps of Nazi Germany to either get with the “program” or to be killed.  That is in essence what the conspiracy theorists have been concerned about.  Yet reality is something else, the menace is not so literal.  The bad guys don’t fit so neatly on a silver screen plot line—in a lot of ways, they are friendly faces from neighbors and community leaders who appear to do all the right things. But they are just as sinister nonetheless—perhaps worse because they behave in ways that we are taught not to identify as bad so we don’t see the behavior ahead of time.

For anyone who has ever had a pet bird, such as a parakeet they know that one of the things that must happen is that the wings of the birds need to be clipped so that if they get out of the cage, they won’t be able to fly too far.  This always seemed bad to me.  When I have had parakeets in my family I’d often get the birds out of their cages and let them fly around the house freely keeping a close eye on the door so they wouldn’t fly out and get away.  But I didn’t like clipping their wings—it seems immoral to do such a thing to a bird.   Yet its common practice at a pet store to deliver the birds with their wings clipped so that the buyer doesn’t have to worry about the little birds flying away.  For human beings our wings are of course our minds.  We fly not with wings, but with our thoughts and imaginations.  That is the strength of the human being—the products of their minds.

In truth the re-education centers are already in place.  We fund them with our tax dollars and we spend a lifetime of savings sending our children to their classrooms.  Our public schools and colleges are those re-education centers that the conspiracy theorists have been warning about.  Their primary function in these schools is to reprogram our youth into compliant citizens focused on progressive causes.  In essence, to clip the wings of thought to keep their minds captive towards a cage of social justice as defined by progressives so that once grown, those students will be unable to fly away, but will stay in their cages for safety and reliability of food.  The programming starts young and once the mind accepts the limitations imposed by the public schools and colleges, they will be adults forever after unable to fly away too far from the cages placed around them by progressive institutions.

The warnings have come from people like David Horowitz for many years.  Many others followed—but the majority of the public wished to deny that this re-programming was occurring.  I determined when I was going though the public school system that it was occurring and I resisted vigorously.  If a teacher told me something was blue, I questioned it every single time—or I blew them off as know-nothings and obtained the information on my own.  I was a naturally rebellious kid so that kind of defiance was easy for me.  The angrier the authority figures were toward me, the more encouraged I was to indulge in the activity.  Some people thrive in environments of conflict.  Some people avoid conflict at all costs.  Those unfortunately are the ones most impacted by this re-programming.  In college I was sure that the primary focus of the institution was not in preparing students for a successful life in the style of American capitalism—it was to be in service toward a push for socialism on a mass scale.  The entire focus of the institution seemed to be in teaching Keynesian economics and Marx philosophy.  In essence, if birds were meant to fly and the most moral thing to do with a bird is to let it grow wings to fly as high and far as it could achieve in life, the intention of the education institutions were to clip the wings of those birds so that they would stay in the cages of life built by the politics of the day to make reliable taxpayers and well-managed creatures located in close proximity to the management tasked with feeding them.  By clipping wings, the education institutions could ensure that every bird would be equally handicapped to live under progressive management.  Even as an adult going into the Lakota levy fights of 2010 I still gave some benefit to the doubt cast by Horowitz over the years and had an open mind.  Once I dug into the actual intentions of my local school system and contemplated the illogical diatribes they used to counter my assertions against them, it was clear what their primary focus was.

For me the straw that broke the back was when the school sought ways to cover up the story of a child molester in a third grade class—for the benefit of the institution at the expense of the individual lives of the students.  About a year later after a third levy defeat the school dug in its heels to begin cutting programs to the students in spite of what the voters had declared.  It was obvious that the intention of the school hell or high water was to impose a tax increase on the community and they would withhold service until they obtained what they wanted.  They were playing an extortion game and using the children of my community to pull it off—which made me very, very angry, and changed my thoughts about public education forever.  As I discovered in my research, all public schools were performing in essentially the same fashion, so it’s a nationalized effort coming directly from the Department of Education aligned with the progressive intentions of the national labor unions.  The goal was to clip the wings of students so that they could be held hostage from parents who had placed all their trust into the schools leaving them with no other recourse but to go along to get along.  It’s an abusive relationship designed to pave the way to extortion, which is not what education is supposed to be about.  Parents want to believe that the education their children are getting are giving their children wings to fly with, but what they are really getting are wings clipped so that nobody can ever fly away—imprisoning them to the management desires of progressives within the United Nations.  That is not a conspiracy theory—it’s a cold, hard, fact.

