Why the TSA Should be Disbanded: Just like public school teachers, more government employee failures

Yet again another prediction made here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom has proven to be true. A long time ago I pointed out how ineffective and inconvenient the TSA was at airports, to the point where I avoid flying. It is ridiculous that for as much as a plane ticket costs that we have to strip down like we’re going to take a shower to travel on an airplane. It is unconscionable that a grown man has to remove his belt, shoes and business jacket to step through security at an airport in America before a flight. It feels wrong, and vulnerable, and is just ridiculous. Now we learn that after all this time, with all the headache that it has been for nothing. Just over 95% of the time the unionized knuckle-draggers in the TSA have just gone through the motions of security and not caught ill intentions—which was the entire reason the TSA was created in the first place. In a test from Homeland Security’s Red Team, the TSA failed 67 out of 70 times. That is ridiculous.

The grim reality of the situation is that no matter how many people get reassigned at the TSA, there is no real possibility of discipline and therefore improved performance. The reason is that the TSA agents are unionized government employees. They had been checking people at airports, but they were just going through the motions doing as almost every union employee does, the bare minimum of the requirements placed upon them. Collective bargaining contracts take away the incentive for individual aptitude, so typically complacency is always present anywhere a unionized employee performs a task. When an employer cannot expect increased performance from their employees, there is no way to correct behavior like what has been seen within the TSA.

It is the exact same situation that is found among public school teachers who are also unionized. Most of them do only what is barely required and go through the motions of a career just so they can get paid. The passion for their task is often crushed by collective bargaining agreements where the lazy get paid the same as the diligent leaving in their wake chaos and poor performance. There is nothing that the Department of Education can do about this situation; it is just a byproduct of collective bargaining. Just as the Department of Homeland Security can do nothing to solve the TSA issue.

But that’s not the worst of the situation. Now comes the conspiracy as to why the TSA story broke when it did, the day after Rand Paul let the Patriot Act expire on data collection of personal phone records. There is a deep secrete that the Department of Homeland Security doesn’t want the public to know which will quickly be revealed when it is discovered that America is just as safe without the NSA as it is with it. It doesn’t take long to put the puzzle pieces together to realize that the TSA could be completely eliminated and passengers would also be just as safe today as they were before the TSA was ever created. The proof is that the employees haven’t been doing their jobs all along, but the timing of the story is designed to soak up the news cycle with negative—correctible news while the senate works out a renewal of the Patriot Act. The Department of Homeland Security does not want the public to realize that it doesn’t need the services of the new government agency. The DHS does not want the public to know that the extreme cost of all its employees is the same as dropping money into the ocean—it is lost forever and does nothing for anybody—not even the fish.

The TSA agents at commercial airports are worthless and intrusive, and they should be immediately disbanded to save the cost and union imposition. I despise those people whenever I fly. Maybe despise is too soft of a word. In this day and age it no longer matters if there is a male line and a female line because there’s a good chance a same-sex pervert is watching the nude photos of the people passing through the scanner with some inappropriate level of arousal. What’s worse is the pat downs. If a man is of a homosexual type what is to keep him from getting pleasure in the process of handling a line of males forced under the hands of security in order to fly on a plane? Out of all the gays in any given population a large percentage of them are attracted to government work, because of their progressive leanings. So the chances that the person handling passengers in a security line is of a same-sex orientation as far as their preference is very high. It’s a bad and stupid system designed by government for the use of government employees. It has nothing to do with safety and security.

It is easier to fly out of Toronto or Mexico City than it is out of Cincinnati because of the TSA. For travelers to socialist Europe it is far more intrusive to land in Charlotte, North Carolina than in Paris. What becomes apparent to travelers moving to and from the United States is that America is a terrified nation. When those blue outfits of the TSA are seen at security lines, it is obvious that America is so scared of terrorism that they have been willing to throw away their freedoms just to live another day—which to a world radicalized by progressive diatribes, is like throwing blood on a carnivore. In my town of Cincinnati it is far better to fly to Chicago, Charlotte or New York out of Lunkin using the Ultimate Air Shuttle system. There are no lines or TSA. And if you have to fly to Atlanta or Dallas, it is easier to just drive because by the time you show up two hours early to process your ticket and move through security, then you fly in transit, land, collect your baggage and rent a car, you could have covered the distance in a car. The TSA has ruined commercial air travel domestically.

At some point we are going to have the serious discussion in America about the actual usefulness of the TSA. As the evidence from the DHS suggests all this time the TSA has been useless and not able to stop terrorists. So why do we have it? Is it just for the Dumbo feather to make us feel like we can fly—as a purely psychological crutch toward the prospect of terrorism as TSA agents fulfill their sexual fantasies as government workers? This is just one example of how successful Rand Paul was in pushing against the Patriot Act—it forced the DHS to reveal this report as a story of distraction which backfired on them to reveal how incredibly ineffective the TSA has been all along. That brings up the most important question of all, why don’t we just shut it down and start over? Because the facts say that we should.

Rich Hoffman


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