Just Type in “Overmanwarrior”: A great offer from Second Call Defense


George Lang from Second Call Defense presented a very nice offer during the WAAM radio show I was hosting for my friend Matt Clark.  I’ve done quite a lot of radio but this was the first time I was the host, which took a bit of getting used to.  Its one thing to be a guest as George was, it’s another to be the pace setter watching all the commercial stops and working with the producer on the other side of the glass.  But it was fun, as I expected it to be and as always quite revelatory.  The entire broadcast can be heard at the following link, which I’d suggest listening to again and again because of all the information presented.   I dedicated the show to the use of personal firearms for self-defense spending the first half talking about my personal experience in the matter, then put George on to discuss Second Call Defense, which is to my mind as important as the bullets you put into a gun used during a self-defense situation.  George covered a remarkable number of legal ins and outs during his segment which was worth listening to all by itself.  I have included the script I was working with to provide some guide to the broadcast.  The times include commercials which have been removed from the following recording.  George offered a free month of Second Call Defense subscription to anyone who types OVERMANWARRIOR into the redeem code on their website—which was a pretty good deal.


Here are the plans and pricing.  The box requiring the redeem code is on the next page while filling out the payment information form.



Radio Show WAAM Saturday June 13, 2015 1 PM
WAAM Talk 1600  734-822-1600

5 min — Matt Clark’s secret mission

8 min — Previous show and buying a .500 Magnum after realizing that society is already over the precipice.  Clinton emails, Lois Lerner corruption, Benghazi cover-up, drug violence, open borders, ISIS terrorism, power grab by the Justice Department law enforcement over localized police, Common Core and two generations of poorly educated children, the weakest foreign policy of United States global presence in over a century, bomb scares at the White House, Justice Department cover ups, and men who want to be women and vice versa—the world has fallen over the edge.

10 min — What I wanted to be when I grew up—a gunsmith.

17 min — Soft break

20 min — Treat at the bottom of the hour, old song from T.G. Sheppard and Clint Eastwood from a more civilized time – the 1980s.

  • The reason 80s music and movies still resonate so powerfully in our culture.

o Reaganomics and individual empowerment.

  • Dirty Harry represented by Clint Eastwood embodied traditional America with the encroaching progressivism culminating in the movie Sudden Impact.

30 min — Hard break

35 min — Song “Go ahead and Make my Day.”

38 min — Introduction of George Lang and his company Second Call Defense.

47 min — Soft break

50 min — Continuation about Second Call Defense.  Possibly take a phone call or two.

58 min — Exit to the top of the hour

As George pointed out during the broadcast George Zimmerman could have saved himself a lot of headache if he had used Second Call Defense during the Trayvon Martain shooting in Florida.  Using a gun in home defense or in a stand-your ground situation is only part of the story.  Because of the way laws and modern politics work, the burden of proof falls unfortunately on the shooter to validate their innocence.  When talking to the police after such an unfortunate incident, it is best to give the police as little as possible to turn around and use against you in court during a criminal or civil trial.  Some of those court hearings can be so painful that you might almost wish you hadn’t used a gun—which is the reason for all the progressive legislation—to nudge Americans away from the Second Amendment.  There are entirely too many people involved in self-defense shootings every year that lose everything because of the legal entanglements that occur after.  The very best thing to do in such a case is to turn all the legal work over to Second Call Defense and keep your mouth shut—even if you’re innocent of all guilt.  The system works against gun owners, so you’ll need some help, which is why George Lang is involved in Second Call Defense to begin with.  It’s a much-needed service for firearm use; just as the NRA is needed as a lobby against a gun grabbing government.  They are both very important and go hand in hand in this modern age of a lawyer driven society primarily against gun rights.

As I reported in my broadcast my decision to purchase the .500 Magnum was for all the reasons that the SWAT guys used a .50 caliber sniper rifle to stop the crazed gunman who opened up on a Dallas police station just hours before my show.  They used the big, powerful round to disable the getaway van by putting two shots into the engine block.  The .500 Magnum has the same type of stopping power, which in the world we are living in, is needed.  There is no reason to take risks with personal safety, so I am choosing the Smith & Wesson .500 Magnum as my choice for family defense.  But, those big bullets aren’t enough to protect a firearm user from the diabolical reaches of the classic political class and their need for a straw man to prosecute in the wake of a shooting.  Their need for a straw man should never be underestimated.  As a firearm owner, you need protection from them as much as you do the goons, the punks, and the creeps George and I were talking about.  It’s a vicious world out there, and I have to thank George for making it easier for listeners of the Clarkcast to get protected with a free month by using the redeem word, “OVERMANWARRIOR.”  Take advantage of that offer, it is some of the best insurance that you can have for yourself

I’ll be hosting for Matt again on Saturday, June 20th at 1pm.  On that show Gery Deer will be with me to talk more about guns, knife throwing, and bull whips.  Be sure to tune in for more voluminous entertainment and interconnecting knowledge.

Rich Hoffman


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