Most people don’t want to believe this hard truth, and I can understand it.  It feels better to look at a parakeet in a cage and believe that we are saving it from the harsh world outside of their cage—that we as the owners are clipping the wings of the little creature for its own good.  But in reality, we are denying it of its God-given right to live freely, and have destroyed its essence in the process.  I am personally a person who supports zoos, aquariums, and theme parks like Sea World.  But the same people who are advocating against Sea World’s use of killer whales are the same who most support progressive public education and the deliberate clipping of the intellectual wings of the youth—because at the heart of the United Nations efforts at all these issues—public education, conservation, civil rights, etc., is an almost god-like worship of nature.  They care more for the earth than in human beings and would like to take humans back into a primitive state living in accordance with early nomadic people—to preserve the earth.  Capitalism is a celebration of mankind’s mind.  Socialism is a focus on the collective not only of human beings, but of all things on earth—and that is the intent of our education systems—to hold the minds of mankind within the cages of progressivism, not to protect them from the world, but to protect the world from humans.

If there is any doubt as to what I am saying—which I have said extensively over the years—watch the videos on this article, then do your own research.  At that time you’ll discover that you and your children are just clipped winged avian nuisances that progressive intuitions want to stuff into a cage so they can worship their deities at the sacrifice of capitalism.    That is what your children are learning in school and the path in life they are being imprisoned to follow.

Rich Hoffman


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Progressives Playing Capture the Flag: Defending Confederate defiance

If I lived back in the days of slavery in America I would have no doubt been on the abolitionist side of the argument.  The Lincoln Republicans against the Jefferson Davis Democrats was essentially the battle lines and I have nothing at all in common with Jefferson Davis—not even remotely.  Yet the same progressive tripe who has attempted to associate Republicans with slave ownership and declines to tell black America that Martin Luther King was a Republican—as was Frederick Douglas are now trying to capitalize on the vile hatred of one silly boy from North Carolina into all-out hatred against the Confederate Flag.  This is essentially what progressives do—they insist to “progress” beyond tradition and to advance forked tongued debate into redefining the meanings of things to suit their political agenda.

When traveling through the south I enjoy seeing the Confederate Flag.  It represents to me nothing of slavery—even if that was the historical significance.  It represents to me defiance and a warning that if the Federal government over steps its authority, that half the country is willing and able to stand up against it in rebellion.  There is modern slavery going on to this very day right out in the open which I would argue is every bit as bad as the plantation slavery that is the focus of so many progressives, and I don’t want a government that supports that activity ruling over me.  If they come to my street to impose the NDAA Act for some tactical imposition conjured up within the ranks of progressive lunacy—I will fly my own flag against the country.  You can bet on it.  I have no respect for the authority of President Obama, not because he’s a half-black socialist from the terrorist minds of the Weather Underground put in place to dismantle my country with a Francis Piven strategy of economic collapse—but because he’s an idiot.  I have far less in common with the crime family of the Clintons and I will stand against them even harder.  Again, it has nothing to do with Hillary being a woman—it’s because her husband is a sex addict and a con artist, and she is a power addicted former hippie who would further like to dismantle the United States and place it under the authority of the United Nations—and they’ll happily destroy anybody who gets in their way.  So when those types of people say “not” to do something—I tend to want to do it.  And to me the Confederate Flag is a reminder that people will come together and stand up to tyranny even if what they are defending is historically wrong.  The South to this very day resists labor union ownership of their manufacturing plants and is an economic force in its own right—which is unquestionably what is behind the push to remove the Confederate Flag from public viewing—all over the antics of one stupid kid stoked to hatred by the same Obama White House who wants the flag removed.

If black America has a right to not be afraid from the sight of the Confederate Flag then “White America” has a right to not hear rap songs about beating white women and killing “crackers,” emerging from the car speakers of teenagers.  It also has the right to not see packs of blacks walking down our shopping malls with their pants pulled down under their butt cheeks and behaving like a pack of wild animals ready to pounce on anyone who uses the “N” word while at the same time they use it incessantly—even in their music, that in and of itself is racist.  When a race of people can use a word and the other race of people can’t—that is the same kind of hatred that the Confederate Flag supposedly represents—segregation and rule through fear.  Yet we’re supposed to buy into the notion that the Confederate Flag represents hate—yet Jay Z is a friend of the current president and is treated within the entertainment culture as royalty for essentially preaching hate on a mass scale within the music industry.

