Born Sane in a Crazy World: The bad guys are in charge

As a reminder, I will be hosting in place of Matt Clark on Saturday June 13th and 20th at 1 PM for the WAAM broadcast. The topic will be guns and Second Amendment issues as they are related to the world we are currently living in. I’ve told the story here before about how I came to the decision to finally purchase my .500 Magnum Smith & Wesson. I will tell a bit of that story on the air for the show to share it with a different audience because it was after my last visit with Matt Clark during his show when I decided to finally make the purchase.

The times don’t add up to a peaceful existence moving through the upcoming years. Kids have had their minds destroyed by public education; bad guys are running everything—especially in relation to the Hillary Clinton email deletions.. When a government produces people like Hillary Clinton and the IRS insurgent Lois Lerner—and their behavior his justified through the media—bad times are ahead for us all. There will always be those who will go along to get along, but for those who insist on justice and righteousness—they will be the future targets of the very bad—and the good must prepare for the attempts of the bad with honest assessment.

For years I have relied on my skills with melee weapons to protect my family, and it has been enough. It still might be for a while, but I can see a time very soon where something like the .500 Magnum will be needed. There is no trust in the federal government—they have lost it through their actions. They have proven that they are not only incompetent, but that they will lie, and steal to achieve what it is they are looking for. Case in point, just the other day there was a bomb scare at the White House only involving the press room. The reporters there were removed and had their cameras tampered with while they were gone. The President was just down the hall, yet he stayed in place—mysteriously. Something very fishy about the whole thing is amiss which further sows the seeds of distrust not only in the Obama administration, but the entire mechanism of government.

Police are being neutered locally in favor of a push for federal control of law enforcement which is a strategic ploy at centralization. It’s obvious that groups and ethnicities are taking priority over individual rights—which is the point of the strategy centered on collectivism and sacrifice to it. After watching Ferguson and Baltimore where city governments actually endorsed violence and the destruction of private property, there is no hope that any government management will look out for what’s best in defending my private property in the future.

Many times I have covered events in my own community where the GOP has moved in a progressive direction leaving people like me standing behind to hold the conservative values that were always supposed to be a part of that party. A small civil war has erupted between the establishment types and the traditionalists and our own local sheriff counts himself among the establishment. Can I trust him to protect my private property in a crises—heck no. So I’ll have to do it myself.

Even further back I have covered the NDAA act which gives government the open ability to arrest on a whim those deemed as insurgents. On the surface it sounds like a good idea so long as good people are running the government. But good people aren’t—its people like Hillary, Barack, and Dennis Hastart who are all involved in illegal activity in some form or another. But because they are members of government, they seek to make their illegal activity legal within the halls of power which works against a person like me who tends to be a whistle-blower to that kind of thing.

Then there is the push for illegal drugs to become mainstream, and to make bad behavior justified by destroying religion and therefore the judgment of peers from a community church that used to set standards in accordance to a Biblical framework. Cross dressers are considered heroes while straight-laced traditionalists are villains—the world is on fire and I’m on the wrong end of the trend. It is grotesquely obvious that I and a handful of others were born sane in a crazy world. I’m not going to accept that sex should be an open group experience and that the goal of life should be to get “stoned.” I’m not going to surrender the raising of children in my family to the State, and I’m not going to go along to get along. So what option will there be when they come to enforce their “mass” integration of those who are “with them” and root out those “against them?”

That’s where the .500 Magnum comes into play for self-defense. These days the thugs show up wearing armor, such as they did against Pam Geller in Texas where she hosted an Allah drawing contest. I know both Pam and the guy who won the contest. They know they are on kill lists and the government won’t do much to protect them from terrorist insurgents. The federal government is making it easy for terrorists to migrate right over the Mexican border and has been doing so for years. The United States is bulging with wanna’ be terrorists looking to make their mark. The local police can’t do much to stop such an attempt. The TSA has proven completely ineffective, and the Department of Homeland Security offers nothing but excuses and demands for a larger budget. Who in their right mind would trust their lives to these diabolical idiots? Not me.

Even when the facts are clear, they aren’t so clear such as in the James Holmes case of the Aurora movie theater shooting. The murders occurred several years ago and are now just going to trial. Jurors have been tossed off the case and defense attorneys are screaming for a mistrial. Nobody is responsible for bad behavior any longer, everyone is insane when they’re guilty and the law can no longer reach behind the veil of dishonestly, because America has lost its ability to judge the good from the bad. Not to mention that there looks to have been a second shooter in the Aurora case that nobody is talking about. Holmes didn’t just go from a star college student to a radicalized killer on his own. There is always a little help even when considering the case of the Harrison terrorist suspect Christopher Lee. There is often a pipeline of negative information that shapes these young minds which go free as the guilty face the crimes after they are finally caught.

We are living in a world mismanaged and functionally insane—and for people like me who refuse to follow the idiots in front of me, there has to be some defense—and that’s why there is a Second Amendment. If things get too far out of hand, as they are currently, individuals have to have the ability to defend their private property. That is why private citizens need AR-15s and why they need .500 Magnums. You don’t want to go against a gang of maniacal thugs with a .22 rifle barely qualified to shoot rabbits. You need something with real stopping power in a world where Kevlar armor can be purchased on the ISIS black market or a Mexican drug cartel closet. With a .500 Magnum you don’t have to worry about placing a shot between the armor joints. You can just fire away at the meat of a target and let the velocity do its work.

But not having some kind of plan is not an option. Hoping that everything will just turn out alright is not responsible. Protecting our families and the efforts of our production is the most important thing we can do, and to ensure that we can do that, we need the Second Amendment, and should use it to the fullest extent. That means buying .500 Magnums, military style weapons, and anything else deemed necessary to contend with the thugs and bad guys of our day. The bad guys are those who continue to lie, cheat and steal from others to advance their own life. Hillary Clinton certainly falls in that category, but she’s not alone. When people like that are in charge of our government, we need the Second Amendment more than ever. It is the last line of defense against a tyrannical government. That is what we are dealing with, and why it will be the topic of the upcoming radio show on WAAM.

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