The Evil Behind Dennis Hastert: A need to be “holier than thou”

With all the coverage of the House Speaker Dennis Hastert federal indictment accusing him of violating banking laws by agreeing to pay $3.5 million in hush money to a young boy lover from his high school teaching past, I think once again Alex Jones most represents what I think is at the core of the problem. Listen to that report below. It’s long and full of illustrious contemplations, but mostly my experience says that they are more correct than not. It would be likely there were many inside the Beltway that knew Hastert had a sexual interest in phallic fantasies and like Jerry Sandusky at Penn State. It was overlooked in favor of the collective welfare of the imposition. If Hastert did molest a young man while he was a wrestling coach, he was completely incapable of being Speaker of the House all these years that he was. He did irreparable damage to the government institution of congress because of his double stance—in public he was family first, in private obviously a phallic pursuer. It stands of great concern that those with the most power in our present society are those guilty of something—generally. The gates of power open to those least able to weld it as a strategic objective to get the expectations within reach of the worst society has to offer which is why I lean toward this Alex Jones report with an ear toward seriousness.

It’s a matter of trust. No matter what anybody thinks of Rand Paul’s stance against the NSA phone collection records clause within the Patriot Act, if child molesters and criminals are those in charge of all these government programs, there is no hope of any of those programs working in any capacity.   There are two things wrong with Hastert; he is essentially just as much of a pervert as the scum bag at my home district of Lakota who was caught taking pictures of little children in his class. As a high school teacher Hastert abused his authority in that role to satisfy a sexual predilection. That’s a big problem in and of itself which I have covered extensively. How many sexual predators are in our public schools? I would argue that there are entirely too many. If your kid goes to a public school, there are likely at least one or two teachers that have this problem. It’s an epidemic that should force public schools to shut down for the safety of children. Forget about the bicycle helmets. Parents who are terrified of every elbow scrape their children experience are sending their children to public employees in government schools who are conducting sexual exploits on a mass scale. Most aren’t caught, which is the most terrifying aspect. It took Hastert several decades to get caught and even then the abused kid took a long time to build up the courage to call him during a CNN interview on the air.

The worst of the matter however is that with all the baggage after Newt Gingrich went down in congress after having an affair with a young congressional aide, Hastert was still promoted into the third most powerful position in the world. These were some of the biggest advocates for family rights and conservative values in the nation’s government, and they turned out to be as dirty as dirt as far as moral compasses and ethical behavior. These are people offered to be the best that government can present as its caretakers—which is of course pathetic.

However, if the situation is every bit as diabolical as Alex Jones proposes, which was revealed in public schools like Mason and Lakota in Ohio, then why wouldn’t Capital Hill be every bit as sexually promiscuous? Why wouldn’t senators and congressman have “boy toys” and young enamored females clamoring over their power at their beck in call seducing their logic in favor of contaminated sequencing? Lobbyists can gain leverage over contaminated clients with sacrificed ethics in exchange for prostitutes. K Street is one of the vilest places on earth presently, especially at night—yet prostitutes thrive right out in the open for a reason. Once a member of government has compromised themselves they lose the ability to say no to anybody. They are all too eager to trade sexual release in exchange for their moral decision-making ability, and once they’ve done it, they are toast for life. Nobody will ever believe anything they do. And for those who guard the gates of power, it is now required that there be some knowledge of some impropriety in their candidates before achieving any credible level of power.

For instance I doubt heavily that the anxiety over Rand Paul and Ted Cruz within the senate is due to their Tea Party politics—but rather because they have not been around long enough for the other members to possess “dirt” on. There are not yet stories of sexual impropriety or drug parties where they have been seen with others in a compromised position. When John McCain speaks that Rand Paul needs to learn the rules of the senate, I doubt he’s talking about procedural orthodox. Likely Paul has read and understands the rules of the senate better than McCain. It’s the unspoken rules that McCain is talking about, where members of both parties know of some impropriety, whether its sex with some boy toy, or an affair with a young woman, a night out with prostitutes, drug parties and other types of information that requires hush money. The reason is that the “holier than thou” types are not equal to those who have compromised themselves, so until they become soiled, they can’t be allowed to hold power, otherwise it will raise the bar for everyone else, and that can’t be allowed in Washington. The establishment would crash in on itself. Yet that is the expectation from those who elected those people to office.

When we send children to public school, it does not occur to us that our children will be abused by their teachers. Yet it happens more than anybody cares to admit to. It happens enough that it’s justifiable to shut down all those public schools to protect children from the molesters. The same with members of our republic, when we elect someone it is not enough to send them to Washington and go back to our entertainment trusting that those representatives will not blow away into the winds of corruption. When they do go bad, we need to get rid of them and replace them with somebody better. But before we do that we have to admit to ourselves that the process is broken and weak-minded people are those in charge selfishly hiding their own improprieties and corruption through intimidation toward those who have not yet committed sin.

When guys get together to drink, or go to Vegas, they commit sins together. They bond and share secrets which deepens their relationship. But if they went to Vegas with a guy like me, a person who won’t belch, fart, or get drunk in a strip house, I would be looked at with great suspicion by the majority of other guys who wanted to take part in that behavior. I would and have on many occasions interrupted the type of bonding those imbeciles wanted to exchange with each other—little sins that build friendships on impropriety so that corruption can evolve into a new standard. My behavior sows mistrust because I insist on being “holier than thou.” If I had a nickel for every time that term has been thrown in my direction—I’d have all the money in the world. Yet it would be assumed that such a character would be desired—but its not. The masses want the scum bag, the child molester, the adulterer and the drug addict—they want the imperfect idiot so that the others won’t have to live up to the standard. That is the heart of our problem in our American republic.

House Speaker Dennis Hastert should lose everything he gained from public office—especially the money he made as a lobbyists pulling the strings of government and showing the highest bidders where the bodies are buried in Capital Hill. He didn’t just have an affair with someone outside of his marriage; he molested a student in a class he taught—a boy for God sake!   And he was paying large amounts of hush money to keep it quit. His bad decisions made him a compromised public official and those are the people who are supposed to figure out if we go to war, or if we manage our national debt? No wonder nobody stands up to President Obama and all his executive orders. It’s highly likely the White House has dirt on just about everyone on Capital Hill and this story broke now for a reason. This has been going on for a long time with Hastert, so why break the story now? That is the big question, and is the reason that anybody who has compromised themselves, should remove themselves from office, because they are not capable of leading anybody anywhere. So I’d advise you dear reader to listen to the Jones broadcast and take with it the evidence presented, then look at your own situation with your own representatives and contemplate what you are willing to do. Because good people need to do something, because they are grossly outnumbered by the wicked.

Rich Hoffman


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