The radicals are getting their way, governments and corporations are reacting to the South Carolina Church shooting by appeasing the mob and removing the Confederate Flag from everything—including toys of the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard.  That is where the line gets crossed and this whole situation simply becomes ridiculous.  I have written about this before in quite a lot of detail.  Click here to review.  So I’ll make a prediction as a result of all this activity—that the state house in South Carolina might remove the Confederate Flag, and so will stores like Wal-Mart because they are already under attack by the Department of Labor for their anti-union positions and have no choice in the matter.  But these progressives are going to get far more than they bargained for.  They are going to force the Confederate Flag underground where it will do a lot more damage and make many more people like that stupid kid Dylan Roof.  The Confederate Flag may represent slavery in a historical perspective, but it represents rebellion to entire generations weary of an overreaching government.  And that will become the meaning of the flag as it gets pushed underground.  It will become the new “N” word in the South—more so than it is currently—and only whites will be able to use it.  Mark my words—the fires stoked by progressivism will have a reversed result from their initial intention of moving American society into a unifying progressive vision of the world.  Instead they will have created a dug in group of rebels quite tightly united behind the old Rebel Flag of the South.

If you want to hear hate speech just listen to an average rap album from just about any musical artist of the modern-day and you’ll hear why people were initially afraid of blacks in the first place—why there were fears of them integrating into our “white” culture.  Of course progressives have destroyed the image of the type of blacks who were distinctly Republicans, like Frederick Douglas and instead empowered the worst of their lot to advance the progressive cause of much misery and inner city violence. Progressives don’t teach the mantra of Republican blacks like Martin Luther King—it’s the drug induced types like Snoop Dog and his associates of hate provocateurs within the world of rap who they proclaim are kings of inner city art.  And the old timers who were so afraid of those same blacks are whispering “I told you so” from across the folds of time.  Rebel flags will fly in the basements of those families for many generations and there will be more hatred bred as a result—more mistrust evoked and the situation will become much, much worse.

Rush Limbaugh was correct when he said that the push against the Confederate Flag was about more than just racism.  This argument has sat on the back burner waiting for someone like a Dylan Roof for decades.  The moment they had their straw man, progressives launched their attack and the corporate world had to submit out of that ancient guilt of racism that all whites are supposed to feel—because progressives told them to feel it.  Well, I don’t feel any guilt—not one ounce of it.  Because I know history quite acutely, and I know which party freed the slaves and who stood for a proper black society—and they weren’t people like P Daddy.  We are under attack from progressives in every sector of America and they are playing a game of “capture the flag” within our culture.  And to them bringing down the Confederate Flag has nothing to do with racism, it has everything to do with capturing the South and bringing them into the fold of a progressive utopia they are trying to design for us all.  But I want nothing of their design, and I know I’m not alone.  The Rebel Flag will gain in strength, not diminish—especially when it becomes even more taboo than it currently is.  And the ramifications of that behavior will be the exclusive fault of the modern progressives.  They are the cause of much misery in the world, and they have just thrown fuel on a fire that was already roaring.

Rich Hoffman


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“Kill Back First”: Larry Nichols and the American Clinton mafia

Some might say that Larry Nichols had an axe to grind with the Clintons, which is why he betrayed them with whistleblower information—like that he killed people on their behalf, that Chelsea Clinton is not Bill’s daughter, and that the Clintons ran drugs while governor of Arkansas and raped young girls brutally beating them to keep them quit.  Yes this is the same Hillary and Bill who are currently running for president of the United States—unbelievably—and they are terribly bad people.  If I were a normal person, I might not believe Larry Nichols either—as his story sounds too outrageous compared to the nice old lady on television who says she’s fighting for women’s rights and the poor.  But I do believe Larry Nichols because I have a past with people just like him.  I have known people who kill for money, and I understand their need to come clean once they’ve had their fill of Vegas whores and drugs.  The mainstream media is not ready for such information, but—on the Alex Jones Show, the venue is appropriate.  What Larry Nichols says here I believe is the truth revealed by a man who wishes now he could take it all back.  And the only place who will talk to Larry is conspiracy sources like Alex Jones.  You don’t hear much about Nichols on outlets like Fox or CNN, because it’s just too much to deal with.  Even Fox wants to believe that Clinton is a viable candidate—they’ve been promoting Hillary since 2013 for a 2016 run.  They have too much invested at this point for Nichols to erase the story with all this damning information.

Essentially what we have with the Clintons and to a lesser extent Obama is a modern form of Chicago style organized crime very similar to Al Capone’s network during the Prohibition period.   The media are completely in the bag for Hillary one because ideologically, they all believe in the same levels of socialism taught in the primary colleges during the 60s, 70s and 80s.  For more information read my article on The Naked Communist and the accompanying radio broadcast I did with Matt Clark on WAAM radio in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  That at least explains how Hillary has managed to get away with many of the crimes—too many people at high levels believe in the communist mantra “the ends justify the means.”  But we’re dealing with more than a socialist push in American politics to make the old hippies happy who are now in charge of everything as heads of government divisions, corporations, and political leaders like the Clintons—we are seeing a pattern where a mafia was built around Little Rock Arkansas which was then extended to the nation as a whole during their presidency.  After their White House stay the Clintons focused on a global mafia through their Clinton Foundation which is what the current problems are all about from that supposed charity.

