The Real Jurassic Park Discovery Center: Universal Studios, bring on the Samsung Innovation Center

80% of my articles are about something negative and overcoming that negativity with critical thinking and assessment. It is always my hope that somebody will listen and improve a situation after my diagnosis. Most of the time that diagnosis is ignored leaving me to shake my head at how stupid people are for not listening—but I get over it and return to the task at hand in figuring out how to solve problems and live productively at life. The remaining 20% of my articles are usually about something I am passionate about—which is actually quite a lot. I feel a lot of very raw—boyish enthusiasm for a great many things. I have an extremely busy life as a result and a lot of people to maintain within it. But I am exactly the kind of man who I always wanted to grow up to be as a kid—which is essentially just a developed version of myself from 7 to 10 years old. That said I am oozing with enthusiasm over the new Jurassic World movie from Universal Studios because it shares with me a similar approach at living—a little terror, optimism, adventure, technical proficiency, and a lot of warning as our human species moves into the needed direction of playing in God’s laboratory.

I saw Jurassic World twice over the weekend within twenty-four hours of each other, and I could go see it another nine times back to back without getting tired of it. It’s my kind of movie to say the least. I literally finished my radio show on Saturday with the Clarkcast in Ann Arbor, Michigan and headed back to the theater to see Jurassic World yet again. It is one of the most satisfying movie experiences that I’ve had going back to The Dark Night Rises a few years ago. It is simply a marriage between filmmaking and science brought together in an orgy of delightful possibility. I couldn’t help but think of the real world Jurassic Park Discovery Center in Orlando, Florida while watching Jurassic World and thinking about how great it will be when Universal Studios builds an updated version of the Samsung Temple of Science from the latest film.DSC01151

I love amusement parks which often make up those 20% articles here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom. The king to me is the Epcot Center within the Disney World complex. It is by far the best theme park in the world in my opinion. But that’s not to say that the rest are bad, just that Epcot does for me what I think Disney always envisioned. It’s loaded with science and culture and it changes with the times so it’s always relevant. It’s quite an astonishing place. But, I love the Universal Parks nearly equally but for different reasons. The only knock on them from my perspective is that they are a little too hip for me—too contemporary. But within the Universal Park, Islands of Adventure they have an entire section dedicated to Jurassic Park which is to me like the Holy of Holies within King Soloman’s temple in Jerusalem as far as science. When people ask me what it would take to get me to support school levies and public schools I say to them—make all of them like the Discovery Center at Jurassic Park within the Island’s of Adventure theme park, and I would be the biggest education guy in the world. But because they fall dreadfully short, they deserve to have the wrath of critical opinion cast at them for being too lazy to pluck off the vine of knowledge the low hanging fruit that is there for us all—only we refuse to do so. And that is what the Discovery Center at Jurassic Park is all about.DSC01158

The pictures shown here are from a trip my wife and I took to it together not that long ago. We had a three-day pass to the two parks and spent nearly a day just at the Discovery Center out of all the attractions. It was an amazing building and I found myself writing several novels in my head just while sitting on the lakeside entrance staring at the Marvel Universe across the waterway from the Discovery Center contemplating many things all at the same time. It was a profoundly relaxing experience to my excessively active mind. I can only describe it as heaven on earth for a person with the kind of mind that I have. My wife was just as enthused which is why we have been married for so long together. We ate at the Discovery Center, participated in every exhibit that we could, spent a lot of time looking through everything in their gift shop, and just looking at the decorations. It is an amazing place and I just love it.DSC01165

I get a similar kind of joy out of the Dinosaur Alive exhibit at my hometown park of Kings Island operated by Cedar Fair Amusements. I love going to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee because of all the miniature golf courses featuring dinosaurs and monsters of all types. But I love that Island’s of Adventure Discovery Center most of all. So I couldn’t help but contemplate that with Universal Studios taking in $200 million domestically, nearly a half a billion globally just in one weekend with Jurassic World, that they might finally expand their Islands of Adventure park to include the Temple of Science complete with holographic projections just like in the movie. The technology is there now for that kind of thing and is quite possible. I want to take my grandchildren there! It may even be worth the investment to do what they have done with Harry Potter and make two worlds connected by a monorail of some kind, something that goes from the old Jurassic Park area to an actual recreation of the Jurassic World main street shown in the movie. I really want to physically go to that place shown in the movie and spend hours upon hours in the Samsung Innovation Center located in the temple at the end of main street.DSC01155

People often ask me how I juggle so many different things at the same time, which shocks me a little bit, because we all do it as kids. But when we grow up we just stop playing with life and lose that ability—at least most people do. I never did. I have so many hobbies it would take me fourteen lifetimes to get everything I want out of all of them. But places like the Jurassic Park area of Universal’s Islands of Adventure help a lot, because they are playful places full of wonder and discovery. A young lady once who grew up with a bad social outlook yet was quite attractive said to me that she wasn’t going to ever see that stupid Jurassic Park movie with all those stupid dinosaurs running around. She thought when she said it that I would play along and feed off her pessimism; because she was used to men treating her like that. They’d say anything to get her cloths off—even if it meant ridiculing Jurassic Park as a work of art. My response to her was that I never spoke to her again—which shocked her. That was well over twenty years ago and she has bumped into me around town here and there. She became exactly what I thought she would, a used up mess who has lost her attractiveness and is now a lonely bitter person and it all started with her refusal to enjoy something playful and fun when she was younger. Little things lead to big things—believe me. The same holds true to what you allow into your brain.DSC01166

Dinosaurs are part of our prehistoric past. They lived a long time on earth and died rather suddenly. We should study them to figure out what we might do differently. And it is there that the gates of science open into the world of philosophy which is my favorite place to be. And to most adequately utilize those gates, I find places like the Discovery Center in Orlando, Florida to be one of my favorite places—anywhere—outside of the Epcot Center of course. Now with the success of a new Jurassic Park movie, it is my sincere hope that Universal will build for me a recreation of their Samsung Innovation Center. Because I want to visit it badly! Such places make living life such a delightful experience. And I hope that they will use the power of capitalism to share that joy with the world on a much more epic scale than a darkened theater!

Rich Hoffman


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