These are unfathomably bad, evil people—and their defenders are worse, but at least share in common with Larry Nichols an attraction to power and a love of the money that flows from it.  The Clintons essentially destroyed the concept of an American president during the 90s.  There was a terrorist attack at the start of George Bush’s term which caused him to over-react and spend America into oblivion—as planned when the attack was planned by many minds, not just Osama bin Laden.  (Ever wonder why Osama was killed and buried at sea without a single photograph taken and released to the American people to prove that a murderer had been captured and killed—strange)  Then there was Obama, a mixed race kid raised in Indonesia who is fundamentally anti-American whose mission at the beginning of his term was to “fundamentally transform America” using the classic Cloward and Piven strategy of economic collapse followed by a socialist management of resources from centralized control.  It’s the Greek model and it’s coming to America thanks to Barack Obama and his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  America is under a military style attack as we speak and the Clintons have been for years the field generals working from the White House implementing a strategy they hatched years ago to undo the United States into a socialist utopia.  And they used people like Larry Nichols to be their “heavies.”

In a socialist society this is what you get—there are enforcers who must do the nasty work of showing individuals who’s in charge and what happens to people if they step out.  This behavior has been taught in our government schools to us for decades—so we unconsciously accept the behavior without question.  For instance, let’s take the child actor Jake Lloyd who played Anakin Skywalker in the popular Star Wars film The Phantom Menace.  He was recently arrested in Charleston, South Carolina during a high-speed chase with police as he had clearly fallen off the rocker.  But where did it start?  After the success of his Star Wars role, the little 10-year-old found integration into society impossible as the kids in his school teased him about his fame to no end, essentially driving the kid crazy to the point of trying to change his name.  In a classroom environment where socialism is being taught, Excepetionalism is ridiculed to keep everyone in the muddy middle, which is why the kids were encouraged to castigate young Jake so profusely.  Jake had opportunities the other kids didn’t have, so he was singled out and ridiculed to change his behavior into a focus on the collective.  Essentially this is precisely what Hillary and Obama do from the White House and it was people like Larry Nichols who did the pushing and shoving to bring those who strayed out of the flock back into the fold through any means possible.

Now it should be clear what kind of game is going on, and it’s not what anybody thought who doesn’t follow history or take the time to understand the players of modern politics.  There is safety in the herd and entirely too many people are happy to stay in a group conglomeration just so they can live their lives without always looking over their back.  Hit men are kind of the top of the food chain, even relative to corrupt politicians like the Clintons.  Hillary can extort money from corporations through the Clinton Foundation to hire hit men like Nichols to kill a rival or a lone wolf who is a threat, but they don’t have the fortitude to do such work themselves.  So they are always dependent on people like Nichols, and the primary reason he’s still alive after saying all these things about the Clintons his because of his former Green Beret training.  There is a term used in such Special Forces for just such an occasion and that is to “kill back first.”  Once word gets around that the target of a hit is a “kill back,” there is great reluctance to carry out the task.  Most hits are untrained, over weight slugs in suits.  They don’t know what to do when thrown into a situation of survival.  The “targets” immediate instinct often shaped during public school is to retreat and appease back into the herd.  That makes easy killing for a hit man like Nichols used to be.  But when a hit is called out against Nichols, it’s not so easy—because he won’t retreat like that, making the hit much more difficult.  Dying often isn’t worth the money, so the hits are minimized greatly as pin-headed politicians attempt to delegitimize such people through social pressure—since other hit men are reluctant to take on a “kill back” case.

As outrageous as this might sound to the soccer mom meeting her friends at Chipotle to giggle about Hillary’s run for President, or the old hippie still listening to vinyl recordings of John Lennon’s “Back in the U.S.S.R,” the facts of the matter are in Larry Nichols statements.  The politics we see on television is not the politics we are paying for, and at the heart of the matter, Hillary should not be running for President, she should be in jail for murdering Chris Stevens on behalf of her boss, Barack Obama to cover up the weapons deals that were going on in Libya at the time.  After all, it’s not so easy to shut up people the way one might delete all the emails on their personal computer servers to erase incriminating evidence.  Unlike emails, people have feelings, relationships and their own motivations.  And for the kind of mafia that Hillary is at the center of—the only way to continue obtaining power and manipulating the public safely back into the herd is through hit men like Larry Nichols.  That’s why everyone in America should listen to him—because he knows where the bodies are buried.  Let him show the world—so that the organized crime at the heart of the American government can be dismantled once and for all.  And for those who worry about having a hit put out on you remember the term, “kill back first.”  And perform the task in such an unfortunate situation for the betterment of our nation.

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Rich Hoffman


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